Charcoal Tears

Free Download Charcoal Tears - by Jane Washington - Charcoal Tears, Charcoal Tears You see there is safety in simplicity in a life of simple peace where the electricity doesn t dance across the backs of my eyelids and the sparks don t slither over my consciousness Only asinine pe Free Download Charcoal Tears - by Jane Washington - Charcoal Tears, Charcoal Tears You see there is safety in simplicity in a life of simple peace where the electricity doesn t dance across the backs of my eyelids and the sparks don t slither over my consciousness Only asinine pe

  • Title: Charcoal Tears
  • Author: Jane Washington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Book
Charcoal Tears

Free Download Charcoal Tears - by Jane Washington, Charcoal Tears, Jane Washington, Charcoal Tears You see there is safety in simplicity in a life of simple peace where the electricity doesn t dance across the backs of my eyelids and the sparks don t slither over my consciousness Only asinine peace where my paintings don t seem to paint themselves leaving me with terrible feelings of premonition and a chill beneath my fingernails Seraph Black used to think that You see ther Free Download Charcoal Tears - by Jane Washington - Charcoal Tears, Charcoal Tears You see there is safety in simplicity in a life of simple peace where the electricity doesn t dance across the backs of my eyelids and the sparks don t slither over my consciousness Only asinine pe

  • Free Download Charcoal Tears - by Jane Washington
    248Jane Washington
Charcoal Tears

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  • Jane Washington

    Jane Washington is 25 years old, lives in Brisbane, Australia and has MDD, or Multiple Dependency Disorder It s not a real disorder, but it should be She s dependent on the moon to write, and she s dependent on coffee so that she can spend as much time with the moon as possible.She s dependent on both writing and anti social behaviour to each act as an excuse for the other, and she s dependent on the awkwardness of both to save her from questions I.e Why do you never come to parties It s a writer s thing We hate parties She has a dependency on the internet to prevent too much work from getting done on any given day, and an even bigger dependency on Disney movies, to keep the dream alive.She s been accused of being a Vampire, with her super pale skin and aversion to sunlight, but she can t stand the sight of blood, so if she is a Vampire, then she s a pretty bad one.

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  • I recently looked up the common methods of cult indoctrination on HowStuffWorks, because I have no class and came to a chilling conclusion the Zevgheni are a cult, and Seph is in the process of joining Every key step for indoctrinating a cult member aka thought reform , listed in the linked article, is reflected in Charcoal Tears See for yourself Step 1, Deception cults trick new members into joining by misleading them or withholding information about the true nature of the group they might even [...]

  • THIS BOOK Yes, it s Young Adult and I am an old lady Guess what And the Adairs and Quillens are MINE Yes, I know the Adairs are 17 years old Cabe and Noah , but when I read them, I am fulfilling my Twilight Bella Swan fangirl side, so it s OKAY Don t judge The Quillens are only 25 which makes me almost 20 years older then them, but again don t judge This is my fantasy world Okay, maybe it s not JUST mine Just kidding Stay away from my boys Okay, seriously though Review time.This book is about a [...]

  • I ll start of by saying that I don t intend to offend the author or anyone who has read the book and liked it This is my opinion As this is my opinion, I m going to speak the truth about what I think Summed up in one image Charcoal Tears felt like reading a damn copy of The Academy Series by C.L Stone.That s the ugly truth.It s not the same word by word, but there are TOO MANY similarities existing between one and the other and you cannot expect me not to point them out when I ve read The Academ [...]

  • Holy s Its freaking The academy with fantasy and horror elements DAMN One of my fav books of the year And its a YA Fan girl squeek I dont even know where to start with this Although there are a lot of references from CL stones academy series, meaning abusive parent reverse harem one sibling stalker bomb on school ground family bonds mature the you read, and hot.mIt still didn t feel like complete rip off Strange There are so many similarities but i still adore Charcoal tears, and our heroine, [...]

  • Welcome to Chesca s fantastical ONE STAR review of Charcoal Tears Firstly, let s begin with the main character,Seraph.Ugh, who calls their main character Seraph Doesn t that mean angel or something stupid Like SOOOOO pretentious She s also artistic and looks after her younger brother, taking on abuse herself from her father to keep her little bro safe Ugh, she s clearly just added this in to trick us into feeling sorry for this whore.And then we have four guys FOUR GUYS Can you believe it So the [...]

  • No thanks I m so disappointed after reading all those raving reviews, and I m obviously the odd man out, but I absolutely hated this book and the characters I m actually angry I finished it and didn t just DNF like I should have I m trying not to write an ugly review, but I have to say I need world building and character development The MC just annoyed me to death, but, to others this could be the best book they will ever read, so good luck if you try it I m defiantly skipping this series thoug [...]

  • Well the strangest thing happened when I finished the book and stopped to give my rating a flock of flying pigs flew past my window say that five times fast , I just realised I had just given a 4 star rating to a YA book AAAAAAAARGHHH Yes it s true a real 4 star rating who would have believed this day would happen, certainly not me A 5 star of course is when hell freezes over and I have to admit having a few chills when reading this book but I resisted the feeling and ploughed ahead.Damn this wa [...]

  • Here s YOUR chance to WIN one of SEVEN eCopies from Jane Washington International Click on Banner to Enter Ends November 2, 2015Meet Seraph Black She s a survivor, she s proven it, time and again Just stay calm, stay under the radar and keep surviving, not always easy, but it works, or at least it had until her world changes with just the screech of some tires Cue the music, backlighting and action two of the most overpowering and handsome teens to ever grace her school have arrived, and they ma [...]

  • Cliffhanger ending DNF disliked the protagonist She s a 17 year old artist who is dense, gullible, weak, has low self esteem, is socially awkward, painfully shy, lacks self preservation common sense I could go on but I m sure my point was made She has no redeemable personality traits She s supposedly beautiful, magically gifted with 2 rare abilities, every hot guy that matters wants her so of course every female hates her She s so special she doesn t just get paired with 2 guys but 4 The 4 H in [...]

  • Buddy read with the MacHalo.I can t believe I m so affected by a YA novel What the hell is happening with me I mean it s not just an YA, it s one of many YA I read and liked in the past few months I can t properly express my feelings about this book mainly because I don t really understand them I thought that if give myself some time and start the second book things will clear out a bit but now as I approach the end of Watercolour Smile I m even confused And I have this heavy feeling inside my [...]

  • I was all about this book until I realized that even though Cabe had previously recognized Seraph as his mate, he still fucked someone else So, no The other guys are great and I liked the rest of the story, but I m picky enough that this will keep me from finishing the series.

  • This is one of the most frustrating books I have ever read I don t even fully understand the backstory To briefly sum up this book is about Seraph, a girl who s grown up in a severely broken home with her little brother and abusive father Then two new boys Cabe and Noah start school and basically attach themselves to her, acting all mysterious and protective possessive Oh and lets not forget Silas the intense, brooding guy who hangs around at Seraph s work and his twin brother Miro her art teach [...]

  • This book is a torture device in the best and the worst way Disclaimer I will admit I went ahead and read the 2nd book too before writing this review so I will try to keep it as separate as possible I am so confused as to how I am planning to rate this So I will follow many of my fellow reviewers and break this down into the good and the bad and rate it after Before thatok one That was for my new found love for polyamorous relationships The Good Concept Plot I discovered a new concept within thi [...]

  • OH MY GOD This book LITERALLY BLEW ME AWAY I ve read Jane s books in the past, but this was something special AGGHH I NEED MORE NOW I loved the friendships that Seraph has with the others, even though the boys try to push the boundaries, I still felt like they had a real connection beneath all the bond stuff, and I appreciated that Have I mentioned Silas yet Because WOW.Cabe was my second favorite I liked that he was always so happy and and bright Seraph needed a person like that D

  • Stuff clearly happened I, as the reader, was not informed of much of it I, as the reader, do expect anticipate MANY explanations in the next book And Team Silas, just gonna put that out there Thank you Talyn This book was really pretty good You ve done it again Touche.Happy Reading

  • If you say it s like The Academy series I m on it SO SO SO on it I don t care if it reads like the names have been switched I want books like these.

  • Didn t think I could love Jane Washington than I did before I read this book I was wrong Gah I think I m in love with Silas Is that weird

  • You know, while this book does have a few points I felt could have been better executed I ll discuss further down , I overall found this book to be an example of why I usually quite like the indie books I come across Though it s evident this author isn t the most polished and probably didn t have a massive editing team behind her to make all the rough edges glimmer, I still see ample talent from her and overall have good impressions of her from this book What drew me into this book was that the [...]

  • This book truly exceeded my expectations Gripping from the very first scene The quality of writing was superb, the descriptions of the characters moving and the imagery vivid From the very opening lines I knew this was gonna be one hell of a good book I must admit I had a hard time getting my head around four men being so heavily interested in this one girl with their unusually complicated relationships with her, but it made for a whole new level of suspense I had not encountered before in any n [...]

  • Reread 4 6 17Had a friend sit me down and look at this from a different perspective So I did Turned out to like it somewhat I still can t look past somethings but I will move on to the next book Original ReviewMy edition KindlePages 268Series Seraph Black 1Rating No ratingReview I had to take a little break from the Derek and Sofia drama so I thought this might work Well I chose this book because it was recommended to me since I liked C.L Stone Academy series, both Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle W [...]

  • This is a bizarre one The premise is intriguing a girl, Seraph, brought up in a harsh life, made tough to survive, all the while carrying a secret so bizarre there is no one safe to tell, finds herself caught between not TWO, but FOUR individuals who bolster her self confidence and makes her feel safe despite her harsh life and yet, when a stalker is introduced to said life, she can t tell who threaten her survival , the guys or her stalkerry cool.BUT, there is a confusion that comes with readin [...]

  • What to saywhat to sayis is one of those books that keeps you hooked till the end Yes, it s annoying to not grasp what is exactly going on and yes it was annoying that the lead chick didn t ask the questions and demand the answers like I thought she should but it is what kept me reading kind of I will admit I still don t get the whole bond thinge whole 4 guys thing kind of weirds me out a little I actually thought there would be a twist at some point and Silas would be the one and only consideri [...]

  • Love the ideaI am all for the reverse harem story Line however, this was extremely frustrating to read You Will not get one Single Answer NOT ONE And on top of that you get a huge cliffhanger Christ Some times I wonder if authors Think the only Way to get the readers to buy the next book is to make sure the first one ends with a cliffhanger and a billion questions What happened to wanting to buy the next in the series because the first one was awesome Also, it is very juvenile ridiculously so co [...]

  • The beginning of this book gave me serious Twilight vibes With the whole almost getting squished by a car thing But that s where the comparison stops view spoiler I was a little skeptical in the beginning because understanding the main character was a little tough at first But then I started understanding and .I m liking the fact that this isn t a normal paranormal book It s not your typical vampires or werewolves or angels It s new to me I m not sure if the author came up with what these chara [...]

  • 4 Stars I don t know how the hell I stumbled across this book, but when I read the synopsis I knew immediately that I wanted to read it and I did And I could NOT put it down It reminded me pretty heavily of one of my favourite YA series by C.L Stone which is a great thing, because there s just something so addictive and amazing about reverse harem books Thumbs UPSeraph was an incredibly lovable little mouse She covered a lot of bases she was vulnerable, a bit damaged, strong, patient, loyal and [...]

  • For ten long years, I have watched her The last chapter left me very curious about the identity of the messenger I believe it was a good idea to write it in his POV at the end because I immediately went back, mentally going through the book to the first chapter and trying to find out if I could identify the person, but nope Zero The second book is already downloaded on my phone and I am ready to know who the sick bastard is.I was almost always hooked in the story despite the slow pacing and none [...]

  • Please tell me I won t have to wait too long for book 2 It s been a long time since I stayed awake to finish reading a book Couldn t put it down once I started reading.Warning The following is just my opinion Everyone is entitled to their own.What I didn t like so much Seraph can stand up to her father she proved it quite a few times but can t stand up to him enough to actually do something so she and her brother are safer Example view spoiler it s not that hard to install a lock in a door Her b [...]

  • I know I m not going to be able to do this book just, it was simply that good.It s been awhile since I ve stumbled across a book this magnificent and oh I m so glad I stumbled I m having trouble putting words together about this It s just speechless.So with that in mind The words,sentences,characters, plot, the book They pull you in Wrap you up Till all you hear, see and think is them I started being captured by the book around nine at night and before I know it it over just like that A snap of [...]

  • After taking an immense and unexpected liking to Hereditary, I knew that I d have to read anything and everything written by Jane Washington So when I saw she had a new book, and when I saw it was free on only for a few days, I didn t waste any time I m still kicking myself for not getting The Soulstoy Inheritance while it was free and I wasn t planning on making that mistake again I m not even the least bit ashamed to say I loved this book I had no idea what it was about because I didn t read t [...]

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