Midwest Fighter

Midwest Fighter Best Read || [JenniferAnn] - Midwest Fighter, Midwest Fighter James Kendall has spent his entire life being protective of those he loves When unforeseen tragedy strikes he finds solace in the boxing ring But when the pressure of being the family leader causes h Midwest Fighter Best Read || [JenniferAnn] - Midwest Fighter, Midwest Fighter James Kendall has spent his entire life being protective of those he loves When unforeseen tragedy strikes he finds solace in the boxing ring But when the pressure of being the family leader causes h

  • Title: Midwest Fighter
  • Author: JenniferAnn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Midwest Fighter

Midwest Fighter Best Read || [JenniferAnn], Midwest Fighter, JenniferAnn, Midwest Fighter James Kendall has spent his entire life being protective of those he loves When unforeseen tragedy strikes he finds solace in the boxing ring But when the pressure of being the family leader causes his anger to spiral out of control hurting those he vowed to always protect his rockstar brother in law sends him to New York to cool down and train with a boxing legend NeJames Kenda Midwest Fighter Best Read || [JenniferAnn] - Midwest Fighter, Midwest Fighter James Kendall has spent his entire life being protective of those he loves When unforeseen tragedy strikes he finds solace in the boxing ring But when the pressure of being the family leader causes h

  • Midwest Fighter Best Read || [JenniferAnn]
Midwest Fighter

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    Jennifer Ann is an award winning and bestselling author of contemporary romance with darkly complex plots Much like her characters, she s in love with the city of New York, trips on airplanes or the back of her husband s Harley, and everything rock and roll.Facebook facebook AuthorJennifPinterest Pinterest AuthorJenniJennifer also writes YA paranormal under Jen Naumann JenNaumannA

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  • Jennifer Ann seems to be developing to an author with surprises Opening a new book of her ist starting to remind me of reading a Colleen Hoover book.Not so much the content or the writing style but the fact that you KNOW that you will be surprised as the book in a series will not follow a certain plot style that you might have expected.I vividly remember reading Brooklyn Rockstar the first book in the Kendalls series and if you asked me afterwards I would have a clear idea on how the next book [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book This is going to be another hit for Jennifer The story is just amazing and the characters are easy to love I ve loved Sharlo since Brooklyn Rockstar and we just got a glimpse of James in that one but ladies he won t disappoint So if you ve read Brooklyn Rockstar which I highly recommend because that s Charlie and Evelyn s story you already know this but if not I ll tell you Sharlo is Evelyn s best friend and James is Evelyn s older overprotective brother They meet in [...]

  • You just have to love yourself some Sharlo, she is hilarious And you also always love yourself a broody sentimental tough guy, and we have that with James, poor baby, he just wants to be there for everyone, and he neglect himself Thankfully, he ends up meeting and having Sharlo, because lord if he ended up with that tart as Sharlo called her Ivy, that would have just been sad, he definitely deserved someone better It was also heartbreaking for him to have to find his father, my heart went out to [...]

  • 5 blown away, absolutely well deserved stars Okay, so this is the first book i ve read by Jennifer Ann Hangs head i will be reading the first book in this series, obviously i ve been missing out It was AMAZING, i LOVED this story and oh my shit ALL THE DAMN FEELS Seriously parts of this book had me wanting to cry my eyes out, sometimes in sadness others with pure fucking happy tears I absolutely adore James and Sharlo They meet again after pure tragedy strikes the Kendall family, James is Evelyn [...]

  • Jennifer Ann once again nails it out of the park and gets five amazing stars for Midwest Fighter Just when I think I her writing can t get any better, she one ups her previous novel Midwest Fighter is no exception Midwest Fighter is an emotional ride that you will want to buckle up and hold on tight for, as it s a beautiful, fun, heart breaking and downright tragic love story at times.Midwest Fighter is the second book in the Kendall family series but could be read as a stand alone, however, I s [...]

  • Star Rating 5 blown away stars First I ll start of by saying that this series was a first for me by this author but holy hell was I blown away with Evelyn and Charlie s story and now James and Sharlo James Kendall, a tortured guy with a past that has consumed who is he and anger swells inside him because of it Once tragedy hits the Kendall family he is forced yet again to deal with blinding hurt Until a certain blonde comes to his aide and calms the anger within Can she keep the emotions and ang [...]

  • 4.5 StarsKnock out Jennifer AnnOMG what a book I wasn t quite sure what to expect, I have had the teasers over the last few weeks and they really have piqued my interest but you know the score, sometime the book doesn t live up to the hype.Not this time this time the hype was way off the mark this book kicked serious ass But it was than just a knock out it was beautiful, this was love in all its guises, it was both heart breaking and tragic but hopeful and hysterical It brought seriousness when [...]

  • OMG I loved this story This book had everything and I could possibly want in a book amazing story of highs and lows, hot and steamy sex, angst and heartache Everything I could not put this done and read it in one day I got no frickin housework done today I must admit, it was a little confusing at first having not read the first book in this series but it didn t take long to catch up The author was brilliant at catching you up with events that happened in book one In fact she was so good, I foun [...]

  • James Kendall I love you I knew from the very instant I finished Charlie and Evelyn s story that I would be waiting on pins and needles for James and Sharlo Jennifer Ann can spin a story like no other I was sooo in love with Charlie it was unreal I wasn t far behind with James From the first very emotionally charged chapter I was hooked in, loving every minute, every word of the book Characters Sharlo, the feisty Brit She is Evelyn s best friend She grew up wealthy but with really crappy parents [...]

  • Becoming a skilled fighter is the only thing that keeps James centered What he didn t expect was to get knocked down by his friend and a guy that was half his size When James s mother died he decided that he was going to stay and help his father and uncle Orin on the farm What he didn t expect was going home to his dog going crazy When James gets really upset he uses his fists as his escape When Evelyn, Sharlo and Charlie go back to Minnesota to check on James and for the funeral James is a figh [...]

  • This is the first time for me reading this author which was a wonderful discovery for me I do like to mix up my reading in romance with some that center around fighters once in awhile so the storyline on this one caught my eye It will have good balance of elements with the characters having strength enough to carry it through Romance, heat that burns with drama that has intrigue that sets you to wondering James seems to good to be single but it seems many do not know how to approach his beast in [...]

  • Midwest Fighter is a total KO for Jennifer Ann James and Sharlo are the perfect match, while being complete opposites on the emotional spectrum She is happy and funny and confident and he is Moody and Angry and just a bit unsure of himself She brings out the best in him and only James can give her what she wants and needs from a lover I belly laughed at Sharlo and her craziness and I cried for James This book checked off all of my needs for a hot romance I am a huge fan of series writing and Jen [...]

  • This is the second book in the Kendall family series and I absolutely loved it The chemistry between James and Sharlo is sizzling Super Hot Super Sexy James and Sharlo have to fight through some tragic events along the way Can they make it work 5 STARS This is Jennifer Ann s best work yet

  • This really was a sweet romance between James and Sharlo Given the seriousness of what they were going through it s hard to believe it could be sweet but it was perfect, even when they weren t I loved reading Midwest Fighter I was give an arc from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review

  • Loved this book and the characters James and Sharlo have a very strong chemistry James has a lot of hurt and angering him but Sharlo brings out the good in him but it takes time and work on both parts really enjoyed it.

  • Alpha male Sassy female make an awesome story Midwest Fighter is book 2 in the Kendall Family series In this book we meet James and Sharlo They had an instant connection when they met This is a story filled with angst, romance and laughter James know he wants Sharlo from the first moment they meet but Sharlo is a lil hesitant She feels the overwhelming attraction but she didn t have a great views on relationships based on her parents marriage After James goes through a tragedy only Sharlo can he [...]

  • 4.5 stars James has knocked my knickers off that s for sure This book made my heart sad and laugh almost at the same time Sharlo is a British riot I want to be her This book has a lot of drama and laughs We get to see some of Charlie and Evelyn and the rest of the crew it was just really good Can t wait to get to the next story

  • Yep another knockout for Jennifer Ann I thoroughly enjoyed Sharlo and James love story Its difficult with complications, stalkers and murdersbut hey that just makes the book and the journey even better.

  • Midwest Fighter features an angry beast of a Hero and the feisty strong willed Heroine who can calm him yet enjoy his inner beast at her whim The Hero, James Kendall, is the caretaker and protector of his family, he bears their burdens and secrets making sure everyone is safe and supported at the expense of his own dreams The only outlet for his frustration, bitterness, and growing anger, is through boxing fighting the demons dwelling within him Sharlo Rockford, is the Heroine, a brash, gutsy, s [...]

  • This is the second book I have read by this author and have to say that I really enjoy her writing style and the stories that she creates around these awesome characters I was sucked in from the first chapter and taken on a roller coaster ride of loss, lust, love, deceit, second chances and I felt like I was part of the story in a sense I felt myself going through the emotions that the characters were dealing with Jennifer Ann has blown me away again and I look forward to reading of her work.J [...]

  • Great book This book had me chuckling all along Sharlo has the best attitude and is sharp as a tack Put her together with James, a brooding protector of people he loves, and BAM, chemistry kicks in Can these two get on the same track or will life keep them on separate paths One click today to read all about the Kendall family to to see how this story ends

  • I read this book through Kindle Unlimited This is the second book in the Kendall Family series This is Evelyn s brother James story I didn t like this book as well as the first of the series I never really connected with James This review may contain a few spoilers.With the death of James father the family goes back to Minnesota which brings Evelyn s best friend Sharlo They hook up while she is in town but know it will never go anywhere with her living in NY and his life being on the farm After [...]

  • Protective isn t the exact word I would use to describe James, no like overprotective to the tenth degree would be a better way to explain how he feels abut those he loves He isn t ashamed of it either No one has ever been able to clam that fire in him, that is until Sharlo the feisty blond britt scolded him for coming to collect his sister and bring her back home No Sharlo holds the key to his calm, to his happiness, can he keep her or will the differences keep them apart OMG, I can t begin to [...]

  • 5 Stars Jennifer Ann is a fairly new author to me but with both books I have read by her, she has quickly become a go to for me Her books are fast, sexy, sweet, fun, passionate, and have twists to keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat until the end.We met James and Sharlo in book one of this series She is Evelyn s best friend and he is her big, alpha, protective brother When these two met in Brooklyn Rockstar I just knew their story was going to be epic And I am pleased to say I was total [...]

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  • I was so excited to read this book I fell in love with this series when reading Brooklyn Rockstar and I was so happy that I did not have long to wait for the second in the series to be released Sharon played a major role in the first book but it was so good to really get to know her through this book James as we knew from the first book was a total alpha overprotective big brother, but when tragedy strikes all I wanted to do was climb into my Kindle and give him a big hug This series has it all [...]

  • This Kendall Family series is becoming very addicting Midwest Fighter is the 2nd in the series it s just not your ordinary boy meets girl or vice versa fall in love story It involved a murder, some stalking, lots of family issues James Sharlo together are two strong willed people Can Sharlo tame the beast in James how can the two be together with different backgrounds living miles apart Love, love Sharlo, her Brit personality, accent, lingo The characters are in depth and well developed You can [...]

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