The Encyclopedia of the Dead

[PDF] The Encyclopedia of the Dead | by í Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim - The Encyclopedia of the Dead, The Encyclopedia of the Dead In these stories Ki depicts human relationships encounters landscapes the multitude of details that make up a human life [PDF] The Encyclopedia of the Dead | by í Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim - The Encyclopedia of the Dead, The Encyclopedia of the Dead In these stories Ki depicts human relationships encounters landscapes the multitude of details that make up a human life

  • Title: The Encyclopedia of the Dead
  • Author: Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim
  • ISBN: 9780810115149
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
The Encyclopedia of the Dead

[PDF] The Encyclopedia of the Dead | by í Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim, The Encyclopedia of the Dead, Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim, The Encyclopedia of the Dead In these stories Ki depicts human relationships encounters landscapes the multitude of details that make up a human life [PDF] The Encyclopedia of the Dead | by í Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim - The Encyclopedia of the Dead, The Encyclopedia of the Dead In these stories Ki depicts human relationships encounters landscapes the multitude of details that make up a human life

  • [PDF] The Encyclopedia of the Dead | by í Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim
    458Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim
The Encyclopedia of the Dead

About “Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim

  • Danilo Kiš Michael Henry Heim

    Danilo Ki was born in Subotica, Danube Banovina, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the son of Eduard Ki Kis Ede , a Hungarian Jewish railway inspector, and Milica Ki born Dragi evi from Cetinje, Montenegro During the Second World War, he lost his father and several other family members, who died in various Nazi camps His mother took him and his older sister Danica to Hungary for the duration of the war After the end of the war, the family moved to Cetinje, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, where Ki graduated from high school in 1954.Ki studied literature at the University of Belgrade, and graduated in 1958 as the first student to complete a course in comparative literature He was a prominent member of the Vidici magazine, where he worked until 1960 In 1962 he published his first two novels, Mansarda and Psalam 44 Ki received the prestigious NIN Award for his Pe anik Hourglass in 1973, which he returned a few years later, due to a political dispute.During the following years, Ki received a great number of national and international awards for his prose and poetry.He spent most of his life in Paris and working as a lecturer elsewhere in France.Ki was married to Mirjana Mio inovi from 1962 to 1981 After their separation, he lived with Pascale Delpech until his early death from lung cancer in Paris.A film based on Pe anik F veny ra directed by the Hungarian Szabolcs Tolnai is currently in post production.Ki was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature and was due to win it, were it not for his untimely death in 1989.

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  • When a lie is repeated long enough, people start believing it Because people need faith The Encyclopedia of the Dead is an obvious attempt to follow in Jorge Luis Borges footsteps, and although the tales are good and mostly inventive they are rather short in charms and profundity of the original.Simon Magus is a gnostic tale with an apparent sympathy for the advocates of Gnosticism Last Respects is a flowery fable of a cocotte s interment The Encyclopedia of the Dead is an ironic variation on th [...]

  • Introduction Simon Magus Last Respects The Encyclopedia of the Dead The Legend of the Sleepers The Mirror of the Unknown The Story of the Master and the Disciple Pro Patria Mori The Book of Kings and Fools Red Stamps with Lenin s HeadPostscript

  • A robust panoply of erudite stories, each plump with historical religious allusions told with a shading of mischief A Borgesian bouillabaisse.

  • Garden, Ashes is a major favorite one of the few novels I ve re read than twice but others I ve tried A Tomb For Boris Davidovich, Hourglass haven t really done it for me I had a similarly split reaction with this one Loved the first few stories but midway through the one about the sleepers I found myself literally falling asleep and wasn t able to enter the last few Tried a couple times but kept zoning out couldn t concentrate I might return to the last three stories later on when able to read [...]

  • I ve not previously read Mr Kis s work and I was not sure what to expect I read this collection in translation by Michael Henry Heim This was the first book I could obtain, and I was totally swept up in the beauty of the prose from beginning to end This collection of nine stories touches on a number of facets of life relationships, encounters and experiences Each is unique Each illustrates a different aspect of existence, including questioning the notion of divine order Everything a living man c [...]

  • November 1, 2012 All Saints Day Death looks very much like the ending of a book It is inevitable, inescapable, final, often unpredictable yet necessary and common to all Each human life that ends is like a book that has been read, and was loved, and is kept in at least one other person s memory For a book, its author or its first reader for a person, his her mother or someone who had loved him her most.All Saints Day is a celebration and commemoration of sequels, or the possibility thereof, base [...]

  • If for whatever reason you haven t read anything by Danilo Kis yet, I m gonna go ahead and say Do so as soon as possible Jewish guy from what was Yugoslavia at the time, wrote in Serbo Croatian, and as good as anybody you d care to name Really just top shelf You can start anywhere because all the books are good This is stories, loosely linked by the theme of death Kis s three big topics are death, childhood, and the Holocaust, and yeahyeah, heavy stuff, and generally pretty depressing but he is [...]

  • An intriguing short collection of stories and fables This was a book I picked up just because of the title, though the Penguin Modern Classics series generally guarantees quality The title story is reminiscent of and probably influenced by Borges, though the dream in question, of a sect that creates an encyclopedia documenting the lives of ordinary people in minute detail, was based on a real dream related by Kis s wife Some of the other stories are re tellings and fictionalisations of historica [...]

  • Only death is certain seems to be the dominant message of the nine short stories in this collection by Yugoslov writer, Danilo Kis My first time to read a work by him and I am now craving for .Although the stories are about death and dying, the book is neither terrifying nor nightmarish So, if you are looking to be scared like when you read a Stephen King or a Clive Barker, this book is not for you This book borders on being philosophical about highly inventive scenes that only gifted authors co [...]

  • I love Borges and after I exhausted his books, I went looking for other authors who were influenced by him Danilo Kis came up near the top of the list, so I picked up Encyclopedia of The Dead , his book of short stories And indeed, Kis subjects are Borgesian gnostic heretics, infinite encyclopedias, men condemned by dictators, Koranic legends, reviews of imaginary books In many ways, Kis is a better writer than Borges the stories have the mournful lyricism of Milan Kundera at his best But this b [...]

  • to je bilo bilo je Pro lost ivi u nama i ne mo emo je izbrisati Po to su snovi slika onoga sveta, i dokaz njegovog postojanja, susre emo se u snovima.

  • This book, like Mahler s Symphony no 9, has a central theme of the dead And, also like Mahler s Symphony, raises many questions, but leave to the reader listener to find the answers for himself, since there is no unique and unified approach on solving the problem of death and its overcoming In this precious book we see nine ways of trying to overcome the death, which are told through nine stories They raise many unpleasant questions, and the basic one is Can a human being achieve the immortality [...]

  • Danilo Kis escribe Enciclopedia de los muertos como una recopilaci n de historias relacionadas con la muerte En ellas desarrolla todo su saber hacer y su gran capacidad de inventar historias reales que se confunden con la ficci n, y al rev s Su prosa es directa y los relatos tienen olores propios de los lugares que aparecen en el contexto de los hechos o quiz yo los he imaginado Entre los relatos destacar a El libro de los reyes y de los tontos, Sellos rojos con la efigie de Lenin, Honores f neb [...]

  • Il racconto iniziale stato per me folgorante,come quello che d il titolo alla raccolta La lettura proseguita poi in un clima un po soffocante, complice l influenza e la cupa tristezza,mi parso un libro di morte, sinistro, e mi ha messo a disagio diventata una meta lettura, come se il libro stesso portasseentura Era un gioco, certo, ma non vedevo l ora di finirlo.

  • I am a fan of Borges, and much of my MA dissertation focused on the disintegration of the Yugoslav state in the midst of conflicting nationalist rhetoric imagine my delight when I discovered Ki.Sadly, great expectations are usually dashed, and I ve just put this volume down feeling a little cold It s hit and miss my favourite stories were Simon Magus, the Encyclopedia of the Dead and the Mirror of the Unknown At best though, these are sub Borges, mostly lacking Jorge Luis wit and charm that bala [...]

  • En el mejor estilo que ya nos hab a heredado Borges, leemos a Danilo Kis disfrutando cada frase y oraci n que construye, envolvi ndonos en un mundo que a la vez que es fant stico y que nos mantiene con los pies en la tierra No es evasi n, es goce puro Reconocer en leyendas y citas de obras que no nos son accesibles la familiaridad con que las distintas corrientes de pensamiento proyectan l neas que sabemos que se tocan, o que lo hicieron, y otras a las que no les falta gran cosa para hacerlo El [...]

  • Od devet pri a, Crvene marke s likom Lenjina mi se svidela, a Enciklopedijom mrtvih sam odu evljen Ostale ne znam za to sam pro itao.

  • Definitivno nije moj tip knjige Nije ono to sam o ekivala od nje, ali nemam srca da dam manju ocjenu samo zbog li nih preferencija.

  • Ki follows a line of culturally cosmopolitan authors, epitomised in the twentieth century by Borges or later Yourcenar or Bola o and going back to Goethe whose West eastern Divan he planned to quote ironically in this Encyclopedia The frames for his stories are borrowed from fictional as well as historical sources the Bible, the Quran, some minor news items or the greatest tragedies in European history Events take place from the early years after Christ s death to the post war twentieth century, [...]

  • Conoc la obra de Danilo Ki a trav s de los relatos p stumos que componen La d y cicatrices, donde cada una de sus historias dejaba un rastro de un personaje, detalle o acontecimiento real enmascarado tras la ficci n Hasta ese momento, mi conocimiento tanto de Ki como de la literatura yugoslava si hacemos caso a las obras aparecidas antes de su desintegraci n durante los 90 era pr cticamente anecd tico un poco de Ivo Andri , por curiosidad lectora y cercan a de un ejemplar de Un puente sobre el D [...]

  • Some pocket sized novels on the theme of death.1 Simon Magus Based on an gnostic tale from The Acts of Peter A prophet eruditely denounces the Christian God and is confronted by Peter and the apostles His attempts at performing miracles levitation and being buried alive the story is told twice both end in a gruesome death, which his companion takes as proof that the prophet was right God is a tyrant It s a story that manages to be funny yet deadly serious allegorical yet ambiguous.2 Last Respect [...]

  • I had high hopes for this collection of short stories The cover blurb states that this is one of the finest fantastic collections since Borges s Ficciones In some respects, I can see how this applies the stories often blur fact and fiction, contain conundrums, and are full of semi legitimate literary references which cross reference each other within each story However, they lack the playfulness that I find in Borges This means to be blunt many of them are just boring The Book Of Kings And Fools [...]

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