To Tempt An Angel

[PDF] Download ´ To Tempt An Angel : by Patricia Grasso - To Tempt An Angel, To Tempt An Angel She is Angelica Douglas the Countess of Melrose Driven to poverty by the men who bankrupted her father forced to support her family with skillful cheating at cards and dice she yearns for revenge A [PDF] Download ´ To Tempt An Angel : by Patricia Grasso - To Tempt An Angel, To Tempt An Angel She is Angelica Douglas the Countess of Melrose Driven to poverty by the men who bankrupted her father forced to support her family with skillful cheating at cards and dice she yearns for revenge A

  • Title: To Tempt An Angel
  • Author: Patricia Grasso
  • ISBN: 9780821768723
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
To Tempt An Angel

[PDF] Download ´ To Tempt An Angel : by Patricia Grasso, To Tempt An Angel, Patricia Grasso, To Tempt An Angel She is Angelica Douglas the Countess of Melrose Driven to poverty by the men who bankrupted her father forced to support her family with skillful cheating at cards and dice she yearns for revenge And she is not above enlisting the aid of a chivalrous handsome stranger to get it He is Robert Campbell Marquess of Argyll heir to the Duke of Inverary Intrigued to learShe is Ang [PDF] Download ´ To Tempt An Angel : by Patricia Grasso - To Tempt An Angel, To Tempt An Angel She is Angelica Douglas the Countess of Melrose Driven to poverty by the men who bankrupted her father forced to support her family with skillful cheating at cards and dice she yearns for revenge A

  • [PDF] Download ´ To Tempt An Angel : by Patricia Grasso
    266Patricia Grasso
To Tempt An Angel

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    I m a dog person Who lives with 10 cats Get the picture My first brush with the romance genre happened in my high school junior year I discovered Gone With the Wind and hid it behind my American history book to read during class The Civil War is American history The ambiguous ending left me dissatisfied, though Rhett and Scarlet needed a happily ever after Believing in happily ever afters positively screams romantic at heart.On the other hand, I love murder and mayhem as much as happily ever after My usual television fare is fiction and nonfiction crime shows, not love stories Which accounts for the mysteries I sneaked into my historical romances Now I m trying my hand at writing a humorous mystery, sans historical and sans emphasis on the love interest I even prepared for my mystery in progress by attending the local NRA s Pistol School Shooting pistols is great fun I adore the.22 semiautomatics.After graduating from high school without distinction, I earned both Bachelor and Master degrees at a state college Again, without distinction I held several part time jobs during my college days file clerk in an insurance company, long distance telephone operator, kimono wearing waitress in a Japanese restaurant.And then I began my teaching career, eighteen years in the eighth grade and thirteen years at the high school Weary with the same old routine, I decided I needed a creative outlet So I decided to write a romance novel but only managed to talk about writing one After five years of listening to me, a friend said to stop talking and start writing.So I did.I made every mistake known to man Blunder would be a appropriate word, but I did learn using the trial and error method As well as studying the works of authors I admired.After five years of writing for nothing but love, I sold my first novel Since then, I ve sold eighteen novels and won several awards National Readers Choice Award New England Readers Choice Award, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and KISS Awards, B Dalton and Bookrak Awards for best selling author My novels have been translated into fifteen languages and sold in twenty countries.If I had my life over, would I become a writer Nope I would enjoy being a Victoria Secret model Perhaps in my next incarnation I won t be too old, too short, or too unphotogenic.

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  • This author needs a good editor She wrote a book about the Regency period with errors that only those who have never read one,could ignore And the fact the sisters were picking pockets for money to buy food, when their older sister was wearing a diamond necklace, really

  • Angelica wants revenge on the men who stole her father s fortune, so she becomes a cheat at dice games with this purpose in mind However, when she attempts to use her skills on a handsome fellow at a fair, she meets her match He is aware she s cheated and insists on getting to know her better She falls for his charms, finding out too late he s the son of her father s former friend, who is one of the men on her target list This pleasant historical romance kept my interest except for scenes with a [...]

  • Reviewed by JenBook purchased by reviewerOriginally posted at Romancing the BookI love Patricia Grasso One of my all time favorite reads is by this author it also happens to be the third book in this trilogy So when I was in the mood for a historical romance, I decided to reach for a Patricia Grasso book Imagine my delight when I saw that one that I hadn t read yet was available as a free read at.This series follows the three Douglas sisters They re the daughters of an impoverished earl and they [...]

  • This book was so disappointing on so many levels For one thing the heroine gives her virginity at the drop of a hat even though she was raised as a lady The hero was someone I couldn t bring myself to like He had a mistress who bore him a child he wanted nothing to do with and when he discovered she was being abused by her mother, he was sadly disinterested After marrying the heroine, at her insistence he suddenly becomes the perfect father When the evil sister in law tells the heroine the hero [...]

  • Self confident, unconventional, and making no apologies for her circumstances, Angelica has taken what life has thrown at her uncomplainingly, but is determined to avenge her family for the wrongs suffered With a delicious sense of humor and an uncompromising attitude, she is than a handful of trouble for Rob Roy Loved it

  • ExcellentLoved the story Loved the characters The plot twists and turns were wonderful I could not put this book down Loved it Loved it.

  • Ang lica filha de um nobre empobrecido que depois que perdera a fortuna se tornara um bebum e que era sustentado pelas trapa as de seus jogos e pela irm dele, Roxanne, que desempenhar um papel importante na vida dos protagonistas e que uma sensitiva, visto que tem sonhos premonit rios.Robert Campbell filho de um nobre, que por acaso apaixonado pelo pai de Robert, hoje vi vo Eles se encontram numa feira livre, onde ela faz apostas em dados viciados Ele finge que n o percebeu e joga e perde uma qu [...]

  • Angelica may cheat at cards and dice, but she still tries to hold herself as a lady It s not her fault that her family is in ruins and that she must tempt fate to support them Robert, on the other hand may be her undoing He is handsome and charming and she is mesmerized by him, but who is her really, and can he really help her.As historical romance unfolds you will find that everything is not always as it appears The people you thought did you wrong, may not have had anything to do with it at al [...]

  • This author has the most amazing sense of humour Not only that she can write I loved that the heroine and card shark, Angelica, was given such a wicked sense of humour and even when she was really vexed, she eventually saw the situation s shortcomings and came back with a retort hot enough to singe one s hair.Her partner, the forgiving and yummy Robert just wants to make her his mistress but she s not at all happy with that And so the story unfolds as they seem to make peace and a life together. [...]

  • Okay for what it was The characters fell flat to me I had some very snarky things to say when the book was fresh in my mind, but I ve honestly forgotten most of them along with much of the book The thing I remember most is that the heroine slapped the hero in almost every scene they were in together for the first two thirds of the book The bird and her aunt were my favorite parts of the book.

  • This is the first book with the Douglas sisters I love this book It was hilarious, yet sad, as many of Grasso s books are turning out to be However, I thought it was too similar to VIOLETS IN THE SNOW, even down to the fact that Robert had a daughter Daisy through his mistress, Lucille DuBois I still enjoyed this book, because Angelica and her sisters were interesting, and the love scenes were really good.

  • I haven t always been a fan of period romances but i have to say this book completely changed my view of them It was a fresh and entertaining read that captivated me throughout I loved the relationships between the sisters and couldn t wait to see what the resourceful Angelica would get up to next Robert was a rogue really, wanting a mistress but he certainly met his match

  • Another wonderful book by the author All Angelica has wanted for the past 10 years is revenge on the men who ruined her father While she is scamming people in a dice game she meets Robert Roy Unbeknownst to her Robert is the son of one of the men she wants revenge on A wonderful read that has passion, lies, revenge, twists turns and finally happiness

  • HmmmI liked the story however the H Is a bit male whore IMO Even though I admired Angelica reactions after she found out about his past what he did but not the way I wanted her to forgive him easily She s too a borderline of being a piece of carpet I wish ms Grasso makes her not so forgiving or let him grovel a bit.

  • Interesting story, nothing is to be said other than the fact that Daisy, the little girl, pretended to button her lips instead of zip her lips zippers weren t invented yet and I found it hilarious

  • GreatI found the story good The pace of the story was very entertaining The characters and the situations and circumstances the found themselves was very comical at times The author did a wonderful job.

  • I love each book in this series A very talented writer that keeps you captivated from beginning to end I read one book and had to go find the rest in the series because I couldn t put the book s down.

  • Enjoyed Loved the characters and plot Could not put it down Wonderful book and can t wait to read both Samantha and Victoria s stories as well Definitely discovered anew author to follow

  • bad romance bad bad romance if you are looking for a plot you know each step of before you get to that part and characters who are a mismash of a mess then this the book for you me I gave up after chapter four

  • MAGNIFICENT The comedy, romance and a little mystery was TERRIFIC I really enjoyed this story It gives new insight on how family handled children born out o f wedlock I can t wait t for Samantha and Victoria s story Enjoy this one it is great.

  • I want to read the next in the Douglas seriesDouglas series is very catching It was very interesting plot and I loved Robert and Angle And her aunt and sisters as well action Alexander.

  • It took me two evenings to read this book I would have been done sooner if not for life getting in the way anyway, I truly enjoyed this book I like the plot and twists and turns and the main characters liked it so much I m starting the next book in the series.

  • Different kind of mysteryry clever lies went on and on with this story but the humor with it made it pleasurable to read I would read books by this author I think the descriptions of the properties and their clothes was great.

  • Really enjoyed this book although did feel that the ending could have been a little thorough Spent a lot of time building up to the ending and felt like it was crammed into a few pages But REALLY enjoyed the story.

  • This book was a lot different than most of the other books I ve read in this time period Some of the things were so out there it was super entertaining One part that stand out is the grave robbing section of the book Very funny It was well worth the read.

  • I laughed so much reading this book I loved it Good story, strong characters, good writing I am excited to read by this author.

  • The story was good but there was to many unanswered questions in my opinion Also main hero was not my favorite.

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