The Naked Gentleman

✓ The Naked Gentleman ↠ Sally MacKenzie - The Naked Gentleman, The Naked Gentleman He Couldn t RefuseJohn Parker Roth cannot believe that marriage is necessary for his happiness He would far rather pursue his interest in horticulture but if one day he should find a female who share ✓ The Naked Gentleman ↠ Sally MacKenzie - The Naked Gentleman, The Naked Gentleman He Couldn t RefuseJohn Parker Roth cannot believe that marriage is necessary for his happiness He would far rather pursue his interest in horticulture but if one day he should find a female who share

  • Title: The Naked Gentleman
  • Author: Sally MacKenzie
  • ISBN: 9780821780763
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
The Naked Gentleman

✓ The Naked Gentleman ↠ Sally MacKenzie, The Naked Gentleman, Sally MacKenzie, The Naked Gentleman He Couldn t RefuseJohn Parker Roth cannot believe that marriage is necessary for his happiness He would far rather pursue his interest in horticulture but if one day he should find a female who shared his passion for flowers a level headed calm sort of female he might reconsider Certainly the lovely young woman who has just tumbled into his lap will not do as she possHe Coul ✓ The Naked Gentleman ↠ Sally MacKenzie - The Naked Gentleman, The Naked Gentleman He Couldn t RefuseJohn Parker Roth cannot believe that marriage is necessary for his happiness He would far rather pursue his interest in horticulture but if one day he should find a female who share

  • ✓ The Naked Gentleman ↠ Sally MacKenzie
    431 Sally MacKenzie
The Naked Gentleman

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  • Sally MacKenzie

    Sally MacKenzie decided to become a writer in grade school when she read one of her stories to the class Her classmates laughed and she was hooked She sat down immediately to pen her first novel.Well, not exactly.The hooked part is right cursed might be a better description but the sitting down and writing part came later Much later Sally eventually went on to college, majoring in English, and, upon graduation, did what many English majors do she went to law school But she still couldn t shake her dream of writing fiction Midway through law school, she faced the fact that she really did not want to be a lawyer She took a permanent leave of absence, came home to the Washington, D.C area, and sat down to type her first novel.Well, not exactly.She did come home and write, but mostly she wrote regulations for the United States government s school nutrition programs Ketchup as a vegetable, anyone When her law school sweetheart graduated, he moved to D.C and they got married A couple years later, the first of their four sons was born, and Sally retired to manage their family She wrote a story or two and some picture book texts, all now stored away in a filing cabinet, but she spent most of her energies on baby tending which rapidly evolved into carpool driving She became an extremely skilled scheduler, getting all four boys to soccer, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, piano, scouts, and birthday parties without ever losing one Okay, she did lose the youngest for a few minutes, but she found him before he d toddled into the parking lot And she did writing school newsletters, auction programs, class plays, swim league guidance, and the acclaimed annual MacKenzie family newsletter but no fiction.Finally, the boys started driving Eek and leaving for college The nest was emptying and she wasn t getting any younger The time had come to chase the dream or let it go for good, so she sat down at the computer and wrote And rewrote And rewrote again until she had a polished manuscript She joined the Romance Writers of America, and when the plea went out for Regency manuscripts for the 2004 Golden Heart contest, she sent in The Naked Duke The stars aligned She made the final round, and one of the judging editors liked the manuscript and offered to buy it.Yee haw When not writing or obsessing over the various mysteries of book promotion, Sally can be found at the gym working hard to age gracefully, at the pool on the SLOW side of the Masters swim practice, or at one meeting or another volunteering at the helm of the summer swim league Here s Sally with her family she s 5 ft 8 in tall, but she s short in this crowd.

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  • SPOILERS AHEADI can list up to 1,000 ways this book could had been better But that ll take too long so I ll list the ones that annoyed me the most.1 What the hell was up with all the secondary characters that had their own plots I don t care about them I only care about the main characters MacKenzie ruined the first half of the book by popping up people that seem to be from her other books TNG is my first read from her so I don t give a crap about them at this point 2 She made the heroine, Meg, [...]

  • The wafer thin plot of this Regency romance is crushed under the weight of subplots, extraneous characters, cliches and anachronisms that overload it There s about 30 extra characters and we get a glimpse into the sex life of almost every one, lucky us The main plot, what there is of it, concerns a woman who steadfastly refuses to marry the man who compromised her the only reason, as far as I can tell, being that she actually wants to marry him An almost astonishingly tedious book.

  • Karena menyelamatkan miss Meg Peterson di kegelapan semak semak, John Parker Roth malah jadi kegep dlm keadaan tidak senonoh dgn gadis tsb.John sdh berusaha menjadi pria sejati Apa daya, Meg menolaknya krn dianggap hanya keterpaksaan dan kesopanan Dan sepanjang novel ini baik John maupun Meg seperti kucing dan tikus, kejar mengejar, saling menghindar, yg ujung2nya mereka tetap saja harus menikah karena keadaan terpaksa utk menghindari skandal yg bisa menghancurkan reputasi John.Novel ini terlalu [...]

  • The book drags, but what really drives me crazy about this book is the way she rewrites every occasion from anothers point of view For instance the heroine was rushing through the garden trying to avoid the hero The author writes the heroine s thoughts, then when they do get together, she starts the scene over again to let us know what the hero was thinking as he chased her The book could have been half as long Don t waste your time it is just not that good

  • The absurdity of this whole story just continues to build Not only are all the situations experienced by Meg highly inappropriate but ludicrous to consider Not only does she go for strolls in secluded gardens repeatedly with several men, with everyone talking about her, then get caught a couple of times There are too many sub plots going on to keep track of, all kinds of extra characters getting busy in the gardens It was hard to remember who the main characters were Meg acted like an idiot, the [...]

  • I love Sally MacKenzie s books The passion and laughter just jump off the page However, this was not one of her best tales If you haven t read her books before, I suggest starting with the Naked Earl or the Naked Marquise as both are much better.The passion was there, the humor was there, but there were too many issues that could have been solved with ONE conversationat should have taken place WAAYYY earlier in the book The secondary story also just confused me rather than added any value to the [...]

  • If you like a racy story full of sex and sexual innuendos and spicy anatomy descriptors and did I mention sex, then this is the book for you When the characters weren t having sex or speaking about sex or the opposite sex, there was some quite humorous and witty situations and dialog It is a very light hearted romantic story, that makes me glad I didn t live during this tale s era or I d be too exhausted from all the societal posturing I guess that may be taken a couple of ways and both fit to w [...]

  • Meg is caught trying out husbands by dragging them out to the garden at every ton ball and everyone has started to notice When one potential gets too handsy she is saved by Parks who she has been attracted to since they found a mutual interest in botany at a house party When he in turn compromises her she refuses to trap him into marriage and they both try to deny their mutual growing attraction This installment in the series was not as funny as the ones that came before and I had trouble with t [...]

  • Such a shame As a secondary character in the other books, Meg seemed so promising geeky about plants, intelligent, insightful I was rather disappointed in this book, because it made her do wildly inappropriate and frankly stupid things all with the explanation of being in love Bah humbug.

  • Very good, but the heroine bordered on the TSTL The unique plot kept me reading to see how things worked out.

  • Konflik yang sebenarnya sangat sederhana, tetapi kedua belah pihak tidak berani jujur akan perasaannya, karena memiliki prasangka buruk akan sang pasangan Margaret Peterson _meg mengira John Parker Roth Parks masih mencintai mantan tunangannya, dan Parks mengira Meg mengincar pria yang memiliki gelar Ceritanya terlalu berputar putar.

  • Meg Petersen, Emma s little sister and avid botanist, met John Parker Roth at a house party a year ago and REALLY liked him But then he disappeared so she assumed he wasn t all that interested So, now she s in London traipsing off into the bushes with scads of men trying to tempt them into marriage It s all innocent, but word is getting out that she s a bit loose with her attentions And when John rescues her from one of those guys with overly amorous intent and is then seen with John, she s comp [...]

  • Sempat mikir, kenapa seri ini diberi judul Naked, dan kemudian oh mungkin karena semua kisahnya berawal dari skandal Setidaknya, dari dua buku yang sudah saya baca Ketika membaca buku dalam sebuah seri, saya memang punya kebiasaan membandingkan Sedikit kecewa dengan The Naked King, buku ini ternyata malah jauh lebih nggak jelas Rasanya sulit sekali untuk jatuh cinta, atau minimal bersimpati dengan hero heroinnya Pertama, Meg Aduh, perempuan macam apa sih dia Saya pernah nemu beberapa karakter he [...]

  • I like the idea of a series where the characters are forever caught naked together but ,apparently, liking the idea is not enough I keep thinking the heroines are incredibly stupid and obstinate i am doing a review of the series on this book,s page because it iS The one I tolerated the most It was sheer determination on my part that kept me reading becausE i assure you that forever reading about was not the least bit entertaining Yes , yEs i understand that being forced to marry for such a stupi [...]

  • Wuih,,gw akuin ini novel lbh bagus dari the naked baron cerita Grace David ,ga ngebosenin alurnya tapi bikin gw gemes karna heroheroine nya rada bloon sama plin plan bgt jd orang,,,,ihhh bikin gw mikir klo ada org kyk gini disekitar gw bakal habis gw omelin trs Berawal dr niat Meg Petterson, adik dari Emma, utk mencari suami di season 2 nya,,,tapi yah bo cari suami ga mesti ke semak2 kali Ngegambarin heroinenya itu cewe gampangan banget tp krn kejadian semak2 itu lah, Meg bertemu dengan Jhon Par [...]

  • 2,5 sajoooo saja p buku setebal itu tp pertemuan antara john n meg cuma bisa dhitung dengan satu tangan jdikit bangeetyang ad para tokoh utama dibuku sebelumx yang sibuk meyakinkan mereka berdua_secara terpisah tentux_ agar segera menikahdangkan jhon dan meg cuma cuek bebek ajatu skandal saja tidak cukup untuk membuat meg dan jhon menikah,perlu yg lebih ekstrem seperti insiden sodomi d jalanan umum pasli,scene itu yg mendongkrak penilaianq am ni ceritaklo tidak ad itu aq sudah bersiap2 memberi 2 [...]

  • This was a fun story the author has a good hand with creating a scrumptious situation and likeable characters The draw backs for me were too many characters I don t know why there were so many characters in such an ordinary sized book each with their own storyline Some of them were only loosely connected to the main hero and heroine Some of them were obviously going to have their own novel if they hadn t already Some of them seemed to be the typical Regency villains the societ matron who spreads [...]

  • I liked it, but at the end I went, would I read No, not really Oh well I guess it was just ok then.I had problems through out the book First, Meg drags men into the bushesok, that is beyond stupid And it seems everyone knows about it Ok that is not even funny, she would be ostracized and ruined Who cares who her friends are then You just do not drag men into the bushes I think she told us why but I forgot To get married Stupid girl.So she is a stupid girl who samples kisses and then when she co [...]

  • Seperti mendapatkan beberapa jawaban dalam satu buku Kenapa aku bilang begitu Cos, dari buku 1 yaitu The Naked Duke sampai buku ke 5 yaitu The Naked Viscount, hampir semua tokohx ada, meskipun hanya sebagai cameo Dari James dan Sarah yang memiliki 2 putra, Charles dan Emma yang jg mempunyai 2 putra, Robbie dan Lizzie yang mempunyai 1 putra dan pernikahan Edmund Motton dan Jane yang bahagia yang diceritakan disini Jane melahirkan seorang putra untuk Edmund Dan 2 tokoh wanita yang dulux jahat yait [...]

  • J ai enfin mis la main sur ce quatri me tome Je l ai lu en suivant.Je ne savais pas trop quoi m attendre comme nos h ros s taient rencontr s dans le tome pr c dent Je redoutais qu ils se mettent en couple rapidement et que le reste du roman soit plan plan Mais je me suis bien tromp e Le couple met assez longtemps se trouver Ils sont aussi mignons que born s Ce tome reste sur la m me trame que le premier le couple se marie sous la pression sociale apr s avoir chang quelques baisers ou plus puis i [...]

  • 2.5 I thought this book looked like a cute story, it didn t hold my attention so I was going to put it down but then I just kept reading and eventually finished it I didn t love it but it was kinda funny, the dialog sometimes had me chuckling and I liked the main characters quirks This is part of a series but since I picked it up on a lark I didn t look that closely The book revisits previous stories again and again but it wasn t that difficult to follow along even without the entire back story [...]

  • Probably my favorite book in the complete series, as well as a top favorite in all the romance genre books I ve read However, The Naked King, The Naked Prince in the anthology An Invitation to Sin , The Naked Viscount are all very far up my list of favorite romances as well This is a great series Sally Mackenzie is greatly talented to bring together all of these romances that tie into the friends families of each character This book has a wonderful build up of the romance pulled at my heart I co [...]

  • Just what I needed Quick, sweet and full of humour And just a little sexyMeg has a little habit of dragging gentleman in the bushes, she searching for the one And one evening one of these eligble gentleman gets a little too fresh with her, and along comes our hero, John John is a true gentleman, stiff and proper and maybe just a little too dull for Megs liking John dispaches the cad , but one thing leads to another and John and Meg are found in a compromising situtation But this is just one of m [...]

  • Emma s sister Margaret has been taking men into the bushes seeking kisses during the balls She trying to find a compatible husband She takes the wrong gentleman and he tries to compromise her but John Parker Roth comes to the rescue They are unfortunately noticed by the biggest gossip in all of England and because of that he proposes but Meg refuses So much happens when John is accused of kissing a young man, but in reality it is Meg dressed up in men s clothing In order to save John she must ma [...]

  • Mucho mejor que el anterior de la serie, pero estas historias de Sally Mackenzie siguen teniendo muchas falencias, sobre todo porque tiene que hacer uso del morbo y la chabacaner a al desarrollar las historias de sus personajes, tanto los protag nicos como los secundarios No entiendo c mo un personaje femenino que como secundario en otro de los libros era absolutamente genial inteligente, graciosa, fuerte , la autora al darle un papel principal la convierta en alguien disoluta, ingenua tirando a [...]

  • Meg, introduced in The Naked Marquis, is obsessed with plants But she has recently also become interested in marriage To that end, she s been pulling men into the shrubbery and seeing how they kiss and creating quite the rumors about herself When Mr Jonathon Parker Roth saves her when one gentleman wants to take it beyond kissing, she ends up compromising him instead Her family wants the marriage to happen, His family wants the marriage to happen, it s just Meg and Jonathon that aren t so sure I [...]

  • 4.2 starsI love this series but I had to take away a star for this story having yet another female in need of marriage turning down a perfectly good proposal for no apparent reason It simply made absolutely no sense for Meg to refuse parks Then when she finally decided to accept the marriage it was totally out of character for her to declare her love then live happily ever after in the final pages of this book In fact Many of her choices were either out of character, plain stupid or both Other t [...]

  • The best yet Oh this book is funny I loved it start to finish The repartee between characters is refreshing and comedic This is a great romancesweet, funny, anxiety ridden, sensual, erotic and entertaining I ve read several of the books in this series and must say this is the best yet Meg is so naive and wrongheaded, blustering her way through the gardens if the town husband searching with all the situational missteps and misunderstandings that result This author truly has a gifta must read High [...]

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