Crushed Best Read || [Lauren Layne] - Crushed, Crushed Lauren Layne s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong proving that what you want isn t always what you need Growing up in New York Michael Crushed Best Read || [Lauren Layne] - Crushed, Crushed Lauren Layne s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong proving that what you want isn t always what you need Growing up in New York Michael

  • Title: Crushed
  • Author: Lauren Layne
  • ISBN: 9780553390360
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook

Crushed Best Read || [Lauren Layne], Crushed, Lauren Layne, Crushed Lauren Layne s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong proving that what you want isn t always what you need Growing up in New York Michael St Claire never expected to spend his twenties wearing cowboy boots But that was before he learned about his real father a total stranger with a family in Cedar Grove TLauren Layne s latest Crushed Best Read || [Lauren Layne] - Crushed, Crushed Lauren Layne s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong proving that what you want isn t always what you need Growing up in New York Michael

  • Crushed Best Read || [Lauren Layne]
    250Lauren Layne

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    Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.A former e commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full time writing career.She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy times to make your mother blush In LL s ideal world, every stiletto wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books Note from Lauren Layne Lauren is NOT active on GoodReads.She finds she does her best writing when she doesn t let herself get discouraged by negative reviews If you re looking for updated release dates and official book descriptions, please check out her website.Thanks so much for understanding

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  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    4.5 STARS ARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review BR with Dee and Mel I don t think it s about who loves you first It s about who loves you best And that s me I love you best More than I love anyone More than you ve ever been loved ChloeI m a really huge fan of Lauren Layne s works I ve read just about all her books and am lucky in that I usually get approved on Netgalley for her ARCs Sometimes her stories can be just okay but when s [...]

  • FIVE CRUSHING ON YOU STARS Is love worth the risk From the hilariously relatable heroine to the gloriously romantic ending this book hit the jackpot in every single way for my reading tastes When a book makes your heart thump ridiculously fast and your toes curl in delight then you know with every certainty that you have read a book that s worth talking about Lauren Layne is my number one contemporary author she has the Midas touch on all she puts her hand to and I don t mind one bit that I gush [...]

  • 4 Ugly Duckling Stars.Michael did some mistakes on the past and now he s trying to let go He switches his charmed life in NY for cowboy boots in the country There he meets Chloe, the sweet girl that is often underestimated because she s a little chubby Chloe is in love with his best friend since forever, the same who is currently dating her sister And her sister recently caught Michael s attention so they decide to make a deal pretend to date to catch their attention But as their friendship grow [...]

  • 4.5 stars Lauren Layne is fast becoming an auto buy author for me This is the second book from her that I ve loved After Michael St Claire learned of the devastating truth about his parentage, he runs to Dallas to find his father For those who have read the previous books in the series, you all know about Michael s feelings for Olivia and the eventual fallout he had, not only with Olivia but with Ethan as well Not only that, he just found out a monumental family secret that had him questioning h [...]

  • Nobody ever falls in love with me Michael St Clair was the third wheel from book one that fell hard for Olivia Middleton and broke up his friendship with Ethan Price In book two, he went the step further when Paul lead him to believe that Olivia texted him, he flew all the way to Maine just to get shot down and crushed yet again His world gets further rocked when his paternity is revealed and so he is in Texas stalking is biological father while working at a posh country club.Michael has his mar [...]

  • 4.5 ROMANTIC SWEET Stars It s Live US UK I very much enjoyed this New Adult friends to lovers story richly themed in the true beauty lying within our souls It gave me the full on sweet book butterflies and here s my reasons why.Michael St Claire and his sexilicious six pack are metaphorically damaged by his heartbreaking past so he goes to Texas for the summer in search of redemption Michael has an ulterior plan, a plan to use people to get to someone who doesn t even know he exists What he does [...]

  • 4 Stars I m not going to lie, I was really surprised I liked this one Especially because it had almost ZERO sex ZERO people Not to mention it took the hero and heroine the whole book to get together The story reminded me a lot of The Do Over by MK Schiller Two sisters, one s curvy and one is a stick Curvy is in love with Stick s boyfriend Enter Michael who wants Stick, but not for the reasons you might think Michael is going to help Curvy get her man which will only benefit Michael Anyone want t [...]

  • This series and characters keep getting better and better When I finished this one I was really debating on which couple is my favorite and so far I am at a loss However, I can say without a doubt Chloe is my favorite heroine.Chloe Bellamy is different And I mean that in an I could strangle her way, not I m intrigued If you have been following the series Chloe is a new character and we meet her when Michael moves to Texas to get information regarding his dad Michael has given up his family s mo [...]

  • Crushed is Michael St Claire and Chloe Bellamy s story Michael is broody and a little lost, while Chloe is the witty, chubby girl who has lived most of her life in her gorgeous sister, Kristen s shadow Fat yet clever girl patiently waits for the guy of her dreams to realize that he d rather have a lifetime of laughter and conversation than a lifetime of great sex with a who doesn t appreciate him Michael is in Texas for one reason, and while trying how to handle the secrets he recently discovere [...]

  • 4.5 StarsI don t think it s about who loves you first It s about who loves you best There s a reason that Lauren Layne has become one of my favorite New Adult authors There s just something about her writing and her characters that never fails to reel me in and keep me glued to the pages It also never fails to give me that warm and fuzzy feelings right in my tummy that I ve come to adore about New Adult There s no insta anything and her characters are far from perfect and watching that progress [...]

  • 4,25 I Wanna Be Besties With Chloe StarsMichael never expected to lose in short time his best friend, the girl he was in love with and his family Now, the once golden boy of Manhattan is working his ass off at Cedar Grove, Texas, to make enough money to pay for a shitty apartment and a shitty new life, hoping he will get to meet his real father Enter the Bellamy sister One is every guy s wet dream and her name is Kristin, the other one is not exactly what fashion magazines would call beautiful a [...]

  • 4.5 Yummy Beefcake Stars ARC provided by Netgalley BR with Patty Dee Crushed RedemptMichael St Claire aka Beefcake is a 24 yr old guy who grew up on the Upper East Side of New York Six months ago he learned his whole life is a lie, and that his dad isn t really his dad at all He leaves Manhattan and walks away without anything but his car He wants a fresh start to get some answers about his real father, so he heads to Cedar Grove, Texas.Michael gets a job at the Cambridge Country Club as a tenn [...]

  • Loved this So cute, my favorite of the series This has been such a great series, and imo, each book has been better than the last I love everything about Lauren Layne s writing I wish there were heroines like Chloe She was funny, real, and sarcastic At the same time, she was so genuine and really cares about people She was exactly what Micheal needed I loved the friends to lovers slow build, it s my favorite kind of romance I know this seems like a shallow thing to point out, but I also bond wi [...]

  • 4 starsEnjoyed this Great characters, fun banter, no insta love The main characters frustrated me a little but it was tolerable.Michael wasn t as moody as Paul from the previous book which made him likeable but IMO he goes on my Not Enough Grovelling List alongside Ansel Jeanne yes he is still there Lol I especially loved the last 10% of the book A sweet romantic quick read P.S I Love StephanieARC provided by NetGalley

  • I know I have said this many times I just adore this author Lauren Layne has become my go to author when I need a fun, sweet, steamy with a bit of angst read Her books always leave me with a stupid grin on my face In Crushed we get Michael St Claire and Chloe Bellamy s story.Michael has become a bitter man Piece by piece his life has fallen apart He lost the only girl he has ever wanted and his best friend at his own doing But that isn t the only thing that crushed him When he learns of a sordid [...]

  • Title CrushedSeries Redemption 2Author Lauren LayneRelease Date April 15, 2015Rating 4 4.5 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I was very excited to see that Lauren Layne is writing a new adult series I loved Broken and completely adored Isn t She Lovely so I am very happy that I had the chance to read Crushed earlier than everybody else Lauren is one of my favorite authors and she also did not let down me this time Crushed was awesome Super sweet, heart fluttering new adult bo [...]

  • IT S LIVE GO BUY IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Click here for a link to purchase Crushed Arc provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Stars It s been six months since I betrayed my best friend.Six months since I walked away from her No Since she walked away from me.But than that than any of thatIt s been six months since I ve bothered to care.About anything.Let me just come clean, as I do whenever I read one of this author s books I am in love with this auth [...]

  • Edit 04 14 RELEASED TODAY Don t you hate when you re completely unable to gather your thoughts about a book That s so annoying Right Because I m a scientific girl I m really not At all I decided to complete a quizz to help me decide Who knows Perhaps it will help you too One can hope Cross the odd one out Romance facts, anyone Typical NA package with instalove, instalust, virgin and pure but beautiful perfect heroin Nope Not free of stereotypes hello, player, nice to meet you Need a savior Why, [...]

  • 3.5 stars Chloe was smart, funny, caring, foodie and curvy Her sister, Kristin s stark beauty always overshadowed her goodness and she had to live with the bitter fact that her long time crush love Devon is dating her sister Devon and Chloe were best friends back in school when he was just as invisible as her, as they grew up he only had eyes for Kristin and they started drifting apart now since she found an opportunity to win him back she agrees to lose some weight and gain that self confidence [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Now LIVE amzn 1CVS56Z UK amzn 1PIoVSxWell, this was my first Lauren Layne book and it definitely won t be my last, once I started this one I couldn t put it down Michael St Claire has exchanged his Upper East Side lifestyle for a job at a Dallas country club he is on a mission to find his real father and he doesn t really care who he uses in the process and that includes his half brother Devon and his girlfriend, Kirsten.When he meets Kirsten s sister, loud mouth curvy Chloe, he sure d [...]

  • 4.25 Girl Crushing Stars Michael, listen I get it Nobody s ever loved you first You re tired of being second choice Or nobody s choice I get it Because nobody s ever loved me first, either But I ve been thinking about this, and Michael I don t think it s about who loves you first It s about who loves you best And that s me Finally Michael s story Crushed is book three of the Redemption series by Lauren Layne and I have to admit I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about Michael as a leading man [...]

  • Michael was a secondary character in Isn t She Lovely and Broken, the first two books in this series, and even though he kissed his best friend s girlfriend, and caused all kinds of trouble, I felt bad for him After getting his side of things, I almost couldn t fault him for his actions Olivia, Ethan and Michael grew up together and both boys, Ethan and Michael, fell for Olivia but she only had eyes for Ethan That didn t stop Michael from loving Olivia and so he had to endure watching them toget [...]

  • This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.4.5 Stars I fell in love with this book I have never read anything by Lauren Layne before this book and now I am sitting here wondering why I have missed this author I have read so many romance novels that lately I have starting feeling a little bored by them I have blamed myself and have tried to mix things up a little bit by reading other genres After reading this book, I realize that I still like a well written romance novel as much as I e [...]

  • This baby is on sale for.99 on dp B00N6PD1QQ 5 Beefcake Stars If you want to stay up all night, ignore your chores for the day, laugh, melt and maybe even shed a tear or two Lauren Layne is the perfect author for you Michael St Claire is broken After he destroys his relationship with his best friend and the girl he s loved for a long time doesn t return the same feelings Michael is devastated Then when he comes home he hears news that sends his head spinning He finds out that for almost 24 yea [...]

  • 5 When What You Want Is Not What You Need Stars A New Top Favorite Hilarious, witty and touching Why oh why had I not previously read any of Lauren Layne s works With a style somewhat reminiscent of Emma Chase s or Penny Reid s, Ms Layne s writing style is immensely entertaining and the romance in Crushed was perfectly developed If you are a lover of the ugly duckling trope or are just generally looking for an uplifting, comical and satisfying romance, then I highly recommend Crushed Michael St [...]

  • ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book was so awesome Chloe was an amazing heroine She was feisty, funny, smart and just so damn lovable Michael, on the other hand, was moody, sexy and a jerk at times, but I couldn t help feeling sorry for him He had been hurt so much in the past that it was hard for him to believe that anything good would ever come his way.I loved the banter between Chloe and Michael, and while this book lacked steam the humor all [...]

  • 4 Stars This was a good storyIt was full of witty banter.Some nice sexual tensionSure it lacked in the steam departmentWhat did bother me was the last 20% It wasnt full of drama but that back and forth like in the previous two books was too much for my liking.Overall a great funny and light read which I highly recommend if you loved the previous books ARC kindly provided by NG in exchange for an honest review

  • 4.5 Hilariously heartwarming starsI really enjoyed this book The third in the Redemption series counting the first novella , it s great fun, laugh out loud funny with a bit of drama and a really sweet romance.Michael St Claire is the last of three people involved in a love triangle implosion that forms the basis for this series Having spent most of his teenage years in love with his best friend s girlfriend, his heart was further destroyed when the relationship broke down thanks, in no small par [...]

  • ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Love swept in exchange for honest reviewSQUEEE I LOVED LOVED LOVED Crushed by Lauren Layne This was my first read by Ms Layne and after reading CRUSHED, I can 100% guarantee you this won t be my last I am hooked now with Ms Layne s writing and storytelling To put it mildly, I am now addicted to this author after I read this book I seriously LOVED everything about CRUSHED This was one of those reads that I practically inhaled because I couldn t get en [...]

  • 4,5 StarsAww What a great, emotional, witty, funny and absolutely delectable story I fell in love with it right away I can really tell when a book is going to be good from the very first pages, and this one was a winner the moment Chloe made her appearance.Chloe That girl made me chuckle everytime she opened her mouth Smart, intellectual, snarky and full of life, you can t do anything else, but love her She has her emotional baggage being in love with her sister s boyfriend forever her body issu [...]

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