The Mortician's Daughter

[PDF] The Mortician's Daughter | by ☆ Elizabeth Bloom - The Mortician's Daughter, The Mortician s Daughter Ginny Lavoie has just been suspended from the NYPD when she gets a late night phone call and hears two awful words Danny s dead That message a plea from her childhood best friend to solve the brutal m [PDF] The Mortician's Daughter | by ☆ Elizabeth Bloom - The Mortician's Daughter, The Mortician s Daughter Ginny Lavoie has just been suspended from the NYPD when she gets a late night phone call and hears two awful words Danny s dead That message a plea from her childhood best friend to solve the brutal m

  • Title: The Mortician's Daughter
  • Author: Elizabeth Bloom
  • ISBN: 9780892967865
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
The Mortician's Daughter

[PDF] The Mortician's Daughter | by ☆ Elizabeth Bloom, The Mortician's Daughter, Elizabeth Bloom, The Mortician s Daughter Ginny Lavoie has just been suspended from the NYPD when she gets a late night phone call and hears two awful words Danny s dead That message a plea from her childhood best friend to solve the brutal murder of her teenage son brings Ginny back to the scruffy gray New England mill town she left many years ago Now trying to uncover the secrets and lies hidden by an insuGinny [PDF] The Mortician's Daughter | by ☆ Elizabeth Bloom - The Mortician's Daughter, The Mortician s Daughter Ginny Lavoie has just been suspended from the NYPD when she gets a late night phone call and hears two awful words Danny s dead That message a plea from her childhood best friend to solve the brutal m

  • [PDF] The Mortician's Daughter | by ☆ Elizabeth Bloom
    408Elizabeth Bloom
The Mortician's Daughter

About “Elizabeth Bloom

  • Elizabeth Bloom

    A pseudonym used by Beth Saulnier

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  • One of my 1.00 bargain books Another one I m glad I only spent a buck on.This whole book was like watching Kanye West speak You know what s coming Poo.Small town girl turns into big city cop novel concept Under suspension from the NYPD when her friend s son is murdered back in small town, she goes to investigate and 1 clashes with the local small town cops who despise her big city ways.2 runs into her high school sweetheart Before long they are humping like rabbits.3 Has the brake line cut on he [...]

  • Hace mucho no le a una novela de este genero y creo que fue genial hacerlo con este libro, una novela llena de misterios, suspensos, secretos y asesinatos muchoooos que logro hacerme morir de nervios y ansias Un libro super entretenido que se lee r pido y te ayuda a pasar un buena rato y una posible resaca.

  • This was hard to rate since the prose was at times elegant, the plot engaging but the people, beige Still I forged on to see the answer despite the overwhelming amount of backstory.

  • I chose the book mortician s daughter because it sounded intresting and looked like it would be good the book is like a mystery took place in mannhatten the main character is Virgina she grow up in mannhatten, her dad was a mortician for the little town she is trying to help her best friend Syona find out wh killed her son then she finds out that danny the son was murderd by his real fater syona adn pete her husband were not reallly dannys parents paula syonas sister was dannys real mother.Virg [...]

  • I picked this book to read because it s set in a small town in the Berkshires, and that is where I m going on vacation next week I really liked it and would also try her other book It reminded me of Cornelia Read s books.

  • An excellent mystery, well plotted and written.If only EB could be persuaded to give us another story about Ginny, the mortician s daughter

  • THE MORTICIAN S DAUGTHER Unlicensed Investigator Ginny Lavoire Massachusetts Cont G Bloom, Elizabeth aka Beth Saulnier Grand Central Publishing, 2006, US Paperback ISBN 9780446619103First Sentence She was staring out the window when the phone rang Ginny Lavoie has been suspended from the NYPD and is free to head to her home town in Massachusetts The teenage son of her childhood best friend has been murdered and wants Ginny to find the killer The local police arrest someone, but Ginny is certain [...]

  • Love the cover and the title of this easy to get into book It boasts of its success by the length of time it took me to read Our heroine, Ginny who by the way happens to be the mortician s daughter is at odds with her father They haven t spoken in years He s not even the mortician in the town she grew up in any Ginny hasn t been back there in years and wouldn t be there now if it hadn t been for the late night call saying only, Danny s dead This is a murder mystery that takes us around and about [...]

  • Ginny s career as a NYC cop is in jeopardy but she knows she has to answer her phone and return to her hometown when her best friend s son has been murdered Soon Ginny is unofficially investigating people from her childhood discovering numerous secrets Danny was a troubled teen searching for his real parents, whom he never found before he was brutally beaten to death Ginny soon becomes the target of the killer as she struggles to stay alive while finding out the truth behind Danny s death The tr [...]

  • After Ginny Lavoie s life as an NYPD cop falls apart because of claims of her being a dirty cop, a plea from her childhood friend, Sonya, brings her home to the town she couldn t wait to get away from a decade ago The town had changed, as small towns will and the prejudices of small minds will come to the surface When her car was rigged for her brakes to fail and she ended up in the river, she knew she must be getting close to finding answers to Danny s death As she follows the trail of his last [...]

  • Hace tiempo no le a un libro de este genero Y si me gusto sin embargo no me mantuvo con los nervios de punta como me sucede con este genero tal vez porque pasaron muchas cosas mientras le a el libro y lo mas chistoso es que empece la historia con un libro y lo termine con uno que le robe a una amiga por dos dias P Lo confieso soy mala descubriendo al villano, sospeche de todos TODOS y el que en verdad fue, lo descarte muy r pido ademas las razones por la que sucedi todo no me la hubiera imaginad [...]

  • i LOVED THIS BOOK i want MORE MORE MORE infact soo much so i have even considered writing to this author and asking what was going on some say their characters are the next steph plum and in my opinion fall short well this chick is close she has spunk, she s funny and well i want a GIANT cinnamon loaf of bread too GRAB THIS AND READ It and to THINK i got it for 3 at big lots better than the marie callenders cornbread mix i got at the same time and THAT was mighty fine GREAT BOOK

  • Ginny Lavoie may be depressed over her suspension from the New York Police Department, but her woes pale in comparison to those of her childhood friend, Sonya, whose 19 year old adopted son, Danny, was savagely murdered in their hometown of North Adams, Massachusetts Sonya took over the care of Danny the moment her deadbeat sister left the 15 month old at her doorstep Ginny returns to the onetime mill town to investigate and is soon exchanging barbs with the bombastic local police chief and kiss [...]

  • Una agente suspendida de empleo y sueldo, un par de asesinatos, un amante al que no ve hace a os y un pueblo donde nada es lo que parece, son los elementos fundamentales de este thriller que no os dejar indiferentes.Muy entretenido, con personajes bien definidos y una polic a con mucho car cter y una personalidad muy marcada Su exnovio, el panadero del pueblo tambi n juega un papel fundamental y me da la impresi n que no va a ser el nico caso que leamos de Ginny Lavoie.Si ten is oportunidad leed [...]

  • Ginny Lavoie is a disgraced New York City policewoman who has been suspended under suspicion of misconduct She is called to her hometown by her best friend, Sonya whose son, Danny, has just been murdered and she wants Ginny to find out what happened to him Ginny returns and finds herself involved in a mess of intrigue, deception and murder I really enjoyed the story and Ginny is a smart, brave woman who keeps trying until she finds the answer An excellent book

  • I enjoyed this book because it featured another fiesty lady for the protagonist, the old storyline of returning to one s hometown and reviving old relationships The story was intriguing, earthy and sympathetic to the hidden pains that the characters were suffering While it wasn t a great book it gave you an appreciation of humanity without being melodramatic in the presentation Really worth the time.

  • Small town girl who leaves for the big city, makes a mistake and is on suspension, comes home and unofficially investigates the murder of her best friend s son Ginny has the advantage of knowing the people she is investigating At times, her history with them gets in the way of her investigation Interesting book with a twist at the end Not everything was wrapped up so I expect the author to continue with these characters in other books.

  • It was an okay read Fairly quick It just had too much of everything in it Too much romantic tension Too many plot twists A NYPD cop with too much to prove and too hasty to prove it I didn t feel that I cared overly much about the characters I think I finished it primarily to figure out who really killed Danny there were about 5 different suspects mentioned and a few hinted at by the end.

  • Entertaining mystery set in a small town in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, likely based on North Adams, the author s home town A native comes home from NYC with her life in shambles due to an Internal Affairs investigation at the NYPD The heroine is there to support her best friend after the murder of BF s son and to find the killer, which she does with many interesting entanglements and obligatory red herrings.

  • The author whose real name is Beth Saulnier is a native of my little town of North Adams, Massachusetts This book takes place in North Adams and was lot of fun to read because it references all kinds of local landmarks stores, streets, neighborhoods, churches A fun detective novel to read, but made so by knowing the setting

  • so far this book is a little ho hum, but still hanging in there.I was left with the vague feeling that I had read this before, but maybe thats because it was a little predictable for me Doesn t make it bad It wasn t the great suspense read I was hoping for, and the characters were flat for me, but all in all the book was ok.

  • The Mortician s Daughter was kind of a deceptive title, in a way Yes, the main character, Ginny is the daughter of a mortician but that didn t really have anything to do with anythingMaybe the book was called this just to sell copies To make it seem dark I m not sure But anyway, it was a decent, if not a little predictable, murder mystery.

  • North Adams is a small town This author she is using a nom de plume is a native, provides a de facto commentary on the old and the new here through this mystery novel Probably interesting as a semi anthropological study, but entertaining enough.

  • This book was ok It was a quick read, with a decent murder mystery plot line the ending didn t surprise me, but I didn t figure it out on my own either The romance was a bit cliche, but overall, a decent read.

  • El libro tiene lo suyo, el suspenso se mantiene durante todas y cada uno de sus p ginas, siempre preguntando qui n es por qu lo hizo hoja a hoja se van descubriendo secretos, miesterios, mieterios y m s misterios La lectura seduce y atrapa.

  • Although it was predictable at points, there were enough surprises to keep it from being dull I liked the main characters well enough to keep reading, but there wasn t as much character development as there could have been.

  • 3,7Realmente no hab a le do un libro de este genero pero me sorprendi y me gusto mucho, en cada capitulo uno es intentando descubrir quien es el culpable y esto lo mantiene interesado en el libro El inicio es lento y pens que no podr a con el, pero realmente me ha sorprendido

  • A great book to read especially if you grew up in North Adams and spent most of your summer days at Fish Pond It was interesting to revisit the many places and streets of my youth It also had a great storyline and a twist at the end to hold you captive I could not put it down

  • Eh didn t like it, didn t love it The title had pretty much nothing to do with the story Sure she WAS the mortician s daughter but that didn t come into play.There was just too much too many plot twists, too much romantic tension sometimes less is .

  • A mediocre mystery novel that helps pass the time The plot meanders a bit too much, the characters are all stereotypical for the small town setting, the heroine is just flawed enough you get the idea There is nothing new here but it wasn t awful.

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