Hunting Beauty

[PDF] Hunting Beauty | by ↠ Madison Faye - Hunting Beauty, Hunting Beauty This is no fairytale and I m no prince And there are much dangerous things in these woods than big bad wolves or poisoned apples Things like me They ll say this is wrong They ll say she s too young f [PDF] Hunting Beauty | by ↠ Madison Faye - Hunting Beauty, Hunting Beauty This is no fairytale and I m no prince And there are much dangerous things in these woods than big bad wolves or poisoned apples Things like me They ll say this is wrong They ll say she s too young f

  • Title: Hunting Beauty
  • Author: Madison Faye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hunting Beauty

[PDF] Hunting Beauty | by ↠ Madison Faye, Hunting Beauty, Madison Faye, Hunting Beauty This is no fairytale and I m no prince And there are much dangerous things in these woods than big bad wolves or poisoned apples Things like me They ll say this is wrong They ll say she s too young for me that she s too untouched They ll say a sweet and innocent princess like her has no business being anywhere near a roughneck soldier like me They re right This is no fairytale and [PDF] Hunting Beauty | by ↠ Madison Faye - Hunting Beauty, Hunting Beauty This is no fairytale and I m no prince And there are much dangerous things in these woods than big bad wolves or poisoned apples Things like me They ll say this is wrong They ll say she s too young f

  • [PDF] Hunting Beauty | by ↠ Madison Faye
    422Madison Faye
Hunting Beauty

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    Madison Faye is the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife behind the stories While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the outside, there s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right beneath the surface Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the bedroom, they re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories Single minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over the top scenarios If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is the place for you Just don t tell the other PTA members you saw her here Join the mailing list for author updates, special prices, and a FREE BOOK eepurl bKN8Hj

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  • 3.5 Quick and dirty Stars Older Hero younger virginal heroine But I gotta say view spoiler I don t think a virgin is going to take it up the ass straight away vajayjay penetration until her wedding night people hide spoiler

  • This is my favorite of Madison Faye s Possessing Beauty series It s loosely based off of the Snow White fairytale set in modern day times We also get the taboo of the older man younger woman trope with this one Still a short, smutty fairytale read but it felt like there was story to it I m enjoying this series and it looks like there may be to come if I m reading the hints correctly No sexual abuse No other women men drama A small part of evil stepmother HEA and a small epilogue ARC provided b [...]

  • Princess Adele White of Berne and Captain Damon HuntKing of Avlion has finally agreed that it was high time for Ilana, Imogen, and Isla to start finding suitable matches for marriage Thus the King Lucian s suitor s ball has been organized Eligible men of the right means and pedigree will attend the ball in order to marry his daughters There will be also were a number of eligible princesses that were now at marrying age who d be joining the princesses.All the stories in this series are taking pla [...]

  • 4.5 StarsIt s definitely better than books 2 and 3 And finally, not a manwhore H Manwhore Hs don t bother me but I still don t like it when I read how proud they are about it and if the women are everywhere Good thing, nothing like that happened in the book.The story is about Damon and Adele.She s the daughter of the King of Berne and he s the Captain in the Royal Guard of Berne.He didn t know who she was at first and when he found out she s the princess, it s already too late One taste of her i [...]

  • Wow, an amazing surprise from the author a secret installment in the series and how much I enjoyed reading this one, it was steamy with many hot scenes and OK I really liked our heroine Adele but my heart burst with love for Damon what dominant, Alpha, pure masculine male.As we know in the series all the heroines had to marry blue blood heroes, the same must have to happen in hunting the princess but Adele is the exception to the rule, she wants a pure bold dirty man and not a clean , sweet prin [...]

  • 4 5Hot fast safe read H divorced 3 years ago, ex cheated, he s not hung up on it, does explain the she was the woman he loved enough to marry She does not appear in book H not been with anyone since his ex Insta love OTT alpha Virgin h No OW Drama No push or pull HEA with epilogue

  • Hunting beauty is the story of Adele, a princess and cousin to the ladies of the first three books, and Damon her father s head of security also bearded woodsman.My favorite out of the four because of its forbidden smuttiness and may December theme this book had a LOT of kinky anal and was a delightful short read.Safe4 5

  • I have no idea if Hunting Beauty is one of my top favorites in this series but it wasn t a bad read either It just seemed kind of clich throughout the book However, reading any kind of disney retelling book is my secret guilty pleasure.Obviously, this book is sort of a take on Snow White However, she definitely gets her huntsman if you know what I m saying Unfortunately, all of these books are inta love lust and I m just sitting here wondering why the hell I like them in these books but I hate t [...]

  • 5 StarsHOLY WOWZA, this book was a hot if not a bit HOTTER than the rest, lol I have truly loved that this series is short, sweet and a hell of a lot of SEXY and DIRTY I love the OTT alpha males, the sweet and yet not so innocent woman who can take about as much as he can give and then some Yes, this series is great for anyone who wants to just cut to the chase, who is short on time and looking for something super hot n sexy and yet a sweet story as well But done t let the word sweet fool you ei [...]

  • I guess I am getting used to the formula of this series Guy and Girl see each other, fall into instant lust, by acting on those feelings, true love develops How sweet As the series progresses, there is some aspect of forbidden love that plays a role.Adele is like Snow White She has an evil stepmother who wants her married off and out of the kingdom as soon as possible view spoiler Problem is, Adele doesn t want to find a prince at the suitor s ball She s already fallen for Daemon after a chance [...]

  • Princess Adele really wants an average man not a man of royal blood aka Prince so when she meets the older Captain, Damon Hunt she has an off the chart attraction for him and vice versa But Adele is a princess with a problem Her very evil step mother Damon is holding fast to Princess Adele by hunting her down to make their ill fated connection work by any means necessary So if you like a quick but steamy insta everything with a great ending then read Hunting Beauty the last book in the series

  • This one was so far my favorite The first one came close but this one was so good Now onto all the extra books she included

  • Hunter Have to say I wasn t into this book like the other 3 I loved the previous possessing beauty books, they were all 5 star reviews for me But I just couldn t get into this one Possible spoilers I get he was older It was repeated multiple times he was an older dude And the fact that he refused to take her virginity but had absolutely no problem having anal with her Totally make sense Let s wait to the wedding night to take her virginity but have anal multiple times while waiting I didn t get [...]

  • DNF So bored to tears and I really really REEAALLLY spoiler alert Don t believe ANY NO WAY, NO FREAKIN HOW A virgin is gonna B.F before she actually V.F s also I m OH so sure she is just going to LOVE IT AND SAY OH BABY MORE, MORE SERIOUSLY I m also sure that after meeting 1 time for about 30 seconds I d let a complete stranger fondle my lady bits , sneak into my room and just go Ham on my Preciously guarded Princess Virginity And BTW just Cuz there was no P in the V action does not a virgin mak [...]

  • Okay, so I know I said Sharing Beauty and her Charming Princes was my favorite, but hot damn did Captain Damon do it for me I mean the man is beast, prince charming and brooding hunter all in one He can t keep away from innocent Princess Adele, but unfortunately he s not royalty With all the obstacles set in place, Damon still can t keep away from his Princess for long, and as promised he finds her He sneaks into her bedroom at night seeking for what belongs to him He s twice young Adele s age, [...]

  • This series has been a fun and HOT twist to the fairy tale princess Adele is the princess, but has to suffer the wrath of her evil step mother She longs for love and to be able to have her fairy tale love affair However, most of the princes don t catch her attention She dreams of a man s man, strong, dominant, maybe slightly older, but sure of himself Sigh, too bad there aren t any princes like that Damon happens to cross paths with Adele and it is instant attraction, lust, love They are simply [...]

  • I received this ARC copy of this book from the Author for an honest review I give this book 5 stars The storyline between Damon and Adele was hot They met when she is with her friend at the lake and she is changing but is naked They start meeting in secret and have hot make out sessions She is a Princess Adele and he is below her Please read to see how it ends, this was a must read.

  • Hunting Beauty is a fun, quick and dirty readriously dirtyLOLPS This is of a bedtime read than a beach read warned

  • This is the fourth book in the Possessing Beauty series by Madison Faye I think this one was my favorite in the series because Damon was so swoon worthy and I love that Adele didn t care that he wasn t royalty If you ve read the other books in the series then you know Adele cousin of Imogen, Isla and Ilana is the 18 year old Princess of Berne Her father, King Lorne married a horrible woman Mallory after Adele s beloved Mother, Queen Kathryn died Queen Mallory is the typical evil Stepmother that [...]

  • Like the rest of the books by this author in this series , she loves her italics And she likes the following words Growl Used 49 times That s the least amount of times she s used that word in the series I m impressed.Shatter 8 Not the 19 times used in one of the other books, but still than her minimum of 5 Oh, btw, shatter means to orgasm in Faye s world.Whimper 31 Not her max of 51, but still an impressive amount of whimpering And dammit, I forgot to count her use of roar Damn I ruined my stat [...]

  • This is such a hot fairytale remade romance by Madison Faye It is sort of based off of Snow White and its set in modern times Oh and it is freaking hot Like get your fan out and keep cool drinks handy HAWT Princess Adele White doesn t want to go to her Uncle s suitor s ball She has no interest in marrying a prince She wants to find love on her own, to a man of HER Choosing , A REAL MAN yet she is being forced to go to this ball and made to marry someone not of her choice As she gets ready to lea [...]

  • I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a honest and voluntary review In this book we get Adele White s story and we are introduced to Damon Adele knows that she is a princess but she just wants to live life to its fullest However being locked away by the royal guard and having the step mother from hell doesn t lead to having that kind of life Until one day she meets a man that she wants than anything She knows it wrong she knows its forbidden but she doesn t seem to care [...]

  • I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book Hero, Damon 5 5Heroine, Adele 5 5Secondary Characters 4 5Chemistry 5 5Sex 4 5Plot 4 5Mystery 1 5Action 1 5Darkness 1 5Humor 1 5POV Dual POVEnding HEA, No cliffhanger Stars 4 Author Madison FayeWould I recommend this book yesWould I re read this book yesWould I read future books by this author YesFirst and foremost, this whole series of standalone fairytales with some spice is amazing I have enjoyed reading all of them It nice to get lost an [...]

  • Princess Adele is a young innocent princess who really doesn t like princes If she had her way, she would find an older,rugged man who knows what to do with his hands She never really enjoyed being a princess and would have preferred being just a normal young woman Her best friend is also her employee One day she and her friend were almost skinny dipping in a pool on the castle property When she was changing out of her wet underwear, her dress blow away and she chased right into the man of her d [...]

  • This was a quick short read for me Its part of the fairytale remake series but I can t figure out which fairytale this was I m almost positive that its Little Red Riding Hood and the Bad Wolf but I m not sure There was also some parts of the book where it felt like a Cinderally story with the evil Step Mother, so really there s no telling I enjoyed this short read Adele and her friend servant assistant Anya were pretty cool people And her fairytale hero Damon what a strong name btw was perfect f [...]

  • HOLY HUNT ME HOTNESS Madison Faye s Hunting Beauty has it all and then some A modern day fairy tale that would leave the Brothers Grimm blushing or CENSORED Hunting Beauty is hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July The characters are simply amazing, Adele with her sweet innocence and stunning beauty, Damon with his ENORMOUS ahem heart Hunting Beauty is filled with insta love, plenty of naughtiness and one dirty talking, smoking hot, older hero All of Madison Faye s Beauty tales are five sta [...]

  • Hunting Beauty is longer than the previous books in the series as it follows a week and not just one night, like the others.Princess Adele White doesn t want to go to her Uncle s suitor s ball She has no interest in marrying a prince She s wants someone rough and rawly masculine She wants the REAL MAN she meets in the woods One look into his eyes and she sees everything she ever wanted in a man.Captain Damon Hunt is on duty, searching the wooded area around the kingdom for threats He never thoug [...]

  • Wonderfully engaging and sexyI have loved each one of these short contemporary fairy stories but Hunting Beauty has got to be my favourite this one is about Princess Adele and her quest to find a husbandbut her idea of a perfect man does not quite fit the expected Royal Prince mould.a chance encounter brings her face to face with Damon a tough, possessive soldier a modern day knight albeit with dirty thoughts, words and deedsAdele and Damon tell the story and I love the humour that is threaded t [...]

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