✓ Sol ☆ Madison Stevens - Sol, Sol Erica Scott is good at sniffing out embezzlers frauds and other financial criminals or at least she was when she had a job After an unfortunate lay off her options are limited One path is to work w ✓ Sol ☆ Madison Stevens - Sol, Sol Erica Scott is good at sniffing out embezzlers frauds and other financial criminals or at least she was when she had a job After an unfortunate lay off her options are limited One path is to work w

  • Title: Sol
  • Author: Madison Stevens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None

✓ Sol ☆ Madison Stevens, Sol, Madison Stevens, Sol Erica Scott is good at sniffing out embezzlers frauds and other financial criminals or at least she was when she had a job After an unfortunate lay off her options are limited One path is to work with a narcissistic creep her best friend s boyfriend The other is Luna Lodge a place controlled by the mysterious hybrids the super soldier products of a horrific genetiErica Scott is good at s ✓ Sol ☆ Madison Stevens - Sol, Sol Erica Scott is good at sniffing out embezzlers frauds and other financial criminals or at least she was when she had a job After an unfortunate lay off her options are limited One path is to work w

  • ✓ Sol ☆ Madison Stevens
    487 Madison Stevens

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    Madison currently lives with her husband and two children in the Valley of the Sun Phoenix, Arizona After leaving the frozen tundra of the north, Madison was surprised than anyone with how much she has enjoyed living in the desert Seeing as she had stated on than one occasion how much she hated the heat, it was an odd move But it seemed her hatred for sub zero temps and ice, or really the things that ice could do, won out in the end When she s not writing, she s enjoying time with her family Madison and her family frequent festivals in the area, as well as local cultural events, and spend time with family in the area In the summer she is most likely to be found in the pool with the family and in the winter by the fireplace Since both her children are autistic, days can be a little chaotic but with her husband beside her, there s nothing she can t handle Luckily he is also an author and able to share in all the activities and chores special needs kids require Madison has a full schedule of releases planned for 2014 listed and updated on her blog madisonstevens Newsletter Sign up eepurl OX9r5

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  • 2.5 starsThis is the shallower version of New Species by Laurann Dohner and The Breeds by Lora Leigh Along the same vein but without the in depth world building and character progression It s not bad but it lacks that certain spark that would make it stand out on it s own like the other two series mentioned above.

  • I agree with everyone else that this is a simpler version of New Species by Dohner and Breeds by Leigh But this is not necessarily a bad thing I think I will give this series a chance.I may write a few things tomorrow

  • Ok so take a gutsy woman down on her luck with a knack for spotting patterns and oddities in numbers Now add in the fact that she would rather save ailing companies then strip their assets and you have Erica Place her at a party that is the hottest ticket in town with threats coming from all sides and this should be an amazing action packed book Hmm should be seems appropriate here If like myself you ve read Lora Leigh and Laurann Dohner then the idea of mixing up DNA isn t new Yes as the first [...]

  • The reason that i started to read this book was Beacuse i had read and fallen in love with the series New Species by Laurann Dohner Both books followed the Sam consept of people who had Been genmodified into a different spices In Both cases with animal DNA These people was then rescued amd are now to live in the sociaty Alone comes bad people good people and romance The storie lines of Both books are exactly the Same but Luna Lodge doesn t quite reach the Same quality that New species has Theref [...]

  • I was searching for a good story like New species one, and I found this one I only gave 3 stars because of the poor editing There are mistakes all over the story and as I read all the new species story from Laurann dohner, this book has been inspired a lot from those maybe too much

  • I m kinda disappointedI was hoping for something like Laurann Dohner s New Species series and it really fell short and flat.Some things were similar a little too similar like the genetic modifications with animal DNA only wolf here and being raised in captivity by an evil corporation But it lacked the emotional heart tugging resonance I always get with New Species I didn t really like Erica that much and Sol wasn t alpha enough for me.I ll have to think about continuing the series or not.

  • I was warned this book had big editing issues and she was not wrong oh no she wasn t Still it was a decent read I won t be writing home about it but lets see what the author has to follow with.

  • So I am getting in line with everybody else to say that Sol, first in the Luna Lodge series bears a strong resemblance to the New Species.If I were to guess, the author Madison Stevens loved so much the New Species that she wanted of them in her own way.Having said that, I have really tried and failed at times not to compare the series.Sol is part of the Luna Lodge Tribe, a genetically engineered tribe with different animal gene strains Erica is an accountant with a sharp eye who happens to be [...]

  • If I hadn t already read Laurann Dohner s New Species, I might have liked this book at the 2.5 to 3 star level Sol, Book 1 of Luna Lodge was published two years after Fury, Book 1 of New Species and there are way, way, way, way, way too many similarities Genetically altered hybrid humans Living in a separate compound for protection Created by an evil private corporation for profit Kept as locked away like slaves by said corporation until freed when discovered at an abandoned facility Thought to [...]

  • New Species copy cat but still goodSPOILER ALERT For anyone who loves Laurann Dohner s New Species series will like this book This is a copy cat were the men are part wolf instead of big cats, etc There is a crazy scientific group after them and those they love There are people who hate them at the gate of the lodge trying to get in or protest the abominations They are also discovering they can reproduce while free They are drawn to a woman by her pheromone smell and fiercely protective As much [...]

  • Similar to another series that I love yet there are also differences Erica is invited to the Luna Lodge with her bestie Kate and her boyfriend The Luna Tribe are genetically modified humans with certain talents and altered DNA mixed with other species Sol doesn t like public functions but is forced by the leader Titus to attend There Sol sees Erica They have a certain attraction but try to fight it The Horatius Group who are behind creating the Luna Tribe are still working on getting them back E [...]

  • 3 StarsA good start to what promises to be a good seriesA refreshing style of writing and though somewhat new and unpolished, definitely promising.

  • This is nothing but New Species fanfic, and not very good fanfic at that It is such a blatant rip off, and considering how litigious EC is, I m surprised this author hasn t been sued.

  • This isn t really a shifter romance More of an enhance human romance Wolflike attributes but Sol stays hunky, if inarticulate, alpha male 3.5 stars round to 4 because the premise is so creative.

  • To say I am disappointed is an understatement.Sol, book 1 of the Luna Lodge series, is a poor recreation of the New Species series by Laurann Dohner Different names and descriptions are used, but the plot and scenes within the Sol mirror New Specieswn to parking a jeep along the fence to keep crazy reporters and fanatic protesters from breaking through the fence and entering a compound Authors can have similar ideas, but the first five books in the New Species series were published in 2011 The n [...]

  • I read this a while ago, and just listened to it on audio A nice quick listen A lot of people compare it to New Species, and yes, it does come up short The world building is weaker But it s still entertaining A group of super soldiers are rescued from secret labs and set free At first they attempt to cover up their real identity by calling themselves a lost tribe or some sort of unbelievable whatever But anyways, it turns out to be impossible to hide that they are than human At the opening cere [...]

  • Is was like a discount version of New Species I d been looking for something similar and thought this might be a decent read but it was pretty weak and just didn t make sense There were also some grammar and spelling problems which is really irritating.The story itself is confusing There s this Tribe that has a leader called Titus You get the impression that it s secret and mysterious and that only the leader is ever seen So I m thinking ok so they re just jumping right in with the genetically m [...]

  • This was my first genetically engineered hybrid paranormalish type of book and I thoroughly enjoyed it I wasn t sure what to expect and it did not disappoint me at all Sol was quite the character and Erica had me laughing a lot The idea of this group of Hybrids being created and then secluded to the Lodge was very interesting The meeting of Sol and Erica was what set this story in motion Lots of enjoyable characters were introduced so I look forward to in this series I loved reading about the p [...]

  • very cliche and overly predictable but series has potential This book just seemed too cookie cutter like for my preference It left little to the imagination It lacked any sense of depth I never really felt any sort of connection to the characters or plot I do think this series has potential and may give it another try at a later date in hopes that it improves.

  • I Loved this book Loved the storyline and the characters It was a fantastic start to a new series Very similar to New Species but still really enjoyable Looking forward to book 2

  • Similar to Lora Leigh s Breed series or Laurann Dohner s New Species series It s good, not much info it the world yet, but a good start.

  • This reader is on the fence concerning this book, Sol Luna Lodge One by Madison Stevens, having found the story jumps around a lot where a reader is left wondering what the heck is going on in other words, no transitioning into what is being tossed at a reader and one must guess at many things And a huge factor was reading the reviews before posting my own and finding many reviewers follow and read another writer this reader does not happen to read Laurann Dohner and several categorically stated [...]

  • This is the first book I ve read by this author and while it reminds me a lot of another series that I ve read and loved There were a lot of differences but also a lot of things that brought that other series to my mind.I really loved Erica and Sol together It wasn t a lot of back and forthZ some action, lots of steam and a great world the author has built around these hybrid humans She has opened up for Titus to get a book and I look forward to reading it Add in the banter, the charm and gruffn [...]

  • Love This Story OVER 18 READINGGood author, Great new storyline, Wonderful chances for continuing books and spin off series I love the new ideals of how this type of shifter though no one has physically changed shape, their changes seems seem to be all normal shifter abilities but a inside animal and a physical change to an animal I really have had fun trying to decidedly who I think would be a good match together Now to sit back and read each new book to see if I m right or wrong

  • First I have read by this author.I ve had this book in my library for 2 years and just kept putting it off.I really am glad i finally started to read it If you are a fan of Laurann Dohner than you will like this series Great storyline,sci fi and paranormal mixed together,moves right along,funny moments,hot sexy hybrid men learning how to interact with people after being kept in facilities.

  • Thoroughly EnjoyableI absolutely lived this book The writing was great and the storyline was a fresh approach I am looking forward o reading the next book in the series.

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