Mortal Ghost

[PDF] Mortal Ghost | by ☆ L. Lee Lowe - Mortal Ghost, Mortal Ghost It s a fiery hot summer and sixteen year old Jesse Wright is on the run An oddly gifted boy he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change He s hungry and lonely and des [PDF] Mortal Ghost | by ☆ L. Lee Lowe - Mortal Ghost, Mortal Ghost It s a fiery hot summer and sixteen year old Jesse Wright is on the run An oddly gifted boy he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change He s hungry and lonely and des

  • Title: Mortal Ghost
  • Author: L. Lee Lowe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
Mortal Ghost

[PDF] Mortal Ghost | by ☆ L. Lee Lowe, Mortal Ghost, L. Lee Lowe, Mortal Ghost It s a fiery hot summer and sixteen year old Jesse Wright is on the run An oddly gifted boy he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change He s hungry and lonely and desperate and beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured And then there are Jesse s own memories of a fire [PDF] Mortal Ghost | by ☆ L. Lee Lowe - Mortal Ghost, Mortal Ghost It s a fiery hot summer and sixteen year old Jesse Wright is on the run An oddly gifted boy he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change He s hungry and lonely and des

  • [PDF] Mortal Ghost | by ☆ L. Lee Lowe
    389L. Lee Lowe
Mortal Ghost

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    L. Lee Lowe Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mortal Ghost book, this is one of the most wanted L. Lee Lowe author readers around the world.

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  • I did not like this book The author had me thoroughly confused as to what was happening I was faced with two options, either I could keep reading on and hope that it would come together and make sense in the end, or just give it up After 200 pages, I really wanted to give it up At times I thought to myself, maybe it is just me Am I this thick, naive, or uneducated that I can t grasp what a simple story this is But I don t believe so The story seems to me to change from chapter to chapter It s as [...]

  • I finished this book because I was convinced that with tops appearing out of nowhere, teens with memories but no history on paper, mystical healing and fire starting abilities, a woman with the ability to sense emotions thoughts and organic computers that can take over someone s body that somewhere in the end the author would give the reader an explanation of it all Unfortunately, this never happened.There are interesting elements to this book The problem is that there are so many of them, I was [...]

  • This book started with so much promise I desperately tried to enjoy it The author has an interesting style and the descriptions of settings are wonderful Unfortunately from a third of a way through the novel the plot starts to loose direction quite badly After a number of chapters that ramble in circles which sets the tone for a lot of the rest of the novel you are dropped into a bizarre sci fi series of chapters The sci fi section is so disjointed that even if there had been some foreshadowing [...]

  • This book was free to download on my nook I honestly got tired of looking at the cover and decided to read it This was a huge mistake The writing was half hazardly strung together Not only was I uninterested with the characters, I still don t understand the plot if there was one, and I am betting not A total waste of time.

  • This book really held my interest and kept me guessing I can t say that all of the mysteries in my head were solved but it was greatly suspenseful and I would love to read

  • Let s go back in time to the hey day of radio when stories were read on a weekly basis and the family gathered around the radio to wait for the next installment Or when newspapers or magazines published novels a chapter at a time The speculation of what would happen next would be discussed with the anticipation mounting as you waited for the story to continue Author L Lee Lowe has brought this concept back with her young adult fantasy novel, Mortal Ghost, by publishing it one chapter at a time v [...]

  • I liked it for the most part, but it was confusing I wish the supercomputer thing wasn t in the book at all I just don t understand what the point of it was I think they should have indicated when the scene changes there were moments when I had to re trace because I realized they were in a completely different conversation than before I think the author could have ended it better The ending had great potential, but it ended too soon, it seems I like the Ariel part, it explains the small figure s [...]

  • I downloaded this ebook when it was offered for free and only read it recently What a wonderful surprise I m not usually a fan of fantasy and science fiction but I loved this book From the first page to the last, Mortal Ghost is elegantly written and beautifully paced Although it s possibly aimed at young adults, older people will still enjoy it and identify with its themes Lowe has created interesting and multi dimensional characters and an intriguing theme I can t wait to read by this author [...]

  • loved this book I had to read it a few times, before I absorbed everything It is really rich in detail and suspense I don t really Like suspense, but Lowe wove this story so well that it added to the genius of the story It had the perfect mix of romance, and suspense and paranormal physicic ness that it created a perfect story A must read for young adults P.s It IS a british book, so some of the phrases are hard to understand for American readers, but it is not so often as to disrupt the story l [...]

  • 6% and I give up Did this book even have an editor Random jumps between perspective Switching between past and present tense I got the feeling the present was a dream or something but there was no way to mark it, no extra space between paragraphs or italics or anything And the characters First Jesse Your homeless yet you spend a lot of the money you do have on books Sarah You meet a homeless guy on the street and the first thing you do is invite him home Sarah s mom No reaction to this random gu [...]

  • This book was interesting and different and sometimes even weird There are several choppy bits where the transitions from one scene to the next just jump no smooth transition from one place to another, no break in the way the page is set up just one paragraph there might be the boy girl in the park and the next paragraph the boy is waking from a night s sleep just an example A sad and possibly a bit melancholy story right up to the ending but I don t regret reading it.

  • I really like the craziness of this book and all the different story lines going on but I feel like it could have cleared a few things up just a little bit And there were quite a lot of spelling errors in this bookon the nook Not sure if that s any different from the actual book But just saying.

  • Thus far this book is sort of a mess The general plot is good but the editing, or rather the lack thereof, gives me a headache There is a lot of jumping around, a lack of paragraph breaks and than a few spelling errors It s not a bad story, it s just bad editing, as though this were a first draft and no one ever felt the need to check it over and make corrections.

  • I think this book had promise but I also think that the author tried to put two different books into one story I didn t much care for the part with the supercomputer and I feel like the story would have been solid without it There was already so much going on that it felt like a distraction.

  • This book is SO confusing There are often no breaks between topics and so things jump around so you don t know where you are in the story The story also makes little sense I gave up 2 3rds of the way through when I realized I didn t know where the sphinx sphinx came from That said, I did find the main characters compelling, which is the only reason I stuck with it for so long.

  • I thought this book was good I didn t have trouble with spelling or grammar I think it was of a language barrier The author just talks differently than I do The story itself was great Maybe a little weird at times but still very good It s definitely not a light read and deals with some tough issues I would only recommend it to mature young adult readers.

  • No offense I got completely lost at least a dozen times No idea what was going on most of the time Not the greatest writing shown in this book I tried for two weeks to read this and I can read a book a day if I put my mind to it Way too confusing and Im saddened to say I could NOT finish it So another bad review sorry.

  • Weird Confusing Tons of profanity Virtually no story line here Just a screwed up teen doing screwed up teen stuff and the end was bizzare Finished and my first thought was what the heck did I just read I don t even pretend to know what happened here That and the sex was totally unecessary ally just not the best book.

  • It was a change from what I m used to reading The main character Jesse is very smart so there where parts of the book that were hard to read but I liked the challenge It wasn t a feel good book, so that was also different I liked the book, it really makes you think.

  • Well written, fast, enticing I enjoyed this story, although I had to check on things from time to time thanks to the cultural divide But all in all I enjoyed the story and would recommend it.

  • A strange story about a boy that has very special abilities It s not really a happy end and not a bad end as well.

  • I really wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading this ebook Some reviewers on Smashwords didn t like it because they couldn t find a plot, or didn t resonate with the characters As one of the secondary characters was named Sarah, I didn t have a problem resonating with that character However, there isn t a plot with this story, not really It s one of those novels that just follows along with the lives of the characters until a certain event occurs It s a bit like a Danielle Steel novel [...]

  • It was an okay book, I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end The author had an interesting premise and a way of describing characters that you would like to meet in real life There were several drawbacks to the novel which I think took away from my really enjoying this book.As stated several times before by other reviewers the narrative was confusing at times Sometimes you felt like whole chunks of dialogue or pages were missing This is especially disconcerting while reading this book in a el [...]

  • This is very much a literary book I have attempted to read it several times over the course of when I first downloaded it until now Oct 2011 Dec 2015 I ll admit, for me, it was a tough sled to start and focus on reading it, but I finally decided to clean out my very old To Read books and this one kept hanging around I m glad I didn t get too discouraged from bad reviews There is a wonderful story in here, if one is patient enough to let the story unfold I can t say it s for everyone, but I certa [...]

  • Oh my goddess This is something else This author must have smoked something I never tried I never read something so intense, so powerful I am a French speaking person and I was into the dictionary than the book itself But I loved it, it expend my vocabulary to the max Naturally, as a French speaking person, I sometime found it confusing was it the language barrier or was it really difficult to follow So, I was glad when I read some reviewers saying it was confusing and all over the place for th [...]

  • I am conflicted about this book It was an interesting idea, but it wasn t always well written It did not have any natural means of transition, no pages breaks or anything that would indicated a scene change I liked Jesse and Sarah a lot, as well as Finn I never did understand what was going on with the government study and that part of the story did not make sense it seemed like a filler to meet a word requirement It didn t really add to the story, just confused it I was glad that Jesse was able [...]

  • I started reading Mortal Ghost and just love it when a book grabs me at the beginning and I don t want my break to end so I can go on reading What a delightfully unusual book As I understand it this book was originally written as a serial and published one chapter at a time in various venues When the story reached the end it was then published in book form offered on kindle for free What a treat it is to get something so worth reading as a gift from the author The book is quite long, but i found [...]

  • A very good story Very, very good.That being said, if you think this book is the typical paranormal book, where the boy goes on a grand adventure because of his powers, you ll be sadly mistaken and ultimately disappointed Because this is not that kind of book at all In fact, the fact that he does have powers is but that is actually besides the point Although some of the conflict does happen because of his abilities, that is not the main focus in the story itself.This is about things that happen [...]

  • I admire people who have great minds Personally, I have an average mind with only the occasional great thought I have no problem with that I mean we all come up against things other than ourselves However when reading I want the comprehension to be available, a glimpse or so beyond my comfort zone is okay A struggle is not.In reading Lowe s Mortal Ghost I found something way beyond my understanding I caught enough glimpses to keeping looking for , but not enough to feel comfortable with this sto [...]

  • i almost gave up on this book after the first couple of chapters but i m glad i didn t once you get past the grammatical and spelling errors, the story is amazing i don t know if it s just the ebook version, but there are several spots where the scene changes from one paragraph to the next but there s no real separation between the text so it takes a few moments of disorientation to realize what s going on as for the story itself, i can t decide which literary category it belongs in i was leanin [...]

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