[PDF] Awaken | by ✓ P.T. Michelle - Awaken, Awaken The epic conclusion to the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series With her family life in emotional turmoil Nara turns her focus to the one thing she knows is most important for everyone convincing the ra [PDF] Awaken | by ✓ P.T. Michelle - Awaken, Awaken The epic conclusion to the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series With her family life in emotional turmoil Nara turns her focus to the one thing she knows is most important for everyone convincing the ra

  • Title: Awaken
  • Author: P.T. Michelle
  • ISBN: 9781939672292
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Awaken | by ✓ P.T. Michelle, Awaken, P.T. Michelle, Awaken The epic conclusion to the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series With her family life in emotional turmoil Nara turns her focus to the one thing she knows is most important for everyone convincing the raven spirit inside Ethan that he is the Master Corvus Of course Ethan trying to protect her by keeping his distance makes that goal near impossible to accomplish But onceThe epic conclusion to [PDF] Awaken | by ✓ P.T. Michelle - Awaken, Awaken The epic conclusion to the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series With her family life in emotional turmoil Nara turns her focus to the one thing she knows is most important for everyone convincing the ra

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  • [PDF] Awaken | by ✓ P.T. Michelle
    378 P.T. Michelle

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    New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling author of the IN THE SHADOWS and BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS seriesCurrent books in P.T s New Adult Contemporary Romance series IN THE SHADOWS, a New York Times, USA Today and International bestseller IN THE SHADOWS SERIES NOW AVAILABLE MISTER BLACK 1 Sebastian Talia Part 1, Novella SCARLETT RED 2 Sebastian Talia Part 2, Novel BLACKEST RED 3 Sebastian Talia Part 3, Novel GOLD SHIMMERr 4 Cass Calder Part 1, Novel STEEL RUSH 5 Cass Calder Part 2, Novel BLACK PLATINUM 6 Sebastian Talia, Stand alone REDDEST BLACK 7 Sebastian Talia, Stand alone COMING Blood Rose 8 Cass Calder, Stand alone June 2018Books in P.T s BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series ETHAN Prequel Novella 0.5 ETHAN is written in Ethan s point of view and can be read before or after BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS and LUCID BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS Book 1 LUCID Book 2 DESTINY Book 3 DESIRE Book 4 AWAKEN Book 5 Sign up for P.T Michelle s free NEWSLETTER to be instantly informed when the next IN THE SHADOWS or BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS book is released Go here to sign up eepurl jriS9Come chat with P.T and other fans on P.T s FacebookJoin P.T s Readers GroupTwitter Facebook Website

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  • Yay It s finally here, the final book in the BKoD series I finished and I am satisfied Ugggg, I just love Etahn and his love for Nara but Rave grew on me and I equally love him I just love this series 3333

  • Ok, this really was like a 3.5 for several reasons I waited 2 years and 9 months for this book, that seems like an eternity When I finally get my hands on it, I came pretty close to just not finishing it, because at times it felt almost like the wheels had fallen off Seriously, the first 33%, which is a huge chunk honestly, could have just been summed up in a chapter It really felt unneeded, and filler I was very frustrated with that part, because for most of this time, it felt as if Nara and E [...]

  • celebrityreaders.wordpressThe end is here FINALLY Finally finished this series This series has been sitting in my queue for YEARS I first started this series about four years ago I think it was but that was before I started keeping track with GR in 2014 Anyway, long story short Too late I had to wait for the series to finish and the last book finally came out this year Okay whew, background info over now on to the good stuff.So this plot seemed simple at first but it evolved and changed with ea [...]

  • I waited and waited and waited for this book I purchased it within the first week and all the build up of it promised it would be epic If epic means 300 pages of unfinished plot lines and half cooked story ideas then this word is spot on.Yes it finished the series Yes it was great to finally get closure on E N That s pretty much the end of the greats as I can think of at least 5 unfinished story lines that beg for an ending or closure and the book seems like an afterthought or an essay written t [...]

  • Awaken was everything I hoped the completion of Nara and Ethan s story would be, and I was able to dive right into the story and be immersed in the world of the Corvus Ethan and Nara made me cry, and laugh, and filled me with joy The storyline was so compelling, with twists and turns that I never saw coming And I loved how things from the whole series wove together to wrap everything together You DEFINITELY need to read the books the precede Awaken in the BKOD series This is not a stand alone s [...]

  • Had the pleasure to beta read this amazing book and OH MY GOD I LOVED IT A beautiful and wonderful, no, perfect ending to a series I love with all my heart review to come

  • This book tasted like a stale afterthought The kind where someone is trying to finish a story but its lost it power of attention, even the speaker has lost interest so instead of doing the right thing by shutting up or simply admitting to their own indifference and moving on instead they struggle to give the listeners what they thought was the originally ideaeven if they themselves can t remember.So what we, the few who lingered on the edges of years hoping maybe this book will eventually become [...]

  • I enjoyed this book and thought it was a good ending to the series The first quarter of the book or so could have been left out It was super annoying and unnecessary, but once I got past that part then I enjoyed it I ll be sad to leave Ethan and Nara

  • Series review featured on indiewishlist.wixsite blog When I first started this series years ago, I was completely drawn in I thought I knew where the story was going, but yeah, I had no clue I read the first three books and had to wait until the fourth Then I had to wait YEARS for the fifth I waited so long I forgot I was waiting for it Well, I just remembered a couple weeks ago, and now it s been so long since I read the first four point five books Ethan is a novella that came out later It s a [...]

  • Good ending but plots points are left danglingThere was something just off with this book After waiting for the delayed release I think I expected , something definitive I was half expecting a new book spin off series to be announced at the end as there were so many details left out, or dismissed with a few sentences Perhaps there should have been two books, instead of one, so that everything was fully addressed.The first quarter of this book consisted of Ethan acting weird and Nara moping That [...]

  • Didn t disappoint This book didn t disappoint It s left open but it ended in the best possible way I cried for Ethan and Nara I thought at one point I would end up throwing my poor kindle across the room Nara is such a great character She s sassy, brave and fights for what she wants She fights for the ones she loves and for herself Ethan is magical I do love him The love between Nara and Ethan is beautiful and powerful The fight between Ethan and Lucifer had me wanting to scream and cheering Eth [...]

  • This is a pretty good series It kept me enad This last book brought all the loose ends together, and it was a bit overwhelming at times because a lot was happening all at once It did keep me at the edge of my seat though There were certain paragraphs I had to re read to get everything straight in my head, because I got a little confused on a couple of things It is a long series though six books total , and some of the books are a nine hour read to boot If you want a good fantasy series to escape [...]

  • P.T Michelle is a truly gifted storyteller This last book in the BKoD series was exactly what I d hoped for It was intense, emotional and filled with twists and turns that made this series finale a perfect conclusion to Ethan and Nara s story All of the little pieces from the previous books come together so perfectly, I couldn t ask for a better ending If you have not read the first four books in this series, you need to just jump right in and start Book 1 right now.

  • AwesomeAwesome book I couldn t put it down Everything tied in great, all answers answered But sad the series is over I was hoping for a least 1 that ties Matt n laney into things but still awesome

  • Loved this seriesWhere do I start I love this story from start to end Ethan and Nara s story is something to read I hope the author will consider another book on them I would love to read an older version of them.

  • Perfect I absolutely adore this series and have held off reading this last book because I didn t want it to end It was a perfect ending, not that I had any doubts as she s an amazing author Thank you P.T Michelle, I look forward to reading all of your future books.

  • The bestBy far and away the best book in this series An emotional roller coaster thrill ride all the way through I m sorry to see this series end I loved every minute in this series.

  • And so ends the series It was a decent ending, but I don t see myself coming back to the series for a re read in future I was expecting a little , and although it wrapped everything up I think that it could have been intense.

  • YessFinally But broken because the adventures have ended Amazing book AddictingThrillingSadFun Thank you so much for this series

  • Sad To Have Come to the EndI really enjoyed these books I have devoured them all this week Nara and Ethan are two of my favorite characters from recent reads.

  • Best seriesI was reluctant at first But the stories just got better with each book I wished it didnt end here and there were Please consider it

  • Overall, I was happy to get to this final book and although not a fan of the beginning, once Ethan and Nara got back on track, the rest of the book took off One of my favorite parts of the book included Samson and his unconditional support of Ethan My least favorite outside of the distance between Ethan and Nara the first part of the story, Nara s dad Not that I could not empathize with a father looking after his daughter, but he was just a little much When I have time, I do want to re read the [...]

  • 3 3 3I absolutely adore Ethan and Nara, be prepared for some crying as you read this final book Rave is quite the character also and he really grew on me Nara s dad, I still wanna slap him upside the head Gran is easy to love with her for loving personality There are so many great characters and things happening in this series, it truly is the Brightest Kind of Darkness.

  • The ending could ve been better, especially with the relationship going on between Nara and Ethan you d think they ve got this after the previous book.

  • I really enjoyed this series and the much awaited last book did not disappoint I felt the start felt a little slow, but that might mostly be because there was a good gap between this book and when I read book 4 However, it felt true to the characters and wrapped up nicely with maybe an opening for a new adult spin off for Ethan and Nara hint, hint This book is not a stand alone, however I highly suggest the series as a whole for a great story of demons, angels, the devil, ravens, and a few stubb [...]

  • Spectacular finish to the seriesThe lady book in a series is always bittersweet because saying goodbye to characters you ve invested in is difficult As much as I wanted to read the book as fast as I could, I also wanted to savour each moment Michelle put together an epic conclusion in Awaken In twists and turns and grand battles, this finale doesn t disappoint TTTWFO

  • What a brilliant end to this series I absolutely adored Ethan and Nara and the love they have for each other I also came to love Rave and his feeling for Nara I belive he was in love with her also and that is why he took care of Ethan.I would love to see of Drystan maybe a novella on him and how he picks himself back up Maybe meeting his forever in the sanctuary Maybe she could be Irish

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