Use Somebody

☆ Use Somebody · Riley Jean - Use Somebody, Use Somebody For straitlaced Scarlett Rossi college was supposed to be all about finding herself But when a whirlwind romance goes tragically wrong what she finds is much darker than expected Reeling from the fa ☆ Use Somebody · Riley Jean - Use Somebody, Use Somebody For straitlaced Scarlett Rossi college was supposed to be all about finding herself But when a whirlwind romance goes tragically wrong what she finds is much darker than expected Reeling from the fa

  • Title: Use Somebody
  • Author: Riley Jean
  • ISBN: 9781507672709
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
Use Somebody

☆ Use Somebody · Riley Jean, Use Somebody, Riley Jean, Use Somebody For straitlaced Scarlett Rossi college was supposed to be all about finding herself But when a whirlwind romance goes tragically wrong what she finds is much darker than expected Reeling from the fallout she returns home lost alone and scarred Determined to rebuild what was stolen that night she embraces the fighter within With a heart of gold and a smile like thFor straitlaced ☆ Use Somebody · Riley Jean - Use Somebody, Use Somebody For straitlaced Scarlett Rossi college was supposed to be all about finding herself But when a whirlwind romance goes tragically wrong what she finds is much darker than expected Reeling from the fa

  • ☆ Use Somebody · Riley Jean
    200 Riley Jean
Use Somebody

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    Life has made me fearless, God has made me strong, and being married to my best friend has me laughing every single day Sunny Southern California is where we call home I enjoy scrapbooking, autumn sunsets, and surrounding myself with music and books By day I am Pepper Potts pencil skirt rockin executive assistant to a top leader at a Fortune 100 company By night I am Riley Jean reader, writer, rock star in disguise.

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  • One word Goosebumps For whatever reason, this boy who thought he had love all figured out, and this girl who had stopped believing in its existence, had found hope in each other If you think, even for a second, that you know how it s going to go, you are wrong Brilliantly written, each sentence is flawless and well, undeniably from the heart Use Somebody will gnaw at you and make you keep flipping its pages You, I thought You and your ability to make me feel beautiful, desired, respected and con [...]

  • I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I cried, I laughed, I got angry This book affected me Rarely ever do I come across a book that captures my soul and heart The only books I ve ever been emotionally moved by and I mean EMOTIONALLY, like my life is forever changed, I stay up at night thinking about the book and the life lessons, I m always wondering how my life relates to the story, the book will stay on my mind for weeks after I finish reading it, it s like losing a friend o [...]

  • O M G Where do I start 1 I love that this is a long book The author could have done what many do and broken this story up into a series Ick 2 What can I say about Scarlett Scar This girl young woman starts out as a very sweet and shy person who is picked on and taken advantage of by others because she is sweet and shy She has friends but some cough Lexi cough Bitch of them are not very good friends Something happens that we aren t privy to awesomely done until much later in the book has broken h [...]

  • Note I received this free eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review Until we are ready to love with all our hearts, all our minds, and all our souls, we are nothing but lonesome people, just looking to use somebody Before anything else, I d like to express my sincerest thanks to the author for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this wonderful, wonderful book Now, I felt bad that I didn t get to pay for my copy because in all honesty folks, this one s worth every penny.Let me beg [...]

  • This is Riley Jean s debut novel and I thought it was wonderfully written This is a standalone but is about 700 pages so not a short read I don t usually read novels this long but I made it and it was worth it in the end I do think it could have been a series Scarlett was always the good girl growing up She didn t cause her parents trouble, had good grades and was a friend to everyone Her best friend, Lexi was the complete opposite and was always trying to change Scarlett, have her let loose in [...]

  • A copy of this book was e mailed to me in exchange for an honest review.Okay, before I start the actual review, let me just fangirl for a moment cue fangirlingOh my days, this is an absolutely amazing book I hope the author writes a thousand books akin to this, because I ll read the heck out of all of them And of course, what would a fangirl moment be without this asdfghjkl I just can t even Scance Vacar ship names for the two main characters don t judge me, those are the best I could come up wi [...]

  • Life wasn t about dodging landmines it was about standing tall even when the world does everything in its power to annihilate you THIS This is what the new adult genre SHOULD be Poignant, heartbreaking, inspirational Fans of Colleen Hoover and The Sea of Tranquility will love it.This book will crack your heart wide open, push you past your limits, and refuse to leave you unchanged It will effect you long after the final page And the characters will stay in your heart This is the mark of a powerf [...]

  • Check out the complete review at Views She Writes WordPress ReviewsWhat a book Seriously, by the time I finished it, I was so much amazed by the story There are very few books which has managed to take me on a roller coaster ride as much as Use Somebody has.Scarlett has turned into Scar a hard core form as compared the bubbly happy and innocent girl she was before she went to college Now she doesn t care about anything, is as far away from happy and bubbly as possible, and does not believe in lo [...]

  • I received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review That did not influence my decision Let me just start off by saying that it has been a while since a book has impacted me on such a personal and deep level Scarlett s story and anxiety are so familiar that reading this story had me riding an emotional rollercoaster I love the depth to the characters that Riley Jean wrote into the story and how she helped them grow and experience relationships and love The relationship between Scarlet [...]

  • Use Somebody is a beautifully written Dark Love story Scarlet was once a Beautiful full of life bubbly girl than one night something Heart shattering and traumatic happened it left her reeling She returns to her hometown where nothing ever changes except here she is know as Scar and she is fierce and untouchable, She is resolved to bury the nightmares of that horrible night that changed her the night everything was stolen from her It divided her life in two Before Him After Him.Vance Holloway is [...]

  • I received this book as an ARC for an honest review This is Riley Jean s debut book The story is about Scarlet and Vance Scarlett starts out as a very happy college student When you see her next she has done a 360 degrees turn with both her personality and her appearance Something very traumatic happens to her from the first chapter to the next That traumatic events are slowly revealed throughout the book Scarlett struggles to overcome what happened to her and tries to find herself again Vance i [...]

  • Use Somebody by Riley Jean 3.75 starsUse Somebody, the debut novel by Riley Jean, is a complex story based on the emotional tragedies Scarlet Rossi faces and fights to overcome.The storyline starts out really strong, but tends to move slowly, as Jean weaves the story that is the bases for all that Scarlet must face, without completely losing who she is at heart Scarlet is forced into situations that would break many, but with the help of a witty and fun loving Vance, she starts to try to find th [...]

  • I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.This book will take you on an emotional story rollercoaster as you learn why Scarlett changed from having blonde hair and being happy to everyone into Scar, a black haired sullen and sarcastic emo girl Not only that but you also see how friendships change over the years and how some just aren t meant to last past a certain time.It was wonderful to read something that was a slow burner, where they took the time to get to [...]

  • This book It is a story of betrayal and grief Loneliness and pain The development of real friendship Rebuilding trust Facing fears and healing Finding myself again Discovering hope It is the journey of redefining perfect love I couldn t have said it better Scarlett is lost and trying to find her way back She is just a little scared to let anyone in and scared to trust herself Because lets admit it she sucks on picking people in her life.Then she meets Vance and he slowly brings her back to life [...]

  • USE SOMEBODY BY RILEY JEAN Where do I even start I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that one of the things I really enjoyed about this book were the things that it made me think about myself First of which being that I found myself about 300 or so pages into this story thinking, Oh come on, when is Scar going to pull her head out of her ass already I was desperately searching for everything to start to fix itself I kept telling myself isn t this when a book usually does this Here s th [...]

  • USE SOMEBODYAuthor Riley JeanGenre New Adult Fiction, Drama, Romance Release Date March 31, 2015Length 700 pagesRating 5 out of 5 stars I received a free electronic version of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I find it very interesting that in the introduction the author tells readers that she had never intended to release this book It began as a creative outlet and turned into a hobby This fact appeals to me When an author writes for the sake of writing and not for the [...]

  • It took me to a very, very long journey with enough rollercoaster to last me a lifetime But it was one amazing ride WOW That s all I could say after finishing this book I couldn t speak I couldn t move One thing for sure, I felt a great relief, it was like lifting several pounds of weight from my back.I can t say I finished this in one sitting, oh no Because the first thing I noticed about this book is that it would be a very, very long read I was wondering if it would drag, if it would bore me [...]

  • I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This, by no means, changes my opinion at all.Actual rating 4.2 stars.Use Somebody is the story of Scarlett a girl who has to find herself again after going through a lot of really bad situations in her teenage life.Scarlett moved away for college with one of her best friends The last thing she expected to happen is to lose herself in a relationship She falls head over heels for Gabriel, but after one terrible night she loses herself [...]

  • Ok, so I finished this book MONTHS ago, and received it as a gift from Miss Riley Jean, and I am hating myself for taking so long to get this review up For that, Riley, I am SO sorry Other than that, this absolutely phenomenal read was emotional I went from loving this book, to hating it, to crying over it, and not being able to not think about it when I had to set it down This is the book that I will recommend to people when they want an emotional novel There was so much to this novel So much [...]

  • Whew okay, I don t really know where to start with this First off, I didn t think I would finish a 777 page book so quickly, but I was enthralled enough that I had to know what happened When I commit to do a read to review, I can t help but somehow rate it in my head as I m going Obviously I know it s going to change before the end but I just analyze how I feel at the time And I have to say that my opinion was a roller coaster on this one For the first chunk of the book, I was soo in love with i [...]

  • Scar traded in her cute curls and bubbly personality for an edgy emo look Instead of continuing to be taken advantage of, she s putting herself first But can her walls of defiance keep charming and elusive Gabriel out Use Somebody is written in a unique manner It is almost like the author is communicating with the reader through this highly relatable story Riley Jean articulates a beautiful novel about enjoying life, learning to accept loss and experiencing everything in between The wording is v [...]

  • It is a story of betrayal and grief Loneliness and pain The development of real friendship Rebuilding trust Facing fears and healing Finding myself again Discovering hope It is the journey of redefining perfect love RosieThis book really got into the nitty gritty about love, life, and relationships.The highs and lows, what to expect from human nature and how others act or react to information they have or are given We see humanity at its best and worst in this story My heart broke for Scarlett w [...]

  • Keep Reading I admit when I started this book I was skeptical if I was going to finish After the first couple of chapters I put it down and came back and then read a few and put it down again It was slow at first but once I got through the first few chapters I couldn t put it down I wanted to learn and about each and every character and how they had faced different life events Seeing Scarlett transform to Scar was heartbreaking but her finding herself and friends along the way made it excitin [...]

  • I want to thank the author for allowing me the opportunity to receive this book for free in exchange for an honest review This was an interesting read There were times where I got extremely frustrated with the way the author wrote this book, but after I finished reading the whole story, everything made sense to me I finally understood the main character s actions and why the author wrote the relationships between each character the way she did And I can honestly say I did not expect that twist i [...]

  • First of all I would like to thank the author for giving me the chance to read the book I would try to be fair with the story I liked it very much, even if is maybe a classic It gives you goosebumps, your heart breaks and joy with the characters It was a little long in my opinion, but without all the details it wouldn t be the same To arrive at the end, you have to make baby steps with them, to see the progress, to understand way Scarlett is so massed up My favorite was definitely Vance, because [...]

  • Scarlett is a young girl in college who feels she doesn t fit in the crowd She ends up with the wrong guys but finally finds the one she truly loves.Then there is a four month jump in the timeline and one sees that Scarlett has changed she has a secret the secret of that one night She now insists on being called Scar and is no blond, bubbly and naive She doesn t trust anyone and has officially kissed dating goodbye Her coworker Vance tries to get her to remove the keep distance badge she wears [...]

  • I could not put this book down I literally snuck in a chapter here and there whenever I had a spare few minutes I just couldn t wait to see what was going to happen I loved how the first chapter of the book was set in the past but we as readers didn t know that until the chapter was over It threw me for a loop, but it was a pleasant surprise I also loved how I really thought I had the story all figured out as to what happened with Gabriel, but I was completely wrong Stories that surprise me are [...]

  • I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I enjoyed this book, it was a bit of a long read and maybe could have been a two book read or some of it I think could have been cut out The beginning of the book was a little slow and I struggled a bit with it, but once it got closer to the end I couldn t put it down This book definitely took you on an emotional roller coaster ending with a major twist I loved Scarlett and Vance, you could feel the connection between them fro [...]

  • ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.It was my first book by RJ and I have no idea where to start The book shook me After meeting Scarlett in the first chapter and then starting the next I was not sure if there are two characters with the same name But no They are the same person and they are created perfectly by the author The story, the writing and all the characters are creating flawlessly The background is created in such perfection that I had goosebumps, strong emotio [...]

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