Deliver Her

[PDF] Deliver Her | by ↠ Patricia Perry Donovan - Deliver Her, Deliver Her On the night of Alex Carmody s sixteenth birthday she and her best friend Cass are victims of a terrible car accident Alex survives Cass doesn t Consumed by grief Alex starts cutting school and pa [PDF] Deliver Her | by ↠ Patricia Perry Donovan - Deliver Her, Deliver Her On the night of Alex Carmody s sixteenth birthday she and her best friend Cass are victims of a terrible car accident Alex survives Cass doesn t Consumed by grief Alex starts cutting school and pa

  • Title: Deliver Her
  • Author: Patricia Perry Donovan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Deliver Her

[PDF] Deliver Her | by ↠ Patricia Perry Donovan, Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan, Deliver Her On the night of Alex Carmody s sixteenth birthday she and her best friend Cass are victims of a terrible car accident Alex survives Cass doesn t Consumed by grief Alex starts cutting school and partying growing increasingly detached The future she d planned with her friend is now meaningless to her Meg Carmody is heartbroken for her daughter even as she s desperaOn the night of A [PDF] Deliver Her | by ↠ Patricia Perry Donovan - Deliver Her, Deliver Her On the night of Alex Carmody s sixteenth birthday she and her best friend Cass are victims of a terrible car accident Alex survives Cass doesn t Consumed by grief Alex starts cutting school and pa

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  • [PDF] Deliver Her | by ↠ Patricia Perry Donovan
    405 Patricia Perry Donovan
Deliver Her

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    Patricia Perry Donovan is the author of DELIVER HER, as well as AT WAVE S END, coming August 15, 2017 She is a journalist who writes about healthcare Her fiction has appeared in Gravel Literary, Flash Fiction Magazine, Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, and other literary journals The mother of two grown daughters, Patricia lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband.

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  • Find all my reviews on my blog https thesuspenseisthrillingme Date Read 08 08 16Pub Date 05 01 163.5 STARS rounded to 4 on On the night of Alex Carmody s sixteenth birthday, she and her best friend, Cass, are victims of a terrible car accident Alex survives Cass doesn t Consumed by grief, Alex starts cutting school and partying, growing increasingly detached The future she d planned with her friend is now meaningless to her.Meg Carmody is heartbroken for her daughter, even as she s desperate to [...]

  • I think the product description for this read tells you as much as, if not than you really need to know before you start to read It is a very slow moving book, particularly at the beginning and because you know what to expect from the blurb, then for the first 45 to 50% you get that feeling that you are just waiting for the main event to start It is classed as a suspense read but I would describe it as being of a family relationship drama, as I didn t really find it suspenseful at all In fact, [...]

  • So, what to say about this book First and foremost, I think the book dragged on and on, then just fell off a cliff at the end It literally just stopped Which was odd to me I think that a lot could have been used in the book around the girls feels around her loosing her best friend, which is what I thought the book was going to be about WRONG I found the book a little tedious to get through due to this Don t get me wrong, the book was free with PRIME for this month, for a free book, it was good [...]

  • Ahh, this was great An amazing thriller with a sweet and satisfying ending I like the way the author tied in recovering from grief and moving on to such a mysterious plot It was all really well put together.It was full of some fantastic characters as well and I loved Alex s and Meg s development and Carl s determination.A very strong book that I would definitely recommend.I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • This was pretty much a waste of time Unlikable characters who do implausible things without getting the facts straight The dad was a skeevy piece of shit and the daughter, Alex, was a hot mess and who the hell still hitchhikes in the 21st century The mom was pretty believable up until the end, where she s already learned that her daughter was actually not a bad kid all along, and yet jumps straight to the conclusion that Alex, despite being highly successful at her new school, is getting drugs f [...]

  • Grade D One Word UnrealisticFull disclosure I only downloaded DELIVER HER because it was free from Prime First ReadsAlex has been spiraling out of control since her best friend s death, so her mother Meg hires Carl to transport the teen to a therapeutic boarding school, unbeknownst to Alex s father, from whom Meg is separated But, Alex goes missing from transport and the search is on to find her.Billed as a suspense novel, I never felt any tension reading DELIVER HER The plot was contrived, fill [...]

  • Alex s best friend has died and she is taking the loss very hard Her school work is starting to suffer, she is doing drugs and making bad decisions Her mother is trying to help but her teen age daughter is not in a place to accept any help especially from her mother Her mother makes the decision to enroll her in a school for troubled teens and on the way Alex disappears This books is a slow read not the suspense it was listed as but for any parent who has ever worried about their child it could [...]

  • I m puzzled that I thought this book was a suspense thriller Now that I ve finished it, it read like a character driven fiction story I think it was the last part of the synopsis that made me think this would be suspenseful book but alas it just was not.Still, I loved the development of the characters There are three alternating POV s Alex, a troubled teen on a destructive path after surviving a car accident that killed her best friend Meg, Alex s mother, who is a hot mess and Carl, the transpo [...]

  • 3.5 5Different from what I was expecting but an enjoyable read overall.While this book was billed a suspense thriller, I felt it lacked the tension to qualify as either and instead ended up as of a family drama with a dash of mystery thrown in That s not to say that a family drama is a bad thing, but it wasn t quite what I had in mind from the synopsis.The story is delivered ha from three perspectives Meg the mother, Alex the daughter, and Carl the transport driver respectively and I felt that [...]

  • This was a part of the Kindle First program It sounded so intriguing Then I read it These are the reviews I don t like writing Writing a constructive review for a book that was nothing like the hype always makes me question the validity of the hype I know that not every book is for everyone I do But sometimes I question if I read the same book as others did.I am not sure where to start with this book I guess with the fact that this book was labeled as a suspense novel There wasn t any suspense N [...]

  • This is a beautifully written book about choices, and how the choices that you make can change things so far down the road, so drastically, in wyas that you never could have possibly conceived.The book revolves around three main characters POVs Meg, her daughter Alex, and Carl, who owns a business transporting troubled teens from their homes to rehab type schools All of the characters in this book are really well developed and relatable Meg isn t the perfect mother she makes critical mistakes, l [...]

  • In a word unrealistic.In words this will appeal to you if you fall within the top 5% socioeconomic bracket and never leave your gated community As a school counselor, I ve had THREE 6 year olds who ve seen a parent s head shot off, and couldn t qualify for therapy because they were uninsured or on Medicaid I have kids cry because they re hungry or sleepy because it s hard to get a good night s sleep in a car or on the floor , and kids as young as 5 who try to kill themselves So please, rewrite [...]

  • This is a great story for anyone that needs a little help, a little faith or a little push in the right direction Alex made one mistake on her 16th Birthday that forever changed her life This is the story of what her loving mother does to try to fix things The book takes you on an emotional roller coaster and pulls you into the story at the beginning I loved the plot line, and the connection of music to this happy place I think this book would be great for any teen struggling through life, or pa [...]

  • I enjoyed this book and it certainly kept my attention A troubled teen whose best friend died in a car crash She blames herself Her frantic mother trying to pull her out of her guilt depression takes drastic steps to get her help, without consulting her estranged husband who still lives in the same house But nothing about the plan happens the way it is supposed to.

  • The story isn t earth shattering but instead focuses on one struggling family A hard working mom struggles to rein in her teenage daughter when she begins to spiral out of control after a terrible loss It was an easy read and I really grew to like invest in the characters and their all too human foibles A good summer read.

  • A workmanlike novel, this had me turning pages eagerly in places and I love the giant frog shrine that appears , but ultimately the mysteries that get revealed are not very mysterious Also, we are told throughout what the characters are thinking and feeling through the device of three point of view characters, all narrated in close third person They re sympathetic enough, and I do like that things aren t wrapped up with a tidy bow at the end However, the author never lets the characters be chara [...]

  • I enjoyed the story and it s upbeat ending about a teenager beset by trauma from death of a best friend, the demise of her parent s marriage and the mirror car accident where she lost her BFF The story was shared from her mother s, the teenager s and the transporter s perspective and provided insight to all three characters.I recommend this book especially to those of us raising teenagers today.

  • This book grabs you from the very beginning Alex was just a normal teenager and the she was involved in accident that turned her whole world upside down How will she ever survive this horrible nightmare I will be honest and I was reading from the perspective of having a daughter the same age and if this ever happened to me I would be just as confused and lost as Alex s mom Meg Will she be able to save her daughter Meg has no idea where to turn for help, they have tried everything Her last hope i [...]

  • 3.5 sOk, so there are 2 pretty major things I need to address first up 1 The blurb gives way too much much away literally didn t happen until 48% of the way through the book, according to my kindle So it kinda felt like the first half of the book was just a slow moving, long winded build up for the real story to begin That s not really true, but that s how the blurb makes it seem If you haven t read the blurb yet, don t Or read the first sentence or two and then stop 2 This book is grossly mis g [...]

  • I received this book through s Kindle Firsts and overall it was okay but there were a few pitfalls for me.This book was originally classed as a suspense thriller but I didn t find it suspenseful at all The back of the book gave most of it away and it was pretty easy to guess the events that follow through the book Categorizing under Family Life would be fitting There were multiple POV s in the story but I felt as though Alexs was unnecessary Her POV all but disappears through half of the book a [...]

  • I didn t mind this but found it seemed to drag on a little in places and I glazed over a bit I wasn t a fan of either Meg or Alex I thought Meg was a neurotic nutcase and Alex a thoughtless teen though that comes with her age, I suppose It was clever what the author did with the description of the accident, I must say.There were a few continuation mistakes that made it a little confusing like Angel the dog being male one minute then a female further in, Carl saying they had 80 miles to travel th [...]

  • This book got off to a slow start but after a while I realised how engaged I was by it The story is told from several different family viewpoints Amy made a mistake on her 16th birthday which torments her Her parents are going through a very messy and bitter divorce, both still living in the same house, unaware of the effect on Amy and her younger brother, Jack Its a story around choices and, inevitably, secrets Amy s Mum, Meg, just wants to help her daughter and makes what turns out to be a bad [...]

  • A good kindle first choiceI don t always enjoy my monthly pick of kindle first options However, this one was a winner for me Good editing and use of spell check gets two stars on top of the one minimum required Another star for a great story and the fifth for the writer s style of writing It s told in three character s point of view which I love You get a read on three very different character s take on the story and sometimes their perceptions diverge and sometimes they merge, but it allows the [...]

  • Would have given it I would have given this book 4 stars and a read again recommendation on good reads and if it hadn t been for all the F bombs Even in the situations they were in necessary and felt like the were put in out of either habit or trying to make the situation dramatic It has a great theme behind it and anyone dealing with addiction knows that a story is going to be sugar coated anyway Loved the way the story unfolded Although anyone who reads much knows from the beginning who the [...]

  • 3.5 starsReally intriguing book I was glad to see that the ending wasn t completely happily ever after, because it seemed she was leading in that direction.I was a little irritated about the fourth or fifth time she ended a chapter with a dangling thread A couple times is fine Nearly every chapter is not.

  • I liked this book As a teen who acted out quite a bit, I could relate to Alex And now that I m a mom, I could relate to Meg s desire to save her daughter This is a good story about healing, moving forward and forgiveness.

  • Did not finish I downloaded this as a free Prime Kindle First book I gave it a few chapters and just couldn t read any .

  • For me getting into the book was not easy, I felt there were to many characters being tossed around Once I figured out who was who and what was going on I enjoyed the book.

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