The Struggle Within

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Struggle Within : by Tyler May - The Struggle Within, The Struggle Within Through Ryan s trials there are three different perspectives a best friend watching from the outside a lover desperate to get in and his own mind His struggles were theirs He just didn t know it A [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Struggle Within : by Tyler May - The Struggle Within, The Struggle Within Through Ryan s trials there are three different perspectives a best friend watching from the outside a lover desperate to get in and his own mind His struggles were theirs He just didn t know it A

  • Title: The Struggle Within
  • Author: Tyler May
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
The Struggle Within

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Struggle Within : by Tyler May, The Struggle Within, Tyler May, The Struggle Within Through Ryan s trials there are three different perspectives a best friend watching from the outside a lover desperate to get in and his own mind His struggles were theirs He just didn t know it A tragic accident changed Dr Ryan Jacobs life and freed him from a past he thought he d never escape but with that freedom came the realization he could escape the man Through Ryan [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Struggle Within : by Tyler May - The Struggle Within, The Struggle Within Through Ryan s trials there are three different perspectives a best friend watching from the outside a lover desperate to get in and his own mind His struggles were theirs He just didn t know it A

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Struggle Within : by Tyler May
    339Tyler May
The Struggle Within

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    Tyler May Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Struggle Within book, this is one of the most wanted Tyler May author readers around the world.

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  • 4 Stars.I played roulette with my body,keeping my mind pacified and my heart safe.Where to start with this review Story wise,it s going to be vague I don t really want to give anything away.I was definitely apprehensive about reading this but I m all for diversity in books and I m finding and that books that take me out of my comfort zone,actually work for me.This won t be for everyone but I would say it a chanceIt deals with mental,physical,and emotional abuse, but it s also a story of friend [...]

  • He loved me not I loved me not.Their free will was held hostage their choices made for them They weren t their own person They were scared into believing they were worthless and could never survive without their tormentors.First there was this really awesome cover Look at it It s Ryan in all his torture and misery So it was love at first sight for me Literally.And then in addition came this fascinating blurb.And then there was a prologue and an epilogue, both extraordinary, that has knocked me r [...]

  • This read like a major exploitation and sensationalising within a P2P fanfiction romance My guess would be Teen Wolf Just h c taken to the extreme For money.Some topics need a very careful approach This here approach was not careful.Not what I expected Not recommended to people who do not equate a story about domestic abuse with the need to read about constantly stuffed wieners or getting a wet crotch.

  • We deal with so much in this book Each emotion, subject, emotion, and character is raw, gritty and consuming It s told through three different perspectives Ryan, Michael, and Jayson And though it s three people, Ryan is how and why it all connects.I ll warn you of this There s abuse in this book It s so vital to know this going in I feel it will still take your breath away at times knowing in advance, but there s hope here too.What makes this story different and almost personal than other books [...]

  • 10% dnf This would be such an awesome story to read, but I can t get past author s writing It s too amateurish.

  • Because of you, I want to try Firstly, this book has many trigger warnings, mainly surrounding abuse and are highlighted at the front of this book and in the blurb that may be difficult for some people to read This book is absolutely heartbreaking and emotionally draining throughout but so beautifully written and such a good read There s also a big emphasis on Love, support and courage.I want to start by discussing the 5 amazingly brave individuals who shared a little bit of their own real life [...]

  • A DOZEN WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT STARS COME TO THINK OF IT, THROW IN ANOTHER DOZEN 3333333 I have so much to say here SO much I am in awe of Tyler s magical literary ability that gave us the perspectives of THREE of the most phenomenal characters 333 I ll add that while we didn t get Jenna s perspective, her silent, rocksteady support and remarkable character shined through, page after page I absolutely ADORE Michael Jayson to call these men magnificent is a severe understatement 33 And [...]

  • Dnf This is not the story I expected A great disappointment I wanted depth and emotion and I ended up with a sex fest The writing is choppy and in serious need of editing Tenses all over the place and too many confusing changes of POV.

  • Domestic abuse is one of the topics that effect me deeply Wish all the survivors would have similar happily tidied up endings I have seen many real life stories when I did some volunteer work and lets say it was not pretty But I have met some of strongest people I ve ever seen Taking that first step to save yourself seems like the hardest step And sadly the road to normalcy does not get easier Usually So this story this carefully, thoughtfully written story is quite impressive However, not as im [...]

  • THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING STORY Domestic abuse IS REAL being man, woman, young, old It can happen in any social class, anywhere in the worldThis is a story of trust going wrong and the struggle to overcome years of abuseBUT, it s also and foremost, a story of SECOND CHANCES, OF COURAGE, OF LOVE Survivors of abuse are not victims, they are really SURVIVORS They may not see their own strenght, but they have courage than they can imagine It s heartbreaking to see everything that Ryan went thru in th [...]

  • This was such an emotional story about domestic abuse We see Ryan trying to live his life after he struggles with mental anxiety, anguish, PTSD and much His emotional scars cut so much deeper than all the physical ones he s endured.He s out of his abusive relationship but we see flash backs of his life with his husband Calvin Ryan has such a great support system with his coworker Michael and his wife He would literally be dead without Michael.Ryan meets Jayson and struggles with his emotions fu [...]

  • Writing a review isn t usually my thing, but I felt I had to with this book In spite of what a few readers said, it is a very well written book The author doesn t pull any punches about the abuse and while there is romance and sex, the main subject is domestic abuse I m really not sure why the other readers seem to think this is some sort of fanfic, because it isn t It s a story about life, a story about abuse, but it s mainly a story about survival of that domestic abuse And for Tyler to have b [...]

  • Story of abuse and courageI seldom review much on any However, this book is important For those of us that have survived abusive relationships, we look for courage in just about anything we can This story is one of those things for me The story is haunting The three different perspectives occasionally confused me in conversations Nevertheless, it is a heartbreaking and uplifting story about abuse and a survivor Triggers are a tough thing Coping even harder I hope everyone learns a healthy way to [...]

  • My heart The struggle within was such a emotional journey it focuses on 3 men and Jayson no its not a m nage story its a survivor of domestic abuse and best friend looking in and a love interest Michael the best friend Ryan the survivor and Jayson Ryan s love interest This journey was heartbreaking but watching the strength Ryan has is amazing I was so proud of him for going through what he has been through and fighting to come out of it even stronger and watching wanting to take a chance on fin [...]

  • I have to say this Before I actually got to the book itself I didn t think I could actually read it I read the note from the author and the true account from a survivor, that in my opinion is a strong brave man that opened himself to us all, and thought I don t think this is going to be for me because I was already crying so hard just from those few pages I was wrong I read the book, it broke my heart so many times but as much as the abuse was there this story is much than that It shows the str [...]

  • Great Book.You can only commend the contributors to this book on their bravery, their willingness to share their stories, the strength they show every single day They are an inspiration and I wish each and every one of them a lifetime of peace and happiness.

  • Beautiful story of survivalThis was an amazing read the struggle people who are abused go through reading this and the extra stories were inspiring

  • Wow An amazingly gut wrenching, heartbreaking and life affirming story So beautifully written, I cried as I read Ryan s story as well as the others sharing their experiences Beautifully done with compassion and tenderness, Tyler took such care and it shows Very well done.

  • Trigger Warnings Abuse, mental physical abuse, self harm, emotional abuse, brutal beatings, attempted suicide, graphic, domestic violence, rape.I have to say that even though I read the description of this book before I read it, I was still not prepared for how some of the things that Ryan went through really hit close to home and honestly was an eye opener for me on a personal level.This could not have been an easy book to write in the least This book then touches on a subject that most author [...]

  • Touching, heartbreaking at times and beautifully writtenBeautifully written Abuse is something that a lot of people still don t take seriously and that is something that has to change I remember once years ago watching a tv show were a young man was raped by a group of women The next day I heard others at my work laughing saying that the show was unrealistic and that a man could never be raped To say I was appalled was the least of it I was livid I had to take a break because I was afraid that i [...]

  • My aching broken heart This was a very hard emotional read Heartbreaking Beautiful all the same.I had to take my time reading it because I was crying so much it was so hard Knowing this happens in real life reading the real stories of those very brave strong men, fudge Just Wow Also that poor woman at the end My heart hurts so I m still here crying I know all these stories are going to stay imprinted in my heart soul I pray for the strong survivors victims that can t leave yet hope that the will [...]

  • There aren t enough words in the english language to express how this book has affected me My heart is full and my mind further enlightened concerning the emotion and physical truth of domestic violence Gay or straight domestic violence is totally unexceptable LOVE SHOULD NEVER HURT If it does is NOT love Thank you Tyler May for such a deep, amazing and exceptional story To all the domestic abuse survivors who contributed by allowing you to publish their stories, poems and testimonials Thank you [...]

  • Amazing writer I have to say reading this book made me think of so many questions I will never get answers to, but that it opened my eyes that abuse of any form physical, mental or verbal, etc should be made aware of No one should have to go through that kind of abuse NO ONE So I hope with having a little saying at the end of the book about my sister Heidi Glass helps as many people who are dealing with this that there is a way out before it involves homicide and suicide at the hands of the one [...]

  • I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Author s Copy of this book Wow, just wow I love the structure it was written in, and the 3 person point of view changing added to the story for me This books shows the true colors of friendship, hows that there are many different kinds of soul mates Michael and Ryan were soul mates just as much as Jayson and Ryan were This is about both physical and emotional scars Abuse is a living breathing thing all on its own, and even when it s over and the situation has pa [...]

  • How can I put this to make you understand I m just going to throw it out there because I need to get it out this is not only a book that you need to read, it s a book that you should read, a book that you have to read because it s relevant, because it s meaningful, because it s important Is it hard Definitely But there is reward from that difficulty Not the reward of getting through the book No I m talking about the reward of learning something, something that will mean something to you, somethi [...]

  • I m a little frustrated I just wrote an entire review on this book but it was erased.So in short this book was a hard read but it was a good read.

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