The Thought Pushers

[PDF] The Thought Pushers | by ☆ Dima Zales - The Thought Pushers, The Thought Pushers What am I Who killed my family Why I need to get some answers before the Russian mob succeeds in killing me That is if my own friends don t kill me first [PDF] The Thought Pushers | by ☆ Dima Zales - The Thought Pushers, The Thought Pushers What am I Who killed my family Why I need to get some answers before the Russian mob succeeds in killing me That is if my own friends don t kill me first

  • Title: The Thought Pushers
  • Author: Dima Zales
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Thought Pushers

[PDF] The Thought Pushers | by ☆ Dima Zales, The Thought Pushers, Dima Zales, The Thought Pushers What am I Who killed my family Why I need to get some answers before the Russian mob succeeds in killing me That is if my own friends don t kill me first [PDF] The Thought Pushers | by ☆ Dima Zales - The Thought Pushers, The Thought Pushers What am I Who killed my family Why I need to get some answers before the Russian mob succeeds in killing me That is if my own friends don t kill me first

  • [PDF] The Thought Pushers | by ☆ Dima Zales
    245Dima Zales
The Thought Pushers

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  • Dima Zales

    Dima Zales is a full time science fiction and fantasy author residing in Palm Coast, Florida Prior to becoming a writer, he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive From high frequency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines, Dima has done it all In 2013, he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his writing career.Dima holds a Master s degree in Computer Science from NYU and a dual undergraduate degree in Computer Science Psychology from Brooklyn College He also has a number of hobbies and interests, the most unusual of which might be professional level mentalism He simulates mind reading on stage and close up, and has done shows for corporations, wealthy individuals, and friends.He is also into healthy eating and fitness, so he should live long enough to finish all the book projects he starts In fact, he very much hopes to catch the technological advancements that might let him live forever biologically or otherwise Aside from that, he also enjoys learning about current and future technologies that might enhance our lives, including artificial intelligence, biofeedback, brain to computer interfaces, and brain enhancing implants.In addition to his own works, Dima has collaborated on a number of romance novels with his wife, Anna Zaires The Krinar Chronicles, an erotic science fiction series, has been a bestseller in its categories and has been recognized by the likes of Marie Claire and Woman s Day If you like erotic romance with a unique plot, please feel free to check it out, especially since the first book in the series Close Liaisons is available for free everywhere Keep in mind, though, Dima Zales s books are going to be much PG 13 at least that s the plan for now.Anna Zaires is the love of his life and a huge inspiration in every aspect of his writing She definitely adds her magic touch to anything Dima creates, and the books would not be the same without her Dima s fans are strongly encouraged to learn about Anna and her work at annazaires

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  • Did I love this Thank you Loki This one takes place right after the first book ends We learn about Darren and his powers and about the other side of the coin as well, the Pushers There s also a mini history lesson on both sides as to how the feud began but I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle of both tales.We also get some answers about Darren s family I suspected who what they were a little bit before the truth came out and to this mysterious pusher It s not as it all seems and raise [...]

  • Q We never should ve taken that fucking tunnel, she says, swerving suddenly I think she just scared a cab driver and those guys have seen everything I ve always thought they were the ones driving like maniacs, but they ve got nothing on Mira Hell, even Caleb isn t as bad But she s still eighteen, and thinks she s indestructible I, by the way, never had that delusion.

  • I received this book from the publisher for an honest reviewThe story just got depth and amaziness if that can happen, this series are getting to me and that s a good thing, I love them.I can only say I think is purely genius how the plot is advancing and how it was constructed.Poor Darren life seem to complicate at the same time seems to be gaining so much happiness at the same time, I wouldn t want to be in his shoes that s for sure, or maybe, but I think he can make a difference.Mira and Eu [...]

  • This book answers a lot of the questions I had after reading the first one, but it also raises some new questions and I m intrigued as to how those will be answered now.We get to learn about Darren and where he came from We learn how he got his abilities and we get to explore how useful they can be in the right circumstances.I like the way this book introduced us to the other side of the story, the Pushers Guides Learning about their abilities, how they used them and what they think about Reade [...]

  • Intense What exactly is Darren Who were his parents and why were they killed Is it somehow linked with Mira and Eugene s parents This book delves into the worlds of the readers and the guides Darren gets an in depth look into both sides from the inside He also learns he has a relative.Who is the puppet master that keeps pushing to kill Darren, Mira and Eugene It all goes down at the bridge.This was an intense page turner from start to finish Darren is even powerful than either group initially [...]

  • The other side of coin explained.Prejudices apply to both sides of the mind dimension families Explained perfectly way back they were together but insecurity or jealousy caused a breach, a feud longer and worse than the Hatfield and McCoy Answers a lot of questions but raises Can t wait for next book.

  • The sequel had basically the same pros and cons that the first book had.Pros An interesting story, based on an interesting concept I like that the author chose to bring both perspectives into the story, pointing out that both Pushers Guides and Readers Leachers could use their powers for good or nefarious purposes We re not stuck with a one sided This group is ALL EVIL trope Darren s increasing understanding of his abilities is fun to experience Seeing how the powers work, sometimes in unexpecte [...]

  • I have to say, I really like Zales s writing style It s fast paced and entertaining, mechanically perfect, and engrossing I don t remember the last time I ve devoured a series like this.The concept is fascinating and psychologically complex I appreciate how the narrator s mind goes down little philosophical rabbit trails as well Plus, with the time stoppage opportunities provided by the plot, most scenes feel like a strategy game where you can pause and plan out your moves in advance, like Incog [...]

  • This book was ok Interesting concept, easy to read and easy to put down pick back up Without wanting to be insulting to the book author I found it pulpy thought free fare you can pick up and enjoy without having to worry much.I ll read the next one.One quibble I didn t think they explained away the the twist very well, felt ham fisted and shoe horned and not fitting with the established lore but I ll forgive it as it was just a fun read anyway.

  • Wow, this was a very action packed story line The female protagonist got on my nerves though It perturbs me when a female character seems to be bad ass, but then behaves all emotional and reckless Why does it all ways have to be that way Why can t she be angry or hurt and control her emotions Oh well, it was fantastic in spite of that flaw in my eyes.

  • I love how it covers issues we face today ignorance People fear what they don t understand, creating the whole us vs them mentality

  • I really liked how they switched the perspective from readers to pushers and each side sees the other as such a threat Very compelling story and the books are fast easy reads.

  • The Thought Pushers by Dima Zales dives deeper into the shadow world of mind readers and mind controllers in present day Brooklyn The Russian expats, Mira and Eugene, are getting closer to tracking down the Russian mobsters that killed their parents Our mind reading hedge fund manager, Darren, meets some new friends, some unexpected family members, and begins to learn about his hidden origins, what they are and why they have been hidden.The previous book in this series, The Thought Readers, intr [...]

  • The Thought Pushers is technically the 2nd book in the series if you do not count the short story of Mira in The Time Stopper Thought Pushers follows on from The Thought Readers where Darren tries to delve deeper into his origins He finds out that he is view spoiler both a Reader and a Guider, a hybrid of two separate branches of extraordinary people with the special powers to read and influence peoples minds In the second installment of the series he comes into contact with the Guider what his [...]

  • WOW Just WOW That was one very intense climax to the end of a book I have just finished The Thought Pushers which is the second book in the Mind Dimensions series by Dima Zales It follows straight on from The Thought Readers so if you haven t read the first book you need to and now Poor Darren just when he thought his life couldn t get complicated, it does He finds out that he is a pusher as well as a reader He also finds out about his biological parents and he finds a relative Who is trying to [...]

  • Fast paced and thrilling This one was even better than the first Can t wait to go on to the next one, which is saying a lot for me I haven t read YA books latelygot burned out on all the angst and indecision.

  • I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by The Thought Pushers I had so many questions at the end of The Thought Readers that I wasn t sure where the authors were going to go with the sequel, but I was looking forward to finding out The Thought Pushers does a great job of building on events in The Thought Readers as Darren s story continues We get to ride along with Darren as he continues to discover about who and what he is, the world he is a part of, who is family really is, and so [...]

  • Part two of the series brings us into the world of pushers the other group of people who can visit the Mind Dimension Instead of reading people s minds, as readers do, they have the ability to push people into doing whatever they want.The following text contains spoilers for those who did not read the first book Please read it first.The story begins with Darren thinking about who he really is It troubles him that he can read other people, but also can push them, which is unheard of.He will soon [...]

  • A great sequel to the very captivating The Thought Readers , this book had a lot to live up to but it does not disappoint and is a great piece of literary work in its own right This is the story of Darren, who at the end of the last book is left questioning the full extent of his abilities, could it be that he is actually a Thought Pusher and not just a Thought Reader This follow up develops Darren s road of self discovery, for example who were his birth parents and what were they hiding that le [...]

  • Wow.Yes, that is how I started this review Wow.As soon as I finished the first book I devoured the second and third I m only holding off on the fourth because I don t want it all to end As such, my review will cover the first three.An utterly fantastic portrayal of the Sci Fi physic powers trope I was transfixed The unique way in which our protagonists can wield their abilities is at once powerfully awe inspiring whilst filled with risk and dangers.Rather well developed characters for such a fas [...]

  • I loved The Thought readers as story was solid, great character development, and great voicing for making this narrative come to life The introduction of the pushers is great with a darker side promising twists that keeps you listening for hours The pushers as a whole different branch that has a bone to pick with the readers is an exceptional concept, which story keep flowing with intense moments The quiet has once again, proven to be a useful tool for keeping Darren alive and aware of the dan [...]

  • This is the next book in the Mind dimensions series It follows Darren as he learns about himself, where he came from and what he is Also followed are Mira and Eugene as their lives intertwine He learns about his biological parents and about his family There are some really good twists that I did not see coming The author has a great imagination and tells a terrific, fantastic story There is a lot of details so you can use your imagination to picture what is happening In the beginning it starts [...]

  • After I have finished The Thought Readers, I was looking forward to the next installment, The Thought Pushers and when I finally got my hands on this one, I was so ecstatic to read it right away Authors, Dima Zales and Anna Zaires, writes with a persuasive pen that will pull you deep into the story From the first page, the readers get thrusted into the continuation of Darren s exploits with secrets unfolding page after page Finally, he finds out his true identity him not only being a reader, but [...]

  • I read the First Book in the Mind Dimensions Series, The Thought Readers The Thought Pushers Mind Dimensions, Book 2 was a well written, and much anticipated sequel to what I must say, was a very good book.The characters created by the authors are believable and delightful, and you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out what is going to occur next, routing for the good guy, dreading the bad guy, wanting .Once again the subject matter of the supernatural preternatural, t [...]

  • Such a great book I figured I d like his writing seeing as he assists in the Krinar books but wow I was blown away I m a true fan now This book is so action packed and suspenseful it s too exciting to put down I fell in love with the characters immediately and can t wait to follow their story to its conclusion

  • This series just keeps getting better and better Any clunkiness that might have existed in the beginning is completely gone, and I m sucked in to the point where I stayed up until 3am don t tell my husband because I couldn t put it down I d made some predictions in my mind for what I expected to happen after the first couple of books, and I was right about a couple and SO wrong about others and SO glad that I was, because what actually happened was better than my guess I love it when that happen [...]

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