Baby City

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Baby City : by Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard - Baby City, Baby City There are only three things in this world that are certain death taxes and babies Nobody knows this truth better than Emily McCoy a third year resident working in Baby City the affectionate nickna [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Baby City : by Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard - Baby City, Baby City There are only three things in this world that are certain death taxes and babies Nobody knows this truth better than Emily McCoy a third year resident working in Baby City the affectionate nickna

  • Title: Baby City
  • Author: Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Baby City

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Baby City : by Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard, Baby City, Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard, Baby City There are only three things in this world that are certain death taxes and babies Nobody knows this truth better than Emily McCoy a third year resident working in Baby City the affectionate nickname for the busy Labor and Delivery unit at a New York City hospital On a typical day in Baby City Emily delivers babies than the number of hours of sleep she managesThere are only three thi [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Baby City : by Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard - Baby City, Baby City There are only three things in this world that are certain death taxes and babies Nobody knows this truth better than Emily McCoy a third year resident working in Baby City the affectionate nickna

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Baby City : by Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard
    327 Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard
Baby City

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    Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Baby City book, this is one of the most wanted Freida McFadden Kelley Stoddard author readers around the world.

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  • I really like this author s writing All of her books are available for cheap on Kindle, and they re all funny and fast paced This latest one is no exception It s not like some literary masterpiece, but it was a fun and engaging read, and I was disappointed when it was over I would definitely recommend this one in particular to any of my medical friends it s written by an actual doctor, so she GETS medical training , and also any friends who like reading about birth babies or chick lit.

  • Terrible example of what goes on behind the doors of labor and deliveryI have never read a book so full of typos in my life There was even a typo in the acknowledgement section.As a high risk labor and delivery RN, I found this book incredibly insulting to my profession How many times did they have to say she s just a nurse The book also made it seem like the main character actually hated labor and delivery and did not see the miraculous beauty of human birth I read this book out of curiosity on [...]

  • I would have loved to give this book 4 stars, but I just could not get past the lack of editing I loved the characters and the stories, it was hilarious and thoughtful Emily was a great narrator and I really enjoyed her point of view, having been in the medical field for than a decade, I know that it was really accurate However, I wish that the same care that went into making it medically accurate was put into the editing If I could print this out, I would take a red Sharpie to it.

  • Great bookThis is the second book I ve read from this author, and really love her style The book is witty fast paced, with a great balance of sorrow joy of the labor stories My only complaint is that there are a few grammatical errors that should ve been corrected by an editor Despite this, I found it hard to put the book down and will definitely be on the look out for any works by Freida McFadden.

  • Pretty decent Had some actual scenarios that you would see everyday on a labor and delivery unit Except I hated the main character in this book Nothing like able about her In fact all the doctors were pretty horrible too They just prove how mean, disgusting, irresponsible and how annoying OB doctors can be This is not me speaking out of personal experience Not at all.

  • BabiesThis was a fun book to read I laughed, got really sad and excited for all the new mothers.I could not be a doctor I don t like blood and other bodily functions make me gag I m in awe of someone who can actually handle all that The characters in this book were great Well, some of them Too intense or too bubblyad Caroline actually survived a c section.Enjoyed this thoroughly

  • An enjoyable read I loved this I enjoyed the realistic situations and got to know and like the characters, and wanted to continue reading about them Will read by this author

  • I m deliberately not rating this because the audiobook is read astonishingly badly I think it s one of the 2 or 3 worst I ve ever had the misfortune to listen to The narrator appears to give no credence at all to any kind of punctuation and simply pauses when she needs to breathe, often in the middle of a sentence.It s quite dreadful and altering the sentences in my head I suspect the book was quite funny I gave up about half way through because I simply couldn t stand it any The narrator also [...]

  • Emily McCoy is a resident in the maternity ward at a NY hospital She s working long hours delivering babies and managing the high anxiety of both mothers and family during the birthing process As usual, McFadden has delivered a compelling behind the scenes look at the life of a medical resident It s exhausting, political, dull, exciting, and devastating This book lacks the depth of her other novels, but it s still an easy, fun read that both entertains and informs Despite being over 400 pages, t [...]

  • Here s the deal The two most accurate words I could use to describe this book are didactic and banal If you spend any amount of time reading pregnancy and birth blogs, it s pretty much outlined for you and nothing is going to be a surprise Yet McFadden et al built a surprisingly warm narrative around it Dr Emily McCoy is smart but imperfect and you really root for her, Star Trek jokes and all Her colleagues and friends are well drawn, too The pace is fast and light and it s a good blend of happy [...]

  • This was split between a main plot which was full of drama and a over the top cliche romance and a bunch of side stories involving deliveries and often complications.To me, the side stories were new and interesting I m not at all familiar with obstetrics, so I learned a lot while the main plot was rather formulaic and often eye rollingly contrived, especially near the end Although the last third of the book wasn t to my taste, overall the book was entertaining and it managed to touch on several [...]

  • A Truly Captivating NovelThis is a wonderful read for any person who is planning to become a doctor or a parent or both in the future The training and stress that medical students, interns and residents endure to become physicians is captured in this engrossing story, based on just a small amount of what experienced doctors have gone through to get to their rewarding professions They dedicate their lives to work in medicine Medicineis truly based upon a personal calling and not a random choice f [...]

  • Good read about working in Labor Delivery as a resident I liked reading the stories of women in labor and the various things that happened to them Of course, as is always the case in the medical world, there were some good outcomes and some that were not Some of what went on was surprising and it made me wonder how they kept their jobs, but I guess maybe things like that really do happen.I usually like these types of books and while it was good, I d have preferred a little less focus on the roma [...]

  • Enjoyed until the endGood read I enjoyed it until I read the credits Author needs to understand the Dr Amy is an undereducated fake that sounds as if she knows what she is talking about, but in reality does not Her short 5y as an OB does not qualify her as a Doctor She is not friend to birth Sad, this book shows the reality of birth this day in age Women are told they are broken and they are not More doctors are needed like the one portrayed in this book One that is a cheerleader for normal, non [...]

  • This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast I can t give this book a good rating.If I had to deal with these bitter and cruel people when I was having a baby I would probably try to find a different hospital This book made me angry Chapter 41 repeated in this copy I received Not a good thing Won t listen to these authors again The narration was well done The characters were excellently portrayed.

  • Terrible The main character hates her job, life and everyone involved in both This book is just terrible and a slap in the face to those caring individuals that work in this profession After reading 22 percent I just couldn t take any If you want a book that will piss you off to no end, this is the one for you

  • This is an excellent peek into what really happens behind the scenes on a labor and delivery unit I am an OB GYN physician and could relate to many of the situations in the book The writing style is easy and the action moves quickly I would recommend this book to anyone interested in going to medical school or in maternity care.

  • I really loved this book The author gives a great view of what a doctor goes through when they choose to be an Obgyn I love the addition of a little romance too But my favorite part comes at the end when many of the events that take place through out the book are either answered or reintroduced This was a book gifted to me for my honest opinion and I have to say I honestly loved it

  • Loved this bookLoved this look into the life of a l d resident Loved the characters the daily crazy happenings of the unit Wish this was a series book I would love to read

  • Interesting and funCute, and easy read I m a nursing student going into my ob rotation and wanted to have an inside look Not really what I was looking for but it left me entertained and I picked up a few vocab words along the way

  • I would give it one star for storyline and characters How did doctors become so unlikable And the medical students so incapable I find it hard to believe I added a star since the medical information are interesting to read although it is not anything too advance.

  • Wonderful I couldn t figure out if this was a true story or not at first, I still can t But it was just like reading Grey s Anatomy It was suspenseful, like a rollercoaster I wish all books about residents or working in a hospital were this well written.

  • I read this book near the end of my pregnancy, so it was fun to be able to relate The only thing I didn t like was that many myths were stated as facts throughout the book You d think with doctors writing it, they would get things right, but whatever It was still entertaining.

  • Very entertainingI loved this book Not many books can make me laugh out loud, it did several times during my reading Some drama but not enough to overwhelm the story Great insight into LD, you ll have a new respect for the drs and nurses.

  • As an LD nurse for 27 years, this was a fun read Had a lot of those same experiences and even the over the top ones and characters have a lot of realism.

  • I laughed I cried I wanted to know I wanted to throw the book across the room In other words a perfect stormy day read.

  • Good read Being a labor and delivery nurse I could relate to this book.Experienced many of the same things during my nursing career.

  • Loved this book Excellent story and a quick read I couldn t put it down Definitely would recommend to anyone who likes reading in depth behind the scenes books.

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