[PDF] Read ✓ Bonfires : by Amy Lane - Bonfires, Bonfires Ten years ago Sheriff s Deputy Aaron George lost his wife and moved to Colton hoping growing up in a small town would be better for his children He s gotten to know his community including Mr Larkin [PDF] Read ✓ Bonfires : by Amy Lane - Bonfires, Bonfires Ten years ago Sheriff s Deputy Aaron George lost his wife and moved to Colton hoping growing up in a small town would be better for his children He s gotten to know his community including Mr Larkin

  • Title: Bonfires
  • Author: Amy Lane
  • ISBN: 9781635333411
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read ✓ Bonfires : by Amy Lane, Bonfires, Amy Lane, Bonfires Ten years ago Sheriff s Deputy Aaron George lost his wife and moved to Colton hoping growing up in a small town would be better for his children He s gotten to know his community including Mr Larkin the bouncy funny science teacher But when Larx is dragged unwillingly into administration he stops coaching the track team and starts running alone Aaron who thought lTen years ago Sherif [PDF] Read ✓ Bonfires : by Amy Lane - Bonfires, Bonfires Ten years ago Sheriff s Deputy Aaron George lost his wife and moved to Colton hoping growing up in a small town would be better for his children He s gotten to know his community including Mr Larkin

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Bonfires : by Amy Lane
    487 Amy Lane

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    Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and than its share of fancy and weirdness Feel free to visit her at greenshill orwriterslane, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e mail until her head swells and she can no longer leave the house.

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  • When I first read the blurb for Bonfires I worried about the ex factor baby mama drama is definitely not my thing But I needn t have worried Melodrama isn t Amy Lane s thing either This book is about family It s about secrets people keep It s about rich, spoiled girls expecting the world to worship at their feet It s about power and bigotry But it s also about falling in love when you re pushing 50 and nearly ready to give up on romance Aaron has known Larx for years Larx taught both of his daug [...]

  • The MC s of Bonfires are both in their late 40 s I love that I read a lot of M M romance and while I enjoy the energy of youth, I find maturity to be entirely refreshing We don t have the same types of angst and drama here as with many books with younger MC s Instead, we have two men who know what they want and work to get it.That isn t to say there is no angst or drama in Bonfires There most certainly is But there isn t a ton of melodrama and no ex wife drama at all thank you, Amy Lane Bonfires [...]

  • Dayyyam That was good.I had such reservations going into this book I like reading about young love, so when I heard the characters were nearing 50, I almost passed on this one.But, it s Amy Lane right Then, the Buddy Read with Turning Pages at Midnight gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out.I am so glad I did This is a feel good story from Amy Lane There is not a single boring line in this book Both men have one late teen child left at home It wasn t only the MCs that were wonderful, the [...]

  • I loved this book so hard First of allis book isn t just about two older men falling in love It s about familyfamily by blood and family by heart.It s about love and it s about hatebut most of all, it s about hope and standing up for your beliefs.Aaron and Larx, have known each other for years, but the day Aaron sees Larx running without a shirt, everything changes.Aaron is in his late 40 s, he s a father of 1 awesome son and 2 daughters His wife died 10 years ago and Aaron has been single ever [...]

  • I have read a few of Amy Lane s books, and this one has to be my all time favorite and it was exactly what I needed It was nice to read a super sweet love story with older M C s with teen age YA kids Principal Larkin and Deputy Aaron George knew each other through school events and seeing each other in town But once they discover their attraction to each other, they knew it was something than physical I loved how the relationship, although new, they were always solid and there was no miscommuni [...]

  • 3.75 stars I had a weird reading experience with this one I loved everything about it, except the romance There was SO MUCH going on here, and the subplots totally took over the story I loved the highschool atmosphere, and being in this line of work myself, I can t tell you how much I appreciated what Larx tried to do I also loved the secondary characters, and can t wait for a story about a certain couple.The main couple, though I wish there was page time on the MCs, and less on the drama murde [...]

  • This was the best Amy Lane I ve read in some time, I think it s my favorite since Turkey in the Snow I loved the fact that both MCs were mature men with kids in their teens and older Both men are bi and were previously married, so there s some coming out to do in their community, tricky since one is a cop and the other a high school principle.I enjoyed the subplots even than the main romance I always enjoy romances which involve family and not just the main couple In this case both men have kid [...]

  • Updated for audiobook The audiobook of this was great I really enjoyed listened to this wonderful story But while Nick J Russo is definitely a good narrator, I was not always too happy with his choices of the voices of some of the characters Other readers will disagree with me, because it s all about how you picture a character in your head And with this it was just different from what I thought some characters would sound.I did get confused when Schuyler was pronounced as Shuler at first and th [...]

  • Bonfires by Amy Lane is book one in her newest series to say I loved this book is putting it lightly I adored this book and all the perfectly loveable characters inside You see, if you haven t read an Amy Lane story before then you have missed out on all of her amazing storylines and the characterse characters that are real, they are quirky, a little bit flawed, full of love, and unlike any other characters you have read They will invade your heart and you will find yourself experiencing all the [...]

  • I ve been trying to write this review for two days, and I m resigning myself to the fact that it s just gonna have to be subpar.Bonfires is a story about family Just like Deacon and Crick had a lot of other things going on in Keeping Promise Rock, there s a lot of happenings in this book And it wasn t necessarily a bad thing Just know that Lane made this book realistic in that aspect.Aaron George is a deputy sheriff in Small Town, USA, and Larx is the high school principal Both were in their lat [...]

  • This was a book I really needed to read right now a warm testament to resilience, and to hope, to a belief in the goodness of many ordinary people And on top of that, this is a book with two older main characters coping with a complex life trying to fit their needs, their families, and their responsibilities into a working, loving, functional pattern Like so many of us.Larx is a gay man with a long ago bitter divorce, and two daughters whose custody he regained, one of whom is still home and in [...]

  • 3.5 Hearts A fretful audio BR with Lost in a Book Well that was far angstier than I d ever imagined I shouldn t be surprised since this is Amy Lane after all, but thus far I ve been lucky enough to have not encountered the heavy stuff til now I m not saying that this was all doom and gloom, but there were several aspects and a couple of side stories to this that made it much than a simple romance between two dads who are finally ready to let someone into their hearts and lives AwSo yes, deputy [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Loved this one Right from the start the writing sucked me in, there was so much good banter Not only between the main characters but amongst the secondary characters as well Yoshi was one of my favorite characters I wish we could get his story with Tane There are lots of kids in this story And lots going on involving those kids But darn if I didn t love those kids Low relationship angst which is always a plus Lots of butterflies There s a nice build up of feelings between Larx and Aaro [...]

  • Can I just say Holy Hell Amy Lane, you nailed it with this one Seriously this book was so freaking close to perfection for me I ve been trying to figure out if there was anything that was off, that I didn t care for, or would have liked if it had or hadn t been in the story and seriously folksI got nothin So I m just going to stop trying on that one.I loved that the MCs were older not just one, but both of them were in their late 40s It was excellent Both of these MCs had been married and had ki [...]

  • Still one of my favorites re read June 2017 audio Still love it, still one of my favorite stories Nick J Russo s narration was perfection I loved this story and I want Older MCs, close to their fifties, who are both single dads of very cool teenagers Both men are bisexual yes folks, bisexuality is a thing and Amy Lane portrayed this beautifully Both men have known each other for quite some time before they become friends and end up as lovers while being awesome dads and dealing with RL situatio [...]

  • 2.5 Stars I really, really wanted to love this book I mean it was supposed to have two older men getting together and finding a happy ending, right I think I continued to read when I probably should have dnf but I kept reading because I did want to see how things played out.Things that worked for me The relationship between Larx and Aaron was sweet I liked how they were together fairly quickly, neither fighting it I loved the children and how they came together Sweet Isaiah and Kellan these two [...]

  • 3,75 stars As I m not a spring chicken myself, I always love mature characters I can relate to them and their problems in so many ways Both, Larx and Aaron, are in their late forties, both have got children, both have responsible jobs and are settled in life So their priorities and outlook on life are quite different from someone younger.Their lives, their daily chores, what they have to deal with and the problems they encounter feel completely real Larx and Aaron could be the couple next door A [...]

  • DNF 29% May come back to it I can already tell this story is going to get too busy for what I m in the mood for The ex The psycho student The football player w the crazy bigoted dad Aaron s daughterAnd I m only at 29% Don t get me wrong the writing is outstanding just not for me.

  • Phew, that was excausting.Let s split the book in three parts 1 Up until 30% or so it was very good I liked the characters, liked the story, I liked everything about the book It was a second chance romance about two men in their late fourties starting over together I liked that they had kids and I liked how their romance started.2 Until 60% or so I thought I was reading a different book Everything changed, the book became a mystery drama, the dialogues became corny and the focus shifted from the [...]

  • 3.5 there was too much going on stars.I started this book a bit excited about what it going to be about, It had two older MC s so I was curious about how the story was going to go and if it would catch me It did.what I like I really enjoyed the characters, Aaron and Larx were great guys and it was interesting to read about men that already lived a great chunk of their lives and see how they aproched a relationship at that ageere was a certain magic to these people, It made me wishful and hopeful [...]

  • I loved this book sexy mature characters, great secondary characters teens and colleagues , banter I laughed a lot in between rage and emotions , family dynamics and a good fight against bigotry.Both MCs are bisexual, close to 50, single parents, both doing their best between their jobs and raising their children, their priorities But who says that your libido is dead even when one starts having gray pubes A lot is happening, but it s not overwhelming Aaron and Larx becoming friends and then lov [...]

  • 4.5 starsThere was a lot I loved about this story From the plot, to the characters, to the romanceI loved pretty much everything.I absolutely love when I get to see older characters have a chance at romance too I love that both Aaron and Larx are in their late 40s with baggage and kids and it seemed real Their romance seemed possible.Both men are bisexual, but Aaron has always found it easier to be with women so as not to rock the boat But Aaron has been watching Larx for ten years, and when he [...]

  • 3.5 StarsI was reading along.I will confess I skimmed the reviews of my fellow GR friends so I know this book has been highly rated by most of the group who read the same books I enjoy, I value their opinions So, as I finish this book I m think what is wrong with me While I did enjoy many aspects of this story I flipping love how devoted these single Dads are and respect how hard they work raising their children Educators are so under ratedd the way Larx goes to bat for his students, time and ti [...]

  • I don t know about you, but I love second chances This isn t a story about a couple attempting to start over again with each other but about them having another chance at love, fresh love and a new beginning They are older and wiser They are patient and responsible They know the risks, have been burned before and are cautiously optimistic Things begin with a slow dance or jog to be precise Aaron is a deputy in the small town of Colton and Larx is the high school principal Aaron is a widower with [...]

  • Amy Lane is the only author who could play with my heart this way no matter what she writes, be it vein slashing angst or light, fluffy romance, Amy s books never fail to engage my feelings to the max Gah Bonfires is so much than a book Bonfires is a story about life, with real life characters who deal with real life problems I know this book is fiction, but it felt like the real deal.The MCs are both mature characters with families of their own, both in their 40 s with grown kids who learn tha [...]

  • Deputy Sheriff Aaron George and Principal Larkin everyone calls him Larx have known each other for years For Aaron, it had been so long since he d met Mr Larx, the kids science teacher, and thought, Damn but what finally pushed him over the edge was seeing Larx on his daily run glisteny tanned shoulders and laugh lines and a nearly hairless chest and an ass you could bounce a quarter off, barely covered in nylon running shorts I love the romance between Aaron and Larx, 48 and 47 years old respec [...]

  • Oh, this was simply wonderful 333My first Amy Lane book read, and I am a fan I saw that this was one of her less angst filled ones though, so who knows what reading one of her angst ones will be likee this had some angsty stuff but all the big angst didn t come from Aaron and Larx, the two MC s so I m worried just imagining what could happen when Amy Lane writes things angsty between the two MC s Yeesh I mean, I loved this book, I really did It was interesting and engaging and Aaron and Larx jus [...]

  • And the happy place continuesWhile Mary Calmes is a tough act to follow with me There are those who are up to the task and one of them is Amy Lane and I just happened to have the audiobook for Bonfires to review so of course when opportunity knocks I always do my best to answer the door Bonfires is definitely an Amy Lane favorite for me and Nick J Russo is one of my favorite narrators so there s no way I was passing on this one Let s start with my review of the book because it still works for me [...]

  • 4.5 stars The last time I read a novel by Amy Lane was before I started reviewing books for the blog, and the three books of hers I have read gave me the impression that she is a master of heavy and angsty plot in the manner that I really enjoy Now that I have read Bonfires, I need to adjust my impression because it s clear she can also write good lighter stories as well Don t get the wrong impression from that last sentence though With its own angsty background stories and subplots, Bonfires is [...]

  • Amy Lane is my queen, y all She s probably the only author or one of the very few who can not only write a small town romance with children but make me love it to bits Because those two things, especially together, make me skip a book That s probably the reason why it took me so long to get this book and read it I love the cover and it immediately caught my eye but reading the blurb Ugh Small town Bigotry, Kids Not for me.But you know what Sometimes we just have to trust and give things a try An [...]

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