Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One

Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Best Read || [AprilDaniels] - Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One, Dreadnought Nemesis Book One Danny Tozer has a problem she just inherited the powers of the world s greatest superhero Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her she was trying to keep people from findi Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Best Read || [AprilDaniels] - Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One, Dreadnought Nemesis Book One Danny Tozer has a problem she just inherited the powers of the world s greatest superhero Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her she was trying to keep people from findi

  • Title: Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One
  • Author: AprilDaniels
  • ISBN: 9781682300671
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook
Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One

Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Best Read || [AprilDaniels], Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One, AprilDaniels, Dreadnought Nemesis Book One Danny Tozer has a problem she just inherited the powers of the world s greatest superhero Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her she was trying to keep people from finding out she s transgender But then her second hand superpowers transformed her body into what she s always thought it should be Now there s no hiding that she s a girl I Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Best Read || [AprilDaniels] - Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One, Dreadnought Nemesis Book One Danny Tozer has a problem she just inherited the powers of the world s greatest superhero Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her she was trying to keep people from findi

  • Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Best Read || [AprilDaniels]
Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One

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  • Genetics aren t destiny In a world where the skies are filled with superheroes and supervillains, 15 year old Danny s dreams come true when the famous Dreadnought perishes in her arms and passes his powers on to her powers that include super strength, flight, and an outer body that matches the girl Danny s always been inside.And, well I loved it Danny is going to steal the hearts of so many readers This is such a beautiful ownvoices work and it shows from the very first chapter when we meet Dann [...]

  • April Daniels superhero story really packs a wallop Fifteen year old Danny Tozer has always known that she is a girl, even though she was designated male at birth Then one day, by being in the wrong place at the right time, she inherits the powers of the world s greatest superhero Dreadnought At the same time, she gets her greatest wish a female body that matches her identity But which challenge will be tougher taking on the job of superhero, or finding acceptance from her friends and family who [...]

  • I loved so much about this story, so I ll try to be both brief and coherent No promises, though And just before we get started I want to emphasize that this is an ownvoices book which is something that I think comes through in Danny s character Just want to make sure as many people know that as possible Ok, onto the review Danny is such a fresh and fantastic voice Trans, lesbian, and a superhero, and I think every one of those identifiers is handled equally, while it is also clear that these are [...]

  • I see a world that is terrified of me Terrified of someone who would reject manhood Terrified of a girl who knows who she is and what she s capable of They are small, and they are weak, and they will not hurt me ever again My name is Danielle Tozer I am a girl No one is strong enough to take that from me any I cannot and will not shut up about how great this book is y all trigger warnings for transphobia, homophobia and trans homophobic slursDreadnought is a superhero story following Danielle To [...]

  • So, so good This book is, in one sense, wish fulfillment of the highest order when Danny inherits Dreadnought s superpowers, it allows her to physically transition into the girl she has always kept hidden on the inside But Danielle very quickly learns that transition, even when accompanied by superpowers, does not magically heal the damage to her self esteem resulting from the years of emotional and physical abuse she has suffered And guess what There is prejudice and misunderstanding even among [...]

  • 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 01 23 This year, if you re involved in one or of the many diversity reading challenges out there or simply encouraging yourself to check out diverse reads, I hope you ll consider Dreadnought Books like this one have a relevant place in our world today for their role in celebrating LGBT voices and spreading awareness, and I think what excited me most was the depth of our protagonist and the way her story was told.Fifteen Danny Tozer has alw [...]

  • It s definitely a really important book.When you re a kid, who do you look up to A superhero You need to find yourself in a superhero, you need to think That could be me Kids need a transgender superhero.Danny is a transgender girl, she s fifteen, and one day she sees the Superhero Dreadnought being killed Following this death, she receives the mantle, making her the new Dreadnought and giving her her ideal body And her ideal body matches her real gender she s not a boy, she s never been one, sh [...]

  • Dreadnought is a ton of fun This book follows Danny, a trans girl who gets the body she s always wanted after famous superhero Dreadnought passes his powers on to her There s a good balance here between a fairly dark coming of age story and a fun, heartwarming superhero story This is a superhero novel for those who don t get to be a part of superhero novels.I seriously loved the characters here Danny is just amazing She s so angry that if written with less skill, she would come off whiny, but he [...]

  • A YA superhero story with a transgender heroine that has a lot of depth.Danny Tozer is a transgender 15 year old who is living life as a boy because her family is anything but supportive of her Then she suddenly inherits the mantle of Dreadnought which remakes her physical form into her ideal body, that of a girl But she s still Danny, still has an abusive family and has to deal with the whole spectrum of reactions to transgender people She also has to come to terms with having superpowers and w [...]

  • Danny Tozer has always known she should have been born a girl, and we know this on the first page The first scene of this book features her hiding in an alley, dressed otherwise like a male, and painting her toenails this is the only outlet she has as a closeted trans fifteen year old in an emotionally abusive household her dad is a colossal asshole But everything changes when her toenail painting session is interrupted by a superhero supervillain fight Dreadnought, one of the most powerful supe [...]

  • You know when you re reading a book and you re trying to formulate some form of coherent thought so you can figure out what to write in your review And you realise you ve got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Dreadnought is not that kind of book.Dreadnought is the kind of book I would love to talk about It s by no means a perfect book, but it s an important one, especially in our time of day The main character is transgender and queer, who just happens to stumble upon a crazy set of superpowers, and it s the [...]

  • Dreadnought is an ownvoices superhero YA book The MC is a lesbian trans girl and she suddenly gets powers when Dreadnought dies in front of her She immerses into this superhero world where she finds allies and enemies It reminded me of Boku no Hero Academia for obvious reasons though also the superhero names One Punch Man with some type of heroes and how they looked I m giving it 3 stars mainly because a character I just couldn t swallow phrases some things that happened at the end But overall, [...]

  • 4.5As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it Danny s life is turned upside down when he inherits Dreadnought s mantel, which turns him into the girl he always was inside All is not however as easy as it looks and superpowers do not resolve everything, especially prejudice and abuse Daniels doesn t just give us a transgender superhero coming of age story with an amazing main character that is only too easy to like, but a whole cast of very strong females my favourites being Cala [...]

  • 3.5 stars This was an important book with a serious theme society s attitudes to being transgender Although in some ways this is a wish fulfilment story, even in this context, and maybe because of it, the phobic and bigoted attitudes and abusive in the father s case seem even worse I can t imagine what it must be like to feel you are in the wrong body and have to fight for the right to become who you really are when there isn t a superhero to help the process along.The superhero story itself was [...]

  • Is there a name for the situation where you keep thinking you like a certain genre, but you re almost unfailingly critical of every book in that genre you read That s me and the superhero novel I want to like superhero novels, desperately Superheroes fascinate me But most superhero novels I ve read don t quite capture whatever ineffable quality of superheroics that I m looking for To be fair, I also don t read superhero comics or watch much superhero television movies, Supergirl aside, so maybe [...]

  • Galley provided by publisherBefore I actually review this book, I gotta say I did actually like it, despite what my review may say The characters were great, if kind of black and white in their good badness despite the greycapes who were clearly an attempt at having some morally ambiguous characters thrown in there spoiler alert they aren t all that morally ambiguous The world was interesting, even though the world building was poor to non existent Overall, it s good.The biggest problem I had wa [...]

  • So here s the thing I desperately wanted to love this book I mean, a world with superheroes where a trans teen is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up a becoming a superhero and b as a result of a , getting the body that she s always wanted AMAZING Seriously Amazing Especially when you add in the fact that it s Own Voices However There was SO much transphobia and so much abusive language towards transpeople in the course of this book Danny s father has been verbally abusive throughou [...]

  • What a wonderful way to spend a day Danny was such a lovingly drawn character that I found it impossible not to fall in love with her myself While the book was a bit bleak in places, and Danny certainly needed her super strength to carry some of the burdens she was handed, this was still an empowering story that ended on a high note.I recently read Not Your Sidekick by C.B Lee, and in some ways this book reminded me of that one Both took place in worlds populated by superheroes, both were about [...]

  • maybe 4.5 stars This book begins in a challenging way 15 year old Danny is a trans girl, hiding behind a mall to put on toenail polish, the only revelation of her true self that she dares try, with her volatile father and school situation When suddenly, a superhero supervillain battle erupts overhead A minute later, the dying superhero Dreadnought falls at her feet, and passes her his powers in his last moments And along with them, the transformation of her body to her personal ideal Which in th [...]

  • I picked this book up after my friend recommended it to me and after seeing the gorgeous cover too I knew as soon as I heard it had superheroes, trans main characters, and lesbians that this was a YA SFF book I needed to pick up, and I am so glad I did becuase it was so fun, and the representation seemed pretty good to me although I m by no means an expert I loved the concept of this book A young character called Danny believes totally that she s female, however, she has been born male and despi [...]

  • A superhero novel we deserve Dreadnought is wonderful YA superhero novel about a 15 year old transgender girl Danny who gets super powers after an accident and the adventures begin.I enjoyed reading the book Danny is such a likable character She s round and complex, she s brave and truly heroic A great role model for kids and teens, in my opinion.I feel like the plot was mostly revolved around Danny, her insecurities, struggles as s transgender girl and a lesbian, finding her strength and provin [...]

  • This book its a little bit irregular for me The superhero setting its just used as a vehicle to show how a transgender person feels and evolves while eventually accepting herself There is a lot of angst during the first part of the book and some characters are parodies of some stereotypes coming from the comic world The whole Legion some kind of justice league is a collection of generic secondary characters with only one exception and the sidekick who at times feels like the real heroine of the [...]

  • Writing this review hurts me I was extremely excited about Dreadnought as North American literature desperately needs diversity and trans superhero narratives are quite rare Unfortunately, it s just not a very good book Do I think that people should buy and read Dreadnought anyways There are so few books with trans protagonists that I can t in good faith say to avoid the book entirely On the other hand, given the sheer number of positive reviews out there, I do think that it s important to addr [...]

  • This was great, and I am looking forward to reading the sequel, but holy should it be recommended with content warnings Trans lesbian superhero makes me, at least, think of escapism Fun queer adventures But this is not an escapist fantasy It has a character who begins the book with suicide ideation and faces vicious transmisogyny throughout the book, including from fellow superheros, fellow queer people, and something that sounds a lot like radfem logic She also has an incredibly abusive father [...]

  • 4.5If you guys are going to pick up one debut this year, let it be this one I think that April Daniels debut about a wonderful trans superhero named Danny is a break out There was so many things I loved about this story, most of all that it was a mega diverse story about A TRANS SUPERHERO.Danny was everything I like to see in a main character She wasn t perfect by any means She struggled with being too scared to stand up for what s right There were plenty of times where she contemplated quitting [...]

  • I received this book from NetGalley and Diversion Publishing in return for a fair review This is a book scheduled to be released January 24 2017 I do not see anything indicating when reviews should appear most publishers that do include such language with advanced reader copies use 30 days 30 days before after Which would be, I think, December 25 2016 And since this is October, I ll keep my review under spoiler tags until at least November, possibly until December 27 2016 I ll release my review [...]

  • ARC Review originally posted on Lacy Literacy But it doesn t matter Saying it out loud gives it power and my nervousness fades away I feel good Whatever happens now, I can deal with it.Because I m, Dreadnought.And I think maybe I could be a good person I want to start off this review with an extra warning Dreadnaught contains a significant amount of transphobia, homophobia, and use of homophobic transphobic slurs If that is triggering for you, then I would not recommend reading Dreadnaught becau [...]

  • I loved this book It had everything I wanted to read about in a trans superhero novel Danny is a girl who is painting her nails behind a shopping centre because that s the only way she can express herself as a girl in her transphobic family Unfortunately for her, that s exactly where Dreadnought is killed by the supervillain, Utopia, and Dreadnought s powers pass straight across to Danny, making her appear on the outside exactly as she has always wanted to look This book went into a lovely, thor [...]

  • I feel as if this book is perfectly tailored for me Trans gay girl superhero is there anything in that description that isn t up my alley anyway full review to comeEdit Here is a mini review youtu WzRWFCQRNp8

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