Prospect Street

[PDF] Prospect Street | by ↠ Emilie Richards - Prospect Street, Prospect Street In one fell swoop Faith Bronson loses her marriage her financial security and her home Despite the protestations of her father she moves her family to a run down town house in Georgetown As she wor [PDF] Prospect Street | by ↠ Emilie Richards - Prospect Street, Prospect Street In one fell swoop Faith Bronson loses her marriage her financial security and her home Despite the protestations of her father she moves her family to a run down town house in Georgetown As she wor

  • Title: Prospect Street
  • Author: Emilie Richards
  • ISBN: 9781551666938
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
Prospect Street

[PDF] Prospect Street | by ↠ Emilie Richards, Prospect Street, Emilie Richards, Prospect Street In one fell swoop Faith Bronson loses her marriage her financial security and her home Despite the protestations of her father she moves her family to a run down town house in Georgetown As she works on the house and attempts to put her life back together she begins to discover secrets that have been long buried in the house on Prospect Street Secrets that will chanIn one fell [PDF] Prospect Street | by ↠ Emilie Richards - Prospect Street, Prospect Street In one fell swoop Faith Bronson loses her marriage her financial security and her home Despite the protestations of her father she moves her family to a run down town house in Georgetown As she wor

  • [PDF] Prospect Street | by ↠ Emilie Richards
    150Emilie Richards
Prospect Street

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    I m the author of seventy something novels, including romance, women s fiction and mystery When We Were Sisters debuted in June 2016, a stand alone novel about two foster sisters traveling back into their past together I loved writing it and love the cover my publisher chose I m also excited about my recent series, Goddesses Anonymous, which started with One Mountain Away and was followed by Somewhere Between Luck and Trust The third book in the series, A River Too Wide, came out in July 2014 The Color of Light debuted in August 2015 Will there be We ll see.I m also putting up my newly edited romance backlist and love re reading and updating them a bit.Last year my husband and I moved from Virginia, to Osprey, Florida, the state where both of us were raised, met, and married In the summer we live in Chautauqua, New York I m a quilter, knitter, kayaker, and the mother of four children, whom I regard as my greatest creative endeavors And now there are four wonderful grandchildren to spoil.Visit me at my web site, emilierichards, and my blog, emilierichards blog You can also find me at Twitter and on my Facebook reader page.

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  • I started reading Emilie Richards romance novels because I loved her mysteries I was delighted to find that her romances actually had plot and characterization than I expected I m not surprised that her recent books are on the mainstream fiction shelves Prospect Street delivers all that I ve now come to expect from Richards but on a multi generational level this time Set in Georgetown, the book flirts with politics but never delves deep instead, Georgetown is the plot and politics are the setti [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book.This is my first encounter with Emilie Richards but it won t be the last The story is very well written with enough twists and turns that you won t want to put it down I really cared about the characters and wanted to see that their lives come out alright The Georgetown setting was realistic along with the historical perspective A good read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  • What a nice surprise this book was I enjoyed it from the first chapter It was about a family who was going through hard times, and yet the heroine kept it together with integrity She was almost too perfect selfless sometimes, but defintely someone that I would aspire to be The background story was great and held my interest without going over the top Best book that I have read in quite a while.

  • I have read this one several times and it never loses its appeal It was a wonderful book great storyline, awesome characters.

  • I ve decided I really like Emilie Richards, and this book was good, but the story got kind of unrealistic towards the ends.

  • I m working my way through all of Emilie Richard s books and I haven t been disappointed yet Glad I discovered this author

  • Excellent story of a very flawed family trying to recover from two powerful events Faith finds her husband of 15 years in the arms of a lover a male lover That event sets her on the path to learning the mysteries surrounding her older sister s disappearance as an baby This second event impacted all of their family for the rest of their lives.

  • Godibile romanzo che svolge in modo intelligente e non banale il tema del fallimento di un matrimonio e di ci che ne consegue, suggerendo che per voltare davvero pagina necessario prima di tutto fare i conti con il passato.

  • I really enjoyed this book I like the writer s style and the story moves right along Yes, it s generally a romance, but I liked the main character s struggle, her relationship with her children, and the whole renovate the house theme.

  • This book had so many hidden secrets that it was hard to put down Great characters with flaws and yet very likable The setting was well established and the historical family home with the eccentric neighbor was very homey.

  • I m only sorry to discover Emilie Richards so late in her career Most of her books have been are being weeded from collections due to age I find her characters compelling and well developed, with or without cell phones

  • Incredibly good 432 pages but still did not want it to end This is an older book by Emilie Richards and I did not know if I had read it because I have read many of her books but if I did I didn t remember it and I thought it was extremely worth reading Takes place in Washington D.C a political family that is totally dysfunctional but they finally realize it and come through it wonderfully I am not explaining it well but I highly recommend it.

  • Faith never met her older sister, Hope Hope was kidnapped from her parents home when she was just a few days old and what happened to her still remains a mystery Filled with grief, Faith s mother and her father, a prominent Virginia senator, closed up the home that had been handed down from generation to generation to Faith s mother, and moved to a new home where they welcomed a new baby daughter The kidnapping presented Faith with an unusual childhood filled with caution and security measures a [...]

  • Prospect Street is a street of historical town houses in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC Faith Bronson s mother was raised in such a house on Prospect Street Her mother eventually married one of the nation s most high profiled, conservative senator s She eventually had a child that was kidnapped from this house before Faith was born The kidnapping destroyed her marriage and it became one in name only Faith was brought up under strict conservative conditions and when she married a handpicke [...]

  • There are many reasons I choose to red what I do In this instance, I wanted to read something narrated by Martha Harmon Pardee since I knew that I would be hearing her speak at the 2016 convention of the American council of the Blind So I went through my rather lengthy to read list and picked out this book even though I couldn t quite figure out why I ever thought it would be worth my time When Faith Bronson discovers that her husband is having a relationship with a man, her marriage abruptly en [...]

  • Faith finds her world falling apart as she discovers that her husband, a conservative activist, has been having an affair with another man She must find means to support her children in the DC area and help them with the upheaval in their lives Her mother agrees to allow them to live in the row house in Georgetown, site of the tragic disappearance of Faith s older sister as a baby The place is a wreck after years of being a rental Faith finds two friends, one in the long time next door neighbor [...]

  • Loved this book right from the onset It grabs your attention from the getgo and doesn t let go At over 500 pages, I was glad it had substance It is primarily about relationships in today s contemporary times, but also about renovating an old Georgetown row house, the research and history of the house, the strong women who lived there, it s secrets and a few mysteries to solve A multi faceted novel, engagingly real characters, I looked forward to each sitting with it The places mentioned in the b [...]

  • Ok, I know I read this book before but I enjoyed it just as much the second time Faith s idyllic life with her conservative values husband and 2 children crumbles when she finds her husband in the arms of another man Unable to continue living in their perfect home she is able to take over her mother s rundown house in Georgetown on Prospect Street The house holds the secrets of the disappearance of Faith s older sister She meets a lot of interesting people Dottie Lee, Pavel and learns something [...]

  • I have never read Emilie Richards before, but I will definitely look into of her books This book kept me coming back, eager to read , and kept me thinking about the story line long after I was finished It is one of those books that you cannot wait to finish and yet you don t want to end It really touches on a wide range of issues, and as Publishers Weekly is quoted on the back as saying, it truly is an engrossing novel about rebuilding relationships and not in the warm, fuzzy, cheesy kind of wa [...]

  • I really liked this book It was an easy read with a fun little mystery tucked into it I enjoyed watching Faith rebuild her life and her relationship with her children and mother The characters were all very real and believable and the story was interesting enough to keep entertained from the first page to the last It s the perfect book to read if you need to recover from a book hangover light but entertaining.

  • Prospect Street tells a beautiful story of love and forgiveness Faith, David, their children and their extended family try to repair love that s been damaged, perhaps irretrievably, and struggle with forgiving each other, and deeply, themselves Through their pain, they finally reach out for a love that s both liberating and surprising.

  • The book started off with quite a shocker and kept my attention all the way through I thought the author did a great job portraying family dynamics when faced with a crisis Enjoyed reading about Georgetown and the row house renovations Looking forward to visiting the Georgetown area one day This was my first Emilie Richards novel Anxious to read of her work.

  • This is a super book if you re one of those readers who like calm books where not much happens, and I do NOT mean this in a bad way There is so much to soak up here that action would just be distracting The characters were very special and realistic, in a somewhat dated sort of way, but that is probably very accurate for a book that s 10 years old Time marches quickly Kept me going.

  • The history of an old house in Georgetown adds to the intriguing story of love and deceit many years in the making This was a really good read on many levels I enjoyed it very much but that is a given because I have never read anything written by Emilie Richards that hasn t held my attention and interest throughout the entire novel

  • I had never heard of this author until a patron at the library I worked in was returning it and said I should read it From the start of it until the last line of the book I was hooked Every time someone came in asking for a good book I suggested this one Ms Richard is a favorite author of mine now.

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