[PDF] Boneyard | by ✓ Michelle Gagnon - Boneyard, Boneyard FBI special agent Kelly Jones has never worked a case as disturbing as this a mass grave unearthed on the appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line from Massac [PDF] Boneyard | by ✓ Michelle Gagnon - Boneyard, Boneyard FBI special agent Kelly Jones has never worked a case as disturbing as this a mass grave unearthed on the appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line from Massac

  • Title: Boneyard
  • Author: Michelle Gagnon
  • ISBN: 9780778325390
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Boneyard | by ✓ Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard, Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard FBI special agent Kelly Jones has never worked a case as disturbing as this a mass grave unearthed on the appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line from Massachusetts to Vermont from a serial killer to a copycat nemesis [PDF] Boneyard | by ✓ Michelle Gagnon - Boneyard, Boneyard FBI special agent Kelly Jones has never worked a case as disturbing as this a mass grave unearthed on the appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line from Massac

  • [PDF] Boneyard | by ✓ Michelle Gagnon
    292 Michelle Gagnon

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    Michelle Gagnon is a former modern dancer, bartender, dog walker, model, personal trainer, and Russian supper club performer Her bestselling adult thrillers THE TUNNELS, BONEYARD, THE GATEKEEPER, and KIDNAP RANSOM have been published in North America, France, Denmark, Spain, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Australia BONEYARD was a finalist for a 2009 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery Suspense.The first book in her Young Adult PERSEFONE trilogy, DON T TURN AROUND, was selected as one of the best books of 2012 by the American Library Association, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, and Kirkus It was nominated for an ITW Thriller award, and was a Junior Library Guild and Indienext pick Along with DON T LOOK NOW and DON T LET GO, the entire series received multiple starred reviews and state library awards.UNEARTHLY THINGS is a modernized, deconstructed version of Jane Eyre set in the world of San Francisco high society, with Jane as a Filipina American surfer girl from Hawaii SoHo Teen, April 2017.Michelle lives in Los Angeles.Follow her on Facebook facebook MichelleGagnoor Twitter Michelle_Gagnon

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  • FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones survived her last case involving a serial killer Now working in the Behavioral Sciences Unit she is called in to work another case after a Boneyard is found a grave site with multiple victims Heading to The Berkshires Kelly learns the bones have been found across state lines and must now supervise the investigation in both Massachusetts and Vermont with Detective Bill Doyle and Investigator Monica Lauer, who have nothing but disdain for each other Soon it becomes cl [...]

  • I like forensic mysteries, especially ones that contain bones Not sure why, and I don t mind the gory mysteries either, but bones, how the scientists pry the truth from them, and what they can tell a forensic anthropologist about a person is extremely interesting.This is a bone mystery Takes place in Vermont, Massachusetts, and a little bit in New York state That s one of the parts I didn t totally love about the novel How some of the Massachusetts government was portrayed Yes, I am aware that [...]

  • Some time ago, Michelle Gagnon offered free downloads of this book from her website, and I took her up on it I was finally able to get to it library books come first , and it was great.In this second book in the Kelly Jones series, some hikers come across what turns out to be a mass grave in the woods Because of the proximity to the Massachusetts Vermont border, the FBI is called in to advise The FBI is in the person of agent Kelly Jones, who is forced to postpone a long awaited vacation to help [...]

  • The Boneyard by Michelle GagnonBook 2 in the Kelly Jones series3 starsSynopsis Following the discovery of a mass grave, FBI Agent Kelly Jones is on the trail of two separate killers and at the same time must cope with jurisdictional issues, rival police officers and a suspicious cover up To top it all off, she is in a race against time to save the life of the latest victim.Review Following my enjoyment of the first book in the series, I had built up certain expectations with regard to this insta [...]

  • Pretty chilly serial killer suspense book One enjoys the characters in the book, young people with their own world Good clean writing A good read

  • I can honestly say I was extremely disappointed reading this My library suggested it, and I read the prologue and thought wow, they re killing off men instead of women This I ve got to read With all the crime novels I ve read, it s always women, and some have crossed that ugly line into children Those I skip One has to be really messed up in the head to enjoy reading that So it was refreshing to finally see a crime novel where the men are the ones to bite the dust for once NOPE this author had t [...]

  • I hate dirty cops, people who use their position and money to get away with criminal activities They should all be executed so all the good people in the world can live in peace without the fear of someone going to kill, steal or just make their lives miserable because they enjoy other people s pain.

  • I would have to say that Boneyard by Michelle Gagnon was one of the best books I read in 2012.A mass grave site is unearthed on part of the Appalachian trail along the border of two states putting FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones at the head of the investigation She has to juggle the clashing personalities of two police forces while trying to steer things in the right direction One serial killer becomes two, relationships blossom, secrets that challenge everything are kept, and rivalries spark More [...]

  • Somewhere along the Appalachian Trail hikers discover human remains dug up by animals This leads to a massive search for bodies through several states FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones, who was on her way on a much needed vacation, was asked to delay her plans and to coordinate a special task force consisting of law enforcement officers from Vermont and Massachusetts During the investigation it becomes clear that there are two serial killers, one whose murderous skills are fine tuned, while the oth [...]

  • When a hiker along the Appalachian Trial is approached by a brown bear he is terrified but even shocking is the stick the bear drops The stick turns out to be a bone The authorities are called in and a search is begun.After five bodies have been discovered, FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones is assigned to go to the Berkshire s and cover the case Kelly is to take along a forensic anthropologist, Dr Stuart, to take part in the task force of officers from Massachusetts and Vermont Detective Lt Doyle o [...]

  • At a book event, Michelle Gagnon indicated that the next book in the series is a perfectly good place to start That she considers the first two a set and the last two a set and you don t need the first two to read the subsequent two I m glad to know that While I enjoyed the mystery portion, the character development and personal interactions between some of the characters were enough to sour it for me overall view spoiler Specifically, the interactions between Kelly and Jake It s entirely possib [...]

  • If you love explosive thrillers, you ll love the second installment in the Kelly Jones series, Boneyard In this novel, Kelly Jones is assigned to a disturbing case of bones found at a local national park, right before she leaves for her overdue vacation She s assigned to Massachussetts, when they uncover a boneyard of dead bodies What they don t know was the killer was someone they might know in the distance, someone who doesn t like male gay hustlers It hits close to home for Kelly s task force [...]

  • I suppose it was an okay book but what bothered me was the switch in the prose whose eyes are we seeing the world through now I know it wasn t written in first person but it felt like a chunk of the book expressed things through Kelly s eyes, the killer s and the stalker se important people And then the author gave us a glimpse into Monica s mind, who I really didn t care that much about There was a whole sort of merry go round narrration going on that messed up everything for me I guess I shoul [...]

  • This book, is the second book in the series but it s not necessary to read the first book to read this one There are a couple of complaints that I have about this book The first is that the killer is not really developed on the good side as he s head of the search and rescue There are only a handful of scenes where he interacts with Kelly and that s it The second is that some of the torture scenes are just horrific and this is coming from somebody who has read lots of horror, war crimes, and gen [...]

  • New author for me This is the second book of hers I have read and though I am reading them out of order I am really enjoying them The first book I found was The Gatekeeper and this gave a bit of the backstory between Jake and Kelly which was fun for me to learn I find Gagnon has a very interesting view into the criminal mind and the workings of police and FBI agencies I will certainly continue to read her books as they are the kind of gritty crime drama I can get into and characters that you car [...]

  • Kelly Jones, FBI agent, must forgo her vacation and spend time on the border of Vermont and Massachusetts investigating recently unearthed and old remains At first it s thought they might be lost hikers, but it soon becomes apparent that it s the work of a serial killer targeting young gay prostitutes It s a small town and although the writer lets us see into the minds of the killer, of a second killer, giving us hints, it doesn t all come together until toward the end, which is just the way I l [...]

  • Kelly Jones is assigned to the Berkshires when a cache of bones are discovered there and the tension mounts when it is discovered that gay young men are being targeted and there are two killers involved There was good character development and the last 50 pages made up for the lag time elsewhere Although you can determine who is at fault, Gagnon has enough going on in the book to make you wonder how they ll find him.

  • A decent suspense thriller marred only by what I thought was a rather lackadaisical ending.The killer is fairly simple to determine if the reader pays attention I would have liked for them to have gotten a better comeuppance in the end I invested time in this story and the ending just came up short for me It s a good read though, good enough that I ll look for books by this author.

  • The story was very predictable I knew almost from the outset the identity of the serial killer The Jake and Kelly romance seems too one sided emotionally for the ending scene The young male prostitute theme kept bringing up images from TV s Major Crimes teenaged boy prostitute Kelly s personality seemed flat in this book, but the Monica character actually had some depth of personality cop, single mother, dumped by men but searching for companion

  • This lady can write, no doubt about it But there was a clue about 150 pages in that gave everything away I kept on reading thinking that maybe it was just a deliberate trick, but there were several other way too obvious hints and it just really ruined it for me I m not the smartest reader I can usually lose myself in the book and not figure things out so I can be surprised, so I know when I figure it out, it s all over Just disappointing.

  • Not a very thrilling read allthough as a crime novel it was okay Translation in finnish reminded me of Scarpetta novels, especially the first ones Took me way too few pages to work out the killer but that happens I really liked the way the writer hops from one point of view to another and never confuces the reader with it That said, I hated the timeline inconsistensies in it.

  • I enjoyed this book the Tunnels The characters seemed strong, the serial killer aspect not romanticized Nor was it killer porn in my mind unlike some other recent books where the violence was so lovingly described that the book, not just the character, seemed sick I will be looking for her third book with interest

  • I found that there were a few places where it was difficult to tell the difference between the captain, Dwight and Sam About halfway through I managed to order them in my brain I did like Kelly, the FBI agent Having not read the first book, it was strange trying to figure out who Jake was and what his story was.

  • I enjoyed the extra twist to this plot which I won t mention because I don t want to spoil it It wasn t the typical bad guy , good guy story However, I did find it fairly easy to figure out who the killer was.The writing is very good, the plot intriguing The story kept me interested and moved quickly.

  • I like spunky female investigators and savvy serial killers This book didn t have either After almost 400 pages, I didn t really care if the killer s got caught or whether the heroine gave up her job at the FBI and entered private security Does everyone want to be in Blackwater

  • This is pretty much your average forensic mystery novel Although I found the story predicable, I still enjoyed the thrilling premise it offered I liked Monica s character in this one and thought that she freshened up the typical state cop vs feds serial killer thriller story.

  • Very well written, with lots of detail and some interesting characters, but some of the events, such as when one serial killer suddenly works out who the other one is, seemed too convenient Also, the ending fell a little flat for me.

  • Kelly Jones is back again, this time to locate not one but two serial killers that are stalking young boys in a rural Vermont resort town Boneyard is an entertaining read though not as riveting as this author s debut novel, The Tunnels.

  • Good book and I will continue to read this author It s a murder mystery and an easy read Putting it between some of the thrillers I read gives me a break from trying to keep all the plots and characters straight.

  • This is a better read than the sequel I enjoyed reading the twists and turns, although had to wonder why the case seemed to be thwarted at so many points, and it was allowed to happen The characters are fairly well crafted and shaped Overall it was a good read.

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