Accidental Alpha

[PDF] Read ✓ Accidental Alpha : by Laurel Ulen Curtis - Accidental Alpha, Accidental Alpha Fifteen seconds to remember everything Already an impossible task the encroaching haze made it tougher Fifteen years spent making it on my own Fourteen days of freedom Thirteen years since my parents [PDF] Read ✓ Accidental Alpha : by Laurel Ulen Curtis - Accidental Alpha, Accidental Alpha Fifteen seconds to remember everything Already an impossible task the encroaching haze made it tougher Fifteen years spent making it on my own Fourteen days of freedom Thirteen years since my parents

  • Title: Accidental Alpha
  • Author: Laurel Ulen Curtis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle
Accidental Alpha

[PDF] Read ✓ Accidental Alpha : by Laurel Ulen Curtis, Accidental Alpha, Laurel Ulen Curtis, Accidental Alpha Fifteen seconds to remember everything Already an impossible task the encroaching haze made it tougher Fifteen years spent making it on my own Fourteen days of freedom Thirteen years since my parents died Twelve nights of heaven ElevenTenNineEightSevenSixFiveFour people who d give anything Three tries to get it right Two hearts to mend One chance in sight Nearly fifty yeFifteen s [PDF] Read ✓ Accidental Alpha : by Laurel Ulen Curtis - Accidental Alpha, Accidental Alpha Fifteen seconds to remember everything Already an impossible task the encroaching haze made it tougher Fifteen years spent making it on my own Fourteen days of freedom Thirteen years since my parents

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Accidental Alpha : by Laurel Ulen Curtis
    115Laurel Ulen Curtis
Accidental Alpha

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    Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 28 year old mother of one She lives with her husband and son and cat in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels Oh, and she s addicted to Coke The drink, not the drug.

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  • 3 Stars This is third book in the A is for Alpha Male series, and focuses on 50 year old Allison, and her son in law s uncle, Wade.Wade turns up in town one day to visit his nephew Danny, and ends up staying with Allison in her home.Unfortunately for Allison, now is not a good time having received some bad news from the doctors Being alone at their age, they find solace in each other, and the time they spend together the they realise they have a lot in common as both have experienced lost love [...]

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  • YAY A book about ADULTS, I love it Accidental Alpha is Allison and Wade s story It can definitely be read as a standalone but it is recommended your read A is for Alpha Male, the first book in the series The prologue punched me in the gut and I couldn t even imagine where this story would go But the author treats the serious subject with humor, grace and lots of Alpha steam And Alison, I loved her and all of her insecurities I m wine than grape, she declared suddenly, bringing my hands to a sto [...]

  • 3 stars I m really not sure what happened, I think it s a number of things, but this didn t pull me in even half as much as A is for Alpha Male I think maybe the humour felt a little forced and seemed to out weigh the emotions I thought I should of been feeling Maybe the I read the greedier I become, because I just wanted , feels, emotion and maybe a little romance.

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review It seems like I have been waiting forever for Allison and Wade s story and it didn t disappoint I love reading a good story about an older H h I wasn t prepared for Allison s story though It was a bit heartbreaking and I teared up a lot Wade is such an awesome guy I understood his hesitancy to be with Allison mainly because he has been a single dad for so long and just kind of a loner when it came to women I think he really let go of Melly [...]

  • One of my all time favorite books is A is for Alpha Male by this author featuring Haley and her mom Allison as they take a road trip across the country in search of their perfect man Along the way they meet up with Danny and his uncle Wade, a man who just so happens to resemble the ripped version of Tim McGraw refer to the Truck Yeah video if you need visual inspiration.Accidental Alpha is the story of Allison and Wade set months after the prior two books in the series Both these characters are [...]

  • Emotional crackerjack of a story that is a 10 freaking gold stars Received an Advanced Reader Copy for an honest review So I get really involved in some books, like my whole concentration and being is completely entrenched in the lives of the characters and so far Laurel Ulen Curtis has been able to do that to me quite a few times.I started on the ARC late like last night and the night of the release and when I read the blurb I ALMOST LOST MY SHIT I kid you now.So you can IMAGINE my shock when I [...]

  • EEEK I cannot tell you how I have been waiting for Allison s book My mother and I both read this series and we have a relationship much like Allison and Haley and we have both been jonesing for Allison s HEA so hard I am happy to report that I was not disappointed at all with Accidental Alpha.I definitely recommend that you at least A is for Alpha Male before you start this book but even better that you read Secret Alpha too I recommend this because starting Accidental Alpha just felt like comin [...]

  • Years I d been planning searching for something work risking myself for And now, I d finally found it By accident Allison Whitfield was lucky in love one time in her life, but he was taken from her far too soon, and from then on, she s devoted herself to her children and making sure they are taken care of, and she s done one hell of a good job, but along the way, she lost what it meant to be a woman be desired feel the kind of connection and find the kind of alpha male to take care of her and be [...]

  • Loved The Alpha series keeps getting better These books are laugh out loud funny and full of snark but with just the right amount of angst and sexy times You get all the feels I loved how Wade made Ali feel like a woman when she was feeling lacking He was sweet but demanding, you knew he was an all around good guy but had his own lingering emotions from the past Ali was perfect with how she made him work for it after he screwed up Haley and Dan o are just so cute and are great comedic relief I s [...]

  • Accidental Alpha is about Allison who is Haley s Mom and hunky Wade from A is in Alpha It was so refreshing to read a book about people who are in their fifties It Is something sadly hard to find in our book world and made me enjoy this book that much Allison and Wade were both sexy and fun yet they both had past experiences that aren t always east to let go of and move on from It s written in true Laurel fashion in that it has humor thrown in throughout I love how she can take a serious story [...]

  • Accidental AlphaLaurel Ulen CurtisAccidental Alpha is the third book in the Alpha Male Series by Laurel Ulen Curtis We revisit Allison Haley s Mom and Wade Danny s Uncle who were introduced in the first book of the series, A is for Alpha Male.Allison is grateful that Haley and Danny have found their happily ever after, but isn t interested in looking for one of her own She is very surprised to find Wade on her front doorstep having just been placed on disability leave from work It was cute to se [...]

  • When I first started reading A is for Alpha Male the first book in the series I definitely had a lot of fun with Haley and her story with Danny Alison was an awesome second character and the best addition to Haley s craziness Both of them combined were the best team to crack you from laughter D I was also quite intrigued by Alison and her attraction to Wade That s why when I found out that I have the opportunity to read their story, I jumped at the chance I have to say that I usually prefer to r [...]

  • ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review Thanks Accidental Alpha by Laurel Ulen Curtis4 starsThe previous book s in the series has of a humors plot, but with Accidental Alpha it still has some humors part but it also takes on a serious topic too.This is Allison s book You know the mother to crazy almost borderline crazy Hailey Allison is of the calm of the two.The Characters I liked Allison I like that she is of the level headed between her and Hailey She balances the two out [...]

  • I received this book from the author for an honest review.I just loved Accidental Alpha This is probably the best book in the series,the MC are in their fifties and much wiser and despite the fact that they had their own misunderstandings they also had a much balanced relationship.Alison is just amazing as a woman,lover and mother, she puts her children s needs before herself, she tries to make everyone happy and it shows that she succeeds Wade aww man you have to love him He is adorable, despi [...]

  • Accidental Alpha is follows the story of Allison and Wade When I heard they were finally getting their story, I was so excited We first meet up with them in A is for Alpha Male There was just something about the two of them that made me want to know .I really wasn t sure what to expect with Allison and Wade s story But, I wasn t prepared at all for the direction that Allison s story would take It was a difficult thing to go through, but I was so happy that Allison had the support that she needed [...]

  • If you are a fan of A is for Alpha, then this book is a must read If you haven t, why not Accidental Alpha is the story about Allison, Haley s mom, and Wade, the Tim McGraw lookalike It picks up a few weeks after A is for Alpha ended I will admit, I am normally a sucker for college aged romances or books about people in their twenties However, it was a nice break to get a book about an older couple and how they dealt with things It was still fun and sexy Wade comes to town and needs a place to s [...]

  • ARC for honest review.So I m supposed to be writing a review for this book, but I just have no words Ok, here are my thoughts Holy crap, she has done it again Laurel Ulen Curtis is one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure and privilege of reading You can tell from the moment that you start reading her books that they truly mean something to her it comes from the heart Not only is this her life s work, but her writing is her greatest work And she has added another great work to her wr [...]

  • I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely LOVED this book I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy it at first, even though I have been looking forward to Allison and Wade s story, as I am used to reading about couples in their 20 s 30 s not their 50 s, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it Just from starting the prologue I knew that I wouldn t be getting much done around my house as there was no way I would be putting it d [...]

  • SPOILERS I d like to thank Laurel again for allowing me to read this before it was released It was an honor Truly As it always is I am such a big fan not only of this author but of this series Now I loved Dan effing Smith but Wade was on a whole other level I love that man In fact I love all of these characters I love that Dan and Hales were back again I love Hunter But most of all I loved Allison Having a mom who had cancer I know all of the feelings all too well Her strength was amazing The su [...]

  • If you loved the first two books, you will than enjoy the third Accidental Alpha actually drew me in than the previous too It gave you a in depth insight into Allison which aloud you to fall in love with her character if you hadn t already Being as the main characters are older, the third installment of A is for Alpha Male took on a mature nature I devoured it Allison 50 years old, mother of two, lost a lover early on and never got over him What kept her moving was taking care of her childre [...]

  • Loved this book I wasn t expecting to love it, I thought I might enjoy it but it pulled me in Wade Smith.Holy Hotness Batman I m totally not into older dudes but man, this guy sent my heart aflutter.Allison is just the kind of kickass chick that you wanna be when you grow up So the two of them togetherAWESOME Add in Hailey, Dan and Hunter better be a book about HunterJust Sayin and this book will have you laughing and giving you the feels

  • I m so happy that this is Allison s book Her and Wade are fan frickin tastic together Accidental Alpha is clever, emotional, funny, and sexy Plus, it s about an older couple, which, I ll be honest, I was a little nervous about going in I m used to college age and twenty somethings I had nothing to worry about though, the chemistry is off the charts, and all the characters you love are back in their own unique form This book is sassy, sweet, and the antics are roll on the floor funny If you haven [...]

  • I received an Advanced Reader Copy for an honest review I think you should buy this book, I was not disappointed As a matter of fact, I totally loved this book This series in general has been great, but with Allison s health that you find out about in this book it really touched home Allison and Wade had good chemistry in the previous book and it exploded in this story I loved that Haley, Danny and Hunter all had appearances in this book as well It was full of humor I mean with Haley, Danny and [...]

  • Allison and Wade what a refreshingly different couple to read about This book picks up shortly after book 1 and it was a good read Nice to read something where the characters are of a different age range to what i usually read Allison and Wade have a lot to overcome to get to a place that is good And it was an interesting read on how they ventured through some difficult times This book has humour though and that is good as it lightens the book and i loved the humour in it, i did proper giggle al [...]

  • I received this book from the author for an honest review.This was my first book to read by Laurel Curtis I absolutely fell in love with this story It was so refreshing to read a story about a mom, not someone who was 20 or 30 It was heartbreaking in parts, there was humor and I definitely needed Kleenex at parts The characters were perfect, the caring mom, sassy mouthed daughter and the intense son Wade and Dan fit into the story so well This story will tug at your heart My jaw dropped at the e [...]

  • Let me say that I LOVE this series and this group of characters I love the relationship between Allison and Haley , they have the perfect mother and daughter relationship Laurel writes a good book The story flows amazingly and the characters are fun and easy to relate to I was happy to see that Allison did afterall get her Tim McGraw They found each other when the time was just right for them Wade was the perfect match for someone like Allison in every way There are bits of sadness in the book b [...]

  • She does it againFab and then leaves wanting Wow what a way to end this one So glad to see how Was and Ally weathered there storm but really now we want Hunter and I m afraid it s going to be awhile.

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