Ú Heathens Ò Amanda Richardson - Heathens, Heathens Paris is home to runaways and lost souls romantics and artists A lover s paradise For Lilith Damewood Paris is tainted tarnished corroded Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories she chann Ú Heathens Ò Amanda Richardson - Heathens, Heathens Paris is home to runaways and lost souls romantics and artists A lover s paradise For Lilith Damewood Paris is tainted tarnished corroded Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories she chann

  • Title: Heathens
  • Author: Amanda Richardson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ú Heathens Ò Amanda Richardson, Heathens, Amanda Richardson, Heathens Paris is home to runaways and lost souls romantics and artists A lover s paradise For Lilith Damewood Paris is tainted tarnished corroded Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories she channels her vitriol into her photography Salem Tempest is a seminary student entrusted with the souls of Notre Dame de Paris even the dark ones When an unlikely friendship foParis is home to runa Ú Heathens Ò Amanda Richardson - Heathens, Heathens Paris is home to runaways and lost souls romantics and artists A lover s paradise For Lilith Damewood Paris is tainted tarnished corroded Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories she chann

  • Ú Heathens Ò Amanda Richardson
    108 Amanda Richardson

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  • Genre RomanceTheme RevengeSetting Paris, FrancePOVs view spoiler Multiple, 1st person hide spoiler Writing style 3 5Darkness level view spoiler 1 5 hide spoiler This story touched on the subject of human trafficking, the power of friendship between two strong women, and a steamy affair with a priest in training While I loved the premise, the delivery was a bit weak and the ending seemed rushed I wasn t a fan of all the time jumps view spoiler or the way the multiple POVs were scattered between t [...]

  • Well, this was disappointing and it s no one s fault but my own I expected too much from this book I loved the title, the cover, the blurb, I wanted this to be awesome, but sadly, for me it wasn t that good.First I m gonna take this off of my dark shelf because it doesn t deserve to be there Sorry book, but you are NOT dark, at all.Yes, it deals with a heavy subject matter view spoiler human trafficking, sexual abuse hide spoiler but all the gory details are skipped How do you expect to raise aw [...]

  • PURCHASE LINKS NOW AVAILABLE Thank you so much to the author for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Stars Some spoilers below What if he was enchanted by a simple alluring smile on her beautiful face What if his sleep was restless because he wished she was lying by his side Seducing What if the chaos was irresistible What if, like myself, he couldn t get enough of her HEATHENS was such an amazing read It tells the story of a young woman named Lily living in Paris, [...]

  • Heathens by Amanda Richardson is book one in the Heathens Duet It is a dark romance novel with taboo elements I am merely a caged hawk, examining and learning my prey A queen of deception One day, I will find a way to attack where they least suspect it Tragedy struck in Lily s life when she least expected Youth and innocence now lost, she clings to her plan for revenge When was the last time you believed in something so fiercely that you were willing to look past everything else Salem was once o [...]

  • Wow This is my first read by Amanda and what an incredible journey Her writing is flawless and her words are poetic Lily and Salem had me envisioning every moment along with their walks through Paris, and the tension that sparked the pages between these characters This is a dark romance, but even so, there s a sweetness that had me rooting for Salem and Lily So many obstacles and secrets are woven into this intricate tale I would definitely recommend this incredible read And I can t wait for the [...]

  • 4.5 Stars What a book Completely different from what I typically read when I hear dark, I usually shy away I m so happy I gave Heathens a chance after a friend recommended it Amanda Richardson delivered one hell of a journey, and I was a nervous wreck wondering what would become of these characters I LOVED Ms Richardson s writing and I cannot wait for book 2

  • I don t even know what to say about this book, other than I LOVED writing it I fully believe in writing what you want to, not what will sell, because this book came out of nowhere, and the dark themes surprised me might offend some people, LOL Once it was in my mind though, I COULD NOT STOP thinking about Salem, Lily, Evelyn, and all of the other characters It s the first time I spent months writing a book, and I think it shows I did a lot of things differently this time around, and I am SO prou [...]

  • I received an advanced reader copy of Heathens from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the first book of Ms Richardson s I have read, and I went in relatively blind with the exception of hearing the words dark romance and I admit I did read the short blurb before cutting myself off I don t like to be spoiled and as anyone that reads my reviews knows, you won t be getting any major spoilers in this review either.The cover is GORGEOUS and hooked my attention right away Not to ment [...]

  • HEATHENS was different from Amanda s other stories There was this dark, revengeful feel throughout the entire book and the emotions were addicting throughout There were times I could feel the hate permeating through my bones as I read and I sought revenge as much as our main characters, Lily and Salem It might not happen today or even this week Perhaps not even this year But one day, they ll see the mask fall from my face the monster I had to face alone The darkness I have to contend with The th [...]

  • ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 10 Let me sin with you Stars I don t know what to do I am in complete awe Amanda knocked it out of the park She threw a Hail Mary pass She recorded a hat trick She made a buzzer beater shot at half court My first book by Amanda, and it s a masterpiece I am kicking myself for not reading anything by her sooner WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME I m going to fix that though, every book she s written will be devoured You can count on it Heathens was [...]

  • READ I m rubbing my fingers together in glee This book is going to be good I can just tell This girl won t be sleeping tonight I want to burn his kingdom down, make him pay for the terrible things he s done and continues to do, and then rise and rebuild from the ashes Humbled Righteous Resurrected OH DAMNHOLY CRAPI M STRUCK SPEECHLESS HEATHENS by Amanda Richardson was the first book I read from her, and I was hooked From start to finish, Salem and Lily s story was simply mesmerizing A true form [...]

  • Sinfully perfect The cover and blurb grabbed me but the stellar writing and unique storyline hooked me Amanda is a new to me author and now she s on my must read list I cannot wait for book 2 and to work my way through her backlist

  • I read this book in one sitting because I could not for the life of me put it down until it was finished It s been 3 days, and I m still hungover I ve still yet to pick up another book It s still on my mind continuously through out my day She put everything into this book Every time I close my eyes and think about this book, I m in Paris instantly I can see, taste, and smell everything Sadly, I ve never actually been The layers of this story, the sexual tension, the plot, the twists and turns, t [...]

  • Amanda s books always have layers to them that pull you in and Heathens is no different In fact, it s her best yet Here you ll find a story that delicately and poetically teeters on the connections between sensuality and spirituality There are taboo sexy moments, and they are SEXY, but the book is so much than that It explores the balance between faith and love, darkness and light, and the choices they lead you to I was obsessed with Lilith and Salem They re characters have a depth to them and [...]

  • Heathens is an utterly captivating and mesmerizing read I am always drawn to love stories that are a bit darker, taboo, and that may nudge me out of my comfort zone, but what I ended up getting from this novel far surpassed my expectations I was pulled into the story right from the prologue and was held captive by the author s rich descriptions and beautiful prose until the last page Heathens is a love story at its very core, but it is also a thought provoking read that I haven t been able to ge [...]

  • Read of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot I generously received this ARC from Foreword PR in exchange for an honest reviewWhere in the world is the THOUSAND star button because damn this book deserves one OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS YES I JUST SAID THAT I have only recently discovered Amanda Richardson during an author takeover a few months ago so HEATHENS happens to be my very first read of hers and what an incredible introduction into her beautifully poetic and captivating writing style This is han [...]

  • Going into this book I wasn t sure how exactly I was going to feel about it, hands down it s was one of the best books I ve read this year It s dark, maybe murky though, but I loved it, all the twist and turns left me I couldn t put it down and if I could get away with it and get my job done I would have been reading it at work as well Hell of a time to start a new job you know when your stuck in a pretty amazing book, lets hope I didn t screw anything up day dreaming about what was going to ha [...]

  • I have the taste of her embedded in my soul the feel of my maker behind it all This was my first book by Amanda Richardson and I am hooked on her words from this day forward I couldn t wait to dive into Heathens and it did not disappoint Such a complex and taboo story of revenge and redemption I loved how Salem s faith was tested and how the path he thought he would take started to become confusing thanks to Lily His journey was handled so well that I felt his struggle and loved watching him fin [...]

  • 4.5 starsA hauntingly beautiful story of love, faith and vengeance Two souls, struggling to find their path after loss, find comfort in one another, and form a bond that will impact their lives and others immeasurably.I will say upfront, that while this is noted as a dark romance, I would say it is on Contemporary with dark undertones, specifically involving human trafficking and forbidden love Maybe I have a high tolerance for the dark and twisted, so while this book has some dark themes, none [...]

  • Two hundred and ninety five billion stars because Salem Tempest Paris might be the City of Love but for Lilith Damewood, it s tainted with the guilt of having lost her friend Everyday is a struggle to crawl away from the haunting memories that eat at her So she immerses herself into her photography Her soul is at unrest until she meets Salem.Salem Tempest, a seminary student has committed many sins in life and repents for them everyday His life revolves around the Church, his faith and his teach [...]

  • When two Scorpios make a love match, it is a fierce a tempest of intense passion Obsession They move forward at an accelerated pace Some might call it foolish Other times, they re mated for life their stingers keeping all others away, their understanding of each other unlike any other This was my first Amanda Richardson read and honestly, I knew going into this book just how much I would love this woman s words HEATHENS is the book that has solidified a hard core fan in me when it comes to Amand [...]

  • This ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review 5 Sinful Stars Amanda Richardson is a complete genius She has written Heathens in such a way that you are 100% sucked into the darkness of the story, unable to come up for air, let alone blink, until the very last page.Heathens is the story of Lillith Lily , who ends up in a very tragic situation while living in Paris with her best friend The premise of the story is based on Lily finding a way to get revenge on the man who ruined her life.Sh [...]

  • Damn I don t know where to start Salem and Lilith took me on journey, which I would love to visit time and time again The relationship, which this couple had, did come easy to grew by faith As a reader, I love getting into the minds of the characters especially when it is told in than one pov The pov weren t just told with Salem and Lily in mind but it was told by poor Evelyn and evil Auguste pov as well.There are so many quotes from this story, which I had to stop and highlight and do a second [...]

  • We all have a little Heathen in us I loved the concept of this story For me it fell short in the ending It felt rushed and things were possibly watered down BUT I very much enjoyed this story Salem had me wanting to go to confession in a sense that I never have before And Lily well I can not fault her determination for revenge And Eve there are so so many in her situation And most don t have the ending that she gets here It s a sad fact that this does happen and it can happen in our own backyard [...]

  • 2 Stars I went in completely blind when I started this book The cover is what drew me in and I m so disappointed in the story Dual POVs can be hard to pull off, but multiple POVs and time jumps It s a hit or miss This book was a miss Because there is so much going on and need for explanation, everything was slow or rushed and nothing between the 2 I really wanted to like the book, but the characters were dull considering the story It had so much potential for a mean punch but it faltered.

  • I went into this book completely blind Didn t read the Blurb and haven t ever read anything by the Author Let me just say I loved Amanda Richardson writing She wrote this story so beautifully and poetically and that alone will have me picking up other books written by her.The story takes you on a wild ride and is considered a dark romance But to me it not that bad, it has it s touchy subject but nothing that should have you passing the book up for.I love the writing in this story and the message [...]

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