[PDF] Download ã Lazarus : by Jessica Gadziala - Lazarus, Lazarus The war was over The dust had settled The numbers were increasing Everything had finally started to calm down Until one night on a walk I came across her For possible triggers please visit my websit [PDF] Download ã Lazarus : by Jessica Gadziala - Lazarus, Lazarus The war was over The dust had settled The numbers were increasing Everything had finally started to calm down Until one night on a walk I came across her For possible triggers please visit my websit

  • Title: Lazarus
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ã Lazarus : by Jessica Gadziala, Lazarus, Jessica Gadziala, Lazarus The war was over The dust had settled The numbers were increasing Everything had finally started to calm down Until one night on a walk I came across her For possible triggers please visit my website and click the triggers section in the main navigation bar [PDF] Download ã Lazarus : by Jessica Gadziala - Lazarus, Lazarus The war was over The dust had settled The numbers were increasing Everything had finally started to calm down Until one night on a walk I came across her For possible triggers please visit my websit

  • [PDF] Download ã Lazarus : by Jessica Gadziala
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    Jessica Gadziala is a full time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker from New Jersey She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp sized cups, and cold weather She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada women.She is very active on , Facebook, as well as her personal groups on those sites Join in She s friendly.You can find her on Facebook facebook Jessica GadzTwitter twitter JessicaGadzialaHer GR group group show Her Facebook Group facebook groups 31454Pinterest pinterest jessicagadzInstagram instagram jessicagadzxx

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  • 3.5 StarsIn Lazarus we see The Henchmen rise from the Ashes of their fallen brothers and start the rebuilding of their club New to the brotherhood, Lazarus is an enigma in the group and someone most people would look at and turn the other way He s big, tatted up, scared and scowls than smiles But under all of that he s a teddy bear, and for Bethany he s a guardian angel When he finds her OD ing in the back alley of a bar he refuses to turn his back on her and vows to help her turn her life arou [...]

  • This book packs an emotional punch Lazarus has hit absolute rock bottom and crawled his way out He s firmly on the other side of his issues with no intent on heading back to the dark places it brought when he comes across Bethany She s a woman swallowed by the abyss he knows too well and he s compelled to help guide her back It s not an easy journey for either of them but their reward was not only freedom but love The story exudes this deep awareness of some very critical issues and handles them [...]

  • This was a great addition to the Henchmen series I find the books that are written in the series, the better they are becoming The author has come a long way in her writing since I first started reading her work

  • I really loved this book but I freaking LOVE the Henchmen These men, their brotherhood loyalty respect just gets me in all the right places.There is something about a dangerous outlaw, filthy mouthed alpha that just makes me tingly Lazarus was such a breath of fresh air This book is less drama and trouble than some of the others but it had depth nonetheless The subject was real life and scared the shit out me early on This hit home for me I ve lost so much to the issues focused on in this book I [...]

  • Beautiful story despite dealing with drug addiction.Loved the hero I respect people who fight for their 2nd chance in life, who fight and don t give up.Likable heroine.Zero OW drama One of my favourites in this series Since the fuck when did it become normal to judge someone by their low moments We all have them Those moments aren t what make us What makes us is what we do after, how we raise ourselves up.

  • I am one happy lady right now.The war was over.The dust had settled.The numbers were increasing.Everything had finally started to calm down.Until one night on a walk, I came across her Oh my God, where to start So, I love me some Henchmen If I could read all of them, all of the time, that would be a super sweet deal for me My point is I was probably always going to love another Henchmen MC story But I did not think I was going to love the junkie storyline Drug addiction isn t a theme I really ge [...]

  • ARC provided by the author for an honest review God I luvd Lazarus I was dying to know about Lazarus I need there was something deep about him He as been though a lot being an ex addict was hard on him He had been through all the ways of detoxing goin to rehab and doing it his self But he knew he needed to get his life on track and I actually liked this about him he knew he had to do with his life and he was goin to do it After years of fighting demons and people he was part of the Henchmen MC [...]

  • 4.5 starsLoved it Lazarus truly is everything I want to read in a Hero He was bloody amazing, and had me swooning he was just that awesome Lazarus, go on and get yourself right up on my perfect hero shelf.Although this is kinda insta love it totally worked, I was routing for them from the get go Beth is niave and sweet and was just what Lazarus needed to feed his protective nature.Loving the 2.0 bikers and especially love that we get to touch Base with The Originals.

  • And again, Jessica Gadziala has helped another Henchman find redemption, a soul deep connection to another human being and all while getting to be himself, the real him that lay deep beneath the tough guy exterior LAZARUS is just one MUST READ that will leave you a melting pile of goo, now I honestly can t say it is just the story, because the passion is off the charts H O T, too Lazarus knows what hitting rock bottom is, not just because of the devastation of the club or the brothers lost, but [...]

  • HmmmI wanted to like this story but it never really reached the potential it showed in the very beginning.Considering it started with a pretty realistic description of a drug problem in general the main character went through with that heavy issue, it seemed a bit trivial and inconsistent in the same portrayal of the detoxication process the main characters put the female character throughd from there, it all went too fast, too soon for me shoving it all under the rug of a sweetened romancablah [...]

  • Loved It Wish I had time to write a review but here s my favorite quote Sorry that nail polish doesn t interest me I m only going to chip it off when I throw someone over my shoulder and beat the ever loving shit out of them anyway Gotta love our little JStorm

  • ARC provided in return for an honest review Another slam dunk for the talented Jessica Gadziala The Henchmen MC series is by far my favorite MC series, and Lazarus had a very unique foundation Addiction under a microscope is an ugly thing It s a complex, life shattering and lonely disease for those who have encountered it Lazarus really delved deep into what a real life struggle addiction and recovery is through the perspective of the addict in recovery, and one who started the book still in the [...]

  • FIVE STARS I adored Lazarus and Bethany Two broken souls that found their way back to normalcy through each other Lazarus s story was the most realistic of all JG s Henchmen stories out there Totally believable, especially these days.Lazarus was such a rock for Bethany during her most difficult time she d ever experienced in her life He literally saved her And Bethany finally found someone who was truly there for her so she wasn t alone any longer The way he protected her was epic As always with [...]

  • Lazarus saves Bethany and the rest is history In between there are twists and turns with a HEA I love when we get to visit with the henchmen and the girls club I can t wait to see what all the other puppies get into with their future books especially with the hot new puppy Pagan As always Jessica never disappoints and her writing just gets better with every book.

  • 5 Sobering Stars Wow just wow what a start for the new Pups So many secondary characters in this book that I just can t wait to hear about Pagan especially, so intrigued by him.Lazarus was a great start to this new era of Henchmen What a sweetheart, so laid back and really just wanting the best for his club He was like a gentle giant, with his tough outer demeanour and scarred hands, to his gentle way he handles Beth I think I have a new favourite Henchmen ek This wasn t some meet cute This wasn [...]

  • When thinking of this story I have one word ADORABLE yes, there is fighting, blood and pain but none of that compares to what an adorable love story this is If you love a man who is understanding and kind then Laz is your man Lazarus is the first of the new puppies in the MC and I instantly fell in love with his strength Laz used to use very heavily and finally hit rock bottom which brought him to Navesink Bank and his life changed Bethany is like so many people out in the world who are a good p [...]

  • omg Lazarus is such a sweetheart I loved loved loved him I think he is up there with Wolf I loved how the focus was on the couple I was so glad that Lazarus found Bethany and all the signs that proved that they were supposed to be together keep them coming each one is better than the last.

  • Just finished reading Lazarus and Jessica never lets you down This book is great and I love Beth and Lazarus together It amazes me how each couple in Navesbank are so perfect together and yet despite being many couples into this series and in associated series each and every one is different and refreshing.Lazarus also introduces Pagan, and I have to say, I can not wait to read his book I thought Ross was my top waitlist character but Pagan might have just topped it.

  • Another great book by Jessica As always with Jessica s books I loved this one This book wasn t all about the MC but about Laz Beth I knew when we first met Laz that he had some dark history you get his story right off the bat it was heartbreaking I loved how Laz was with Beth during her recovery just the relationship they had together As always when I finish one of Jessica s books I m left with questions about who is going to be next There s so many possibilities Ross, Edison, Cyrus, Reeve, Pag [...]

  • LazarusJessica Gadziala is now one of my go to authors I would one click without reading the blurb knowing I would love it Everytime I think I have chosen my favourite henchmana new one is writtend a new favorite is created Laz was sweet, kind and totally alpha Loved him

  • Yeah I liked this one The last few installments hadn t inspired me, but I really liked it I guess I like a story of redemption Hitting the lowest point you can and then taking control of your life and turning it into something good.Lazarus and Bethany went through hell and rose above I liked that Lazarus passed on what others did for him to Bethany He was such a caring guy I loved that Bethany remembered what her mom said about a guy who like fixer uppers and how they will never stop loving and [...]

  • Another addition to the very well planned Henchmen series I m still loving it even at book 7.It wasn t as dark as I was hoping it would be for Laz, but I love how he felt destiny was what brought them together.

  • Wow This book was like wrapping up in a warm blanket in front of a fire To say I loved Lazarus is an understatement I walked into this book expecting something entirely different and was overwhelmed with what I received Lazarus is what any women wants in a man, he is thoughtful, patient, loving, caring, strong , and of course he s an Alpha He takes Bethenny in when she is at rock bottom and nurtures her back to life I don t want to give anything away with this book, but I have loved all the Henc [...]

  • Lazarus just beat out Wolf as my favorite Henchmen yeah, it s that serious.Title LazarusAuthor Jessica GadzialaSeries The Henchmen MCGenre Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspensePlot Summary Lazarus is normally laid back, chill, live and let live Except when he sees a beautiful young girl overdosing alone in an alley It trips all his triggers, he sees his own struggles, and takes it as a sign to step in a fight for her Even if she doesn t want it And especially if she thinks she doesn t deserve i [...]

  • A day off of work well spentI had the day off and decided to use that time reading I was worried, I admit, because when I started reading this book I wasn t sure I was going to enjoy it like I have all of the other books from Jessica G in this series I was so wrong Lazarus is a strong male lead He is also compassionate and selfless.Bethany is has hit rock bottom and needs someone like Lazarus to help her find her way.I did appreciate how addiction and the pain it can cause was not sugar coated T [...]

  • Woah So I have read many J.G books and loved them but I have to say Lazarus was a different, in a gritty amazing type of way the way that it shun a light on what addicts go through during and after their drug of choice was eye opening Even though I know an addiction is just that an addiction which is part habit part all consuming need for that one or many vices it s different reading about it in such a blunt and what I can assume honest way Epilogue was like all her epilogues sweet and long and [...]

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