The Last Kind Words Saloon

✓ The Last Kind Words Saloon ✓ Larry McMurtry - The Last Kind Words Saloon, The Last Kind Words Saloon In this comically subversive work of fiction Joyce Carol Oates New York Review of Books Larry McMurtry chronicles the closing of the American frontier through the travails of two of its most immort ✓ The Last Kind Words Saloon ✓ Larry McMurtry - The Last Kind Words Saloon, The Last Kind Words Saloon In this comically subversive work of fiction Joyce Carol Oates New York Review of Books Larry McMurtry chronicles the closing of the American frontier through the travails of two of its most immort

  • Title: The Last Kind Words Saloon
  • Author: Larry McMurtry
  • ISBN: 9780393351194
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
The Last Kind Words Saloon

✓ The Last Kind Words Saloon ✓ Larry McMurtry, The Last Kind Words Saloon, Larry McMurtry, The Last Kind Words Saloon In this comically subversive work of fiction Joyce Carol Oates New York Review of Books Larry McMurtry chronicles the closing of the American frontier through the travails of two of its most immortal figures Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday Tracing their legendary friendship from the settlement of Long Grass Texas to Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show in Denver and finallIn ✓ The Last Kind Words Saloon ✓ Larry McMurtry - The Last Kind Words Saloon, The Last Kind Words Saloon In this comically subversive work of fiction Joyce Carol Oates New York Review of Books Larry McMurtry chronicles the closing of the American frontier through the travails of two of its most immort

  • ✓ The Last Kind Words Saloon ✓ Larry McMurtry
    111 Larry McMurtry
The Last Kind Words Saloon

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    Larry McMurtry was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on June 3, 1936 He is the author of twenty nine novels, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Lonesome Dove, three memoirs, two essay collections, and than thirty screenplays His first published book, Horseman, Pass By, was adapted into the film Hud A number of his other novels also were adapted into movies as well as a television mini series.Among many other accolades, in 2006 he was the co winner of both the Best Screenplay Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Brokeback Mountain.

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  • I hate, hate, hate to say this because I love Larry McMurtry and consider Lonesome Dove to be the Great American Novel, but I was disappointed in The Last Kind Words Saloon It felt rushed, it was too short, there was no plot, characters were introduced and seemed to be important to the story before I realized there was no plot, just a series of events and then just disappeared It felt pointless to meet these people and then they didn t matter later on That may be true to life but it s not how I [...]

  • A very unusual western.Is it a comedy A lighthearted, fable like reconstruction of the West A revisionist blend of western romanticism and subdued realism This lacked the epic quality of his Lonesome Dove It was also unlike the broad scope of his The Berrybender Narratives.More Dean Martin than John Wayne.Beginning in Long Grass, maybe Texas this describes a tangential series of events following western legends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday We also see Warren and Virgil, Buffalo Bill, Quinah Parke [...]

  • I imbibed this in short order and found it an entertaining vision of the end of the American West as a wild frontier McMurtry accurately captures its flavor in his preface as a ballad in prose whose characters are afloat in time their legends and their lives in history rarely match Quoting the director John Ford when you had to choose between history and legend, print the legend And so I ve done Here a series of vignettes feature mostly Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, who have set up shop in Long G [...]

  • I found all these bad reviews here on GR, so I bought it and let it sit on a shelf, expecting a poor novel McMurtry HAS written poorly at turnsme quite awful think Rhino Ranch, When The Light Goes, Duane s Depressed, in that distinctly paradigmatic McMurtry reboot style, which always stamps out the same Middle Aged Eccentric Cadillac Jack archetypegraphical, one must wonder And yet he has written superbly The Last Picture Show, Moving On, All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, Horseman Pass B [...]

  • I picked this book up at Powell s this weekend and absolutely fell in love with it It s a short, spare, weird and funny novel about McMurtry s favorite Old West characters Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Bill Cody, Nellie Courtright It s told almost entirely in crackling good dialogue and just reminded me of what a great book can do pull you into its strange little world so that you never want to leave.After I read it, I looked up the reviews and was astonished to find that so many critics didn t like [...]

  • This was disappointing, very disappointing It s a slim and slight collection of vignettes that would never have been published unless it was written by Larry McMurtry The author may be relaxed about this after all, he s than earned his spurs but the publishers should know better.

  • I so enjoyed Lonesome Dove that I thought I d try this new work by Larry McMurtry What a mistake It is almost as if the publisher said Larry, you need to get us something new And Larry replied, Well, let me see what I can dig up from my notes He ought to have left it buried In fact, not far into the book, I wondered if he had passed away and some enterprising editor, anxious to squeeze a few dollars from McMurtry fans, cobbled something together from notes as though it were a previously undisco [...]

  • Unlike other readers, I felt a cohesiveness to this shorter than usual 224 pages novel from the legendary McMurtry Like many others, McMurtry s Lonesome Dove is one of the pillars of American fiction for me and I have a tendency to measure all of his subsequent works to his Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece The Last Kind Words Saloon, however, isn t meant to be Lonesome Dove on any level and I quickly adjusted to that.The story, as you probably are aware, is about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in [...]

  • I expected a lot from a Pulitzer Prize winning writer like Larry McMurtry It was like reading a graphic novel without any illustrations It had lots of dialogue, quick plot development, stereotypical characters, and plenty of action, which are generally enough to satisfy any reader s appetite Unfortunately, there s not enough meat on the bones of this novel and I was left hungry for I have long been a fan of the author, but this short collection of random stories leaves me scratching my head as [...]

  • Larry McMurtry is an awesome writer I will definitely check out some of his other novels I m a big fan of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and was sad when this book ended I really enjoyed it.

  • I don t think Larry McMurtry ever really got past Lonesome Dove Is that good or bad I don t know It does seem that everything he s written since except the memoirs has tried to recapture that lightning in a bottle With The Last Kind Words Saloon, McMurtry gives us Wyatt Earpe Doc Holliday as focal characters, as well as Charlie Goodnight who first came our way in Lonesome Dove, a passel of really interesting women, and a sign for the saloon that Wyatt carries from town to town, much like Gus s s [...]

  • The Last Kind Words Saloonby Larry McMurtry4 stars196 ppPublication Date 2014To be honest, I had a difficult time rating The Last Kind Words Saloon by Larry McMurtry, because while I enjoyed reading it I have expectations of a certain standard set by reading other McMurtry books as Lonesome Dove,Sin Killer, Buffalo Girls and By Sorrow s River and then there is the excellent book about Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp by Mary Doria Russell, Doc and in my opinion The Last Kind Words Saloon did not meas [...]

  • THE LAST KIND WORDS SALOONLarry McMurtyThis ballad and portrait of the by gone era of the nineteenth century and the cowboy lifestyle is written by a master writer who can bring all of the past and characters to life with a minimum of narrative prose.They are living out the last days of a way of life in the west It highlights the bond of friendship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday despite their flawed characters and their gunslinger reputations The buffalo are gone, the Indians have been defe [...]

  • Ok yes a very short read yes it is not as great as Lonesome Dove by any stretch of the imagination But take it for what it is a story of the legend of the west all the characters including the Kiowa s and the one Comanche all existed and ranged through Texas in the waning days of the old west I live in Amarillo about 20 miles from the Charles and Mary Goodnight home and Palo Duro Canyon that was the last open range home to the Comanche.This book though brief is like the men and women Larry write [...]

  • On an unassuming Wednesday morning in 1881, nine men three sets of brothers, an unarmed ranch hand from Mississippi, and a dentist walked out into the streets of Tombstone, Arizona, and engaged in a shootout that lasted 30 seconds When the firing ended, three of the men Ike Clayton, Tom McLaury, and Frank McLaury were dead, all of them outlaws Two men the marshall and his assistant were wounded, though not fatally And two others Wyatt Earp, brother to the marshall and his deputy, and Doc Hollid [...]

  • Imagine having all these Western icons all on one stage Wyatt Earp and his brothers Virgil, Morgan, Warren and half brother Newton Doc Holliday, Buffalo Bill Cody, Texas Ranger turned cattle rancher Charles Goodnight, Comanche chief Quanah Parker son of captive of Cynthia Ann, who Goodnight saved from the Comanches after many years and Just pick up Larry McMurtry s 196 page humorously written novel The Last Kind Words Saloon It is superb I found myself smiling in just about every paragraph beca [...]

  • The Last Kind Words Saloon, a quick read exploring the friendship of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday pre gunfight at OK Corral Other familiar names are weaved into the story as well, Buffalo Bill Cody, Quanah Parker, Nellie Courtwright and Charlie Goodnight revisit from previous works We learn of the harshness of the west, cattle stampedes, sand storms, Indian clashes I wish the narrative was longer, it was too short for any development to take place, leaving a rather plain feel as you reach the end I [...]

  • Beware becoming overly excited with anticipation for a new novel from one of your favorite authors, because the regrettable result can be a huge disappointment in what arrives, as it was with this historical novel, which is nothing near the level of enjoyability and skill exhibited by McMurtry s earlier efforts I simply don t have a lot of last kind words The prose and dialogue was as flat and dull as the prairie lands he places his characters in Each chapter was like a vignette, but they tended [...]

  • McMurtry is a master word smith who pushes the western into something higher than genre I read this short piece in a morning, like a gasp, slightly guilty that I should be going slower and savouring it His intention is to show us how legend is created from history and it works brilliantly His prose seems so simple but you could write a book about his considerable technique.I love the way he takes a single line and passes it around his characters like a running joke each person adding depth to th [...]

  • A short book, quick vignettes of Old West legends like Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, some that McMurtry has written about before such as Charlie Goodnight.He doesn t write about, say, the OK Corral Shootout as it has been popularly told in legend, but he doesn t claim to tell the truth either.There are flashes of brutal violence and raw sexuality.What makes it worthwhile is bits of wonderful dialogue such as this Before you go to the trouble we best figure out if you re in the right to [...]

  • If I hadn t read Lonesome Dove and already been a huge McMurtry fan serious collector , I would have thought this was a great first draft for a well known, popular story With a lot plot development, and some flushing out of the characters, this could be another feather in McMurtry s cap Unfortunately, The Last Kind Words Saloon follows a long list of McMurtry s recent works that reveal a half hearted effort of simply getting another work published Good, but disappointing.

  • The only kind words I have are for the author who usually writes a good western This book is too jokey and I did not enjoy it.

  • Lonesome Dove is one of my all time favorite books That said, Larry McMurtry is an inconsistent author He s written gems like Lonesome Dove, The Last Picture Show, Terms of Endearment, Comanche Moon and Dead Man s Walk He s also written mediocre things like Buffalo Girls, Anything for Billy and this novel.The story follows Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and an aspiring rancher named Charlie Goodnight from Long Grass, Texas, to Denver and, finally, Tombstone Wyatt and Charlie are married and their wive [...]

  • I can t say I was thrilled with this book It is a two star read that commands an extra star simply because it s authored by McMurtry This book did not feel like it was crafted, it felt rushed If an author was no longer up to his normal high standard, but was obligated by a deadline to produce a book, this book could be the result I guess mental greatness just like physical greatness fades with time Larry McMurtry is one of the greatest writers I ve ever read, with books like Horseman, Pass By, T [...]

  • Larry McMurtry has penned some of the best American novels of the past half century Lonesome Dove being foremost among them This book is no Lonesome Dove It tackles a similar theme, namely the changes in the West and the friendship between two cantankerous men, but it reads like a sketch for a first draft of a novel rather than a completed work The main characters are Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, so of course the narrative leads us inevitably to Tombstone and the OK Corral, but when we get there [...]

  • This was a strange little book Not something I d have chosen myself, so it must have come from someone else In any case, it was on my books to read shelf and wasn t too big, which was a serious consideration after the monster bio I d just finished The book is a fictionalized account of Wyatt Earp in the days leading up to the incident at the O.K Corral The supporting characters and ancillary plot lines were interesting, but Earp came across as a highly unlikable guy The actual shoot out at the e [...]

  • When I saw a new book by Larry McMurtry was out I jumped onit, after all, he wrote Lonesome Dove Well, don t get yourhopes up, this slender mistake of a book is no Lonesome Dove.Its only good feature is its brevity It weighs in at only196 pages, but that s 192 too many imho the last chapter,which is an afterword by the Nellie Courtright character, israther good And those are my last kind words for the book.Please save your money, buying it might only encourage him todo of the same.

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