The Last Survivors

è The Last Survivors é T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair - The Last Survivors, The Last Survivors Survival in Man s Second Dark Age Three hundred years after the fall of society the last fragments of civilization are clinging to life living in the ruins of the ancient cities in nearly medieval c è The Last Survivors é T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair - The Last Survivors, The Last Survivors Survival in Man s Second Dark Age Three hundred years after the fall of society the last fragments of civilization are clinging to life living in the ruins of the ancient cities in nearly medieval c

  • Title: The Last Survivors
  • Author: T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Last Survivors

è The Last Survivors é T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair, The Last Survivors, T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair, The Last Survivors Survival in Man s Second Dark Age Three hundred years after the fall of society the last fragments of civilization are clinging to life living in the ruins of the ancient cities in nearly medieval conditions Technology has been reduced to legend monsters roam the forests and fear reigns supreme But that is just the beginning The wind borne spores are spreading Survival in Ma è The Last Survivors é T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair - The Last Survivors, The Last Survivors Survival in Man s Second Dark Age Three hundred years after the fall of society the last fragments of civilization are clinging to life living in the ruins of the ancient cities in nearly medieval c

  • è The Last Survivors é T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair
    403T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair
The Last Survivors

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  • T.W. Piperbrook Bobby Adair

    T.W Piperbrook lives in Connecticut with his wife and son He is the author of the CONTAMINATION series, the OUTAGE series, and co author of THE LAST SURVIVORS In his former lives, he has worked as as a claims adjuster, a touring musician, and a business systems analyst for a Fortune 500 company.Now he spends his days fighting zombies, battling werewolves, and roaming Ancient cities.For NEW RELEASE ALERTS AND A FREE STORY, sign up for the author s mailing list at eepurl qy_SHLIKE him on Facebook at facebook twpiperbrook

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  • I had mixed feelings about this book the entire time I read it It s well written with very few errors, which puts it a step above many books I ve run into over the years browsing and other booksellers However, it missed one very important thing for me a connection with the characters The chapters in this book come fast and furious, and as soon as I was just starting to get to know a character, the authors made the decision to switch gears to a new character.The result I had no real sympathies fo [...]

  • Only the rocks and the trees stay the same This is a post apocalyptic saga that takes the reader on a circuitous literary trip to a predictable end It is strange but true that science fiction writers invariably revert civilization to a Middle Age state after an apocalyptic event Clothes, weapons, mannerisms, beliefs, morals and sometimes even speech are consistent with this time frame What this historical period has in the cycle of history I do not know but it seems to be used universally as a r [...]

  • I really hate to give anything from Bobby Adair anything less than a stellar review Unfortunately, this book was tedious, boring, and wrought with cliches I m currently reading Dusty s Diary and judging by the content in that one, I ll blame the other author for everything that is wrong with this book The worst part of the book was the overdone then beaten to death then run over with a tractor cliches Character archetypes were so overdone, I was rolling my eyes at first then just skimming passag [...]

  • Tne last survivorsPathegic A lot of sexual content and filth used as bland and unimaginative filler to create a story that could have been an epic adventure had the author had the ability to wrjte with passion for his characters instead of falling back on the easy and u inspired writing style that leaves readers with contempt.A talented author can create even evil antagonists without resorting to words that o ly disgust and bore readers This is a book to be picked up with enthusiasm and then aba [...]

  • awful couldn t bare to finish it Life is too short to read badly written, generic fiction Just a waste Glad I didn t pay a cent for this.

  • So Yet another Kindle freebie Yet another instance in which I side eye a publisher who s taking something that in theory should be good enough to pay for and giving it away for free.Yeah, I did not go into this one with my hopes very high.The beginning of the story was not promising One of the first things we learn about this society is that it s regressed or less back to the Middle Ages, giving us gems like this Women are weak, Franklin droned Women must be weak to love a baby enough to hold i [...]

  • ABR s full The Last Survivors audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.I couldn t wait to get started on The Last Survivors when I found out who the authors were T.W Piperbrook and Bobby Adair couldn t write a bad book if they tried and together, I thought they would be unstoppable Post apocalyptic stories are by far my favorite and when you throw zombies into the mix, well, let s just say I was kind of excited.I went into this book with absolutely no knowledge of what [...]

  • So, I can say that I didn t hate this book, but I definitely didn t love it or even like it either.And because I m sh t at reviews I m just going to insert the notes I made while reading SPOILERS AHEAD I realize this is like a future in the past type of deal but would she really wear a skirt knowing it could inhibit her escape in reference to Ella and William escaping Brighton during The Cleansing That s dumb as hell in reference to the fact that the wall around Brighton is only guarded at the g [...]

  • If you ignore the mechanics that plagued this book, the story is great, well, maybe very good.I was glad to see that the authors used a scientifically sound principle on which to base their zombie like creatures I got the feeling throughout the book that the Changed were evolving and that feeling was confirmed by the arrival of the mysterious Jingo Twenty years after the battle that made the new General Blackthorne, he is portrayed, and acts like, a psychotic despot, until SHAZAM He sees the lig [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book Sure it was a little bit predictable and some of the editing was irritating but it s self published I believe, and was also free, so I can let that slide but this story had me hooked from start to finish I just adore post apocalyptic dystopian stories and this had pretty much everything I love about them Ruined societies struggling to survive, heroes and villains, a strong woman on the run with her son and the man who first helps them and then betrays them and then [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this book The idea is that our world has gone under and people are living under conditions similar to the Middle Age They don t have a lot of knowledge of the world as it used to be New religions and beliefs have emerged and life is hard, unless you re the ones in charge And there is always the zombies to be scared of Or the chance you might get infected from the spores And 2 times a year are the Cleansing, where everyone that has anything resembling signs of infection gets bur [...]

  • Loved this book I got this as a free ebook and I admit I didn t expect much It was my first ebook and I really liked the way it read I found the storyline very engaging and easy to get hooked A great new twist on a post apocalyptic world and it ends on a great cliffhanger Can t wait to get a hold of the second one in the series My only negative is that the ebook version is not available on so when I updated my progress, it wasn t accurate.

  • This was a good beginning I loved the idea of the last humans getting spores that turned them into demons and the scary world the author built around the characters My only real complaint is that I hate the cleansings and spikings And that the book is too short Cliffy here, folks I love little Williams character.

  • Could not wrap myself up in this worldI love Bobby Adair and T.W PowerBook but for some reason I couldn t get myself wrapped up in this world You may like it s just not for meHappy reading.

  • This book is just a bit beyond the zombie post apocalyptic thing I want to read It kind of takes you back to the stone age I finally finished it I didn t like it at all I should get 5 stars for forcing myself to finish it

  • Excellent storyEnjoyable read Really held my interest and kept me anxious to find out what would happen next excited for next book to be released

  • I wasn t expecting much from this little book, but honestly it s a lot better than I imagined Simple, YA teen friendly, easy to read.

  • This is a post apocalyptic story about a town and its people 300 years after a disease caused by spores resulted in the fall of humanity Society has completely regressed There is no technology and little education Books are considered a rarity, which I found to be strange because wouldn t there be billions of books left behind Or did society fall after the e reader was invented It s actually strange that not much at all is left of the world of the ancients It may be because the original survivor [...]

  • My Book Review Number 145 This review is on The Last Survivors by T.W Piperbrook and Bobby Adair This is the first book I have read by these co authors.The book begins with a Prologue that describes the infected human beings that roam the forests and broken down cities from ancient times They hunt in packs and attack all living things to feed They looked ugly and smell like death Humans in this dystopian post apocalyptic period easily become infected by wind borne fungus that deforms the body an [...]

  • I just finished this book and I m conflicted.The story is fairly brutal, which I expect in dystopian stories, but some of it was just past my comfort level I did love the actual science that inspired the kinda zombies we have in the story That s cool The false theology the ministers were spouting dogmatically and clinging to was less cool but interesting to observe, as was various different characters reactions to it The fact that the hold of these teachings on the populace seems to actually be [...]

  • I enjoyed the story in this book, but I felt that it kind of ended in a strange place and could have easily gone a bit further and at least provided some resolution to all the different aspects and plot points that had been created.It s as if the author decided to split the book without revealing any of the cliff hangers and foreshadowing that had been well laid out.So now I am left wondering what is going to happen to each of these characters that I have been introduced to and whether the next [...]

  • This book is a post apocalyptic novel It is about Ella, a young mother who is trying to protect her son William The year before, Ella s husband Ethan was killed because he was infected Now, William is infected Ella and William attempt to escape Brighton on the day of the Cleansing Ella kills two soldiers Later though, Ella is unable to defend herself and must rely on Bray, a young Warden Wardens are also known as Skin Sellers because they sell the heads of the twisted men Later, William saves El [...]

  • How sad I read this book less than a month ago and at first, I couldn t remember what it was about But yes, I remember now How could I forget how a community routinely checks only the women for airborne spores by stripping them naked, making them parade in front of the entire town, as the city council ogles the prettier ones.Oh yeah, the spores can turn you into a monster, so of course, they have to burn these women at the stake Children are susceptible too which causes a mother to protect her c [...]

  • Way too Gory The humans in the tale were able to contract a spore making them animalistic monsters They were not undead so they weren t zombies, but similar enough and not being a zombie fan that made it not an enjoyable read The human soldiers were just as bad if not worse than the mutants and had no regard for human life.The religion of the people was awful and women were treated as something less than slaves What a backward world that was created On the positive note it was a fast story and f [...]

  • I was a little skeptical going into this, given the subtitle A Dystopian Society in a Post Apocalyptic World seemed a bitch I felt like The Last Survivor kind of assumed post apocalypia, and apparently all post apocalyptic societies are dystopian, so.But as soon as I got into it, those concerns went away, and I was hooked immediately The characters are compelling and the world building is incredible I was completely invested in the world and its inhabitants from chapter one Definitely going to b [...]

  • This was a free audiobook and worth what was paid Basically, a generic medieval reversion post apocalyptic world with a religious fetishization for inspecting females for physical deformities as signs of infection by a fungal zombie plague Yeah, it s that bad, but worse the entire book was essentially the take of a brief journey between locations, and it s clearly the first of a long series of horrible books Not quite Gor, but completely worth avoiding At least it was relatively short, at least [...]

  • Bobby Adair has done it again This is another great series by Adair I m beginning to think he s going to be my new favorite author.A mother saves her son from death when she learns he is infected and will eventually turn into a monster She flees killing her way out of the village She meets a man on the road after he saves their lives What will happen to them in this world of horror

  • Book One The Last SurvivorsThis is not the genre I usually read but I thought I d give it a try At first I thought this isn t for me BUT I continued reading and very soon I couldn t put it down and needed to know what was going to happen I honestly didn t like the gory parts but accept that it s part of the mindset of the time these people live in gripping story which ends on a cliff edge so now I have to get the next book

  • As a fan of Bobby Adair s writing and especially his Ebola K books, I was delighted to snag this one for free a while back Unfortunately his is not up to the standard of the Ebola series, perhaps it s due to him co writing it with T W Piperbrook.I found it quite dull and a not very interesting portrayal of a post apocalyptic dystopian world.The jumping between all the characters did nothing but annoy me and I very much doubt if I ll be continuing to read any of this series.

  • I got this book free on and decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it It s got a Renaissance sense to it but still feels like it s in the future The enemies are really unique in this to and the back story and character personalities that develops later into the other books are so in depth It s heart wrenching and inspiring all at once It s a really great read if you like books about the apocalypses.

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