Travel Glasses

[PDF] Travel Glasses | by ½ Chess Desalls - Travel Glasses, Travel Glasses Calla Winston s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room covered in dust Weeks ago she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend Now after having felt the sting of betrayal she prefer [PDF] Travel Glasses | by ½ Chess Desalls - Travel Glasses, Travel Glasses Calla Winston s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room covered in dust Weeks ago she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend Now after having felt the sting of betrayal she prefer

  • Title: Travel Glasses
  • Author: Chess Desalls
  • ISBN: 9780990379966
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
Travel Glasses

[PDF] Travel Glasses | by ½ Chess Desalls, Travel Glasses, Chess Desalls, Travel Glasses Calla Winston s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room covered in dust Weeks ago she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend Now after having felt the sting of betrayal she prefers being hidden and friendless She equates privacy with security and technology with pain Then she meets Valcas an otherworldly time traveler who traverses time and space wCalla Winston [PDF] Travel Glasses | by ½ Chess Desalls - Travel Glasses, Travel Glasses Calla Winston s mobile devices sit in a corner of her room covered in dust Weeks ago she shared photos and laughs with her best online friend Now after having felt the sting of betrayal she prefer

  • [PDF] Travel Glasses | by ½ Chess Desalls
    488 Chess Desalls
Travel Glasses

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  • 2.5 stars Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Czidor Lore, LLC and NetGalley This wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t for me.Calla was an okay character, although she maybe shouldn t have trusted Valcas quite as much as she did having only just met him You d also think that she d maybe learn from that mistake also, but she really didn t The storyline in this just lost me We hoped around all over the place, once minute Calla was mad at Valcas an [...]

  • Thank you netgalley for sending me this book in exchange of an honest review This book is really unique and unlike anything I ve read, after readingruby redI m extremely fascinated with the idea of time travelling Though there is not much similarities between these two books but I found myself enjoying this book nevertheless.I thought the plot was great though is not action packed but it is indeed suspenseful The one problem I have is that the beginning is a bit unrealistic but after going throu [...]

  • Top reviewers have said great things about Travel Glasses The concept is very imaginative and well definedIn spite of the sci fi fantasy theme, the notion of love and trust in Travel Glasses made quite an impression on me Readers Favorite, Lit Amri This was a refreshing deviation from the plug any date into a time travel machine and push a button approach of time travel seen in so many other novels YA Love Magazine As a first installment in a new series this provides an intriguing start I Am Ind [...]

  • This story has some interesting and imaginative elements, but overall I just didn t click with it well.I liked Calla well enough and appreciated very much the fact that although Valcas is good looking and demonstrates a strong infatuation with her she doesn t leap into a romance with him, and has reservations In spite of the fact that she is attracted to him.But there were a lot of things that I found strange and confusing At the start we learn Calla has been terribly betrayed by a good friend T [...]

  • A Mysterious Stranger Out Of NowhereThis series must be read in order This is the first book.Calla has become a hermit She had a bad experience online and has completely disengaged with all things cyber She also does not really get along with the kids her age that live in her tourist town Bullies are something that she has always felt with and tried to avoid First by finishing school online from the earliest age possible and second by graduating as soon as possible She has been out of school for [...]

  • Travel Glasses is an exhilarating and wonderful fantasy novel, and not only has great characters and a vibrant writing style, but it also questions the digital age and technology in general, and whether it s better to be offline and free of obligations, or online and social Or can you have both What if someone was willing to show you a new way to live, where you can be in the future one minute and then the past the next Is there a magic out there somewhere, waiting to be found Anyway, it s an am [...]

  • Fantastic storylineThis book seemed very different the world building was fantastic They were parts of the science that left me puzzled and I hope eventually as I read the other books to become clear I love the love story and I am left wondering how things will work out.

  • review request submitted by the author for an honest critique Whether you re young, old, or somewhere in between, you ll find yourself captivated by this time travel novel Unlike cult favorites such as Doctor Who, Bill Ted s Excellent Adventure, and the Back the Future franchise, migrating through the eras has been simplified Forget the phone booths, the DeLorean, and say hello to teleporting glasses.Oh, the very notion of donning a pair is enough to ignite a reader s imagination Where would you [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to the author Chess Desalls and the publisher, Czidor Lore, LLC Travel Glasses is the story of a girl named Calla who runs into a stranger near a lake the strange man she bumps into is named Valcas and he wears a peculiar pair of glasses Calla soon finds out that these glasses are means to time travel and although she is intrigued by the entire situation at first Valcas transports her to another time [...]

  • I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley I added this to my to read shelf because I did not finish reading, and I do not want this to count towards my 2015 reading goal The beginning was too improbable I felt as if I was not let in on a secret or something Seventeen year old Calla has shut herself off from technology after being betrayed by her friends, however, she trusts a complete stranger enough to go out with him on a date after a one minute meeting A white light knocks Calla to th [...]

  • I had the extreme pleasure of being a beta reader for this book, and I am leaving an honest review based on reading an advance review copy.Travel Glasses is a captivating tale about a young woman, Calla, and her misadventures that she encounters once she meets the mysterious, yet intriguing Valcas and his unusual sunglasses that allow him to travel through time and space.Throughout the story, we are introduced to many interesting characters, of which their personalities are excellently portrayed [...]

  • Chess Desalls debut novel she s on her way to having a great series.Calla runs to sort out her life little did she know soon she would be running as a time traveler Valcas physically runs into Calla at her family s lakeside cottage He takes her to dinner to show how sorry he is that dinner would change her life Next thing she knows, she s in a jet ski turned rowboat, and in the year eighteen hundred and twelve.Chess has written a page turner from the first page I was gripped by her storytelling [...]

  • Time travel, mystery, romance and plenty of adventure, this book captivated me with interesting characters and a plot that was unlike anything I had ever read before From the first page when a shy girl named Calla, is knocked off her feet moments before the arrival of Valcas, I was intrigued and wanted to know what was going on The mystery of who Valcas is, and why he chose Calla to run away with continues throughout the book as we learn about both of them I had a hard time putting this one dow [...]

  • Fun fantasy bookThis book is written simply enough for younger readers to follow but there are enough plot twists and information just out of reach to keep a mature reader on her toes I look forward to the next book.

  • Okay, so Chess is a turd and I need the next book NOW You can t do that to me Valcas can t be all damaged but in the right way like that UGH

  • Cross posted on KnizhnitsaI received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Travel Glasses enters the YA market with a fresh premise and the ambition to explore a topic that is still underrepresented in the genre Time travel is not an easy subject to tackle, yet Travel Glasses manages to find an interesting and innovative approach to this classic sci fi concept.Chess Desalls s debut novel is the story of Calla a girl who lives a secluded and protected life Her w [...]

  • There are many different ways to time travel really, just look at all the versions in various novels Desalls uses a pair of sunglasses modified to allow the wearer to simply envision their destination In this first installment of The Call to Search Everywhen series, a teenage girl, Calla, embarks on a journey of time travel after being kidnapped into time by Valcas As they travel to various places and times on a journey of discovery, Calla meets characters and settings, so richly described as to [...]

  • A short novel with the thrilling beginning of a new series The perfect cure for reading slumps, once you are two pages in, you will not be able to stop till you reach page 240 The plot of Travel Glasses was not one you could simply predict It s full of never before seen twists which you will come to love.There are very few characters which are included in than once chapter by name I liked this Once a name is mentioned then you know instantly who they are since they are quite distinguishable fro [...]

  • Chess Desalls is a breath of fresh air in the Young Adult genre no zombies or vampires Travel Glasses is just what it sounds like, a book about time travel where the characters travel through time and place using a special pair of glasses What a fun, innovative idea, I thought when I bought the book And boy was I right Her characters are polished with just enough mystique and depth to capture and maintain our interest throughout the book.The main character, Calla, is an insecure, yet determined [...]

  • Calla has worked very hard to keep her life isolate from others, and so far she s doing great Until a mysterious white light, and an even mysterious man came crashing into her world.The travel glasses are a marvellous invention, which allows Calla to explore every time that ever was and never was I loved the creativity, it felt almost like Fantasia, where you move from one surreal scene to another but without the flying ponies.It was an enjoyable ride through Renaissance Venice, turn of the cen [...]

  • A really great read Perfect for those who enjoy novels about time travelers We are immediately introduced to the main character, Calla She has become a hermit after experiencing a harsh cyber bullying she then hates electronics altogether and avoids them as much as possible Her mother left Calla with her uncle, Al, at Lake Winston, and she knows he gets upset with her for being anti social Calla s father is out of the picture and she knows absolutely nothing about him Calla s mother was no help [...]

  • I received an audio version of this book in exchange for a review.I really did enjoy this book I thought it was imagnative and extremely descriptive It took me a long while to get through because I didn t have my usual time to listen The narrator did a good job being distinct with her voice to know when she was reading dialogue from other characters The author did a great job describing all of the jumping although it did get a little confusing towards the end I was glad to find out that there ar [...]

  • I m hooked This story had me hooked from the beginning I can t wait to read the next book in the series to know what happens.

  • An intriguing, original time travel novel by Chess Desalls There s something for everyone in this book action, time travel, history, discovering your destiny, romance, adventure Small issue with continuity and stalled plotline but overall, a great book I look forward to reading by this author.My Rating 4 stars

  • This is a Young Adult read It s done with no violence or overly intimate scenes Good clean story with a young girl learning her way in the world and getting to experience friendships she never had.I grew attached to Calla and green eyed Valcas I m looking forward to seeing them in the future books I ended this book surprised that it ended I want to know what comes of what she learns of her mother s job and her hearing with TSTA Then what Valcas will say and if there is a connection here with him [...]

  • Travel Glasses The Call to Search Everywhen Book 1 by Chess DesallsFor me this was a somewhat deceptive novel that managed to capture me within the offered sample even though it gave a slight difference of appearance than my usual fare.When we first meet her, Calidora Winston lives in a resort community coming near the end of tourist season and she s contemplating back to school She lives with her Uncle while her mother is off somewhere keeping busy She is out for a run, because she has given up [...]

  • In Travel Glasses the first book in the innovative and imaginative The Call to Search Everywhen series Chess Desalls blends the time travel of scify and the fantasy of exotic new worlds where time slows into a thrilling adventure that begins when Calla Winston a girl who hates technology because of the betrayal of an online friend is swept off her feet at a dock near her family s lakeside cottage Dusting herself off she s entranced by a good looking teenage boy wearing sun glasses,holding a yell [...]

  • I don t know about you, but for me, breaking open a young adult novel is like sinking into a comfortable couch in your childhood home Travel Glasses has that familiar, slightly angsty narration and the mysterious love interest that grabs hold of me, although at 21, I m a good five years beyond the novel s target readership I reviewed a free copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review, and I m eagerly awaiting the release of its sequels.The fantastical element that is characteristic of mos [...]

  • Travel Glasses The Call to Search Everywhen, Book 1 was a fun read The story centers on Calla Winston, a young girl who, after some unfortunate experiences, has become disenchanted with life real and cyber She s disconnected herself from friends and family and all things social Then Valcas appears seemingly out of nowhere A handsome, mysterious stranger with a pair of dark glasses able to whisk you away to anywhere and anytime, Valcas turns Calla s isolated life upside down I enjoyed the creativ [...]

  • I just can t wait for the next book What fun This cliffhanger is going to make the wait for book 2 interminable Travel Glasses is not within my usual genre YA and Fantasy and I m surprised by what a fun, enjoyable read it was The pace of the book is really well done, compelling you to keep reading, with a sequence of what if events that keep the story interesting and moving quickly The concept of the travel glasses themselves and the rest of the time travel technology and tools in this book , so [...]

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