Who Is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus? Best Download || [MaryAnn Diorio] - Who Is Jesus?, Who Is Jesus WHO IS JESUS presents a biblical picture of our Savior in a way that will help your child recognize Him as Love Personified Little children will come to know Jesus as the essence of all that is good Who Is Jesus? Best Download || [MaryAnn Diorio] - Who Is Jesus?, Who Is Jesus WHO IS JESUS presents a biblical picture of our Savior in a way that will help your child recognize Him as Love Personified Little children will come to know Jesus as the essence of all that is good

  • Title: Who Is Jesus?
  • Author: MaryAnn Diorio
  • ISBN: 9780930037147
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
Who Is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus? Best Download || [MaryAnn Diorio], Who Is Jesus?, MaryAnn Diorio, Who Is Jesus WHO IS JESUS presents a biblical picture of our Savior in a way that will help your child recognize Him as Love Personified Little children will come to know Jesus as the essence of all that is good holy and true As you read this book to your children grandchildren nieces nephews or students the will learn that Jesus Christ cares about them and loves them with aWHO IS JESUS pr Who Is Jesus? Best Download || [MaryAnn Diorio] - Who Is Jesus?, Who Is Jesus WHO IS JESUS presents a biblical picture of our Savior in a way that will help your child recognize Him as Love Personified Little children will come to know Jesus as the essence of all that is good

  • Who Is Jesus? Best Download || [MaryAnn Diorio]
    334 MaryAnn Diorio
Who Is Jesus?

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    MaryAnn Diorio is a widely published, award winning author who writes riveting and compelling fiction that deals with the deepest issues of the human heart She also writes picture books for children.MaryAnn holds the PhD In French with a concentration in Comparative Literature from the University of Kansas and the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.She has been married to her husband Dom, a retired ER physician, for 48 years They are the blessed parents of two amazing adult daughters, parents in law to a fantastic son in law, and grandparents to five wonderful, rambunctious grandhildren Theirs is a closely knit family who enjoy spending time with one another over a good cup of coffee or a delicious Italian meal, usually cooked by Dom, a master chef.When not writing, MaryAnn loves to read, to paint, to play the piano and cello, and to make up silly songs with her grandchildren She intensely loves people and had a life coaching practice for 12 years in order to help her clients find their true purpose in life You can learn about MaryAnn via her website at maryanndiorio You may also connect with her via the following social media venues Blog Matters of the Heart networkedblogs blog ma Author Central author maryanndBookBub bookbub authors maryaFacebook Facebook DrMaryAnnDiorioTwitter Twitter DrMaryAnnDiorio author show LinkedIn linkedin profile view Pinterest pinterest drmaryanndioGoogle plus.google u 0 DrMaryAnnInstagram instagram drmaryanndiLibrary Thing librarything profile d Vimeo vimeo user46487508YouTube youtube user drmaryann

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  • Who is Jesus Is a delightful child s book that will help a child become grounded in God s Word and His love Dr MaryAnn Diorio imparts with excellence the answers to questions that children might raise throughout their early life, each backed with appropriate scripture These are not just any questions, but the kind of questions that, if children believe the truth when they are young, I feel they will be much less likely to wander from their faith or even take off on the run from the Lord as they [...]

  • Book Description Who is Jesus A question many children ask at a young age, even though parents constantly are thinking of ways to tell their little ones of the love Jesus has for them and who He is, they always have questions Which, is perfect, because Maryann Diorio addresses their questions in this book backed up by scripture to help you out and engage your little cuties with beautiful illustrations by Kim Sponaugle Favorite Quotes and thoughts 1 Who is Jesus Is He someone who laughs at you wh [...]

  • Little children have questions, lots of questions, and sometimes as adults we take for granted something a child may want to know The simple message that Jesus loves us and wants what is best for us is at the heart of Who is Jesus by MaryAnn Diorio Through situations that children may experience, Ms Diorio gently explains to young children that Jesus is loving, kind, and thoughtful in whatever predicament they may find themselves in Each scenario is then followed up with a Bible verse to point c [...]

  • Review Title Surrounded by the Love of Jesus review of Who is Jesus by MaryAnn Diorio Reviewer Janice S Garey 4 StarsWho is Jesus Little people, the children in our family or the ones we know through church or school settings, are so full of questions, and this book addresses a most important question Jesus once asked the question, Who do you say that I am This book works on so many levels to reach out to little people and the ones who read to them with answers about how to know Jesus Scriptures [...]

  • I m thankful for the review copy from The Book Club Network bookfun that introduced me to this beautiful book and its author and illustrator The pictures are adorable and help bring the message of the story to life.Each section of the book asks a question of the reader For example Is he someone who yells at you when you cry No, Jesus doesn t yell at you when you cry Jesus helps you blow your nose Then there is a scripture to stand on, God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times [...]

  • Wow What a wonderful book My 2yr old daughter has just started to really love books She loves to climb up in my lap with her favorite book asking me to read it to her This book has become one of her favorites What I like about this book is it speaks to my little girls heart and teaches her the wonderful attributes of JesusWhen i first read her this book, my husband suggested breaking it down into small parts We started to read small sections at a time as a devotional and we got so much out of i [...]

  • The first thing that attracted me to this children s picture book was the wonderful cover Smiling, happy Jesus is shown with adorable children and their dog It sets the scene for the message of Jesus loving little children, wanting to be their best friend, always knowing where they are and taking care of them, and quick to offer comfort and support in the trying moments of a child s world The bumps in life are shown to not be from Jesus, but ones that Jesus can understand and help them through T [...]

  • Who is Jesus By MaryAnn DiorioReviewer Gee DixonI could not give enough stars on this book I would be making tons of pages of stars MaryAnn has opened a world to kiddos than the ones that already know Jesus The ones that do not know Jesus can see in this loving book that Jesus does not care if you made a mistake here or there He doesn t care if you was not good here or there all He cares about is that you know Who He is Who is Jesus This book has even made my Granny Carole cry She was looking o [...]

  • Growing up is hard and even at a young age unfortunately children face criticism, ridicule and bullies In the book Who Is Jesus by Maryann Diorio they will learn that they have a friend and supporter in Jesus Questions are asked like, is Jesus someone who stops loving you when you do something wrong or is he someone that yells at you when you are crying And several other questions are asked and with each one they learn that no, Jesus loves you no matter what you do and comforts you when others a [...]

  • In her book, Who Is Jesus, MaryAnn does a beautiful job portraying Jesus to children Is Jesus someone who laughs at you when you fall down and hurt yourself No, Jesus doesn t laugh at you Jesus picks you up, brushes you off and gives you a big bear hug She includes Scriptures for each fact she states about Jesus And ends the book with Jesus is GOD Children who may think of Jesus or God as someone who is out to get them, always waiting to punish them, will have a better concept of his love for th [...]

  • I LOVED this book I like to think I teach my children 4 and 2 all about Jesus, and yet I ve still been surprised at the questions they ask and the misconceptions they can be under sometimes, which are a result of living in a very fallen world with very fallen people This book is a great introduction to Jesus for little ones who don t know Him, and an excellent reminder for children who do know Him about who He really is I benefited from reading it Simply written and easy to understand with Scrip [...]

  • I just finished reading Who is Jesus by MaryAnn Diorio What a great book and what beautiful pictures This is a book which appeals to children of all ages The words are simple yet deep Simple enough for children who are learning how to read to read along but deep in their meaning and give the parents and children something to talk about for a long time It carries a message that will speak to the parents as well as the children and should be read together although not necessary for the kids to gra [...]

  • Anyone who is spends time with children will eventually be asked a question that causes them to stop and wonder how to possibly answer the question There is also the concern of how to introduce a child to Jesus in a way young children will understand This book is a fantastic resource appealing to adults and children The illustrations of Who is Jesus are adorable They are designed to be attractive to any culture and for both boys and girls The questions are simply answered But what I liked best i [...]

  • Who is JesusBy MaryAnn DiorioIllustrated by Kim SponauleI love books written by MaryAnn This is a great children s book about Who is Jesus I have little grandchildren and i now they are at the age of asking just the kind of questions about Jesus as written in this cute book I loved for each question which was a negative MaryAnn bought out the positive of what Jesus really is Loved each one had a Bible scripture to where the answer was to the question This story shows Jesus for who he is Love Wha [...]

  • This delightfully drawn and colorful kindle book is aimed to show young ones the wonderful qualities of Jesus our Lord It first shows someone exhibiting an undesirable quality, ie, being selfish, being spiteful,being mean, etc Then, in each situation, it shows the opposite, the child instead being shown ultimate unselfishness, compassion, kindness, etc, while explaining that is what Jesus would do A Bible verse follows each situation.A youngster can be comforted by the knowledge presented that J [...]

  • Who is Jesus By MaryAnn DiorioIllustrated by Kim SponaugleIf you have kids in your life you know they ask questions And invariably they will one day ask you questions about Jesus and who he is Will you know how to answer Who is Jesus will help you answer these questions.We all have questions about whether Jesus can love us when we mess up or if illness is from Jesus Who is Jesus offers us assurances about Jesus and his love And we are reminded that Jesus is God The colorful illustrations are won [...]

  • Jesus is LoveThis is a delightful story for beginner readers to introduce them to Jesus and his love Each page shows the child something that might be happening in their own life, posing the question, would Jesus do this The following page shows the reader how Jesus would act in that situation and the personal quality Jesus reflects This is followed by a bible verse to reinforce this thought It ends with the simple but lasting premise, Jesus is Love, Jesus is God I must also take the time to com [...]

  • Who is Jesus by Mary Ann Diorio is a wonderful children s book that asks what children think Jesus would do By using simple examples like sharing and helping, Ms Diorio explains Jesus in such a way that children can understand with simple questions about every day events, the author illustrates how Jesus actions are displayed in everyday people After each explanation she provides an applicable bible verse to further explain Jesus in real life terms Not only does it show what Jesus behavior would [...]

  • What a wonderful children s book It has beautiful illustrations of children in difficult situations, explaining that Jesus doesn t cause the situations or stop loving them when they have done something wrong Rather, He is always with us and always loves us I loved how after each of the stories there is a Bible verse that affirms the truth about the story and Jesus The only thing I didn t like was the story ended too quickly there were a bunch of blank pages or pages about the author and illustra [...]

  • Experts say that a very large part of what we learn, we learn before we are 5 years old With that in mind, what does a preschooler want to know about Jesus How can we answer these little ones important questions which could impact their future relationship with the Father Who Is Jesus is an excellent tool in this quest The author poses questions which a three year old might ask Then, in a loving and sensitive way, she answers those questions She then includes a scripture verse to support the ans [...]

  • Bright, colorful illustrations accompany this children s book on Jesus, our best Friend ever MaryAnn Diorio has written a simple book about an eternal message of love despite our shortcomings Written in plain language the book can be used as a reader for a child beginning to read or as a book to read to young children Messages of compassion, friendship, forgiveness, love and healing are each substantiated by a Scripture verse A wonderful book to teach children who Jesus is With Christmas coming, [...]

  • This is a powerful picture book for all ages The message is simple, yet profound, and the format will keep the attention of the youngest listener to the oldest Everyone can relate to the questions posed and the repetitive story lines give both the reader and the listener a rhythmic feel which connects them to the narrative Added to the prose are the fantastic illustrations that appeal to all different kinds of readers This story is a marvelous resource to present Jesus to the little ones and at [...]

  • This is a wonderful book for all child to have read to them untilthey are able to read themselves Both adults and the childrenwill benefit from showing how Jesus loves all of us unconditionally.The illustrations are very attractive grabbing hold of a child s attention All the lessons show that Jesus loves you despite your faults The lessons are exemplified with the inappropriatebehavior, the desired behavior and the associated bible quote It is written so that children will be able to understand [...]

  • Who Is Jesus by MaryAnn Diorio Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle Publ TopNotch Press c.2014This wonderfully illustrated book is a picture for the very young of the What Would Jesus Do question They are shown Jesus showing His love in sharing, caring,and compassion Accompanying the questions of what would Jesus do are Bible verses that reenforce the point The illustrations are warm, colorful and inviting They add depth to the message of the text.I can hardly wait to share this book with my granddaught [...]

  • So many good points to mention for this book The illustrations are superior the dialogue on each page is short and to the point, which helps holding the attention for youngsters the topics are all easy to understand with the ability to bring forth conversations with the little ones the subject matter are every day occurrences and easily relateable for all.I loved that the scripture reference is written throughout, giving an opportunity to take the child right to God s Word for confirmation on th [...]

  • Who is Jesus is a precious story that addresses a topic many children are curious about and it does so in a gentle and engaging manner.Children are full of wonder and many days can be spent answer their endless questions Who is Jesus approaches the topic of Jesus through beautifully illustrated images and simple examples that are perfect for preschoolers The story also shares Bible verses that relate to each lesson which reiterates Jesus love for everyone.Who is Jesus is wonderful story filled w [...]

  • This is a beautifully illustrated book that offers easy lessons on who Jesus is and how young children can come to know His gentle and loving ways.The story is well written, and it helps lead children to understand how they can trust Jesus with their feelings and questions.I loved this book and will read it often to the young children in my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone with young children.It would be a wonderful addition for home, churches, or libraries.I received this book from the [...]

  • This little children s book introduces Jesus to those who don t know him I m amazed how many people are not taught about Jesus We may take for granted that everyone knows It would make a great gift for a friend or a neighbor s child Could be used as a tool to witness of Jesus care and love Adorably illustrated I received this book for my honest review.

  • I read this book to my children and it was wonderful The pictures are amazing and the messages that it tells is simple yet deep This book really appeals to all ages and abilities I am so glad that we won it especially since my son has been asking and questions about Jesus and God I definitely recommend this book for others to read.

  • Who Is Jesus is a charming book for little ones With delightful illustrations, children are given Scriptural information to questions about what Jesus is like As a Nana to 2 almost 2 yr olds, I will definitely be sharing this with them Thank you I received this ebook for free from The Book Club Network, on Book Fun and this is my honest review.

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