The Broke Diaries

The Broke Diaries Best Download || [Angela Nissel] - The Broke Diaries, The Broke Diaries People always say I m going to look back on these days and laugh why put it off When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college instead of sulking she decided to entertain h The Broke Diaries Best Download || [Angela Nissel] - The Broke Diaries, The Broke Diaries People always say I m going to look back on these days and laugh why put it off When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college instead of sulking she decided to entertain h

  • Title: The Broke Diaries
  • Author: Angela Nissel
  • ISBN: 9780679783572
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
The Broke Diaries

The Broke Diaries Best Download || [Angela Nissel], The Broke Diaries, Angela Nissel, The Broke Diaries People always say I m going to look back on these days and laugh why put it off When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college instead of sulking she decided to entertain herself by creating an online journal that chronicled her day to day trials and tribulations Written with humor and intelligence her Broke Diary quickly found an audie People always The Broke Diaries Best Download || [Angela Nissel] - The Broke Diaries, The Broke Diaries People always say I m going to look back on these days and laugh why put it off When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college instead of sulking she decided to entertain h

  • The Broke Diaries Best Download || [Angela Nissel]
    277Angela Nissel
The Broke Diaries

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  • Angela Nissel

    Angela Nissel is author of the national best selling comedic memoirs The Broke Diaries and Mixed In addition to books, she is a co executive producer and writer for NBC s medical sitcom Scrubs and executive producer of an in development television project with Halle Berry and Vincent Cirricionne Angela was born a lower middle class light brown child in Philadelphia She even stayed in that fair city for college, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in medical anthropology That degree led to a stellar career as a temp for the IRS, a melter in a metalworking shop, and as a sleep apnea auditor working the 12AM to 8AM shift at a local hospital She later started a dotcom, OkayPlayer, which is still alive and well, but she left it permanently to the care of its co founder after The Broke Diaries was published She decided to pursue writing full time and finally ventured out of Philadelphia to Hollywood.Upon arriving in Hollywood, she learned that just because someone s vanity plates read PRDCR , doesn t mean he has the connections to make your book into a screenplay or even help you get a writing job.Barely paying her rent through freelancing, she put a few possessions on Ebay for extra cash the winning bidder of one item was a television executive who had read The Broke Diaries She introduced Nissel to a television literary agent This agent sent copies of The Broke Diaries to everyone hiring comedy writers and soon, Nissel had numerous job offers She accepted a position as a staff writer on Scrubs She s been there for seven seasons and is currently one of the co executive producers of the show This is the only job she s had where her medical anthropology degree comes in handy.

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  • i have very mixed feelings about this book on the one hand, i like reading about how people scrape by with no income, some of the problems that befall nissel are illustrative of the way the cycle of poverty keeps people down for example, there s a story about how nissel went to new york city to visit a friend he was late picking her up at the train station, so she found a phone booth that allowed her to make calls with her debit card she assumed that the call just wouldn t connect if she didn t [...]

  • This book was a go to reread for me in college It s very funny stories about being a poor college student particularly at an Ivy League school, surrounded by affluent students told in short journal entries that I believe were first blog entries It always cheered me up about being broke myself, because although I did have a few ridiculous poor person moments, nothing can top what this woman went through Weird sidenote when I grabbed a new copy gave my old one away to read again, I realized that [...]

  • I have probably read this book now about 20 times or so in the last decade and I still can t read it in public without looking like a total loon cracking up in the corner of Starbucks or wherever The book started out as a blog Angela kept in college to try and find the humor in her broke ness to keep her from getting down about it all The right person found it along the way and got her published And I am so glad they did You have to read this book

  • 1.5 stars Not sure how hilarious got thrown in the title, this book didn t really do it for me It was ok at best and I thought about laughing a few times but it didn t happen Ang is a broke college student who can hardly afford ramen noodles and she damn near steals them because she is a couple cents short If she put all the time and effort of scheming free food, looking through free ads and all other desperate attempts to survive she would ve had the time to apply and find a better job with ho [...]

  • I have heard Nissel on NPR and she s much funnier in person than in this book Also, it might be kind of insulting to any person that has to deal with serious poverty It treats it as kind of a joke.

  • Angela Nissel s diary of her senior year in college definitely lends support to the idea that being poor is expensive, but something is lacking in this otherwise honest and clever memoir.First thoughts There were times when I was reminded of Nickel and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich , but I wanted of that style and less of Nissel s narration of her days Memoirs are hot or cold for me, and this adaptation of a blog felt like a straight copy and paste from the online platform into print pages while ti [...]

  • This is pretty funny overall it s a collection of diary entries written by a poor college student in Philly The author now writes for Scrubs, so her days of brokeness are probably over The bad She won t shut up about going to Penn and how Ivy League she is Some of us who managed to somehow not be Ivy League grads are pretty darn smart and capable I know this because I was accepted to Columbia but declined to go to my non Ivy alma mater, and I don t think I could ve gotten a brilliant, funnier, [...]

  • I ended up giving this one up after 50 pages I thought it would be a fun book to read, but for me it wasn t I found the author to be self deprecating I have been in her situation, where you are doing the bill shuffle, where you eat cheap food, but it doesn t mean you have to be stupid about it When you are so broke you are doing this you don t go visit friends out of stay incurring expenses, call someone with a credit card, then bitch when your account is over drawn At some point you need to gr [...]

  • This was chosen for my book club, but when we went to review all our books at our ten year anniversary, no one had read it I kept telling everyone that we had put it on our list, but one woman said she didn t think it was appropriate so we dumped it and had a picking party instead, but no one would believe me.So, in order to say I read all the books, I read this many years later It was good to dump it It wasn t really memorable, but I think this woman has a future as a humorous essayist It does [...]

  • This book was very funny Angela has such a wit and charm about her that makes any messed up or awkward situation sound hilarious and lighthearted To be perfectly honest, this book made me extremely grateful for the life I have as of right now As a current college senior, the same age as Ang in the book, I have been fortunate enough to have the funds and means to afford the things I need and then some It s humbling to realize that not everyone is as fortunate and that you should truly appreciate [...]

  • This was read when I wasn t a member, and while some parts may not be appropriate to read due to language nothing worse that what you would hear on the bus It was an excellent book, and far entertaining than many other books However, you would have had to be REALLY broke to understand and appreciate it, as opposed to the people who are broke and couldn t afford to get 2 mani pedis this month.

  • This book was hilarious It s set in the form of a diary as the title suggests This diary could be the diary of any other female college student who hasn t been fed a silver spoon I loved every bit of it, one of the few books I could stand reading than once.

  • The girl is hilariousinly just some hilarious stories, no no less she thinks she s cute, and funny, and she is, really.

  • This book made me laugh out loud at several points I was a student I ve been broke I can identify Though I have to admit I was never quite as broke as Nissel seemed to be I worked either full time or close to it the entire time I was taking classes full time and I paid for school myself No debt afterward She seemed to have quite a bit of down time that she could have gotten another part time job at least Heck, get a waitressing job where she could get a free meal too The whole thing about no cle [...]

  • It was difficult for me to relate to this book, but I did enjoy the ride The open mike poetry night was especially hilarious shake the bed,dying laughing, funny Other memorable highlights shopping for dress pants in a communal dressing room with no underclothes on for lack of laundry money Fred the Ford and last, but not least, the bank check bouncing check cashing snafu Also, the 1200 business line phone bill Overall, Pretty funny but the vernacular got old quick.

  • Funny and smart, Nissel chronicles the highs and lows of being broke and just trying to get to the next day.

  • I wrote this book review a while ago for an ancient blog and even submitted it to an old editor of mine It didn t get published for some reason so I decided to dust it off, polish it up a a bit and publish it here Enjoy Once upon a time I made a solid, dependable middle class income I could easily pay my bills, rent, and other assorted necessary amenities I could also afford luxuries like monthly massages, nights on the town, concert tickets, and fashionable additions to my closet.Well, those da [...]

  • I thought I had been broke I ve had to choose between medication and food, and I ve shared meals with people I dislike because they were providing the food and I didn t have any in the house I ve served saltines and Kool Aid as appetizers Angela Nissel makes all this look like living in the lap of luxury Angela was college student broke She was digging in the couch cushions for Greyhound fare because some jerk stranded her in another city broke She once went into a shop with 33 cents and discove [...]

  • Um, am I the only person who is walking around without underwear on today I know I can t be This isn t the first time this has happened to me, and I know if it s happened to me than once, it s happened to someone else at least one time I m three quarters short of clean draws Angela Nissel s memoir The Broke Diaries apparently started out as a blog that she wrote in college, trying to find humor in a very crappy financial situation Flat broke in college, occasionally unable to find enough quarte [...]

  • Had it not been for the big font, short length of the book, and it being a book club selection, I would not have finished it Nissel s misadventures are described as hilarious, but came across as corny than anything Had I read this as a college student, I probably would have chuckled a little , though, and I think that had I read it in blog form on a daily or weekly basis, it might have come across a lot interesting Sitting down and reading it the entire way thru in two days made it seem like [...]

  • The first time I read this book, I laughed out loud page after page after page This time around, I got in a few chuckles, but it wasn t nearly as funny as I remembered I always recommended this book and gave it to a number of friends as gifts I think a lot of my disappointment, this time around, came from the downgraded humor It s still the same book I ve just outgrown it I ve always tagged this as a favorite and while I m not read to knock it out of the running because I m sure most will enjoy [...]

  • I truely enjoyed this book and remember it vividly even though I read it over 10 years ago I was living with a college friend in what could only be described as a hell hole of an apartment that was most definitely run by a slum lord We were both working in Manhattan and living in the trendy city of Hoboken, NJ We basically spent all our money on rent and survived on PB Sandwiches and kind gentelmen who wanted to take us out for dinner We were in a word, broke Well, we thought we were We both rea [...]

  • The Broke Diaries was a book that came highly recommended by a fellow writer and friend The first few pages had me hooked at the hands of it humor, ridiculousness and subject alone The story is based on diary entries from the main character, Angie, who is a student at University of Pennsylvania She is in her last year and in short, Angie is broke She can t afford the class textbooks so she shares with friends She schemes, charms, talks her way out of many entertaining and embarrassing situations [...]

  • I thought this was all cute and shit when I first read it about six years ago Probably because back then I was in school and living with the parents who were subsidizing everything Now I am broke As in BROKE and begging friends who manage restaurants to give me jobs yes, jobs, as in I need 47 of them at this present moment and offering my parrot as collateral to my parents just to buy him birdfood And also to fix my left rear tire and pay off a speeding ticket and go to the dentist and other stu [...]

  • The singularly most hilarious book I ve ever read I laughed so hard at practically every scenario that at times my stomach muscles actually ached from enjoyment Of course, I was in college when I read this so her plight was truly my own at the time The book accounts, through short journal entries, the business of getting by on a daily basis when all you have is your resourcefullness, sarcasm, and a few cents clinging for dear life in your hole filled pocket Her writing is comical and positively [...]

  • If you ve ever sat around musing on how poor and broke you are, you ain t seen nothing yet Nissel recounts episodes at check cashing joints, open mike nights, and church cabarets that will make you glad for whatever little stash you ve got in your bank account Her trick of posing as a teacher s assistant to acquire teacher s edition books for free made me green with envy I only wish I could ve tried that even once during college Nissel conveys a refreshing sense of true candor and wit, and her c [...]

  • For some reason the Crescent Wrench lending library had a copy of this book I can t remember if I ever actually borrowed it and took it home and read it cover to cover, but I do remember that every week when I had a shift, I would read this book, even when I had other important things to read I didn t think the writing was all that great and parts of it annoyed me but ten years later, I can t remember what parts annoyed me or why , but I just couldn t put it down I think reading this book was k [...]

  • I loved this book, I read it at a time in my life I was sometimes struggling to make ends meet and I could really relate Knowing it was temporary didn t put food on the table or help me pay the rent in that moment but looking at the humor of someone in a tighter spot than me really helped I didn t just look a it as a broke diary but also as a funny commentary on absurd situations in life The O, my O moment, the chicken man, the secret date actually I ve been in that situation, too , just wacky t [...]

  • Notable for the phrase O My O , The Broke Diaries was extremely fun on the first read at the end of my senior year of college, dead broke, no real job prospects in sight I reread it a few years later and found it annoying and trite which doesn t mean I could no longer identify with the characters just that I didn t want to.That said, if this book were a blog, I d probably read it regularly and get a good laugh at least half of the time It looks like the author went on to work on Scrubs, so I m g [...]

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