Relative Best

[PDF] Relative Best | by Ü Pat Henshaw - Relative Best, Relative Best A Foothills Pride StorySometimes love sneaks up when you re least looking for it Zeke Bandy owner of Bandy s Finest Hotel in Old Town Stone Acres California is too busy for love Not only does he ov [PDF] Relative Best | by Ü Pat Henshaw - Relative Best, Relative Best A Foothills Pride StorySometimes love sneaks up when you re least looking for it Zeke Bandy owner of Bandy s Finest Hotel in Old Town Stone Acres California is too busy for love Not only does he ov

  • Title: Relative Best
  • Author: Pat Henshaw
  • ISBN: 9781634775717
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
Relative Best

[PDF] Relative Best | by Ü Pat Henshaw, Relative Best, Pat Henshaw, Relative Best A Foothills Pride StorySometimes love sneaks up when you re least looking for it Zeke Bandy owner of Bandy s Finest Hotel in Old Town Stone Acres California is too busy for love Not only does he oversee the operations of the historic hotel and uphold his family s tradition of offering refuge to strays and runaways Zeke also sings and plays down home music two nightsA Foothills Pr [PDF] Relative Best | by Ü Pat Henshaw - Relative Best, Relative Best A Foothills Pride StorySometimes love sneaks up when you re least looking for it Zeke Bandy owner of Bandy s Finest Hotel in Old Town Stone Acres California is too busy for love Not only does he ov

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  • [PDF] Relative Best | by Ü Pat Henshaw
    395 Pat Henshaw
Relative Best

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  • 3.5 Stars Relative Best is my first read by Pat Henshaw It s part of the Foothills Pride series Though I have not read the previous books, I did not have any problem following the story This book is about the romance between Zeke Bandy and Victor Longbow.Zeke inherited Bandy s finest hotel from his adoptive father The hotel keeps him on his toes but he won t give it up for anything in the world He meets Vic while performing in a bar With his raven hair and exotic sinful looks, Vic is the perfect [...]

  • It s been a long time since I ve been back in Stone Acres and the Foothills Pride series It is definitely one I enjoy as these books are easy, short, have a great romance, are very sweet, and have wonderful happy ever afters I was definitely interested to see what Zeke and Vic would bring to the table.Zeke s mistress is the historic Bandy s Finest Hotel in Old Town that s been there forever It s been Zeke s home for almost as long as he can remember ever since his dad adopted him from a state or [...]

  • Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review I really enjoy this author s stories I ve really come to like the town of Stone Acres, California and its inhabitants while reading this series, and it feels like a real place that I could go and visit Now I ve got a place to stay Bandy s Finest Hotel sounds like the ideal vacation location to me Relative Best In the fifth installment in the Foothills Pride Stories, and it was a good one [...]

  • The blurb on this one had me itching to read as I love opposites attract kind of stories which this one is However what I didn t realise was this is the fifth book of a series and although I guess it can be read as standalone, I must admit to being lost in the beginning with all the names of different sub characters being thrown into the mix This just left me getting confuddled and losing the thread of the storyline as it took all my concentration trying to keep up with who was who It was a comp [...]

  • Copy provided by Dreamspinner Press to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Zeke is too busy for love, his hotel and other obligations taking most of his time He feels lonely and longs to find love, though But it isn t until he s playing his music at a Bachelor s party and he meets Vic, the man of his dreams, who seems just as interested in Zeke.I ve read all the books in this series, and while technically Relative Best can be read as a standalone, there are some cameos fro [...]

  • I love reading about the history and the changes in this town Likeable characters and a sweet, blossoming relationship.

  • This is part of a series, but it definitely can be read as a standalone In each of the books in this series, we meet an older guy with an interesting past and all these guys live in the same town and know one another, but knowing their story doesn t necessarily affect the current book.In this case we re introduced to Zeke who runs the hotel that sits next to Stone s bar so we get to see him and Jimmy a lot which is probably the only thing I really liked about this story.Zeke s history was strang [...]

  • This is the first book I ve read by Pat Henshaw, and although it s 5 in the series, I wasn t lost so it can easily be read as a standalone I found it to be a unique story with very interesting, relatable characters characters that I would have loved to know better The premise is solid a lonely hotel owner operator and popular singer guitarist with a difficult past meets a Native American protagonist, raised as a foster child in an abusive environment, now in this Foothills town, looking for a co [...]

  • ARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review Judging a Book by it s Cover Cover felt very old timey, wild west I had a hard time keeping in mind that this was to be set in modern day.Looking Deeper First Person POV, Zeke s perspective Novella, under 100 pages Zeke s the adopted son to the hotel owner Victor s the fostered son to a rather unlikable man Though the two were instantly attracted and had their mutual connection, they could not have been different if they d tried With the l [...]

  • While Relative Best is the 5th in the Foothills series, it works well as a standalone I haven t read all the Foothills books and I didn t feel I was missing out on anything pertinent to this story Ginger haired Zeke Bandy has a mistress in the form of Bandy s Finest Hotel She takes all his time and most of his money, but he spares a little bit of time to play at the Stonewall Saloon, guitar and fiddle flying He also takes in strays at the Bandy, anyone who needs protection has a place there Zeke [...]

  • 2.5 starsI really liked books 1 and 2 of this series but with the last couple and this one I ve been disappointed This book felt like it was on fast forward and my head was spinning I m not a huge fan of insta love anyway but this book took that to a whole new level There was so much potential for a great story with the hotel almost being a halfway house, the confrontation with Calvin s dad and the Native American history, but it fell completely short The story development just wasn t there Ther [...]

  • A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewFor the Full Review, visit wp p220KL 804 on 8 17From that review at Henshaw s rich and wonderful Foothills Pride series keeps rolling along with this latest edition, Relative Best And in keeping with the tone of the others, it can certainly be read as a stand alone but having the others as backup knowledge of the town, the history and all the characters you will meet in the town and places work to enrich the story even further I certainly enjoy seeing t [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is part of a series, but I read it as a standalone I may well have missed some subtle elements, butthe story stood well enough on its own It had a very old fashioned feel to it, yet also mentioned the twenty first century, it otherwise was rather timeless The title gives a good indication of the underlying theme of the story, as both men are adopted outcasts Interestingly one had nothing but study and he is the one who [...]

  • Story of Zeke and Vic Zeke Owns the Bandy s finest hotel where Vic and his brother Hayden are staying while at a wedding Fast paced story Vic is looking for any indication that his native american family has come from the area, he has been told that a picture was seen somewhere in the town that greatly resembled him In a relationship within a matter of days but was good storyline.

  • Relative Best is the fifth book in the Foothills Pride series by author Pat Henshaw I have not read the previous books and I was not lost in this story at all.Zeke plays the banjo and guitar He plays at Stonewall Thursdays and Friday nights He also does weddings, and special occasions He owns the local historical hotel in town He is a cutie, tad on the shy side Stumbles over himself a lot Specially when he is interested in someone I liked him he is adorably cute.Vic is a groomsman Financial wiza [...]

  • Book Relative Best Foothills Pride 5 Author Pat HenshawStar rating No of Pages 80Cover NicePOV 1st person, 1 characterWould I read it again MaybeGenre LGBT, Contemporary, Romance I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY DREAMSPINNER PRESS, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Reviewed for Divine MagazineSadly, I have to say that book 5, for me, is my least favourite There were many reasons for this, but first let s get the usual problems out of the way The only thing lacking from this story, that was in every previo [...]

  • Relative Best by Pat Henshaw can easily be read as a standalone, however, it is the fifth book in the Foothills Pride series This is my first time reading anything in this series and my first time with the author, as well I only mention that because I never felt lost while reading or like I was missing relevant information.The story is told from Zeke s POV and we find out quickly that he is lonely and has almost given up on any prospects of finding a husband or at least a boyfriend Zeke also see [...]

  • Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Zeke Bandy is the owner of Bandy s Finest Hotel Aside from running his family s historic hotel, Zeke spends his weekends performing at Stonewall Saloon It s at one of his performances there on a night of a bachelor party that Zeke meets Victor Longbow, a man straight out of his dreams The two immediately realize they have a lot in common, other than their mutual attraction Vic is in Stone Acres to open a branch office of [...]

  • Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half stars I wanted to like this story than I wound up doing I liked Victor and Zeke They were both struggling with their self identity and I liked seeing how they both reacted when they figured out who they were and where their place in the world is I adored the family Zeke created for himself They all have each other s backs and will do anything to protect each other However the story felt rushed There are plenty of times where love at first interacti [...]

  • 3.5 Stars for this Contemporary Short Story This is my first Pat Henshaw story, and it was fun and curious I can assure you that this can be read as a standalone I was obviously unfamiliar with the series and the existing characters, yet I had no difficulty in keeping up.Zeke is an adopted child who inherited the family hotel when his father passed, and Vic was a foster child who is now searching for information on his own past The two meet following Zeke s performance at a local bar, and Zeke l [...]

  • Review can be read at It s About The Book3.5 starsThis is the first book in this series that I ve personally read It s obviously a series and you would probably benefit from reading them all in order but I followed along okay enough to enjoy the story There were some cameos of previous couples that meant certain scenes didn t resonate with me personally the way they would with someone who read the previous stories Totally my fault I did enjoy it however The town is made up from a fun group of ch [...]

  • Copy provided by Dreamspinner Press to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Relative Best is Book 5 in the Foothill Pride series This is the first book I ve read of this author s I honestly think this is a series that should be read in order to get the most from the story and characters There are a lot A LOT of characters and it just was a lot of people to learn in a short story The MC s of this novella are Zeke Victor Zeke owns a hotel and Vic comes to town because he s op [...]

  • A very quick read and for me this was my main problem I felt like this one was trying to do too much in a short number of pages I loved the idea of Bandy s Finest Hotel being a safe house, and having been that for years I just felt that we didn t get enough history or enough ending to dela woth Vic s disassociation from his ancestry.Zeke and the Bandy history sounds fascinating, as does Ebden and Anna s and Justine and Raynetta s.Vic s extended adoptive family came and went without much impact r [...]

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