A Total Waste of Makeup

[PDF] Download ☆ A Total Waste of Makeup : by Kim Gruenenfelder - A Total Waste of Makeup, A Total Waste of Makeup A Total Waste of Makeup [PDF] Download ☆ A Total Waste of Makeup : by Kim Gruenenfelder - A Total Waste of Makeup, A Total Waste of Makeup A Total Waste of Makeup

  • Title: A Total Waste of Makeup
  • Author: Kim Gruenenfelder
  • ISBN: 9780312348724
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
A Total Waste of Makeup

[PDF] Download ☆ A Total Waste of Makeup : by Kim Gruenenfelder, A Total Waste of Makeup, Kim Gruenenfelder, A Total Waste of Makeup A Total Waste of Makeup [PDF] Download ☆ A Total Waste of Makeup : by Kim Gruenenfelder - A Total Waste of Makeup, A Total Waste of Makeup A Total Waste of Makeup

  • [PDF] Download ☆ A Total Waste of Makeup : by Kim Gruenenfelder
    116 Kim Gruenenfelder
A Total Waste of Makeup

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  • Kim Gruenenfelder

    Kim Gruenenfelder grew up in and around Los Angeles and began her career in TV at the age of nineteen In addition to her books A Total Waste of Makeup, Misery Loves Cabernet and There s Cake in My Future, she has written feature films, episodic teleplays and two stage plays She lives in Los Angeles, California She loves her fans and can be reached through her website and on Facebookcmillan author kimgru

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  • This is a total laugh out loud book I was even laughing out loud on the train, I am sure I got a few interesting looks I would recommend this book to any women that needs a lite read and a reality check that they are not alone in the wonderful crazy world of dating and relationships.

  • 4.5 This book was hilarious The diary entries were the best, LOL The protagonist, Charlie, is a pathologically single made of honor for her little sis about to turn thirty gal She has a glamorous, high paying job, as she works for one of Hollywood s top celebrities, but her track record with man is disastrous She s writing a diary for her great grandniece with advices for dating, and life in general.I enjoyed this book Charlie s family is nuts, and Charlie herself is super funny.The books leaves [...]

  • Struggling to deal with serving as maid of honor at her younger sister s wedding, turning thirty, and her demanding job as personal assistant to Hollywood s sexiest movie star, Drew Stanton, Charlize Charlie Edwards begins to reevaluate her life.I really liked this book because 1 I m turning 30 as well and 2 I work in the crazy media field too and understand the demands and spoils of it I think Kim Gruenenfelder really knows how to write a female character that you can relate to and want to be f [...]

  • Kill me now I read this for my book club and that s the ONLY reason I finished it Vapid, irredeemable drivel about a shallow, pathetic person I made it to the end thinking that eventually SOMETHING interesting would happen Nope Urk.

  • I loved this book, really a LOL one.The diary entries were so much fun The romance could have been a notch stronger, let s see what happens in book 2

  • I came upon this book accidentally, having bumped into the author at a Border s book signing I was lured in with the phrase Stephanie Plum Okay, I thought, this needs to be seen because one does not take the name of Plum in vain Man, am I glad I did.Kim Gruenenfelder has created really good chick lit Seriously Although popular, Bridget Jones and Rebecca Bloomwood Shopaholic are a couple of neurotic nitwits and popular culture being oriented on the monkey see, monkey do model, so called chick lit [...]

  • I ll make this a quick review and say that this book s a funny read with a bad story The author clearly knows how to slip in humor in almost every scene, but the story was lacking First, the story was very slow Like, I m halfway through the book and there s still nothing happening slow One of the things that kept me going and overlook this was the fact that it was a funny read There were funny scenes and the characters were interesting enough to continue reading about their adventures the proble [...]

  • Sometimes you just have to read a book for the sake of just reading a book save for the fact that you need an escape This is just that book While I was not overly impressed with it, A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder allowed me to forget about my own problems for awhile and let me concentrate on Charlize Charlie Edwards issues.Going back and reviewing the book now for details and substance just left me flat As I sit here and struggle with what to say, maybe that s the whole point Maybe [...]

  • I can t rave enough about this novel Yes, it falls into the chick lit genre, but it s completely devoid of the vapid, two dimensional characters and highly unlikely escapades that are all too common in women s fiction And, If that wasn t enough of a reason to pick it up, it s hilarious too.Charlie is a perfect heroine smart, funny and flawed, she will remind you of, well, you What pushes this novel to the top are the great secondary characters Her friends and family were all pretty realistic and [...]

  • Loved this book Made me laugh out loud, and who doesn t love a book that can do that Great characters, especailly Drew, the zany, loveable employer of the book s herione I think what I truly enjoyed about this book was that so many of the charcacters and situations reminded me of my own wacky life and to try and remember to treasure your friends and family despite all their nutty nuttiness.

  • A quick read cute fictional story with lots of advice on dating and life in general Most are cliche My favorite quote Don t be jealous of anyone I guarantee you, if everyone walked into a room, and dumped their problems onto the floor, when they saw what everyone else s problems were, they d be scrambling to get their own proiblems back before someone else got to them first.

  • I totally loved the book Charlie s family and friends remind me of my friends and family The way she describes her family totally reminds me of my family LOLis was a great book I laughed out loud to some of the things she would say or to things I can relate to.

  • Pick the book up in January and put it downen picked it back up and really got into it It was actually better than I expected once I got over the slump I was in.

  • I started reading this book and was immediately put off by the cliched, sexist rules the narrator was writing into her notebook I considered giving up on the book right then, but thought I should plow through anyway And the book did pick up a tad from there if I d given a review at that point it would have been one star , but still, the whole thing was just useless.The book is your typical chick lit Nothing really happens The plot is typical girl is 30 and alone, keeps dating unsuitable men, wit [...]

  • I read this book eons ago I loved the snappy dialogue and the main character Charlize otherwise known as Charlie and her crazy family and friends I had a horrible day the other day and all I did was hunker down and read this and the next book in the series since they are go to laugh out loud books for me Long story short, I was in a car accident I am fine but am irritated that I had to take the day off work to deal with insurance companies and drive my car to an auto body repair shop for an esti [...]

  • How I Came To Read This Book Another bargain buy from Chapters to fill an order for free shipping.The Plot This is a bit of a loose plot essentially it surrounds Charlie, a woman on the verge of 30 who is caught up with her little sister s upcoming wedding Not one to be entirely bitter, Charlie, single and working for her wacked out celebrity boss as his confidante PA, decides to pen a journal to her future grandniece from her sister s line with bits of wisdom and questions about how the world i [...]

  • A Total Waste of Makeup was a hilarious, fast paced novel about a single woman turning thirty It was nonstop laugh out loud funny and I could identify the whole way through Charlize Charlie Edwards is almost out of her twenties, unmarried, and about to attend her little sister s wedding She has the house, the career, but is still missing the love Her story is told through an advice manual written for her grand niece, as she doesn t believe she will have children, let alone grandchildren, of her [...]

  • A Total Waste of Makeup is chick lit at its finest, and it was perfect for a few afternoons on the beach.Charlize Charlie Edwards lives the happy, single, carefree life in LA She has famous friends, lives in one of the trendiest neighborhoods, and she works as the personal assistant to one of Hollywood s sexiest stars However, as she turns 30 and prepares to be the maid of honor for her younger sister s wedding, she begins to wonder if she ll ever be able to find Mr Right Yes, the theme is predi [...]

  • I read this book years ago, but couldn t remember anything that happened I have also been dying to read Misery Loves Cabernet the sequel to this book with such a cute, quirky title , but, being the nerd that I am, just could not read it without remembering everything that happened in the first book So I sat down and devoured A Total Waste of Makeup for the second time I LOVE the notes that Charlie writes for her great great grandniece She s hilarious, and I sometimes even saved some of her notes [...]

  • A Total Waste of Makeup is a fun, spunky, comical chick lit read with really outrageously, memorable and relatable characters If you have ever had that commitment hating girlfriend, that gorgeous but pretends like she doesn t know it girlfriend, those parents who insist on givng you good advise with the best intentions that never seem to be the case , the bride to be sister that uses you as a middle man for what she wants and what your parents want, or that forever changing his mind boss, you ll [...]

  • This book was chick lit at it s best Full of cliches and fluff and everything I was looking for summer laugh out read It was a book about a 30 something, single girl who works as an assistant to a movie star Plot Not so much I didn t really care It was just fun to read.The book is full of funny cliches that are written to her great grandniece things she wishes she would have known when she was 16 and wants to pass along Niece because she has no current prospects Some of the things I have found f [...]

  • I mostly liked this book Fav characterDrew of course He is so sweet and random you just can t help but love him There were some funny moments throughout the book and I think that is what made it enjoyable than the story itself I realize now looking back I never really formed a picture in my mind as to what the characters or scenes looked like as I was reading which is unusual In spite of that I would give it 3 to 4 stars only because I m not a fan of how it ends s not a horrible ending just not [...]

  • Okay, hate to admit it, but i really liked this book There was an excessive amount of language so if you have a problem there probably not the best book to read If you don t, totally fun easy read that had me laughing so hard a few times my husband thought I was an idiot Reminded me a little of the shopaholic books, but I liked this one better.

  • i enjoyed this book it was a fun story about charlie who is struggling with being single while her 30th birthday is getting near and her younger sister is getting married charlie has to deal with her crazy family and is thrown into all sorts of embarrassing situations by her movie star boss this book made me laugh out loud as i was reading it.

  • I picked this book up in the bargain section when I was looking for something light and airy to read I completely loved it If you re looking for something that doesn t require a lot of thought and fills you up the way a good romantic comedy does, then this is the book to read

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