Monsoon Summer

✓ Monsoon Summer ↠ Mitali Perkins - Monsoon Summer, Monsoon Summer Jasmine Jazz Gardner heads off to India during the monsoon season The family trip is her mother s doing Mrs Gardner wants to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her when she was young But going ✓ Monsoon Summer ↠ Mitali Perkins - Monsoon Summer, Monsoon Summer Jasmine Jazz Gardner heads off to India during the monsoon season The family trip is her mother s doing Mrs Gardner wants to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her when she was young But going

  • Title: Monsoon Summer
  • Author: Mitali Perkins
  • ISBN: 9780440238409
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
Monsoon Summer

✓ Monsoon Summer ↠ Mitali Perkins, Monsoon Summer, Mitali Perkins, Monsoon Summer Jasmine Jazz Gardner heads off to India during the monsoon season The family trip is her mother s doing Mrs Gardner wants to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her when she was young But going to India isn t Jazz s idea of a great summer vacation She wants no part of her mother s do gooder endeavors What s Jazz is heartsick She s leaving the business sJasmine Jazz Gardner h ✓ Monsoon Summer ↠ Mitali Perkins - Monsoon Summer, Monsoon Summer Jasmine Jazz Gardner heads off to India during the monsoon season The family trip is her mother s doing Mrs Gardner wants to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her when she was young But going

  • ✓ Monsoon Summer ↠ Mitali Perkins
    417 Mitali Perkins
Monsoon Summer

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    Mitali Perkins has written several novels for young readers, including You Bring the Distant Near nominated for the National Book Award Rickshaw Girl a NYPL best 100 Book for children in the past 100 years , Bamboo People an ALA Top 10 YA novel , and Tiger Boy, which won the South Asia Book Award for Younger Readers She currently writes and resides in San Francisco mitaliperkins.

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  • Okay, so this book was half good, and half really annoying, but the really annoying parts REALLY irritated me Here s my problem if you re going to make a teenage girl be completely insecure, you have to give her an actual reason why You can t make her have awesome parents, a great little brother, a really nice male best friend who is obviously in love with her , be really good in school, a great athlete, and tall and with a great figure, and have her be super insecure about herself without some [...]

  • Monsoon Summer took me by surprise and blew me away with it s emotional depth, rich character development and complex layers Set in modern day India, fifteen year old Jasmine Gardner from Berkeley, CA and her family spend a summer abroad in the village where the protagonist s mother was born and adopted Poor villagers and rich industrialists share the same locale, poignantly showing teenage Jazz utter poverty and modern city life juxtaposed at the orphanage and her private school for girls Perki [...]

  • Mitali Perkins is an unsung author in the YA lit world Monsoon Summer was my first experience reading her work, and after reading this book, I am convinced that her books need to be marketed Her goal is to make multicultural literature available, enjoyable, and accessible to young readers, and I d say she succeeds on all accounts with this beautiful work of multicultural, modern day fiction When Jasmine Jazz Gardener learns that she ll be spending the entire summer in India with her family, she [...]

  • I liked a lot of things about this book general, I always tend to like books set in foreign locales that give you a real feel for the place and this one did thatexplaining in detail the poverty, the landscape and the people It also highlighted the difficulty of being a modern day American girl who s family isn t truly AmericanI think that it shows the real difference between the former white immigrants who came here wanting to be American and were proud that their children only spoke english and [...]

  • Fifteen year old Jasmine Jazz Gardner travels with her family to Pune, India for the summer when her mother receives a grant to set up a clinic at the orphanage where she lived as a child Jazz, who is part Indian and part American, is reluctant to leave her best friend and business partner Steve, as well as all that is familiar about her home in California She has recently found herself falling in love with Steve, yet she does not feel herself worthy of his affection Jazz struggles with a lack o [...]

  • This book could easily have begun and ended with, I m going to write a book that showcases the value of small business loans to women in developing countries Or, I m going to write another book about a girl finding herself and falling in love with her best guy friend, because there really aren t enough books like that Instead we get a javelin throwing business owner, a little brother obsessed with bug collecting, a well run orphanage that is not to be pitied, and an endearing love interest plus [...]

  • A clean read, and really interesting to follow along with the main characters journey of self discovery Mitali Perkins has a website with reviews of multiethnic books I d recommend this book to girls who liked the Bindi Babes series and are ready to move into teen books.

  • This is a really cute story goodhearted without being too preachy, and lots of fascinating Indian culture Writing wasn t standout, and there s a few loose ends left at the end, but I will definitely recommend this at work.

  • I read the book Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins I would rate this book 5 5 stars because I really enjoyed reading it the whole time I loved the plot of the story and found it interesting at all parts This story begins as a girl named Jasmine who is often called Jazz throughout the story, finds out she is leaving to go to India where her mother was put into an orphanage when she was young Jazz s mom loves helping people and giving back to people as much as she can so she tried very hard to get a [...]

  • Something that s really starting to get on my nerves about girls in books is when they constantly complain about their bodies which I get believe, I hate my body but then there are AT LEAST 2 3 guys interested in them In Jazz s case, she goes to a dance club and every guy wants to dance with her and I understand that before that she thought she was ugly but after that she should have felt way better about herself And yet she continued to believe she was ugly, it especially pained me that she tho [...]

  • When Monsoon Summer opened in Berkeley with a do gooder mother planning a trip where she was going to give back to the orphanage she was adopted from in India, I sighed a little I mean how cliche, socially conscious people from Berkeley Luckily, I had just read this piece by Colby Sharpe That One Time When Linda Urban Put Me in My Place Please go read it too, it s short and it s very much worth it The thing is, kids and teens aren t adults They don t have the years of experience we do Unlike me, [...]

  • 15 year old Jazz has just found out some big news After receiving a grant, Jazz s mother will finally have the chance to pay back the orphanage in India where she spent her first years by building a clinic The problem Jazz, and the rest of her family, will have to join her, spending the entire summer in India and away from her best friend secret crush Steve, not to mention the booming business they ve created She ll be halfway around the world from everything she knows in Berkeley, California sh [...]

  • When fifteen year old Jazz Gardner discovers she s going to spend the summer in India with her family she is not happy about it at all She has a thriving business in San Francisco with her best friend Steve, and she can t imagine leaving either one for three months She s certain one of the other girls from school will make a move while she s gone and claim Steve s heart before she even tells him how much he means to her.When she arrives in the town where her mother was born and adopted from the [...]

  • When I picked this book from the multi cultural summer reading list, I could NEVER see myself liking this book I wanted to read The Fattening Hut However, I didn t have access to it I m glad I didn t though This book changed me I think It has a really good theme I finished this book like five seconds ago, and it took a while for me to get into But once you finish it, you are so happy and proud I m SO glad I read this book A 15 year old girl I think named Jasmine Gardner, is going to India over t [...]

  • I met Mitali Perkins online via Twitter One day she tweeted her frustration over getting her books into libraries Curious, I went online to my library s catalog and saw that they had multiple copies of all but her newest book They all sounded good so I asked her which book I should read first She suggested Monsoon Summer.Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins is about a family of four going to India for the summer monsoon season It s told from the first person point of view of fifteen year old Jasmine [...]

  • Jazz Gardener s mom was raised in an orphanage in India until she was adopted by Americans Now, she has gotten a grant to go back to India and help out the orphanage where she grew up, and she s taking her family with her.Jazz is less than thrilled For one thing, she hasn t inherited her mother s do gooder genes, and for the other, she is dreading leaving behind her best friend and unrequited crush Steve She s afraid to tell him how she really feels, and even terrified that while she s gone ano [...]

  • The plot is simple and predictable, but I found the main character, Jazz, lovable enough to keep rooting for her to figure out what I had known she would be doing from about page 10 I appreciated the positive relationship that Jazz had with her parents and her little brother it was a nice change from a lot of other novels with teenage main characters that are filled with you don t understand me angst I also liked that, even though there is a romance, the romance does not take center stage It s n [...]

  • Perkins is an outstanding author, with an ability to introduce the Indian world to YA readers in a beautiful positive light Jasmine Jazz is a bi racial Indian American whose mother is a shining star in the world of hands on philanthropy While her brother Eric, the bug expert, resembles their Indian born mother, Jazz resembles her tall blond father At fifteen, Jazz and her best friend Steve have a prospering business in Berkeley, California but Jazz realizes she is starting to feel differently ab [...]

  • I m not a huge YA chick lit fan, but I really enjoyed Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins This novel is about a teenage girl from California named Jazz short for Jasmine she is half Indian and her summer vacation at an orphanage in India Jazz s mother was adopted at a very young age from the orphanage by American parents and wants to go back to find out about her roots Jazz is initially reluctant to travel to India because she has to leave behind her best friend crush Steve, but she eventually com [...]

  • Jazz Gardner is the oldest daughter from an American adopted Indian born mother and a white bread dad Her mother is a social activist in Berkley and decides to head back to the orphanage in India where she was abandoned to open a health clinic and take the whole family for the summer Jazz is wary of social activism which was the only odd sticking point for me do goodness of her mother, and instead is a young entrepreneur She is also in love Obviously things change while they are in India for the [...]

  • This was a fun story to read It is about a family from Berkeley, California, who goes to Pune, India for the summer The mother was adopted from a Catholic orphanage there and has been awarded a grant to set up a maternal health clinic at that same orphanage She takes along her American husband and two children Jasmine Carol Gardner, her teenage daughter, is the main character of the story She s struggling with being away from her business partner and best friend, Steve, for the summer She is als [...]

  • I wasn t so sure I d like this book when I first started to read it story about a typical insecure 15 year old girl Jazz short for Jasmine lives in Berkley, California with her parents and younger brother She gets good grades in school, a star shot putter on the track team, runs a successful business with her best friend a guy she is potentially in love with, lives with both her parents and her younger brother, etc But she doesn t really see all this because she s so insecure Then her family tra [...]

  • Jasmine, or Jazz, is a teenager from Berkeley who is in love with her friend and business partner, Steve She and Steve have been friends for years, and she s afraid to tell him how she feels When her family goes to India for the summer so her mother can open a women s health clinic at the orphanage where she grew up, Jazz meets a girl named Danita and finds out that she has a bigger heart than she thought.I was hesitant about this book at first, because I didn t lie the constantly self deprecati [...]

  • When I first started reading this book, I didn t get into it that much It started out kind of slow and it took me about 100 pages or so to really get into it However, once I did get into it I ended up loving it I couldn t hardly put it down after I got involved in the story My only issue was that I wanted it to go on just a little longer There were a lot of really good things that happened at the end of the story, and I wanted there to be like one chapter or something explaining like what happe [...]

  • I loved this book so much It was lightly touching and sad but happy at the same time A girl who dreaded her trip to Inida, acctually loved it It was an amazing story I had already read The Not so Star Spangeled life of Sunita Sen, which was aslso by Mitali Perkins Therefore, I did have some expectations of this book Turned out, I loved it I was a little disappointed when we came near the end, but only slightly dissapointed I thought that Jazz s leave would be emotional and I wanted the book to [...]

  • Fifteen year old Jasmine Jazz Gardner reluctanly goes with her family to India during the monsoon season The plan is for the family to volunteer at the orphanage where Jazz s mother was cared for years ago Jazz would rather stay in Berkeley, California with her business partner and secret love,Steve Jazz gradually volunteers and even helps Danita, the family s young Indian cook, with a business plan so that Danita does not have to enter a marriage of convenience By the book s end, India has work [...]

  • I picked up this book thinking that it was going to be a book about an Indian American girl named Jasmine Gardner who goes with her parents and little brother to India over the summer, during monsoon season, to volunteer in an orphanage which is what the back of the book said Instead, it ended up being about how she missed her friend, Steve, who she was actually in love with I was really expecting this to be an awesome book, but it was very disappointing The romance definitely got in the way of [...]

  • A cute and predictable YA novel Girls will enjoy it for the sweet love story at the center of the plot An Indian American girl goes to India with her family to visit the orphanage her mother was adopted from They do service work there Jazz, the protagonist, learns to see herself as others do, a lovely and accomplished young lady She also learns to be open to doing for others Meanwhile, she learns her best friend actually really likes herblah, blah, blah Innocent stuff and, again, cute Not great. [...]

  • This was an outstanding book Jazz and her family spend the summer in India Her mother wants to return and help out at the orphanage she onced lived in Jazz, a fourteen year old girl along with her younger brother and father are reluctant to go However, they are pleasantly surprised Jazz not only learned a great deal about the Indian culture, but she also did a lot of growing up Her dad experienced the great reward that comes from helping others with his computer help at the orphanage while her b [...]

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