✓ Pseudo-Dragon ↠ Cheryl Matthynssens - Pseudo-Dragon, Pseudo Dragon Pseudo Dragon is Book in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON S GEAS which began with OUTCAST Book When young Alador has mystical powers placed upon him he sets off on an extraordinary ques ✓ Pseudo-Dragon ↠ Cheryl Matthynssens - Pseudo-Dragon, Pseudo Dragon Pseudo Dragon is Book in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON S GEAS which began with OUTCAST Book When young Alador has mystical powers placed upon him he sets off on an extraordinary ques

  • Title: Pseudo-Dragon
  • Author: Cheryl Matthynssens
  • ISBN: 9781523620227
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Pseudo-Dragon ↠ Cheryl Matthynssens, Pseudo-Dragon, Cheryl Matthynssens, Pseudo Dragon Pseudo Dragon is Book in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON S GEAS which began with OUTCAST Book When young Alador has mystical powers placed upon him he sets off on an extraordinary quest to become a true pseudo dragon facing unspeakable danger from an ancient beast lurking in the shadows As part of his journey Alador secretly helps the Daezun people wPseudo Dragon is ✓ Pseudo-Dragon ↠ Cheryl Matthynssens - Pseudo-Dragon, Pseudo Dragon Pseudo Dragon is Book in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON S GEAS which began with OUTCAST Book When young Alador has mystical powers placed upon him he sets off on an extraordinary ques

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  • ✓ Pseudo-Dragon ↠ Cheryl Matthynssens
    232 Cheryl Matthynssens

About “Cheryl Matthynssens

  • Cheryl Matthynssens

    Cheryl Matthynssens was born in Upland, California, holds a teaching degree and is a licensed addictions counselor This has allowed her to interview hundreds of personalities over her career She loves that everyone is unique and this appreciation and interest has informed and inspired her writing Matthynssens enjoys the universe of fantasy for the way it connects to the mind s creativity and imagination as a colorful escape to distant lands of mystical beasts and fantastic quests where the hero really does save the day As she s matured artistically, Matthynssens has found writing to be a comforting counterbalance to a world where beloved characters don t always get back up after they fall down Matthynssens currently lives in Riverside, Washington, and has four beautiful children and four wonderful grandchildren

360 thoughts on “Pseudo-Dragon

  • A smooth and flawless continuation of a great story.Ms Matthynssens has had me awaiting each new book, with anticipation of where the story would lead me I have been unable to stop reading until I have finished the book This last book has been no different I have been unable to set it down, my eyes have been glued to each page as I finally reached the end The last two pages were such a fantastic twist, it leaves me with so many question and no answers I wish her all the best and hope she continu [...]

  • Great readAnother great book You know it s good when it leaves you wanting I like the way the main character is growing He s definitely not a wimp I can t wait till the next one.

  • Below is the review that I received from Kirkus Reviews Not sure how else to get this up here Thank you to everyone that voted Pseudo Dragon to 3rd for Little Known Fantasy BooksRKUS REVIEWIn the fourth YA fantasy adventure of Matthynssens Magic Scorned, 2015, etc series, a young water mage gains an immense advantage.Alador has been training for the elite Blackguard in the Lerdenian capital of Silverport There, he s been taken under the wing of his villainous uncle, High Minister Luthian, who to [...]

  • I have followed this story closely from the very beginning, and confidently state that Cheryl Matthynssens never fails to impress with the strength and depth of her imaginative vision In this latest volume, she took me to places I had never even dreamed of going, surprising and impressing me in equal measure.The characters are strong, the issues complex and the story totally relevant as a penetrating analysis of the human condition, albeit it in this wonderfully entertaining fantasy setting It i [...]

  • Well worth the waitCheryl has delivered yet again This time a masterful balance of character, intrigue, battle, and magic Pseudo Dragon will take you to the highest of highs and rip your heart in two, just in time for it to be mended again My only prayer and hope is that it will not be quite so long until the next and last book of this series will be released to conclude this story about Alador and his geas.

  • Brilliant world building and well imagined characters are the mainstay of this series but Pseudo Dragon for me is the best so far There are a couple of reasons for this One, the series is maturing along with the characters but it always feels fresh and exciting Secondly, the plots are always awesome with unexpected twists and turns whilst allowing the characters to further grow and develop For my money this is one of the best series in this genre.

  • I think I m suffering a touch of emotional whiplash This book is absolutely the strongest in the series There are some highly surprising twists, and the action moves along at just the right place I can hardly wait for the next book

  • ExcellentI have been greatly enjoying this series and can t wait for the next book I would give this book five stars but there were an awful lot of typos Still, even with the typos I could not put this book down.

  • Great storyIf you are a fan of dragon fantasy, this book has them in perfect quantity The dragons and humans have engaging relationships making this a must read in this genre.

  • Great book yet again I would say my only complaint is that I read the book to fast not being able put it down

  • Loved it cant wait till book 5This book was well written and longest one yet Lots of action and dragons The suspense keeps you wanting to read If you love dragons this book for you Though be warned sad stuff will happen in the book There happy and sad parts in the book but that s what makes it a good book as if it was only happy it be boring probably and if only sad no one would want to read it.

  • It was an entertaining read, but I had the feeling that it could have been better.I liked the first two books better The story moves forward at a nice pace a tad too fast at some places , but it fails to completely pull in the reader as the first books did.Still, I have enjoyed the series.Looking forward to the next book.

  • Best Book of Series So FarI have read all books in this series and I believe that Pseudo Dragon is the best so far I enjoyed how the author laid out the story and the connections between Aldor and the Dragons Great read and as always I look forward to the next book.

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