The Woods Are Dark

The Woods Are Dark Best Read || [Richard Laymon] - The Woods Are Dark, The Woods Are Dark THE RESTORED UNCUT EDITION IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little hiking through the woods Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree The Woods Are Dark Best Read || [Richard Laymon] - The Woods Are Dark, The Woods Are Dark THE RESTORED UNCUT EDITION IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little hiking through the woods Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree

  • Title: The Woods Are Dark
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780843957501
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
The Woods Are Dark

The Woods Are Dark Best Read || [Richard Laymon], The Woods Are Dark, Richard Laymon, The Woods Are Dark THE RESTORED UNCUT EDITION IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little hiking through the woods Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree waiting for Them to arrive The Dills family thought the small hotel in the quiet town seemed quaint and harmless enough Until they too found themselves shackled to treesTHE REST The Woods Are Dark Best Read || [Richard Laymon] - The Woods Are Dark, The Woods Are Dark THE RESTORED UNCUT EDITION IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little hiking through the woods Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree

  • The Woods Are Dark Best Read || [Richard Laymon]
    309 Richard Laymon
The Woods Are Dark

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    Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of than thirty acclaimed novels He also published than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Cavalier, and in anthologies including Modern Masters of Horror.He died from a massive heart attack on February 14, 2001 Valentine s Day Also published under the name Richard Kelly

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  • This is the first book I ve read by the author, and it was pretty good, if a little insane Okay, than a little insane There are so many crazy people in this book it was difficult to determine who was the craziest, though I think it was Lander Dills.A pair of back packers Neala and Sherri and a family of three Lander, Ruth, Cordelia, and Cordelias boyfriend Ben become fair game when they decide to make a stop in the small town of Barlow Both groups get kidnapped by some of the locals, and are ta [...]

  • This was the first Laymon book I ever read when I found the paperback for sale in a Target store book section, Complete with the sleazy foil cover I was so pleased when Cemetery Dance published this Uncut Version.

  • When an unkempt legless man drags himself out in front of your convertible on an isolated mountain road and throws a severed hand at you, you should A Stop and see if he needs a hand sorry, couldn t help myself B Show him your boobs, Laymon nipples and allC Go get some chicken fried steak and eggs at the next available dinerD Take a few minutes out for some steamy lesbian sexE All of the above.The crazy thing is that in this one, all of these are very real possibilities There are no wrong answer [...]

  • Laymon rewrites Ketchum s Off Season as a comedy porno and it s a rocking good time Read the whole book in about 3 hours Very much like watching a crazy batshit insane horror movie Really not so much horror as pure insanity This book might be the original Wrong Turn as it s very much in a similar vein and tone, and even though an earlier work it s still full of Laymon s signature WTF delights Loved it, and highly recommend that if you haven t read it yet, get it check your brain at the door and [...]

  • The woods are lovely, dark and deepuntilyou re being chased through the forest by a horde of inbred cannibals Then it s enough to make even a staunch tree hugger like myself say, Go, logging industry I had the same problem with this book that I did with The Ruins, in that the characters were so insipid I couldn t wait for them ALL to die And any author that makes me root for the cannibals is worthy of scorn, not praise Thrown in dozens of WTF moments view spoiler They re in the proverbial middle [...]

  • Apparently this book was first copywrited in 1981 and the editors for Warner Books butchered the book Taking out full paragraphs, whole chapters were removed, bad grammatical errors, and so on Laymon often referred to this book as the one that ruined his career Then in 2008 after painstaking work, his daughter, Kelly Laymon pieced the book back together and had it published as the restored and uncut version, fortunately this is the version I have Sad that Laymon did not get to see what his daugh [...]

  • I wasn t sure at first what to expect from this book, but it was excellent and amazingly weird and creepy If you love horror this is definitely worth reading.

  • I picked this up for 20p in a charity shop as, over the years, I ve heard of Richard Laymon being mentioned in the same league as horror page turner authors as Dean Koontz and Stephen King Being up in the wilds of Scotland in the midst of truly terrible weather the idea of reading a rural horror novel was quite appealing so, as I had managed to leave some of my selected reading at home, I decided to give it a whirl.As a teenage reader of James Herbert, Shaun Hutson and their ilk in the 1980s I w [...]

  • I have to admit Laymon is my favorite horror author He was such a master at his craft and what he does he does with relish This novel is no exception Atmospherics and edginess always play a huge role in Laymon s books and he has some unique tricks in his bag that never seem to fail for me.Granted, after reading a few of his novels an astute reader recognizes plot devices that are being reused, albeit some shifting and name changing, but if you liked them the first time you will enjoy them the se [...]

  • This book was AWEsome Just non stop absurdity after another which, come on That s why we love him From over the top Jenny who knew way too much about how to kill people to Neala, Sherri, and Cordelia, three women whom I really enjoyed Poor Cordelia Just don t know how she managed to suffer through initiation into the Krulls Wow I might rather die And what the heck with the thing in the pit That was never explained, therefore this desperately needed a sequel Another great read from laymon Definit [...]

  • This is not a book to be read by people susceptible to gore, horror, necrophilia, cannibalism, pedophilia and other thingsI read the restored and uncut version of the book Most Landers chapters are missing from the previous edition and I can see why They are disturbing as hell Beware You have been warned.This book is relatively small, with only 215 pages and right from the first chapter you are inside the rollercoast that finish in the last page.You ve got two separated sets of characters that a [...]

  • Los turistas que pasan por Barlow, un apacible pueblo americano, se encuentran en un odisea por su supervivencia Por un lado, tenemos a un par de amigas, y por otro a una familia de cinco miembros Ya desde la primera p gina, en que estas dos j venes tropiezan con un ser mutilado en la carretera que las intenta perseguir, nos vemos inmersos en la acci n, en un ritmo fren tico hasta el final.Quien haya le do ha Richard Laymon, ya sabe a lo que se enfrenta Mucho di logo, y escenas expl citas de gor [...]

  • Lander got naked and ran through the woods.Ben didn t make it Didn t think he could.Ruth was beaten, strung up to die.Johnny tried to save them It was suicide.Cordie was initiated into the tribe Lost a finger, they would not be denied.Sherri straddled the fence, she was bi.Neala felt their friendship was a lie.In the Woods, would they live or die by NikkiWell, it started out fun then ventured into outlandish Lander lost his mind a little too quick.He was checkin chicks out before he even found o [...]

  • 2.5 Stars This was just ok by me I have wanted to read Richard Laymon for a long time now, and this was the first Even though I was not blown away by this book, I will seek out his other works This is a do not go out into the strange woods for there may be real sickies that might want to eat you story that we have all heard before It starts out with a bang with an opening chapter that had me very excited for what is to come It however goes flat for the next fifty percent of the book I found myse [...]

  • The Woods are Dark is my first Richard Laymon book and despite the bad reviews I still decided to read it I m not going to lie, it s all types of weird, but fast paced and very entertaining I ll definitely give his other books a try.

  • While not as complex as some of his latter books, THE WOODS ARE DARK is still an extremely strong novel with a rawness to it that makes for excellent reading I found out afterwards that the edition I read was actually a reissue of Laymon s second horror novel The only difference that makes is the previously mentioned rawness that permeates the novel.The action starts from the first page and comes at you fast and heavy Three groups of people are attacked by the cannibalistic forest dwelling famil [...]

  • My first read by Richard Laymon, it was weird A very weird story But I loved the fast pace of the story, and it was truly creepy as hell Even though the story jumped from character to character often, the book flowed well and was easy to follow Sometime, so much action mayhem were going on, I didn t want to put it down it only took a little over a day to read, at a very leisurely pace I did catch myself wondering what was going on in the author s head a few times, it was so twisted I ll definite [...]

  • 2.5 esperaba m s del maestro gore de la literatura S que este libro fue pr cticamente destruido por los editores y que el mismo Laymon lleg a decir que fue el que arruin su carrera en EEUU Por eso, le dar la oportunidad a otros de sus t tulos Espero que me sorprenda.

  • 30 3 Okay, so hypothetical situation you and your friend both women are driving through small town America when a disturbingly disfigured man comes scurrying out of the woods into the middle of the road He is missing his lower half, not through an incomplete murder, but through a birth defect he scurries on his hands wasn t this an X Files episode He pulls a severed hand out of a vest pocket and throws it at you and then continues scurrying across the road and into the woods on the other side Th [...]

  • One of the inherent challenges in reading and reviewing a novel that came out 35 years ago is whether you allow recent influences to affect your opinion on what you read I find it nearly impossible not to have this occur, so up front, my review may be read IS biased, based on the time frame I m reading this book versus when it originally came out.Take a breath Here goes.You know how horror gets a bad wrap People that don t read in the genre have some vague notion that horror is just some ridicu [...]

  • 4 AND 1 2 STARSThis restored and uncut version of Richard Laymon s near masterpiece of sex and violence is a reason to celebrate Never one to hold back, author Laymon throws everything but the kitchen sink at the reader with this one The story starts off fast and ends even faster in a quick tale of an inbred cannibal cult nestled deep in the woods, supported by a local town who feeds them strangers that pass through.While some will roll their eyes at the quick transformation of various character [...]

  • This was my first Laymon book, and it was fairly entertaining The rising action begins quite quickly, and there were some definite twists and turns in the plot which provided some fun However, I was quite disappointed with most of the action after the climax It seemed like the plot just couldn t be held together very well and began to unravel I felt like the ending was satisfying, but it really didn t seem like he spent much time thinking out the truly disturbing final turn that the father could [...]

  • Este libro es fruto de su poca y tiene como referencia total las pel culas slasher de los 80 a lo Viernes 13 o Halloween Ley ndolo me he sentido como viendo una pel cula de estas y su argumento me ha recordado much simo a Los chicos del maiz de Stephen King.Sangre en el bosque nos cuenta la odisea de un grupo de personas por sobrevivir a los seres que habitan en el bosque cercano al pueblo de Barlow Estos seres apodados los Krull obedecen a una entidad m s poderosa y se alimentan de los turistas [...]

  • Este libro me lo le en junio de 1990 y me encant Fue mi cuarto libro de terror que me le a desde que empec a centrar mis lecturas casi exclusivamente en esto del terror Y siempre lo he tenido como un libro m tico dentro de mi imaginario de libros de terror.Abro este hilo ahora, casi 20 a os despu s, porqu me lo he releido ahora en ingl s y en su versi n integra y original.Cuando se public por primera vez en E.E.U.U en 1981 y en Espa a en 1988 en la edici n que menciono en el ficha y que creo que [...]

  • Wow Just wow I must say this is one of the sickest books I have ever read It now makes me think twice before going tramping or taking a walk through the bushes The plot of this book centers around a group of people kidnapped, taken into the woods, stripped of their belongings and chained to trees as some form of sacrifice for the inhabitants of the woods who turn out to be brutally sadistic cannibals As the story progresses, the body count rises significantly The book is full of sex, gore, psych [...]

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