Alex + Ada, Vol. 1

[PDF] Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 | by Ë Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn - Alex + Ada, Vol. 1, Alex Ada Vol Collects ALEX ADA From JONATHAN LUNA GIRLS THE SWORD ULTRA Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter comes ALEX ADA a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Al [PDF] Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 | by Ë Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn - Alex + Ada, Vol. 1, Alex Ada Vol Collects ALEX ADA From JONATHAN LUNA GIRLS THE SWORD ULTRA Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter comes ALEX ADA a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Al

  • Title: Alex + Ada, Vol. 1
  • Author: Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook
Alex + Ada, Vol. 1

[PDF] Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 | by Ë Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn, Alex + Ada, Vol. 1, Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn, Alex Ada Vol Collects ALEX ADA From JONATHAN LUNA GIRLS THE SWORD ULTRA Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter comes ALEX ADA a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X the latest in realistic androids But after Ada is dropped into his life he discovers she is than just a robot [PDF] Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 | by Ë Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn - Alex + Ada, Vol. 1, Alex Ada Vol Collects ALEX ADA From JONATHAN LUNA GIRLS THE SWORD ULTRA Spider Woman Origin and SARAH VAUGHN Sparkshooter comes ALEX ADA a sci fi drama set in the near future The last thing in the world Al

  • [PDF] Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 | by Ë Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn
    427Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn
Alex + Ada, Vol. 1

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  • Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn

    JONATHAN LUNA co created and illustrated THE SWORD, GIRLS, and ULTRA all Image Comics with his brother, Joshua Luna He co created and illustrated ALEX ADA with Sarah Vaughn He wrote and illustrated STAR BRIGHT AND THE LOOKING GLASS Image Comics His work also includes the art for SPIDER WOMAN ORIGIN Marvel Comics , written by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed.Jonathan was born in California and spent most of his childhood overseas, living on military bases in Iceland and Italy He returned to the United States in his late teens.Writing and drawing comics since he was a child, he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art.He currently resides in Northern Virginia.

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  • This was great I love robots and A.I.s, so this was really cool I watched Ex Machina not too long ago, and this is giving me all of the robot coolness I ve been missing since then.

  • Aw I m all aflutter with feelings I wasn t exactly expecting to feel that way when I found out this was about sentient AI, you know Most of the time, these stories just terrify me I m sorry Dave, I m afraid I can t do that.Whatever This made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy And not towards Ada You don t really get to know her much in this volume Although, I assume that s coming up in the next one No Alex is the one we sort of follow along with in volume 1 And he s justch a nice guy When I saw the co [...]

  • This story follows Alex, a human that lives in a world where is it common for people to live alongside robots.These robots are there to help in any way to make life easier for humans.We read only from Alex s perspective, which I found to be really disappointing He felt like a very bland character and I didn t like that his facial expressions almost never changed But when he did feel something mostly sadness , he started to remind me of Joseph Gordon Levitt s character in 500 Days of Summer Meani [...]

  • no Life changing sitcoms no Meaningful conversations A well balanced relationship how about no A happy male lead who never mops and who isn t one dimensional, nah I m still searching for his second dimension, though The perfect gorgeous woman android actually, she is quite perfect, duh Okay, okay, there are also info dumping, a hacker DUH , a secret network of resistance RE DUH , and a lot of Lock Unlock.I mean, REALLY How boring Everything is so fucking NEAT and superficial BLEH You said it bro [...]

  • Sentient robot stories have been done to death at this point Blade Runner, I, Robot, Her, AI, Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, even Pinocchio, to name just a few examples but, as I ve mentioned in other reviews, it s not so much the freshness of the concept as it is the execution that s important in storytelling And in Alex Ada, writer Jonathan Luna doesn t do anything particularly new or original but he does create an enthralling story that masterfully draws you in and holds your attention.Set [...]

  • Still undecided about this one The topic has lots of potential, of course, but so far the execution feels bland and strangely depthless to me Sure, it can be pleasant to dream up a future world unaffected by environmental degradation and mass poverty and instead filled with obedient robot butlers and awesome communicator implants and sexy androids that can be magically unlocked It s the kind of naive celebration of consumer culture I have a problem with, though, so I hope the story will turn out [...]

  • So interesting and fun I really enjoyed reading this story and I definitely connected with these characters, especially Alex, of course Also, his grandma is too awesome too handle Love her The art is gorgeous,too I really hope that the characters will develop a bit and that the story will get even intriguing in the next Volume.

  • I didn t know much about Alex Ada before I started reading it All I really knew was that it centered around the idea of artificial intelligence in a futuristic time period First of all, if you couldn t tell already, I absolutely love futuristic story lines Especially when they re so incredibly realistic and don t feel too far off from the near future I love the idea of technology waking up, even though it can also be a scary thought in reality, it makes for a great fictional story Volume one was [...]

  • I got this graphic novel for Christmas yesterday and read it the same evening in one sitting.I really, really enjoyed it and I m definitely going to use the gift certificates I also got to buy the sequels very soon D Highly recommend this one Maybe it s even of a 4.5 star read for me

  • To Alex and Ada Graphic Novel , , , , , Ada , Android.O Alex 27 , Alex Ada android , , Ada , Graphic Novel Ada Alex , sci fi When I was your age, I made the most horrendous mistakes And I enjoyed every minute of it At least go out and get your pee pee wet.

  • Damn Why did I wait so long to read this This is brilliant stuff As other reviews eloquently state, the subject of A.I is not a new one, but the compelling story and minimal artwork take this to another level Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna co write, while Luna illustrates The writing and illustrations are minimal There are pregnant pauses and long silences, which is, the argument can be made, machine like The dialog is crisp and realistic This is pure indie film drama, slow burn yet quirky and [...]

  • Fantastic story line somewhat let down by the artwork This comic follows the story of a human named Alex Alex lives in a world where is it common for people to live alongside robots, these robots are there to help in any way shape or form As is accepted by most humans these robots are not capable of thought of their own They are non sentient Much to the surprise of Alex, he arrives home from work one day to discover that his Grandmother has bought a robot for him To begin with Alex attempts to r [...]

  • Bullet Review As weird as the last comic I read Dark Engine Volume 1 The Art of Destruction , this was AWESOME I know there have been loads of movies TV shows books with this premise one that comes to mind is the Joaquin Phoenix movie, Her , but this was just well done I love the method of using several panels with minuscule or no changes to build a scene and a mood I can t wait for volume 2

  • I think this is my new favourite graphic novel I am so disappointed my library doesn t yet carry the other two volumes.

  • Another from the IMAGE Humble BundleI honestly can t get over how much of a great deal this was.OK so Alex Ada is a very simple story, nothing crazy or wild in the concept Alex is a depressed 27 year old guy who s been pining over his breakup for 7 months On his birthday, his grandmother sees how down he is, and since she s super happy with her robot paramour, she decides to send him one of his own for his birthday.He gets it, and wants to send it back, but when he discovers that it will be wipe [...]

  • Find this and other Reviews at InToriLexThe imaginative future technology, humor and minimalist art, left me entertained and ready to learn about Alex and Ada Alex is a twenty something who is gifted a X5 Ada , from a well meaning if over sharing grandmother After becoming familiar with her, he wants her to be herself, which means unlocking her sentience The future technology includes having a implant you can use as a phone, a portal to the internet, and a way to control technology around your [...]

  • Holy shit this was so so so so cute I ve recently been getting into graphic novels, last month I read all 24 volumes of The Walking Dead and I ve been desperate to find another good graphic novel series since I think this might be my new favorite This story is so cute It s about this guy named Alex who lives in a world where Prime Inc runs the world with their cars, phones, and androids They have created androids that look like real human beings and people can purchase them all around the world [...]

  • Ok, I ve been dying to read Alex Ada for a long time now because I heard amazing things about it So I decided to check it out from the library, too see if I like it or not And I am so glad and happy that I check this graphic novel out because I absolutely love and enjoyed it so much I absolutely love everything about it The plotline and concept are unique and very refreshing to me I haven t read a graphic novel quite like this before The characters to me are well developed and very characteristi [...]

  • Oh, I love this What a clever, funny, heartfelt, genuine story Even if you ve never picked up a comic before, I d recommend this to you It s that relatable Essentially it s about the human condition, wrapped up in a simple artificial intelligence plot Alex receives an anatomically correct android on his birthday, a present from his amusingly randy grandmother She s got one of her own and she loooooves him What makes Alex Ada special is the many poignant, sometimes stinging observations about mod [...]

  • Actual rating 4.5 stars I really enjoyed this I didn t know what to expect going in and the premise reminded of the movie Her really excited to get to the next volume

  • I actually really really liked this A graphic novel about AI, robots, sentience the morality of creating and owning these life like robots that are built with the ability to be sentiment have independent thought A robot is just a robot, but at what point does their ability to be sentiment become a danger to humans, as well as at what point does it become cruel to do what we do to them They might not be real, but they do feel real, at least to themselves, and what is the risk we take when we give [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this I think it is a really cool premise for a graphic novel and I m excited to find out what is next Alex Ada didn t really shine as three dimensional characters yet but I m still liking their relationship I hope we see some character development in the future comics and something cool for the story It is an interesting look at what the future could be like in regards to future technology I recently got obsessed with Black Mirror, the tv show, which also looks at where technol [...]

  • I picked up Alex Ada because I read some pretty positive reviews, and I ve always been interested in AI android stories, ever since my first fateful encounter with Asimov s robots in The Positronic Man I m a little irritated now that the library only had volume one, because that barely gets things off the ground Alex meets his new android companion, names her, and realises that she s lacking that something that makes her a person For whatever reason and this isn t really covered in depth, which [...]

  • I am a sucker for a human falling in love with an android operating device I loved Her so I knew this might be up my alley I think my biggest problem with graphic novels is I m not a huge fan of fantasy or sci fi and that is the bulk of the genre This is futuristic, yes, but it s not too far out there for me.This volume does set the story up and while it has an arc, it s just getting started It s a good sign I want to read the next one and will pick it up soon after, if not on 3 17 when it comes [...]

  • Wow, that s a surprisingly pleasant and fun read I had no idea about the series or the writer, only started it because of the summary which sounded intriguing, and yup it s definitely surprised me how much I liked reading the first volume The story is the age old futuristic rise of the machines kind of a sci fi drama, but the twist is that so called rise of the machines already happened a year earlier before the beginning of the book, with an operating system becoming sentient and going on a kil [...]

  • 4 starsI am so happy that I gave this comic a chance The story is set in a near future where humans and androids live side by side not without tension, of course There have been accidents that have made people suspicious of androids and the government has imposed strict laws on robotics and A.I.It all begins when our protagonist Alex receives a companion android from his grandma and he is none too pleased about it.Can he and the android learn to live together The story might be nothing that we h [...]

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