A Taste For Murder

[PDF] Read ß A Taste For Murder : by Burl Barer Frank Girardot - A Taste For Murder, A Taste For Murder Frank Rodriguez a much loved counselor of troubled teens lies dead on the bedroom floor His wife and step daughter are in shock and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy Aside fro [PDF] Read ß A Taste For Murder : by Burl Barer Frank Girardot - A Taste For Murder, A Taste For Murder Frank Rodriguez a much loved counselor of troubled teens lies dead on the bedroom floor His wife and step daughter are in shock and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy Aside fro

  • Title: A Taste For Murder
  • Author: Burl Barer Frank Girardot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Taste For Murder

[PDF] Read ß A Taste For Murder : by Burl Barer Frank Girardot, A Taste For Murder, Burl Barer Frank Girardot, A Taste For Murder Frank Rodriguez a much loved counselor of troubled teens lies dead on the bedroom floor His wife and step daughter are in shock and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy Aside from being dead Frank is in perfect health Demanding to know the cause of her husband s death Angie Rodriguez badgers the police insisting that Frank was murdered The copsFrank Rodr [PDF] Read ß A Taste For Murder : by Burl Barer Frank Girardot - A Taste For Murder, A Taste For Murder Frank Rodriguez a much loved counselor of troubled teens lies dead on the bedroom floor His wife and step daughter are in shock and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy Aside fro

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  • [PDF] Read ß A Taste For Murder : by Burl Barer Frank Girardot
    279 Burl Barer Frank Girardot
A Taste For Murder

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    Burl Barer Frank Girardot Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Taste For Murder book, this is one of the most wanted Burl Barer Frank Girardot author readers around the world.

487 thoughts on “A Taste For Murder

  • Really good book, very engaging but what a terrible, loathsome, awful woman it is written about Incredibly heartbreaking for the victim s I picked this book up and just read a few chapters and got hooked whenever I got the chance, I had to read to find out what was going to happen I am really surprised that I hadn t heard about this true crime before.

  • I ve been a fan of Burl Barer for many years and really enjoyed this latest one he co wrote with Frank C Girardot, Jr It takes place in California and sets out the mysterious murder of Frank Rodriguez who is dead on his bedroom floor, yet otherwise in seemingly great health The newly widowed wife Angie, is soon bugging the detectives for the reason Frank died, and is very insistent that it must be murder Once they start looking into the case, things get really twisted She feels he was killed by [...]

  • I loved this book When I read the word oleander I knew I was familiar with this case from a television program I had seen However, this book was so much better than the television program in that Barer and Girardot give all the nitty gritty details that that made it a real page turner Angie thought she was smarter than law enforcement and everyone else but she finds out in the end that she wasn t I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a great read.

  • I ll open with the proviso that the publisher of this book, Wild Blue Press, is the same publisher that is printing our next true crime book They did not solicit this review I saw their notice for a flash sale on this book for 99 cents and picked it up If you follow them on Facebook, they do these kinds of sales often and obviously you can score some good true crime cheap So, this is an unbiased review Also, I will give no spoilers Burl Barer sucked me in early on with this book Frank Hernandez [...]

  • I find true crime interesting, probably because of me always wanting to be an armchair psychologist, and this was an interesting case about an absolutely loathsome, selfish and greedy woman Poor Frank But the book was poorly written, and the author s smug and trying to be funny but this is not something to make jokes about style kept pulling me out of it I saw a LOT of punctuation mistakes, it needed thorough editing Years ago, I used to read a lot of Ann Rule, and she made the real crime cases [...]

  • Mr Barer did an excellent job at fairly depicting two sides of this story Victim Frank Rodriguez did not have much of his story told Angelina Rodriguez on the other hand is shown from than one view You learn of her life as a child You get a picture of her as a very sympathetic character to a heartless murderess I really do wonder how Angelina would score on Hare s sociopathy scale Something tells me she would score rather high on charming and glibness Her young life was tragic, but that does no [...]

  • I am an avid reader of True Crime books This book was not disappointing I like the writing style of the authors It is as if you are their friend and they are telling you the story It never ceases to amaze that greed can be such a catalyst for murder and that the perpetrator always thinks they are smart enough to commit the perfect crime It appears that Angelina is a very cold individual All for monetary gain Criminals are good at fooling some people Sadly, the husband didn t listen to his friend [...]

  • Excellent Investigative Reporting.utally honest.Angie Victoriawhoever she is is portrayed convincingly as cold blooded.The details of her life and crimes are chilling The sorrow and heartbreak I felt for her during her incestuous relationship with her Grandfather melted quickly away as the details of her life afterwards were recounted.There are many victims of incestd the great majority of them do not resort to murder especially they do not sacrifice their loved ones.Frank and Burl have written [...]

  • Guess I am too nice because I decided to give Burl Barer another chance To be fair at first I thought holy heck what awful writing style because he was adding his own thoughts every time but glad I did not quit because that was only mostly done in the first chapter and then I started to really enjoy this book.To me this was his best work out of the 3 or 4 I have read A very interesting story and yes it was well written I recommend this book to true crime readers.

  • I had just started the book when I encountered a horrible prison rape joke The author refers to a man who kills his wife as understanding what being a wife was like because he s now someone s wife in prison Prison rape isn t a punchline, it s a horrible sexual assault that the victim can t escape because they are locked in with their rapist I was looking forward to reading both books by this author but I won t be reading any books by him due to his blas attitude towards sexual assault.

  • I hate to say this is a good book due to the fact that it is True Crime and that means there is always a victim or victims But this book makes you realize how much childhood abuse can affect a person once they are grown up Very fast read Left me astonished that a person could be this cold If you want a quick, fast read, this is the book It was no boring nor did it drag on with the intricacies of court proceedings.

  • This book is about one of the coldest murderers you will ever read about Frank Rodriguez was killed by his wife, Angelina Rodriguez, for money This book is an in depth look into the investigation into his death, which landed this black widow and possible baby killer on California s death row, where she belongs It is interesting to get to understand how the conviction and sentence of death came about Apparently she did not co operate with the authors, which is a shame because I would love to have [...]

  • I d say this was really a 2.5 but I rounded down The story of the murder s was interesting, in particular how the police worked the case The reader was fine, too, and made an effort to distinguish between the voices of the various players in the case.My problem with this was the tone of the author It was overly jovial and familiar, with some jokes in poor taste It is entirely possible to make a true crime investigative book compelling without relying on stupid jokes at the expense of people who [...]

  • Chilling true crime storyThis book scared me This woman almost got away with 2 murders and was planning a 3rd when she was caught I m glad she got what she deserved in the end She looks so normal I like reading these books because I always learn something new about how to avoid evil.

  • Engrossing story of a truly evil woman convicted of murdering jet husband for the insurance money Worse still, she murdered her infant daughter by breaking a pacifier and shoving it down the baby s throat for the insurance money then sued the manufacturer Evil, greedy hag.

  • Good read This was a pretty good read I ve read quite a bit of true crime and this story had my attention Read it over the course of 2 or 3 days.

  • Pretty good book I enjoyed this book This woman is the epitome of evil I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys true crime.

  • Fascinating account of a woman who murders her husband While most of the prose was smooth, the authors interjected opinions too frequently, disrupting the flow of the writing.

  • Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this book.I watch a lot of true crime shows and I remember watching an episode of Deadly Women about Angie Rodriguez, when I saw this book, I knew I would love to read about the story It was very well written and insightful Frank was a good guy who fell for the wrong woman Angelina Rodriguez was cold hearted murderer who tried to lay blame on anyone she could and it turns out, Frank s is not the only murder she was guilty of Chilling really, reading th [...]

  • This was quite a page Turner for me.I love true crime and this is one I hadn t heard about or don t remember when it happened I especially liked the explanations at the end of the book about the feelings victims of incest might experience A real eye opener

  • This is a quick read, that will make you wonder how much you really know about the people around you For the most part, I enjoyed this book The author was a bit heavy on inserting themselves into the story via interjection of personal opinion, but otherwise, the facts were there and the flow of the story worked well I do understand that it was intended to be a rather conversational book rather than a boring recount of documented events, so I suppose that is why it comes across as opinionated The [...]

  • This book tells the story of Angelina and Frank Rodriguez Frank dies and in the beginning his death is classified as a normal death, nothing unusual was noted Then his with begins to ask questions and wants to know what happened, why he had to die.Well, I m not a criminal, but why would you go and ask the police and make them suspicious of yourself If Angelina would have been quiet, nothing further would have happened But with everything she did, she only made herself of a questionable person A [...]

  • Death by poisonThis excellent book is a start to finish investigation into the death of Frank Rodriguez in September of 2000 The deduction of one star is for than ten errors.Initially investigators were unable to determine the cause of death Frank Rodriguez was in perfect health but Frank Rodriguez was dead They suspected some type of poison but, after ruling out the common culprits, they had no idea what to look for.This is a fascinating story of a true crime that reads like fiction The reade [...]

  • Great Book held my interestI really liked this book because the authors did a factual treatment of the subject matter They did not over sensationalize it There are lots of real surprises here You get to know the cops and respect their work You can laugh along with them You ll learn to never talk to the police ever Anyway this book stands out for also talking about the reasons the perpetrator did what she did.

  • I had not read the authors but a fan of the genre I was captivated from page one Frank was one of the good guys whose only fault was loving the wrong person Angie was a tragedy from birth This is a book that you are thinking about long after you finish and wish was fiction So many twists and turns that you wonder fact from fiction Unfortunately it is true I recommend this book and the authors.

  • A HORRIFIC CRIME TOLD VERY IN DEPTH,CAPTURES THE READERS ATTENTION FROM PAGE ONEThis story like so many others is about a horrific crime, murder, with all of the intriguing aspects, selfishness,greed,incest, etc But what really makes this book stand out is the heartless and cruelness nature of the murderer as well as the fabulous way this book was written Holds the readers attention from page one

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