☆ Genesis Û Ken Lozito - Genesis, Genesis A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn t something Connor had in mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth s first interstellar colony ship was somet ☆ Genesis Û Ken Lozito - Genesis, Genesis A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn t something Connor had in mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth s first interstellar colony ship was somet

  • Title: Genesis
  • Author: Ken Lozito
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Genesis Û Ken Lozito, Genesis, Ken Lozito, Genesis A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn t something Connor had in mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth s first interstellar colony ship was something he couldn t have prepared for For three hundred thousand colonists the new colony brings the promise of a fresh start a second chance Connor might be the wrong man fA mission gone wrong ☆ Genesis Û Ken Lozito - Genesis, Genesis A mission gone wrong Innocent lives have been lost Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn t something Connor had in mind but being put into stasis aboard Earth s first interstellar colony ship was somet

  • ☆ Genesis Û Ken Lozito
    162Ken Lozito

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    Ken Lozito is the author of multiple series in fantasy and science fiction Ken has always loved fantasy and science fiction in all forms, including books, movies Even the cheesy 80s B movies , and games Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and Anthropology Being a computer hobbyist led to him working in the field of IT Security for almost 20 years He resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two boys Enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the dog, and binge watching shows on Netflix, but enjoys writing stories most of all.You can find out about Ken and upcoming books on his website at kenlozito

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  • Alright, take my review with a grain of salt I haven t dived into the world of Adult Science Fiction novels yet, but we all have to start somewhere.I had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up Honestly I saw the word colony and thought, colonizing a new planet Alright I m in My favorite theme in SciFi books include books that remind me of The Thing, 172 Hours on the Moon or have people landing on a new planet and exploring all the dangers and challenges bonus if there s Aliens.Genesis [...]

  • This is the start of a new series I think it s going to be a pretty good one It is a military science fiction book, although I though that it might change to something else after the first couple of chapters.Conner Gates is the main character He s a Colonel in the North American Union Alliance and his current mission is to find the head of the Syndicate and kill him or her His intel shows him the Syndicate leader is on Chronos Station and that s where his team of Ghosts are headed The Ghosts are [...]

  • Great StoryVery well executed and original had a really good time reading this number two should be awesome If your a fan of military sci fi you ll love it.

  • Low Quality Colonization Story Coupled With Poor Writing Genesis First Colony Book 1 , authored by Mr Ken Lozito, is a low quality colonization story, coupled with poor writing A future black ops colonel, Connor Grant, is suckered into attacking with his platoon, a pervasive, organized crime organization, the Syndicate, ensconced on a massive, Sol System space station Spoiler Alert Attempting to decapitate the head of the Syndicate, Connor instead triggers a trap, that leads to the station s des [...]

  • What a great beginning to the First Colony trilogy This is the first time I ve read works by Ken Lozito, but I have already acquired the next bookd I read Genesis over two days, stopping only to sleep The story has it all, great characters, action, and believable world building I am especially fond of the protagonist Conner Gates He is not a superhero or infallible, but his insights and intuition have been honed by his experience as a special operations leader Finding himself unexpectedly on a c [...]

  • Now, this is touted as military SF however, I felt that only at the very beginning it resembled pure military SF More important though, although the author doesn t covers any new ground and the storyline is pretty much basic fare in SF, this turned out to be a rather good read For it is the execution that makes this stand out from the ever growing plethora of military SF offers on the market Yes, and it does remind me a bit on H Beam Piper s style of writing The protagonist s character meshes in [...]

  • Oh, Yeah This book turned out to be better than I expected and almost right from the beginning A black ops team hunting the Syndicate, who are obviously some very bad people The op goes very wrong it was a trap and not only did the Syndicate leader get away but killed everyone left.The team escapes but to save them from getting blamed for the deaths of millions, the team s leader is secreted onboard the Ark, an interplanetary colony ship and without his knowledge or consent, only to awaken 200 y [...]

  • This is a pretty good military based science fiction tale that will lead you to daydream with what if in respect to the situations and what would you do if thrust two hundred years into the future The author does a good job of getting you into the head of his main character, as well as developing a new series to get the reader hooked, and I felt as if I was right in the middle of the action as a participant vs a reader.I picked the Kindle version up for free with my Kindle Unlimited membership v [...]

  • Overall, that plot was enjoyable and did draw me into the book The reason for three stars has to do with the characters Only the main character was developed to any depth and even he seemed a bit shallow He went from believing that everything was a Syndicate plot to Syndicate who in a very short time and in my opinion no adequate explanation for the change The other characters pretty much felt like decorations to support the main character.The book was enjoyable enough that I will be adding the [...]

  • Go for itAnother new start in deep space A new place where humankind can start anew.Okay A bit cheesy but right to the point.I found the story very interesting and gripping Certainly needing a follow up which I ll start reading when this review is done.I didn t know the author previously I found this book relaxing And a whole bunch of questions remaining What about the syndicate Who where the aliens whose city Lenora found and what was the use and intend of the spire Hopefully a lot of those que [...]

  • Good plot, fast moving, totally engaging and not the same old thing With a well thought out book at the end Will leave you wanting MORE Much, MUCH, M O R EAnyone who likes to read a fast paced action story that reaches out and grabs their attention not wanting to put it down, then this is for you I did not find anything not to like Good character development I became invested with the characters wanting them to successful.

  • An interesting new series about a new space colony Main character, leader of a special forces unit, due to some circumstances ends up on a colony ship to a distant planet Upon waking many years later from stasis he needs to find a place in the colony, using his skills in a dangerous new world.We have a build up of a starting colony, knowing new world and ending providing new paths for later parts.

  • Pretty good start for new series,I enjoyed the character development of this book, the only gripe I have is not enough science fiction in the science fiction I do understand there had to be some world building to get us started It is not fair to compare this book to Star force, it is not the same type of book I hope there is action, science fiction elements, and technology in the next book I recommend that people give it a try.

  • I m not sure how I missed out of this author for so long This was a solid story with mystery, intrigue and not a small amount of action The characters have strengths and flaws and are real enough to keep the story interesting.The plot twists so many times you think it would turn into a knot but Lozito keeps things straight and keep them always moving towards a conclusion I have already purchased the rest of the series.

  • Great read Even though it felt like a couple of short but related stories, and it felt a bit rushed at times, I really enjoyed it I care about the characters and am looking forward to the sequel to see where the author will take them While I m waiting, for the next book, I have stared another of his series and so far am not disappointed.

  • Asolutely the best in a long, LONG timeEverything you crave, all of it and better done than most Or all I can t recommend this highly enough, and though I read about 30 novels a month yes really I rarely ever ever do than give stars You won t be sorry Superior writing, imagination and the opening of an epic saga I ve had no doubt since early in the book Enjoy

  • GoodLiked it, it was good, not too long or too short, will read the sequel, just a good story about a soldier who gets frozen then awakened years later and has to start over Nothing stood out as really good or terrible, just a decent story, worth your time if you re into this type of story but won t blow you away.

  • Great bookI hesitated getting this book because most si fi books are not my thing They are usually technical than good read This book was awesome It had a great story with strong characters Lots of adventures and close calls with villains galore You won t go wrong if you like all of the above Gotta go now I m gonna start the next book See you at the end.

  • Great book Relatable Great read As a vet, the main character is relatiable Some grammatical errors, and a dose of disbelief that only officers can be thrusted not trusted, no auto correct to the role of hero But overall, I d recommend it 4.5 5

  • I really liked the story and found the writing also very good The only thing I m not too sure about is the twist that happened toward the end of the book However, I m going to read the 2nd book or 3 in the series and see how it goes.

  • Nice.It s good to have a story that includes the actual colony, the building it over time, ect Most books only briefly mention the colony and miss out on a chance for a greater background

  • Fascinating storyThis story was fantastic from the beginning to the end It has some great characters and the battles with the strange monsters keep me on the edge of my seat If you like space fantasy then I recommend this series.

  • Very interesting and intriguing book I can t wait to order the next book in this series Very interesting and intriguing book I can t wait to order the next book in this series Ken Lozito is an excellent writer of Science Fiction.

  • Great interestingMr Lozito does excellent job story telling, character development and survival plot in a fast paced book Different and compelling story about the human side of a military man on an unplanned mission please

  • Liked the story butOverall good The military training was weak 6 weeks running around a fenced area would not make 12 people a effective fighting force.

  • Absolutely fun from beginning to endThe book had a bit of a rough start, but I had a blast reading the book You really care about the characters and the world building.

  • Genesis firstI love this book it is so fast and way beyond it gets you going right off ally of action in it.

  • Great storyThis 2as a really interesting and fascinating story A bit heavy handed in a few places but fun none the less Looking forward to reading

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