Devil's Bridge

[PDF] Devil's Bridge | by ☆ Linda Fairstein - Devil's Bridge, Devil s Bridge The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City s most magnificent vistas boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the busy George Washington Bridge But Detective Mike Chapman is about to be [PDF] Devil's Bridge | by ☆ Linda Fairstein - Devil's Bridge, Devil s Bridge The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City s most magnificent vistas boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the busy George Washington Bridge But Detective Mike Chapman is about to be

  • Title: Devil's Bridge
  • Author: Linda Fairstein
  • ISBN: 9780751560336
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
Devil's Bridge

[PDF] Devil's Bridge | by ☆ Linda Fairstein, Devil's Bridge, Linda Fairstein, Devil s Bridge The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City s most magnificent vistas boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the busy George Washington Bridge But Detective Mike Chapman is about to become far too well acquainted with the dangerous side of the Hudson river and its islands when he takes on his most personal case yet the disappearance of Alex Cooper Coop iThe Manhattan [PDF] Devil's Bridge | by ☆ Linda Fairstein - Devil's Bridge, Devil s Bridge The Manhattan waterfront is one of New York City s most magnificent vistas boasting both the majestic Statue of Liberty and the busy George Washington Bridge But Detective Mike Chapman is about to be

  • [PDF] Devil's Bridge | by ☆ Linda Fairstein
    342 Linda Fairstein
Devil's Bridge

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  • Linda Fairstein

    Linda Fairstein born 1947 is one of America s foremost legal experts on crimes of violence against women and children She served as head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney s office from 1976 until 2002 and is the author of a series of novels featuring Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper Like Fairstein, Alex Coop Cooper is in charge of the Special Victims Unit of the Office She works closely with NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace The 17th book in her best selling series DEVIL S BRIDGE launches in paperback in June, 2016 The 18th novel KILLER LOOK debuts on July 26th.This year, Fairstein will debut a new series for Middle Grade readers 8 12 years old Her kid sleuth, Devlin Quick, appears in INTO THE LION S DEN in November, 2016 The series is an homage to Nancy Drew, whose books inspired Linda s two careers in crime fiction and in the law.Ms Fairstein is an honors graduate of Vassar College 1969 and the University of Virginia School of Law 1972 She joined the Manhattan District Attorney s office in 1972 as an Assistant District Attorney She was promoted to the head of the sex crimes unit in 1976 During her tenure, she prosecuted several highly publicized cases, including the Preppy Murder case against Robert Chambers in 1986.Linda Fairstein left the District Attorney s office in 2002, and has continued to consult, write, lecture and serve as a sex crimes expert for a wide variety of print and television media outlets, including the major networks, CNN, MSNBC among others Ms Fairstein is often called to provide her opinion on high profile prosecutions including Michael Jackson s molestation charges in 2004, Kobe Bryant s sexual assault charges, and Scott Peterson s trial She is also a frequent speaker on issues surrounding domestic abuse.Ms Fairstein lives in Manhattan and on Martha s Vineyard with her husband, Michael Goldberg Her novels draw on Ms Fairstein s legal expertise as well as her knowledge of and affection for the rich history of the city of New York.Series Alexandra Cooper Mystery

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  • The 17th book in Linda Fairstein s Alexandra Cooper Series and still going strong.I have always liked Alexandra Cooper but in this story, she plays a smaller role d for the first time we get Mike Chapman s POV s no secret that I am total enad with this guy And at last he and Alexandra are finally together why the hell it took them so long to discover that they were so good together is beyond me The opening chapters that feature Alex in court are absolutely thrilling who knew that things like tha [...]

  • If you are a long time follower of Linda Fairstein and her Alex Cooper series, you are in for a treat It is a bit different from what we come to expect from this author but it manages to show us an Alexandra Cooper seen through Mike Chapman s eyes.This is essentially Mike Chapman s book Alexandra is kidnapped early on in the book Naturally, it turns law enforcement inside out trying to find her As a prosecutor, she has a lot of enemies, old ones and new ones And Mike is beside himself with worry [...]

  • While this is, so far, my favorite plot line of the Alex Cooper series, unfortunately it is my least favorite book.Much of the dialogue is jumbled and confusing although in large part that may be due to the crappy formatting for the Kindle iPad app.There is no flow to this story, there s no natural stream to it It seems frazzled and it s distracting, which makes the story hard to get into.I really really really disliked the fact that Alex was portrayed as a weak, tantrummy crybaby by her lover I [...]

  • Alex Cooper is a prosecuting attorney working high profile cases Following a night of celebrating with colleagues and friends, Alex is kidnapped when she mistakes a waiting SUV for the Uber driver There s no telling who her abductors are with the suspects Alex has as enemies.Detective Mike Chapman is Alex Cooper s lover and the lead detective working Alex s abduction Mike draws on the history of New York, the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty to help him solve Alex s disappearance Who is th [...]

  • When Alexandra Cooper, a Manhattan prosecutor, turns up missing, Mike Chapman, a seasoned detective and Cooper s current lover, frantically leads the search Two thirds into the novel and the investigation continuing to stall, Fairstein attempts to ramp up a dragging plot with, albeit interesting, similarly exhausting historical insight regarding The Statue of Liberty, Bedloe Island, and Fort Wood Somewhat of a history buff myself even I was gritting my teeth following a nearly two and a half pag [...]

  • This was a wonderful addition to the Alexandra Cooper Series, maybe my favorite installment to date It was harrowing, and I worried terribly about Alex, as well as her new relationship with Mike I felt so badly for him and what he was going through at times during this book, not to mention poor Alex The book kept me captivated and I absolutely couldn t quit reading I m already so ready for Mike Chapman is stunned by the disappearance of Alex Cooper Even though her friends tell him they believe [...]

  • I used to love this series and the chance to learn very specific information about public places in NYC but since the addition of the romantic entanglement between the two main characters all I can think when I read is that they should both be fired and she should be disbarred for putting all the cases at risk It really detracts from the enjoyment of the book.

  • Aprovechando mi reciente visita a Nueva York, he estado leyendo libros y novelas que tuvieran como localizaci n esta magn fica ciudad Esta es una de ellas, teniendo como protagonistas tanto a la Estatua de La Libertad como al r o Hudson, hasta la zona del Washington Bridge En este cinematogr fico enclave se sit a la investigaci n del detective Mike Chapman, en su fren tica b squeda de la asistente del fiscal del distrito Alex Cooper, secuestrada tras tomar unas copas con sus compa eros de trabaj [...]

  • This is the seventeenth book in this series which follows sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper and two detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace In this story the trio are investigating a murder when Alex suddenly disappears It is quickly obvious she has become a victim of foul play and the two men pull out all the stops to get her back alive This story is unique in that is the first one that is told from Mike s point of view All of the previous books in the series have had Alexandra as the s [...]

  • A new approach for Linda Fairstein with this 17th installment of her Alexandra Cooper Series For the first few chapters, it is Alex in her 1st person POV A big case of hers has blown up in her face, data from her office computer has been compromised, and her boss has threatened her ever so subtly Then she s kidnapped while waiting for an Uber driver.Then Fairstein changes POV Mike Chapman takes over for the rest of the book He has a domestic murder that ties into an unholy alliance between the D [...]

  • My View I am a big fan of Linda Fairstein s Alexandra Cooper series and this latest book in that series did not disappoint This narrative includes the characters we already know and love Coop who in this instance plays a pivotal yet behind the scenes role in this one and Detective Mike Chapman it is Chapman s voice we hear narrating most of this story The reader gets an opportunity to learn a lot about Mike s background the incidents and places and people that helped shaped his life and we get [...]

  • Didn t love it I have read most if not all of this series and like the Coop character and her legal interactions This takes her out of the action too early The voice of Mike Chapman seemed inauthentic and a gimmick The whole middle of the book is a throwaway plot that went nowhere maybe a set up for the next book The actual rationale for the kidnapping came totally out of left field I am tired of the damsel in distress plots and agree with other people that the relationship is one that is awkwar [...]

  • I just want a good, convoluted, interesting crime story involving Coop Chapman some bad people This one started out so promising quickly plummeted into TOO much NY history, too much whining from Chapman who deserves much depth than this story gave him , and an ending that was simultaneously too quick, too unbelievable, too uninteresting I ll give the duo one try but the series has currently lost its punch.

  • Security breaches put Alexandra Cooper s life on display for everyone, and thenNot quite as strong as others in the series but you ll get a good dose of New York history, and plenty of trivia Chapman s suspicious nature continues to be a strength, even though the stress of the operation may be enough to permanently damage some of his working relationships, and much depends on how people react under the increasing pressure view spoiler I felt the implied connection between Shipley and Estevez was [...]

  • It s sad when that star crossed romance I ve been waiting books for finally happens and completely ruins the series No seriously, ever since Alex and Mike have gotten together Alex has been portrayed as a total twit Given, that s not the biggest problem this book has The plot is incredibly fractured, with the feel of being two books in one Very little of what happens in the first half matters in the second half That said, I m sticking with the series because the book wasn t horrifically awful an [...]

  • Wonderful I love this series I have wanted to read an entry written from Mike Chapman s point of view for a very long time It was worth the wait Now sitting down to read it a second time after zooming through to see how it would end Now I want to enjoy Linda Fairstein s amazing writing about the pretty much unknown and under appreciated architecture and history of NYC.

  • Disappointing Wordy Slow going Not her typical good work I had high hopes as I love this series but Alex is MIS for most of the book and there s just a lot of talk, talk, talk and muddy plot Pass on this one v

  • Disappointing I wanted something engrossing to read while sick yet this was not a patch on her previous efforts The history felt laboured and the change of voice from Cooper to Chapman felt gimmicky.

  • Interesting an Alexandra Cooper tale told in Mike Chapman s voice I could have done without all the conservative politics, though.

  • Well, I do like these kind of books and found it good And I ve been in New York in december which adds a bit of spice to the tale as well.

  • An easy and interesting read, an adventure and not too much mystery, although the plot went in a different direction than I thought it would If the reader has been following the Alexander Cooper character, the book will probably be exciting A disappearance A K A kidnapping and the search from there New York is always a great locale for a story so that helps in this book.I won this book in a giveaway.

  • The Alexandra Cooper series written by Linda Fairstein is yet another series that I have been reading for years in fact, from the very first book in the series Alex Cooper is an Assistant District Attorney in the Sex Crimes Unit of the New York City District Attorney s Office I find this series captivating for two reasons the stories are set up in a way that I find similar to the television show Law Order Special Victims and I used to watch the show religiously Alex works closely on her cases wi [...]

  • Every once in a while when walking around the library, I try a new author, especially if he or she has several titles to their credit I recently tried Devil s Bridge by Linda Fairstein It takes a LOT for me to put a book down once I start it I finish probably around 90% of the books I start But after around 85 pages, I simply had to give up I m sure some people may disagree based on other positive reviews but this plot was so unbelievable and childish, I couldn t take any .It felt like this nove [...]

  • This is by far my favorite Alex Cooper novel While the story begins with Alex in court, she s once again the main focus but not in the usual way A well known prosecutor, she often makes the news and she s had some interesting cases through the years She s made enemies but she s also made a lot of friends Detective Mike Chapman is one of those friends, until recently when their relationship became that of lovers It had been coming for a long time, their feelings for one another slowly evolving in [...]

  • Author Linda Fairstein masterfully weaves the history of New York landmarks with suspense in her latest release, DEVIL S BRIDGE, the 17th installment in her Alexandra Cooper series.Bringing the various characters to life, narrator Barbara Rosenblat holds listeners attention with her varied pace, dialect and mannerisms Rosenblat draws on the emotions throughout the story to boost it to another level of intensity.A security breach in the office of Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Coop Cooper [...]

  • A book that is missing Alexandra Cooper through most of it Seeing things through Michael Chapman s eyes That s a first Although I do want to say that I wanted to slap the crap out of him a couple of times I also found myself missing the old Coop I think this was good just to get a different aspect, but I think once is enough We need to get back to Battaglia and Shipley I can t wait for that showdown Of course the suspense just leading up to it with a few hints here and there does lead to great b [...]

  • I really love this series, and the Coop Chapman story is one of the best parts Devil s Bridge just didn t do their story justice unfortunately I was so disappointed in the way Linda Fairstein painted Coop as whiny, high strung, and somewhat mean while Chapman was out of control with violent tendencies Fairstein has spent too much time making me like both Coop and Chapman and so to change their personalities so dramatically in this book felt like a bait and switch To make matters worse, the dialo [...]

  • Thanks ti Penguin s First to Read program I got an early look Silly little me, getting the privilege to read an early release of a book that is part of a series that you have not read I liked the overall idea of the series, reminds me of a lot of tv shows The problem I had was that the characters all seemed moody, there wasn t much happy for them Alex and Mike didn t have much communication or chemistry Also, it seemed on a really slow draw to figure out Alex was missing I don t have many people [...]

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