The Bookseller's Tale

↠ The Bookseller's Tale ↠ Ann Swinfen - The Bookseller's Tale, The Bookseller s Tale Oxford Spring When young bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of student William Farringdon floating in the river Cherwell it looks like a drowning Soon however Nicholas finds evidenc ↠ The Bookseller's Tale ↠ Ann Swinfen - The Bookseller's Tale, The Bookseller s Tale Oxford Spring When young bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of student William Farringdon floating in the river Cherwell it looks like a drowning Soon however Nicholas finds evidenc

  • Title: The Bookseller's Tale
  • Author: Ann Swinfen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Bookseller's Tale

↠ The Bookseller's Tale ↠ Ann Swinfen, The Bookseller's Tale, Ann Swinfen, The Bookseller s Tale Oxford Spring When young bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of student William Farringdon floating in the river Cherwell it looks like a drowning Soon however Nicholas finds evidence of murder Who could have wanted to kill this promising student As Nicholas and his scholar friend Jordain try to unravel what lies behind William s death they learn thaOxford ↠ The Bookseller's Tale ↠ Ann Swinfen - The Bookseller's Tale, The Bookseller s Tale Oxford Spring When young bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of student William Farringdon floating in the river Cherwell it looks like a drowning Soon however Nicholas finds evidenc

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  • ↠ The Bookseller's Tale ↠ Ann Swinfen
    422 Ann Swinfen
The Bookseller's Tale

About “Ann Swinfen

  • Ann Swinfen

    Ann Swinfen spent her childhood partly in England and partly on the east coast of America She read Classics and Mathematics at Oxford, where she married a fellow undergraduate, the historian David Swinfen While bringing up their five children and studying for an MSc in Mathematics and a BA and PhD in English Literature, she had a variety of jobs, including university lecturer, translator, freelance journalist and software designer She served for nine years on the governing council of the Open University and for five years worked as a manager and editor in the technical author division of an international computer company, but gave up her full time job to concentrate on her writing, while continuing part time university teaching In 1995 she founded Dundee Book Events, a voluntary organisation promoting books and authors to the general public Her first three novels, The Anniversary, The Travellers, and A Running Tide, all with a contemporary setting but also an historical resonance, were published by Random House, with translations into Dutch and German Her fourth novel, The Testament of Mariam, marked something of a departure Set in the first century, it recounts, from an unusual perspective, one of the most famous and yet ambiguous stories in human history At the same time it explores life under a foreign occupying force, in lands still torn by conflict to this day Her latest novel, Flood, is set in the fenlands of East Anglia during the seventeenth century, where the local people fought desperately to save their land from greedy and unscrupulous speculators.She now lives on the northeast coast of Scotland, with her husband formerly vice principal of the University of Dundee , a cocker spaniel and two Maine Coon cats.

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  • 4.5 stars Oxford 1353, immediately after the Black Death or plague Plot No spoilers This is a novel about an obsession with a particular book It was a beautiful book, and we at GR love books But this beautiful book had already caused one death and there could be As bookseller Nicholas Elyot walks home from a visit to Yardley s Farm, he sees and retrieves a body from the Cherwell river The body is that of promising Oxford student William Farringdon Nicholas spots signs of foul play, and decides [...]

  • This was an enjoyable historical mystery, the first of what promises to be an excellent series set in medieval Oxford The black death has recently swept through Europe taking many lives including the beautiful young wife of bookseller Nicholas Elyot, leaving behind two young children Nicholas is a former scholar and potential fellow of the University, but left to marry and work and work as a bookseller As well as making copies of books, Nicholas and his apprentices sell parchment, pens and ink t [...]

  • I liked the 14th century Oxford setting very much and learned a few things about medieval bookmaking and the mystery was satisfying I did think a few times that Nicholas Elyot missed some obvious clues but overall a series I would be interested in continuing

  • This novel was pure pleasure I find that I have increasingly less time to read books that I have chosen just for the joy of them, but this was one of them In fact, I became so caught up in the story of tender Nicholas Elyot that I moved immediately on to the next in the series, The Novice s Tale Unfortunately, now I am left simply hoping that Swinfen writes the next book quickly, because I am hooked.By setting the tale in 1353 Oxford, the author is able to explore some wonderful story elements B [...]

  • In the year 1353, life isn t always easy for a bookshop owner on Oxford s High Street Money s tight, with over half of the city s residents dead from the recent plague town gown rivalries are common and the university s slow to pay its bills It was irksome, says narrator Nicholas Elyot, but the position of official bookseller to the university had the advantage of bringing in a regular income In Swinfen s lively medieval mystery The Bookseller s Tale Shakenoak Press, 2016 , Nicholas is a youthfu [...]

  • This was a sweet little book Set in 1300 s in Oxford England, it s a fun, quick historical read The main character is a book seller, and there is a lot of information about book making that I found fascinating Probably a little too much description of Oxford for me, but the place did come alive The mystery isn t that hard to figure out, and I found myself wondering how they were missing so many easy clues, but I loved the characters and the setting.If Swinfen continues this as a series, I think [...]

  • What I enjoyed about this book was its setting and the fact that the narrator was a 14th century bookseller As far as the mystery it was pretty easy to figure out, unlike what usually happens when I read mysteries Most of the time I miss all the important clues or fail to understand them But it never makes any difference since I read mysteries for the ambience and the characters rather than the plot And that s exactly why I wanted to read this one.Swinfen has done a nice job filling in details a [...]

  • I enjoyed this book for the Oxford history 14th Century , the history of book selling arts, binding and parchment making and early structure of the colleges requiring students to live in halls and the family life depicted after the plague took so many lives The first person narrative causes some plodding on to get to the action now and then, but I would think a younger reader would find it illuminating perhaps Even with the overly abundant explanation for every action and reaction, and my own i [...]

  • Interesting charactersI m a historical mystery junkie I got hooked long ago by Brother Cadfael and have been indulging myself ever since I m not particular about the period but the history has to be good This author has her history down pat, she calls forth the ambience of the time and is peopling her medieval Oxford with interesting characters The plot was tight and moved along nicely I look forward to additions to the story of Nicholas Elyot.

  • Excellent historical novelI ve recently been on an Ann Swinfen kick.when I find a good writer, historic background and interesting, original plot it s bliss Definite recommendation and much praise to this author as she brings into life of the 14th century England.

  • I m such a fan of Ann Swinfen, and this book lived up to my expectations don t ignore all those book promotion tweets flying past on Twitter, it s how I discovered her This is a cosy sort of murder mystery set in Oxford, in which bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of a student from the university floating in the river Sure he was murdered, Nicholas takes it upon himself to solve the crime I felt the plot came second place to the historical interest of the story, which suited me fine Th [...]

  • I m a bit of a sucker for historical murder mysteries, and this one drew me in right from the start It s well written, and the evocation of a newly suspicious and dangerous Oxford still reeling from the Black Death is strong It certainly seems like the author has put substantial effort into recreating the town and the descriptions are vivid I was particularly fascinated by the workings of the bookshop which is central to the plot, as well as the wider process of book making, from production of p [...]

  • First in the Oxford Medieval Mysteries series, The Bookseller s Tale follows the adventures of Nicholas Elyot, the titular Bookseller, as he investigates a mysterious death in Oxford, 1353 Elyot discovers a young university man dead in the River Cherwell, and quickly comes to understand the young man did not die a natural death As Nicholas and friend Jordain look into the death, they discover a plot involving a priceless Irish psalter, blackmail, an artistic nun, and greedy aristocrats Swinfen i [...]

  • Quite an enjoyable introduction to a new mystery series Set in Oxford about 100 years before Guttenberg s famous printing press Nicholas Eylot is a local bookmaker and seller who discovers the body of a young Oxford student in the river As is usual, the dead body is just a vehicle for discovering a new place and time This was a nice way to read about life in medieval England and the different relationships between the university and the town Nicholas connection with the university was particular [...]

  • I love mysteries set in medieval times This is a new author and new series for me I liked it Looking forward to the next one The story is set in Oxford, mid 14rh century, a few years after a particularly rough bout of the Plague The sleuth is a widower, owner of a bookshop with two scriveners, father of two young children, and lapsed scholar with lots of connections to the university.Driven by the death of a young student who had worked temporarily in this shop, Nicholas Elyot and his University [...]

  • An excellent story In Medieval Oxford the murder of a young student leads the bookseller, who once employed the student as a scribe, to the discovery of a plot to steal a famous and valuable Psalter The mystery is good, but even better is the atmospheric description of Oxford after the devastation of the Plague The depiction of the Medieval system and the production of books at the time and of the family life of the bookseller, his two children, sister and his friends makes for an engaging and s [...]

  • Don t you love it when you read the first in a satisfying series I felt this way when I discovered Nancy Drew This Bookseller s Tale isn t great writing neither was Nancy , the plotting is conventional, yet the story is engaging and cosy, the research is solid and the whole is quite enjoyable.On to the next

  • Though very interesting about book making and selling, the lengthy descriptions of every step the characters took became tedious Not much mystery.

  • Not my kind of book Perhaps not being an Oxford product, I could not appreciate the ramblings about the place that had no purpose but to create awe for the same It certainly did not seem to be adding any value to the storyline itself Had to skip pages in between so that I may at least complete the book instead of leaving it halfway The main protagonist was interesting, much than is usual for books of this period and setting Not sure if I ll read the next in the series

  • The Bookseller s Tale SwinfenAudio performance by Philip Battley 3.5 stars I liked this book It s a promising start to a medieval mystery series It is set in Oxford in 1353 The bookseller, Nicholas Elyot finds the body of a promising scholar floating in the Cherwell He finds the killer with the help of his friend, Jordain, an Oxford don I enjoyed the details of 14th century book assembly and book dealing The historical setting is also rich with descriptions of family life along with the devastat [...]

  • This was a lot of fun to read this isn t a setting I ve read much about, so it was really refreshing and interesting

  • Thoroughly enjoyable Being intimate with Oxford having lived there for near two decades it is such a pleasure to recognise familiar locations whilst reading along Besides that notion of familiarity of the surroundings, I was soon drawn into the story and lives of Master Elyot s charming family, the murder mystery and it s solution as well as the tale of town vs gown.

  • I liked this book a great deal and plan to get the second book in the series to continue with it Setting the stage for the characters and the location slowed down the reading of the book early on, but the history was excellent as was the characterization.The stage is set for an unusual historical era, Spring 1353 in Oxford is just past the plague or Black Death which took the lives of many Nicholas Elyot, bookseller, scrivener and former scholar and University fellow is discussing with his mothe [...]

  • 2.5 starsThis was a disappointing read Admittedly, I think my reading experience was tainted by that first editorial snafu near the beginning where the main character, Nicholas, sends a written message to a widow that can t read There were also some weird things like scriveners actually using candles to do some of their work instead of natural daylight fear of fire was a big thing around those precious books.As for the actual tale, the dialogue seemed stiff, and some of that stiffness showed up [...]

  • For all the reasons I loved this book, see my contribution to Books We Loved, Dec 2016 I hunkered right down to read book 2, The Novice s Tale, and it s probably a good thing that the third one isn t ready yet, as I have several other books on which I am now behind.The covers are also lovely, especially this one, with its bright colors and medieval bookshop, not to mention that glorious border.

  • This is the kind of historical mystery I love Too often you get either the mystery with a it was different then setting or a history story full of see all the research I did elements with a mystery tacked on Not to mention how refreshing it is to read a book without typos, poor spelling, terrible punctuation and just plain wrong word usage If you like books about Oxford, the Middle Ages, Town and Gown, and real people who are not Royalty and how they lived, this book is for you It s also a book [...]

  • An excellent read, beautifully written Ann certainly knows her history and manages to weave a compelling tale set in medieval Oxford with a host of interesting details about the period I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • I decided to listen to this because it sounded a little bit interesting and had great reviews, but I was not expecting to love it It s definitely one of my favorite books I ve read so far this year It s written in first person, which makes even the remote past of 1353 feel immediate and vibrant The main character, Nicholas, is an ordinary tradesman living in Oxford who gets caught up in solving a murder It s just a few years after the Black Death has killed half the population of the town, and g [...]

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