Laurel Heights 2

✓ Laurel Heights 2 ↠ Lisa Worrall - Laurel Heights 2, Laurel Heights Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott s tiny house So everything is perfect right WrongScott has a new partner a new male partner and Will is not happy about that at all ✓ Laurel Heights 2 ↠ Lisa Worrall - Laurel Heights 2, Laurel Heights Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott s tiny house So everything is perfect right WrongScott has a new partner a new male partner and Will is not happy about that at all

  • Title: Laurel Heights 2
  • Author: Lisa Worrall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Laurel Heights 2

✓ Laurel Heights 2 ↠ Lisa Worrall, Laurel Heights 2, Lisa Worrall, Laurel Heights Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott s tiny house So everything is perfect right WrongScott has a new partner a new male partner and Will is not happy about that at all A sadistic serial killer is at large torturing his way through the gay community but Will and Scott have no leads And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has beenWill and Scott ✓ Laurel Heights 2 ↠ Lisa Worrall - Laurel Heights 2, Laurel Heights Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott s tiny house So everything is perfect right WrongScott has a new partner a new male partner and Will is not happy about that at all

  • ✓ Laurel Heights 2 ↠ Lisa Worrall
    228 Lisa Worrall
Laurel Heights 2

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    I live in Leigh on Sea, a small seaside town just outside London on the coast of Essex, about ten minutes from Southend, which boasts the longest pier in the world I live with my husband and two ever growing children, who I let think are the boss of me along with two dogs who actually are As the wonderful Beatrix Potter said, There is something delicious about writing the first words of a new story You never quite know where they ll take you I know exactly what she means.

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  • 4 Gruesome Stars This suspense element in this one wasA bit on the gruesome and pervy side I thought this was a solid follow up to Laurel Heights 1 To me it felt like a new story vs a continuation of the first one There were almost two storylines goinge cliffhanger we were left with at the end of Laurel Heights 1 and then a new mystery to solve I honestly didn t think the storyline that continued from LH1 was needed and it almost made for too much suspense and not enough time for the romance be [...]

  • BR with Cat Laurel Heights 1 Laurel Heights 2 This is a lot of book crammed into a very small space It s actually 2 books, the first being a good, albeit predictable, thriller about the heroes from book one hunting a rather boringly gay, boringly self loathing, serial killer This idea has been done before, of course, but that really doesn t bother me The murders were appropriately gruesome, I was fooled into thinking I had it figured out when I didn t, all the points for a good thriller were hit [...]

  • Ah, Laurel Heights For a very long time, this was my all time, number one M M romance favorite It wasn t until I joined GoodReads and started digging deeper into my love of M M romance fiction and discovered authors like Kendall McKenna and NR Walker that other books started giving Laurel Heights a run for it s money Of course it still stayed on my fuck yeah, 5 stars list, where it will forever remain It was is a perfect storm book for me with it s in the closet sexy police officers going underc [...]

  • I m so glad this was finally released I was waiting forever for a sequel to Laurel Heights and Laurel Heights 2 was definitely worth the wait It made me so happy to finally get my greedy little hands on it.I fell in love with Laurel Heights about two years ago now It s been on my favorites list since, and I ve read it several times since the first time I also adore Will and Scott, always have always will And I ve always wanted of their story and to see them as a happy couple again This book gav [...]

  • I don t think y all understand how much i squee over thisAnd now it s read It was totally worth the wait I loved it I ll always want Will and Scott but this was a fabulous follow up and left me with warm fuzzies That ending tho Well done.

  • Buddy Read with my good friend Nick Pageant He may have left me in the dust, but it turns out that wasn t a problem at all because I think we might actually be psychically linked Seriously, check out the dude s review It is practically word for word my thoughts on this book The only thing that I ll add to Nick s review is that I thought every male character in this story was interchangeable So much so, in fact, that I could barely keep Scott, Will, and Kelly straight in my head for large chunks [...]

  • 3.5 Solid but Disappointed Stars I ve been waiting for the sequel to Laurel Heights since I read that damn epilogue But I have to be honest, this one left me underwhelmed The unresolved issue introduced in the epilogue of Laurel Heights was told as a secondary story in the sequel, and really felt like of an afterthought to tie up loose ends The main focus being the investigation of The Castrator Yep, pretty much self explanatory The crimes were graphic at times, and definitely had me grimacing [...]

  • Yay It s out, I ve read it sorry for waking you up at 1.30am hubby of mine , all of our pestering paid off Trish 4.5 stars from me for this, the only sequel unless one of the characters shouts in Lisa s ear to the absolutely fabulous Laurel Heights.This story carries on where LH1 left off, a couple of months or so down the line Yes, Scott and Will had caught the perv who was responsible for torturing Todd and murdering two other guys on the exclusive Laurel Heights estate in New York BUT Lisa le [...]

  • 4.5 A villain who is an even sicker bastard than the last oneA case that hits too close to homeA mystery that set me completely on the wrong track And my two gorgeous undercover cops who have to struggle with the case, themselves and their relationshipWhat could my adventurous heart desire I might be in the minority here, but I loved this book even than the first one My eyes were glued to my Kindle and I read it in one go This is by far not my first mystery, but I was wide off the mark as far [...]

  • 4.5 starsA worthy sequel to Laurel Heights I would recommend you read that book first and if you already did you might want to skim through it to re familarize yourself with the tease at the end and the cast of characters While the new case could work standalone, there are events that carry over and finish playing out in this one If you were left reeling with the last pages of the first book, you will definitely want to see how it plays out here.Will and Scott are happy living and working togeth [...]

  • 3 Bloody StarsOkw, there is some sicko stuff in here The book and what I liked, loved, and did not care for o __OI loved I love love loved, revisiting Scot and Will.I love the ride, twisty turns of goodness expect a few dry spots.I love the villain, he was PERFECT I loved the plot of the KillerThe pacing was awesome.I liked The gruesome bloody details while in the mist of his cruel crime shivers well written And, would the book have benefited without that portion of descriptive writing, probably [...]

  • Wow What an awesome story Brilliantly executed with unexpected twists and turns and tons of SUSPENSE that had my heart pounding out of my chest right to the end I LOVE Will Scott and the secondary characters too and I am so sad that this is the end because I am a greedy reader and damn it, I need My heart and brain are whimpering together at no stories from LH.But maybe we can have a little story about how a certain surprise couple came about with smexy details Hmmm please begs lol.

  • Lovers Friends Enemies Traitors Twists Double twists And then the end OMG.A new chapter, pleeeease EDIT Avevo gi divorato questo romanzo in inglese, ma sono davvero contenta che sia arrivato tradotto anche da noi, perch mi piaciuto tanto.In questo secondo capitolo, contrariamente al precedente, le investigazioni hanno molto pi peso ed a tutti gli effetti un poliziesco thriller davvero ben riuscito.I nostri eroi devono catturare un serial killer psicopatico e crudele, ma dannatamente furbo, che a [...]

  • The Blogger Girls What a great, freaking ride Wowza I must admit that I was a bit concerned I would be lost reading this story as it had been so long since I d read book one, but nope, I was instantly right back on the Scott and Will bandwagon and loved every minute Scott and Will are two of the hottest MM characters ever, and when they slam each other against the walls, the doors, the back of the couch, or on floor and then go at it, it s some of the steamiest sex you will ever read about Lisa [...]

  • 3.5 stars I loved the first Laurel Heights It had a perfect balance of romance and suspense and this coming from someone usually not wild about mysteries Will and Scott kept me entertained with their banter and the whole gay guys pretending to be straight pretending to be gay scenario Classic And when Scott and Will finally figured out they were hot for each other, the following scenes were than worth the wait There were a few stomach turning moments poor Todd , and the ending had me screaming [...]

  • 3.5 Stars Has it really been two years since Lisa Worrall bowled me over with Scott and Will s story in Laurel Heights It was such a great introduction to the two men Gay homicide detectives pretending to be straight, pretending to be gay, and falling in love during the case There was excitement, humor, and hot sex What s not to love in that, I ask you So, for obvious reasons, I was excited when I discovered the author was writing a second story in the series I was hoping for just as good of a t [...]

  • Ugh I don t I guess I m somewhere in between really liking it and just liking it This is hard.I love Will and Scott In the first book, I could not get enough of them They re so hot together, fun and charismatic The story in book one was interesting and kept me buzzing The Epilogue made me crazy with want for a follow up This though It s not really a follow up and I find it difficult to see how the author could call it Laurel Heights 2 The events that make the Epilogue in book one so strong are b [...]

  • I would suggest you make sure you ve read or re read Laurel Heights to reacquaint yourself with everything before starting Laurel Heights 2 Because it was WAY confusing, and I had to go back and re read Laurel Heights to figure out what the hell was going on.Laurel Heights 2 is basically two separate stories mashed together Though, thankfully, at the core of both plots there is Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison still together and still deeply in love The first storyline is a vicious seri [...]

  • 3.5J ai beaucoup aim ce second tome qui m a surprise plusieurs reprises tant au niveau de l enqu te que des relations et de la tournure des v nements.La relation entre Scott et Will est vraiment super, l humour est toujours pr sent, les sc nes sont toujours chaudes quoi qu un peu trop d taill es parfois Mon b mol va certaines facilit s au niveau de l enqu te peu cr dible de garder des preuves pour soi et par rapport Todd qui se tait nouveau.Sinon, un moment vraiment tr s sympa, j ai d vor ce sec [...]

  • I just finished book 1looks like I don t have to wait to long to find out what happens next

  • I feel this book could have had a little depth Therefore, four stars Really loved the plot though The twists surprises were really well constructed and totally non predicable

  • DAMN This book was as good, if not better than the first one The suspense, the mystery I love WIll and Scott and it was awesome to see them together again getting into the darkest of situations and making my heart race New and old villains make themselves known in this book and it was quite a dark and twisted treat Lisa Worrall is a ballsy writer who will have you sweating, cursing and freaking the hell out I loved it

  • Great sequel to Laurel Heights The boys are back and I wa so glad The new partner threw me off for a minute but I was glad where his story line went Will Scott are now living together, happy, in love, and dealing with a serial killer targeting gay men and a new homicide in Laurel Heights Intrigue, suspense, really hot sex, jealousy, murder, blood, creepy serial killer point of view, this one has it all

  • Holy mind fuckery Lisa gets me every time I think I know who it is, then I m stumped again its never who I think it is, though this time, it should have been a bit obvious, ah well The Castrator is quite twisted, and hearing his story at the end is quite heartbreaking I actually felt bad for him, Jared Randall, not so much.

  • This mystery is quite upsetting with all the grusome murders of innocent peoples I guess we don t know them, so it is the idea of what happens to them, really Anyway, it s urgh.I liked how the Laurel Heights storyline played out Direct enough, intermingling with the main plot.Kelly was an interesting character and there were some fun moments.Enjoyed it a lot.

  • Totally worth the wait Grisly murder and mayhem, hot smexy times with the boyswhat could a girl ask for The excitement level starts out high and doesn t drop off for a second as Turner and Harrison try to figure out who is killing off gay men in their city Loved it.

  • I loved Scott and Will in the first book and it was so cool to see them together again even though they had to deal with a serial killer The story has a fantastic balance of suspense, mystery, romance and hot sex and I would love to read another follow up.

  • as good as the first one plotwise the ending was a bit rushed I would have appreciated about how they handled the aftermath hopefully there will be other books there is a lot of potential with all the characters of Laurel Heights

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