The Night Crew

[PDF] Unlimited Ó The Night Crew : by Brian Haig - The Night Crew, The Night Crew Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond a cocky US Army lawyer who s not afraid to be blunt finds himself up to his neck in a case he didn t ask to take Five US soldiers tasked with guarding Iraqi prisone [PDF] Unlimited Ó The Night Crew : by Brian Haig - The Night Crew, The Night Crew Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond a cocky US Army lawyer who s not afraid to be blunt finds himself up to his neck in a case he didn t ask to take Five US soldiers tasked with guarding Iraqi prisone

  • Title: The Night Crew
  • Author: Brian Haig
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  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Night Crew

[PDF] Unlimited Ó The Night Crew : by Brian Haig, The Night Crew, Brian Haig, The Night Crew Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond a cocky US Army lawyer who s not afraid to be blunt finds himself up to his neck in a case he didn t ask to take Five US soldiers tasked with guarding Iraqi prisoners stand accused of committing depraved atrocities against their charges Drummond is assigned to defend one of them a hardscrabble young woman who is either incredibly naivLieutenant C [PDF] Unlimited Ó The Night Crew : by Brian Haig - The Night Crew, The Night Crew Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond a cocky US Army lawyer who s not afraid to be blunt finds himself up to his neck in a case he didn t ask to take Five US soldiers tasked with guarding Iraqi prisone

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ó The Night Crew : by Brian Haig
    104 Brian Haig
The Night Crew

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    Brian Haig is the son of former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig and has been born and bred in the American military.Since retiring from duty and has been a special advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now runs a large Helicopter company.Series Sean Drummond

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  • Brian Haig s Lt.Col Sean Drummond is back after a long absence, as co council defending a young woman accused of torturing Iraqi POW s in an Abu Grab like prison during the war with Iraq Lurid pictures leaked to the world wide media directly links Sean s client to the crimes and create a media lynch mob mentality Starting with the deck firmly stacked against his client, his subsequent investigation leads to a much wider conspiracy with ominous political repercussions in addition to an exclusive [...]

  • Just when I thought I d never see another book in this series, Sean Drummond is back He s still the smart, witty and blunt lawyer I ve come to love but in this book most of the one liners are in his unspoken thoughts Reading this book was like peeling an onion, each layer dragged you deeper and deeper into a mystery so masterfully crafted, that it had me gasping and bowing to the genius of Brian Haig at each turn of the page There have been a lot of thrillers about the war in Iraq and mostly its [...]

  • Review THE NIGHT CREW by Brian HaigAnother Best of 2015 I was captivated by the book s description, and riveted from the first page Author Brian Haig giftedly peels back the layers of mystery and of character, of present behavior and years past history, in the U.S and in the Middle East Additionally, we delve deep into character psychology, before a backdrop of a vicious, horrible, episode in history Anyone familiar with the atrocities at Abu Ghraib will have immediate background for this novel, [...]

  • I have read each of the previous Sean Drummond books and enjoyed them all tremendously The latest seems to have set a new bar Many series like these tend to lose steam or worse, start to repeat the same stories over and over with the same characters Maybe it s because I have waited a long time for a new Drummond book or perhaps Brian Haig or Sean Drummond is having a second windbut I thought Night Shift was pretty great I believe that Drummond is now a smarter smart ass More clever and mature bu [...]

  • Haig returns to write another entertaining novel, starring Sean Drummond in his capacity as a military lawyer While Drummond is living life under the radar, he s approached to work on a highly controversial military trial A young personnel clerk has been brought up on charges for prisoner abuse Photos leaked to the media show Lydia Eddelston putting Iraqi prisoners in highly compromising positions in order to prime them for interrogations If this were not bad enough, a senior Iraqi official is d [...]

  • Just when I had given up on ever seeing Sean Drummond again, Haig returns with a new novel, and it may be his best yet This novel again pairs Lt Colonel Drummond with his old law school rival, Katherine Carlson First appearing in Mortal Allies, Carlson and Drummond do not play well together In The Night Crew they are the co council of a young female army soldier accused with committing atrocities against Iraqi prisoners in Iraq To further complicate their defense are pictures of the atrocities L [...]

  • Sean Drummond is back with vengeance I can t believe it took 7 years for readers to see him again and hope that it doesn t take another 7 to enjoy this guy Once again Drummond is forced to take on a case that rips our very moralistic realities of the Army 5 lowly soldiers accused of torturing many of the insurgent prisoners caught in Iraq and it didn t stop there A Saddam s right hand man is one of the prisoners and he is dead, beaten to a bloody pulp Photos are splashed across the world and som [...]

  • Having read all of Brian Haig s previous books, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to stumble onto the fact that a new book was being released and that it featured one of my favorite literary characters, newly promoted Lt Col Sean Drummond I immediately downloaded an eARC of the title from NetGalley, set aside another book I was reading, and got reacquainted with Sean.The book can be read as a stand alone so readers that haven t read the other books in the series shouldn t let that stand in [...]

  • Haig hasn t written a Sean Drummond novel in about 13 years I ve really missed the wit and irreverence Drummond brings to the military and the legal profession I have to guess that Haig had the outline for this, or maybe even a rough draft laying around for quite some time The timeline is not too long after Secret Sanction, written in 2002, which took place in South Korea Also the main plot was apparently inspired by the events of Abu Ghraib, late 2003 All in all it is a very satisfactory story [...]

  • A terrific thriller from Brian Haig that blends legal and political manoeuvring against the all too real backdrop of military indiscipline and atrocities during overseas wars Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond finds himself strong armed by superiors into co counseling a lose lose court martial case with anti army civilian lawyer Katherine Carlson His unsophisticated client is one of five part time soldiers accused of torturing and humiliating enemy prisoners abroad, and is proud of what she did an [...]

  • 2 1 2 Stars Meh At Best Prior to starting The Night Crew, its basic premise had me intrigued in which LTC Sean Drummond the cocky US Army lawyer featured in many of Haig s other books is assigned to defend a young female soldier who, along with four other soldiers, is accused of committing depraved atrocities against some Iraqi POWs they were assigned to guard Based on this premise I was anticipating being treated to a fast paced legal thriller filled with excitement and surprising twists and tu [...]

  • It was like running into an old friend you haven t seen in awhile Soon you settle in like you were never apart Sean Drummond is a character that I have grown to love all these years He walks the line so well between honor, duty, insubordination and the truth I find myself rooting for him every page I turn Brian Haig writes an intelligent thriller Every turn and twist is believable Every suit has a political agenda and only Sean can get to the truth, though many times he pays the price for his ef [...]

  • Lieutenant Col Sean Drummond is a smart mouth Army lawyer who has been assigned to a case he doesn t want Five soldiers who were assigned to a prison in Iraq are accused of misconduct Sean is assigned to the defense team for one of the soldiers, a naive not too smart or incredibly evil young woman Co counsel Katherine Carlson and Sean have a history Katherine seems to go out of her way to annoy Sean Together they need to find a way to defend their young client despite overwhelming evidence of he [...]

  • This is without doubt the BEST Sean Drummond novel yet After a break of several years, and with two other excellent novels in the interim THE HUNTED and THE CAPITAL GAME , Brian Haig has shown himself to have matured to an even better story teller And Lieutenant Colonel Drummond has also evolved into a interesting person Although Drummond remains a cocky, smart ass combat veteran and US Army lawyer, he is a much serious character now while Haig is dealing with much serious, complicated and co [...]

  • One Worth Thinking AboutI ve read all of Haig s books This one s as good, yet different, serious While it is another of his Sean Drummond JAG Lawyer mysteries, at its heart, it is about war crimes, Iraq, and the mess that became Abu Graib Prison How do things like that happen in the best Army in the world Hang goes a long way toward explaining that He s a former Army officer himself and, as I only recently learned, the son of Alexander Haig You can t get better creds than that for a wrenching s [...]

  • The night crewVery similar in writing and twists of understanding to catch 22 I found it difficult to believe that the main character would reason as he did but, in the end realized he had no other choice That was the nature of the story and the best way to see it.

  • It s been a few years since the last Sean Drummond book and I ve been eagerly awaiting THE NIGHT CREW This is a great series and author Brian Haig is a real life patriot in the truest sense of the word.I think the long break between Drummond books threw me with this plot though it s an Abu Ghraib type scandal with five soldiers set to take the fall even as the CIA is lurking in the shadows A good plot, but it felt like the first draft was written 7 or 8 years ago when this type of scandal was fr [...]

  • The Night Crew visits dark subjectsLTC Sean Drummond has been in the U.S Army for 17 years, is an Army attorney, and is now on loan to the Office of Special Projects of the CIA An old acquaintance, civilian attorney Katherine Carlson, wrangles him into being cocounsel on the Al Basari military prison scandal.Five soldiers, three women and two men, have been charged with doing atrocities towards the prisoners One of the women, an unattractive low mentality soldier, is Drummond s and Carlson s cli [...]

  • I bought this book because it was on sale I listened to the introduction and thought that the story and the narrator were both excellent I was only slightly disappointed by the entire book This is a mystery We know that some terrible things happened at an American military prison in Iraq There was a small group of men and women the author makes a strong case that putting men and women together in a war zone is insane who subjected a number of prisoners to sexual humiliation and torture But there [...]

  • I had never read any of the Sean Drummond series so was excited to do so This gentleman pulls no punches Clearly Sean is a man used to getting his own way and this book never got boring He does a job he doesn t want, defending one of five army personnel accused of misconduct, sharing co counsel with a woman who seems determined to thwart his ability to do the job she wanted him for We delve deep into the so called chain of command that led to the atrocities being committed and I found it all sad [...]

  • These Sean Drummond books by Brian Haig are like candy Enjoyable and addictive I go through each one in a happy little day or two of manic reading This one, which came out several years after book 6 in the series, was a little slower for me than previous books, but I didn t like it any less The subject matter was difficult for me, but Haig presented what seemed like a very realistic scenario Also, Sean really became a man of action in this book not that he hasn t been one throughout, but he seem [...]

  • In high school and university, I loved reading Brian Haig s Sean Drummond books I remember loving the style of writing, Drummond s sarcasm, and the mystery thrill Maybe my reading tastes have developed, but this book was so disappointing and felt nothing like the enjoyment I got from his previous books For years after his last Sean Drummond book Man in the Middle in 2007 , I would regularly check in with my library or Brian Haig s website to see if there were any new books After a couple years, [...]

  • Involving and you are thereI don t like books about war.I am one of those people who don t know why we are in war like Afghanistan or Iraqd I can practically say I don t know where they are.BUT this was a great book It kept my attention and I loved the characterswell loved them is not exactly what I meanbut a good book is a good book and Brain Haig is a very good writer My compliments You thoughts were stunning and the whole book simply simmered with excitement.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond one of my favorite fictional characters However, this book s torture events are brutal and disturbing.

  • Book with a time of day in the title check For the PS reading challenge this year i am trying to read my backlog of Audible books I bought this one on a daily deal because it looked interesting, controversial and was highly rated IDK how this book gets so many 4 and 5 ratings It is very sexist I did not like the way the author talked about women and their bodies at all He used a main character who is described as a throwback but that really does not wash with me I wish i had bookmarked these par [...]

  • This was a free download from an author I did not know, the synopsis sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a go.From the start I felt that I was going to enjoy this book, the style of writing, the vocabulary, everything felt right, an intelligent perspective on difficult issues I was so impressed that, only a few chapters in, I bought books 3 6 books 1 2 are not currently available on Kindle.

  • After the disappointing previous instalment, LTC Sean Drummond returns to the US Army and to form A much better story which can best be described as Abu Ghraib meets A Few Good Men And while the Iraq War is referenced, this time Haig doesn t bother with the commentary The only complaint is that it is wrapped up a little too quickly But overall a good fun legal military thriller.

  • Good readI liked this book Though not very original concept but author made it a pretty good story Characters are a bit predictable although I think I sound a bit negative than I intended to Story develops steady enough and I was engaged I think this is good book for a good price Better than 95% of fiction published these days

  • Excellent read It has been a long time since Sean Drummond has come back and he is firing on all cylinders Brian Haig has written a compelling story and convincing characters based on events that have occurred Highly recommended and I hope we don t have to wait this long for the next book.

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