Nachos & Hash

Free Read Nachos & Hash - by Brandon Witt - Nachos & Hash, Nachos Hash Darwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City While Denver offers the perfect job scrumptious dining and whirlwind dating options Darwin is losing hope he ll find the right man to spar Free Read Nachos & Hash - by Brandon Witt - Nachos & Hash, Nachos Hash Darwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City While Denver offers the perfect job scrumptious dining and whirlwind dating options Darwin is losing hope he ll find the right man to spar

  • Title: Nachos & Hash
  • Author: Brandon Witt
  • ISBN: 9781635332094
  • Page: 327
  • Format: ebook
Nachos & Hash

Free Read Nachos & Hash - by Brandon Witt, Nachos & Hash, Brandon Witt, Nachos Hash Darwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City While Denver offers the perfect job scrumptious dining and whirlwind dating options Darwin is losing hope he ll find the right man to spark his interest for than a one night stand until he sets eyes on Cody Russell Cody has just accomplished his life s goal get the hell out of Kansas In one fell swoop heDarwin Michaels is Free Read Nachos & Hash - by Brandon Witt - Nachos & Hash, Nachos Hash Darwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City While Denver offers the perfect job scrumptious dining and whirlwind dating options Darwin is losing hope he ll find the right man to spar

  • Free Read Nachos & Hash - by Brandon Witt
    327Brandon Witt
Nachos & Hash

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    Brandon Witt s outlook on life is greatly impacted by his first eighteen years of growing up gay in a small town in the Ozarks, as well as fifteen years as a counselor and special education teacher for students with severe emotional disabilities Add to that his obsession with corgis and mermaids, then factor in an unhealthy love affair with cheeseburgers, and you realize that with all those issues, he s got plenty to write about Visit Brandon s webpage brandonwitt Visit him on facebook facebook brandon.wittEnjoy episodes of The Witty Hour youtube channel UCO5c

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  • 4 Stars.This is the first book I ve read by this Author and I really enjoyed it.Cody is 21,has recently moved to Denver and is now working at Hamburger Mary s,a gay friendly restaurant bar.He s left behind his life living in a trailer park in Kansas with parents he didn t have much of a life with.He s in a pretty good place in his life,a job he loves and working with some great peoplehe finally feels part of a family.Darwin is 24,has nearly everything he wants in life,a good job,a nice home the [...]

  • You sure you don t want something besides nachos I know it s good to be a cheap date and all, but you re cute enough to earn a real dinner Darwin s on the latest of a long string of dates from hell and it s taking all that is in him not to run screaming from the table He s got his life in order, college, grad school, a successful career and he s ready to take that next step He s been searching for the man who will help him achieve his dream of the house with a picket fence, the husband and 3.5 k [...]

  • I finally popped my Brandon Witt cherry Woo hoo LOL, He s been on my TBR for a while but still hadn t read any of his books Then I read the blurb for Nachos Hash, and I knew this would be my first BW book Nachos Hash is the story of two Midwestern boys who meet by chance at the Hamburger Mary s in Denver, Colorado Darwin was on a bad date he was getting ready to ditch, and Cody was his cute server that he had a fun time chatting with after he lost his date They ended up hanging out after Cody s [...]

  • Review originally posted at Sinfully.I m used to the Brandon Witt books I read being mostly drama and angst with a side of humor and lightness Nachos Hash was a delightful reversal Yes, the MCs still have tough issues to face, but this is a straightforward romance with a whole cast of loving and supportive characters to help push these two seemingly opposite men into holding onto what they want and deserve.Having recently escaped the small town Kansas hell he grew up in Cody never dreamed he d [...]

  • Darwin is stuck at Hamburger Mary s with his Match date from hell Sure, Mark s got a smokin eight pack but he s shallow and gasp, he hates drag queens However the night isn t a total bust because Darwin meets waiter Cody, a sweet sincere 21 yr old Hamburger Mary s, a real open air bar and grille for open minded people is lovingly described with fabulous cheeseburgers, Drag Queen Bingo, a wonderfully raunchy Family Feud, karaoke, and an overwhelming sense of family fostered and encouraged by co o [...]

  • 3 StarsGoodness Gracious.I started out listening to the audio on this book and had to call time of death at 40% I literally listened to the first 10% and then had to stop, go back and read it because the voices were driving me crazy which ruined my focus smh Along with the errors of repetition and lack of connection with the overall narration, I couldn t go on I didn t feel it would be fair to judge the book based on the audio version so I bought the ebook and sallied forth to give it a fair sho [...]

  • 4.5 High heel Stars I think Brandon Witt may have found his niche Nachos and Hashis book one in Witt s new series Mary s Boys Mary s Boys is a series of romances that blossom after people meet their love while visiting Hamburger Marys Hamburger Marys is one of my all time favorite places to grab bar food and drinks while hanging out with dear friends The fact that the chain is a gay bar with themed nights and drag shows is simply icing on the cake The setting alone lured me in and I couldn t wai [...]

  • Darwin has achieved nearly everything he s wanted a great job, a fabulous career, money, a nice place to live he s missing out on the romance part He s been dating, but none of those dates have led to anything permanent than a one night stand, and this latest date is simply another disaster.However, things might be looking up his waiter Cody is cute, and Darwin thinks there might be something there Cody dropped out of high school and hightailed it out of his hometown to escape the homophobia Hi [...]

  • Darwin is on a cheap date with the awful Mark and after two seconds with the boring and nonsense man found on Match, he starts planning his escape until ManDonna helps him getting rid of his date While swearing off online dates, Cody happens in his life Cody, the waiter who can t shut up for a moment Cody who has just moved to Denver where he is living his dream, go away from Kansas and finally be himself in a safe place like Hamburger Mary s with people who actually care for him Darwin has ever [...]

  • Nachos Hash is a really good start to a series Feel like this is one of Witt s lighter reads, but the tears were still there He didn t go to far It was light hearted I guess because of the MC s being so young 21 24 and trying to navigate what they both want out of one another Nachos Hash brings both guys from small Midwestern cities together at place in their life when they need someone.Darwin Cody were really adorable together I really liked them a lot Cody I just want to re brain him Show him [...]

  • Review by The Blogger Girls.What a fun and sweet story this was Cody and Darwin both come from small towns, but with very different upbringings They find each other by chance at a bar restaurant, Hamburger Mary s, in Denver, where they hit it off and their sweet romance begins.Cody is such a sweetheart He works at Hamburger Mary s, a place that has given him a family and place of belonging that he yearned for after his parents basically disowned him for being gay He s a simply shy guy who is hap [...]

  • CASA BONITA RULES Both Darwin and Cody come from small towns in the mid west and have come to Denver looking for a life bigger than what they ve known Darwin feels his life is nearly complete, he just needs someone to share it with Cody is far from comfortable, he s happy but expecting danger and disappointment around every corner.When Cody and Darwin meet, Cody can t believe Darwin would be interested in someone like him this theme dominates most of their relationship in the story and it takes [...]

  • I found Nachos Hash to be a very sweet love story The setting is somewhat unique and FUN The story has a fresh and cheery vibe to it Or should I say cheeky For me it was an easy, laid back read I really appreciated the lighthearted and humorous moments, and dug the emotional and touching ones Most of all though, I adored the main characters Darwin and Cody were lovely together There was a certain chemistry, a connection They grew fond of each other rather quickly, connected by their similar back [...]

  • A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsIt s not often one finds a novella rich and complete enough to set the scene for further stories Often one finds that a shorter story either spends so much time developing the setting and introducing characters that the romance angle is weak and of an unbelievable insta love trope than anything else So imagine my delight in reading author Brandon Witt s latest offering Nachos Hash and experiencing not only a cleverly written introduction to a myriad of sharp and wit [...]

  • When you don t have goals and big dreams except being who you are and accepted in the community as you are, it s kinda hard to see other people expected about you.Darwin wanted Cody But Cody can t see any future with Darwin, in assumption that Darwin is out of his league.For a one night stand, that ll be okay, but the future A boyfriend Cody s not going there.Sad that Cody has a low self confidence with his future and just happy in Mary s.but right now, that s what he sees in him.Darwin has just [...]

  • 3.5 starsI pre ordered this book solely because of the cover I thought it was striking and different Based on that cover alone, though, I was expecting something light and fluffy I didn t mind if I would ve encountered quick love It is a novella length, after all It did start like so It was cute, I loved Cody s ramblings when he first served Darwin I loved the family of choice theme too, with Mary s boys But there was a tough issue below the surface, and it reappeared nearing the end Yes, view s [...]

  • I thought it was good but it took me a minute to warm up to Cody I was like dude he likes you , hehe.I thought Darwin was very patient and sweet with him Would really be cool to visit Hamburger Mary s It seems like a fun place to go

  • Denver is the setting for this first novella in a new series around Hamburger Mary s, a chain of GLBTQ friendly restaurants in the US The main characters are very young Cody is twenty one and Darwin only twenty four, but in a way this is a coming of age story for both of them They share some aspects of their backgrounds like being from small towns , and they both want to meet a special guy , but neither of them believes it is going to happen for them anytime soon And while they hope this will ch [...]

  • Advance Review Copy generously provided by the author.Ohhhhh, Brandon What ve you done I m huuuungry now.Readers, here s a tip When Brandon Witt starts talking about food, it s wise to stop what you re doing and pay attention Mainly because it s entertaining as all hell Not to embarrass him or anything, but case in point back in October at GRL I witnessed Brandon having an entire conversation about food all by himself It was both impressive and hilarious though I contained my laughter so as not [...]

  • I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I absolutely loved this story With less drama and angst than his full length novels, the author has crafted a novella that is just long enough to breathe life into a special romance between two wonderful men This is almost a New Adult romance Both Darwin and Cody are in their early twenties and Cody s previously sheltered life makes him seem even younger than 21 at times I liked the natural connection between these two They meet [...]

  • Audio review to come Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement Nachos Hash is Novella 1 in the Mary s Boys series by Brandon Witt This series will take place at Hamburger Mary s, which is an actual restaurant in real life In Brandon s series, it s full of colorful characters Darwin is at Hamburger Mary s for the first time on a date that he s regretting being a part of He s ready to swear off d [...]

  • Oh my, what a delightful little gem of a book this turned out to be From the very first paragraph this story hooked me The characters captured my heart, the story captivated me and the setting has me thinking about booking a flight to Denver.Nachos Hash gave me the perfect blend of fun and feels For every time Cody s past and insecurities broke my heart there was a moment often than not taking place at Hamburger Mary s to put a huge and happy smile on my face I loved how Cody, despite all his i [...]

  • The Diva found a new to me author I love it when that happens Nachos and Hash is my first Brandon Witt book but it certainly won t be my last This is the first in his new Mary s Boys novella series that will have a total of four books I m already looking forward to Vodka and Handcuffs how can one not, that just sounds like one hell of a fun night the next in the series The first in the series features Cody and Darwin Cody is one of the servers at Hamburger Mary s Darwin happens to be on one of h [...]

  • I love Brandon Witt s work Period This is no exception.I ve been wanting to read about Darwin Michaels afterhe left El Do, and I was not disappointed Sweet, sweetcharacters that really make you care about them right offthe bat I just wanted to reach into my Kindle and wrapmy arms around Cody and hold him, of course, Darwin doesthat for us, but still I was thankful that I had a Kleenex handy when I read this, I needed it Two young men meet and fall in love too quickly for theirown good, but someh [...]

  • Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Even though I own six books by Brandon Witt, this is only the second book I have read by him Most of them have heavier subject matters, and I know I have to be in the right mindset to read them But Nachos Hash is a lower angst novella with fun and exciting settings It was very easy to read The series is called Mary s Boys because the main characters meet at a Hamburger Mary s restaurant, and one of them works [...]

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