Scorched Earth

[PDF] Read í Scorched Earth : by David L. Robbins - Scorched Earth, Scorched Earth From David L Robbins bestselling author of The End of War and War of the Rats comes a novel of searing intensity and uncompromising vision Part mystery part legal thriller it is a story of crime a [PDF] Read í Scorched Earth : by David L. Robbins - Scorched Earth, Scorched Earth From David L Robbins bestselling author of The End of War and War of the Rats comes a novel of searing intensity and uncompromising vision Part mystery part legal thriller it is a story of crime a

  • Title: Scorched Earth
  • Author: David L. Robbins
  • ISBN: 9780553381795
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
Scorched Earth

[PDF] Read í Scorched Earth : by David L. Robbins, Scorched Earth, David L. Robbins, Scorched Earth From David L Robbins bestselling author of The End of War and War of the Rats comes a novel of searing intensity and uncompromising vision Part mystery part legal thriller it is a story of crime and punishment set in a small southern town during one brutal hot and unforgiving summer that lays bare the potential of the human heart to hate and ultimately to heal TFrom David L [PDF] Read í Scorched Earth : by David L. Robbins - Scorched Earth, Scorched Earth From David L Robbins bestselling author of The End of War and War of the Rats comes a novel of searing intensity and uncompromising vision Part mystery part legal thriller it is a story of crime a

  • [PDF] Read í Scorched Earth : by David L. Robbins
    311 David L. Robbins
Scorched Earth

About “David L. Robbins

  • David L. Robbins

    David L Robbins was born in Richmond, Virginia, on March 10, 1954 He grew up in Sandston, a small town east of Richmond out by the airport his father was among the first to sit behind the new radar scope in the air traffic control tower Both his parents, Sam and Carol, were veterans of WWII Sam saw action in the Pacific, especially at Pearl Harbor.In 1976, David graduated with a B.A in Theater and Speech from the College of William Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia Having little actual theatrical talent, he didn t know what to do for a living David decided to attend what he calls the great catch basin of unfocused over achievers law school He received his Juris Doctorate at William and Mary in 1980, then practiced environmental law in Columbia, S.C for precisely a year his father demanded back the money for law school if David practiced for less than one year he quit two weeks before the anniversary but got Sam to agree that the two weeks vacation David had accumulated could be included David decided to attend Psychology school, having an affinity for people s stories and a fascination with woe However, while waiting for admisison in 1981, he began a successful freelance writing career He began writing fiction in 1997, and has since published twelve novels He s currently working on the thirteenth, the third in his U.S Air Force Pararescuemen series, as well as several scripts for the stage and screen He has won awards for his essays and screenplays, and has had three stage plays produced.David is an accomplished guitarist, studying the works of James Taylor and Latin classical At six feet six inches tall, he stays active with his sailboat, shooting sporting clays, weightlifting, traveling to research his novels He is the founder of the James River Writers Jamesriverwriters a non profit group in his hometown of Richmond that helps aspiring writers and students work and learn together as a writing community He also co founded The Podium Foundation thepodiumfoundation , a non profit which brings writing and critical reasoning programs to the students of Richmond s city high schools, as well as support programs for city educators He also teaches advanced creative writing as a visiting professor at Virginia Commonwealth University s Honors College David resides in Richmond, near the James River.

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  • a novel Morgan bought at a book exchange while in Malawi what an absolute page turner it is right down to the last page A small community Baptist Church deacons remove a biracial child from the church cemetery , the church burns, the father is accused The defense attorney is asked to come home to represent the father and a whole bunch of chaos ensues This book was not only engrossing but also insightfully written on SO many levels I could go on and on 2002 paperback, 338 pgs read Mar 13, 15 Othe [...]

  • I greatly admire this book Robbins transcends the mystery genre with language as sweet and rich as a mint julep on a starry night A child is born to a black man and a white women in a small Virginia town The child dies, and is buried in the Baptist church cemetery But the elders insist on unearthing the child, because only whites are allowed in their cemetery The night after the child is exhumed and moved to the black cemetery, the church burns down The father of the child, a black man, is arres [...]

  • I was enthralled by this book The language is pitch perfect the narration is vivid, each character has a unique voice, and the dialogue feels authentic truly charged with all that is left unsaid The story itself is such a maze or moral questioning and compromise I found myself constantly wondering what I would do in the place of various characters An interesting question that seemed to come up a lot was how far one can go to remain loyal before entering the territory of corruption, denial, or de [...]

  • Reading this book is like a roller coaster ride It never stops giving you surprises down to the very last page David L Robbins is a writer who knows how to pull in the reader His characters are believable and so are their actions I have never had the pleasure of reading his novels before, but I definitely plan to read of his work.

  • Sleep or read I couldn t just go to sleep, I was compelled to continue reading Mr.Robbins has a different way of looking at life with the words he uses I felt shamed, encouraged, and I wanted to tell everyone to Read This Book Thanks Mr Robbins for the inspiration

  • didn t like the subject matter as the story had to do with race relations but it was well written, as always with David Robbins.

  • A Well Crafted Mystery With Too Many Words 2013 Robbins, David L 2002 Scorched Earth New York Bantam.This mystery and courtroom drama takes place in a small town in contemporary Virginia It opens with scenes of Clare and Elijah living an idyllic life, filled with love, in their country house They tend their garden, fish in the stream, repair the house, and make love outside in the grass Elijah is a big, strong, quiet black man who works at the paper mill during the week Clare is a tall, thin whi [...]

  • Scorched Earth is a compendium of man s inhumanity to man, a fable about the stoniness of the human heart and the racism and bigotry of an insular small town that reads like Scott Turow crossed with Harper Lee, or maybe John Grisham with William Faulker In this mournful story, an interracial married couple in the town of Good Hope, Virginia, give birth to a baby without a brain, who dies within minutes of being born A church elder and matriarch for the community, who also happens to be the grand [...]

  • In diesem Buch geht es vor allem um Elijah und Clare Waddel er ein Schwarzer, sie eine Wei e , die geheiratet haben und nun ein Kind erwarten Das geborene M dchen kommt allerdings ohne vollst ndig ausgebildetem Gehirn auf die Welt, da ihre Eltern in einer Papierfabrik arbeiten, wo viele Chemikalien eingesetzt werden Nora Carol, so nennen sie ihre Tochter, lebt gerade mal zehn Minuten lang Clares Gro mutter ist eine der Kirchen ltesten der Victory Baptist Church veranlasst eine schnelle Beisetzun [...]

  • I loved this book The story begins with the untimely death of the child of an inter racial couple, a couple who had seemed to be perfectly accepted in their Virginia town, even being held up as examples in the workplace diversity council Suddenly all the racism that had been hidden surfaces, in the refusal of the deacons of the white church to accept the child for burying in fact, digging up the dead body and rejecting it There follow reprisals the church is burnt down and a gripping investigati [...]

  • There is small town drama between church and race, husband and wife, father and daughter All the while arson and murder is infused into it all The loss of a parent s child adds a layer of grief to the mix I was sitting on the edge of my seat I almost couldn t bear it at times I couldn t see a way outBut the author knows He did a great job keeping the suspense up.However, I finally finished this book after three years It was a decent courtroom mystery I wish I didn t wait so long to find out how [...]

  • Good Hope, Virginia is a small town with a number of big problems The problems are nothing new to small towns interracial marriage, babies dying, church controversy, murder and maybe rape What small town hasn t had at least some of these troubles However, the community of Good Hope manages to combine all these issues so that the rest of Virginia knows their problems and that is not good.Robbins held my interest through his entire story He is a good storyteller I have to say, however, that I thin [...]

  • Every now and then you run across a book that features intriguing characters, a compelling plot, and a riveting ending Scorched Earth is such a book Grieving parents, a frightened town, and a reluctant hero come together in a quest for that most powerful of human drives, the search for dignity Scorched Earth is a deftly crafted mystery, set in a place both new and familiar, with characters so true they make the heart ache Oh one little tip, when you think the book has come to it s conclusion it [...]

  • Scorched Earth by David L RobbinsA mixed race infant dies at birth and is buried in the cemetery of an all white church in a small Virginia town Soon, however, the church deacons reconsider, ordering the body exhumed and buried in the black cemetery The white church goes up in flames and, since he s found at the scene, the baby s father is the obvious suspect Improbably, he maintains his innocence The long hot summer is turning into a drought and tensions are mounting When the body of a white te [...]

  • A black man and his white wife have a child who lives only a few minutes Heartbroken, they bury her in the cemetery of the Victory Baptist Church The outraged deacons force them to dig her up for reburial in the black cemetery 3 miles away That night the church suddenly burns down and the father is jailed The unraveling of what happened and how the members of this small southern community intertwine makes for an interesting and well written story I listened to it on tape and the narrtor, Tom Ste [...]

  • Nat is a lawyer who is called back to his hometown by the local judge He is to defend a man who is accused of burning down a white church after he is found outside of the church cheering on the fire His defending Elijah brings back memories of growing up in Good Hope and his interactions with those people he is now working with against on the case This book takes a close look at outward appearances, trusting those in power, age old practices, race and how far some people will go to make things r [...]

  • this book was hard well written story draws you in and some of the characters are very believable the story was difficult to take along the lines of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and i find i have less and less tolerance for this and can stomach the subject of bigotry less well as i age on the other hand, we all have some of this in us and the strains we have know no lines in society from the most influential to the least, from the person we expect it in the least to the person we expect it in the most. [...]

  • Powerfully impactingeeped with pondering ironies, bittersweet human frailties and strengthsautiful ugly truths A riveting page turner of epic proportion, written with a stylistic stark finesse, somewhat akin to Hemingway Scorched Earth lays bare an emotionally emblazoned story line which follows the trails of legal justice and faith yielding recompense, tugging strongly at core value heartstrings and ethics Love may cover a multitude of sinsbut at what cost

  • Interesting book that involves racial undertones that probably still exist today It demonstrates throughout the story how human weakness, coincidence, and our justice system can cause unfair suffering through the fair application of law An interesting story Different than my usual choice, but enjoyable.

  • Great book I totally thought I d figured it all out and I hadn t I was surprised at the end It has a lot of themes that make you thinkracism, religion, the importance of community and how even 2 or 3 people can make a community , marriage, what makes someone good or bad There was a lot in here to discuss, to ponder and to make you question your own assumptions.

  • Amazing story An intriguing mystery, in itself, but made special by the excellent writing An ugly story told with beautiful script I ll remember this line for a long time Nat keeps his head ducked, tears on a boy s face are heavy, heavy stones I m going to look for books by David Robbins.

  • Overall, it was an okay courtroom drama boook I felt like there wasn t a whole lot of action in this book It had the same tone throughout the book It was a little on the boring side where it just went on and on I liked the basic plot of the book But I don t I can recomend this book to others.

  • A good legal thriller that is a little slow to develop but contains characters and a story that unfortunately are all too real in today s society Racism rears it s ugly head in a small Virginia community The end is full of twists and turns that the reader doesn t anticipate and in the end justice prevails A good read.

  • We listened to this as a Book on tape and it held our interest over quite a few miles There were some interesting twists in the plot Nice easy listening without having to struggle with thinking about meanings and morals.

  • I read this because although the names of things were changed, it very obviously takes place in West Point, VA, where my library is It was a good legal thriller, a good mystery, and reminds one of what s worth fighting for.

  • A well written story worthy of all it s positive praises The story has wonderful twists that keeps the pages turning until the last few.

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