↠ Rage ä Wilbur Smith - Rage, Rage In the second half of the twentieth century the future bears down on Africa fueled by the sins of the past and the blood feuds of nations tribes and families For the Courtney family who have known ↠ Rage ä Wilbur Smith - Rage, Rage In the second half of the twentieth century the future bears down on Africa fueled by the sins of the past and the blood feuds of nations tribes and families For the Courtney family who have known

  • Title: Rage
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9780312940829
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Rage ä Wilbur Smith, Rage, Wilbur Smith, Rage In the second half of the twentieth century the future bears down on Africa fueled by the sins of the past and the blood feuds of nations tribes and families For the Courtney family who have known this continent from the depths of its gold mines to the pinnacle of political power a time of reckoning is at hand Shasa Courtney has lived fought and loved amongst AfriIn the second half of t ↠ Rage ä Wilbur Smith - Rage, Rage In the second half of the twentieth century the future bears down on Africa fueled by the sins of the past and the blood feuds of nations tribes and families For the Courtney family who have known

  • ↠ Rage ä Wilbur Smith
    204 Wilbur Smith

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    Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon His other books include Those in Peril, River God, Warlock, The Seventh Scroll, and The Sunbird His books are now translated into twenty six languages and have sold over 120 million copies Smith was born to a British family in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, in Central Africa, and attended Rhodes University in South Africa He has homes in Cape Town, London, Switzerland and Malta.

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  • Wilbur Smith has been turning out novels since the 1960 s He has lived in most of the southern nations of Africa and experienced many of the turbulent times that he has written about Though he sometimes uses cliches ranging from broad shouldered heroes to sophisticated, intelligent, and evil villains his novels deliver one to Africa Rage begins in the late 40 s and concludes in the sixties with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa reaching violent levels The other books in this generat [...]

  • In the best of the Courtney series novels to date, Smith weaves tales of South Africa, using his explosive cast of characters With the Second Word War in the recent past, South Africa moves into a new era, both of politics and racial clashes Half brothers Shasa Courtney and Manfred De La Rey both hold seats in Parliament, but sit on opposing sides The National Party has succeeded at the polls and holds a firm grip on power, seeking to legislate their permanent rule of the country, in which blac [...]

  • Both sides of Apartheid presented Well developed characters Plenty of interesting information and action to make this a long book, which is just what I wanted a good meaty read.

  • This is my first Wilbur Smith novel having grown up with them gracing the shelves my dad is a big fan without getting around to reading them myself good things the parents had a clear out and I was greatly impressed I wasn t sure about it at first as I didn t realise when the book was set I m missing the dust jacket so the traditional nature of the roles the men and women were playing was a little off putting Then the timing dawned on me and it began to fit together properly From then on I was s [...]

  • I am a great fan of Wilbur Smith, his stories are epic and you can t help but be swept away I liked Rage, its interesting to reflect on our situation today and the time in which this novel was written I d love to see an follow up book from the author set against the backdrop of the current situation in South Africa One thing about the book bothered me and that is the affair between Isabella Courtney and Lothar de la Rey aren t they related Of course they did not know, but both Centaine Courtney [...]

  • I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 This is a classic Wilbur Smith book and I enjoyed it very much I enjoyed it than the 3 stars would indicate The story always moves at a fast pace, the plot lines are always interesting and not always what you think, and he does a great job of making the reader feel like they are a part of South Africa and the culture The part of this book that I had a really hard time with is Smith s portrayal of women All of his books have sex scenes, but in this book, it [...]

  • This book was an enjoyable read but the ending was really sort of rushed in my opinion The book tells a few different stories, all linked to one another in some way, and all the stories links through the struggle during apartheid in South Africa.We follow the Courtney s, who the book is all about, through their business ventures and the political adventure We follow the De La Rey s and Manfreds political rise.We follow the black struggle and their leader Moses Gama A few of the big names in Afri [...]

  • I really liked this book There are so many stories going at once it can get a bit difficult to keep track of things, but it all ties together in the end.

  • Wilbur Smith deftly navigates the worlds of South Africa in Rage, although his worldview as a white English heritage South African shows He gives a sweeping account of modern South African history, but I always feel pessimistic after reading one of his books admittedly, this is only the second of his books I ve read His characters, while flawed, are rarely sympathetic Everyone has an ulterior motive and can only be expected to act selfishly Characters are either despicable or stupid For this rea [...]

  • Another good book by Wilbur I thought this book had the most political content out of all the ones I ve read so far No, it was not boring, so don t let that deter you from reading it if politics aren t your thing It was still a nice book It covered a long period of time, and included several generations.

  • Very good continuation of the Courtney saga This author continues to keep me interested and entertained while also learning a bit.

  • I am a huge fan of author Wilbur Smith, his many historical fiction books, most of them about the continent of Africa, are very well written and enlightening.This particular book, part of his Courtney series, is a masterly epic of love, hatred and revenge, as the long enmity between two brothers explodes as South Africa herself is swept by the fires of racial hatred and apartheid Both men must confront the ugly reality of apartheid and their country s growing isolation in a cynical and hostile w [...]

  • Great The continuing Saga of the Courtneys and history of South Africa This one follows in chronology The Power of the Sword Faster paced it tells the story of social and political upheaval during the Fifties and early Sixties and mirrors the racial and political conflicts occurring in the US at that same time On one side are the millions of blacks and the young lions that emerge as leaders, including Nelson Mandela and radical types intent on destruction of the system through terrorism and inf [...]

  • This book was amazing There were some sexual encounters that were a little explicit, but they defined the character in this way, so if you are sensitive to this you will want to glance over it This isn t a romance novel The title is perfect for this book The book is set during a time of turmoil in South Africa, when apartheid is taking it s toll on those that are being controlled and that are trying to take control It shows the many faces of those affected by this policy, and the rage burns on a [...]

  • How do you rate an author like Wilbur Smith I loved The Seventh Scroll, quite liked River God and enjoyed Rage Do you rate according to how much you enjoy the book or how well it is written Wilbur Smith is an amazing writer and would always earn five stars on that basis However, I think most people rate according to enjoyment so I have given Rage four stars.This is a long book, with many different characters, set in South Africa during the apartheid Mandela years It took me a long while to get i [...]

  • I did enjoy reading this, but not us much as soom of the earlier books in the series I think it was because it was set so firmly amongst real events and real people, so always in the back of your mind you had to remind yourself that this is a fictional account of what really happened I prefer to loose myself completly in the story Still, it was a good adventure and Shasa finally finding out about his brother was a good end to it I have the next one in the series ready to go and will get round to [...]

  • 4 5 stars A good, nay, a great Courtney story, but Smith seems to have forgotten one thing a character that is actually likeable It s sad to see a group of Courtneys so selfish, corrupted and mean spirited Only one has any apparent moral compass, and he doesn t emerge as a main character until well after page 400 What happened to the halcyon days of Hal Courtney, Tom Courtney, General Sean Courtney This modern family has none of that nobility or friendly charm Maybe it s intentional, to reflect [...]

  • Smith writes with such grandeur He captures the immensity of the continent, and the complexity of its problems.It s history, it s vast riches and the people who exploit them and profit from them.He follows the saga of the Courtney family in this book and the policy of Apartheid Movements to overthrow this distasteful govt law are squelched by the Afrikaners who rule with a ruthless hand.Intense, is the only way to describe it overall.Bar none, Smith is one of the best authors I have ever read.

  • Historical fictionSmith continues his chronicle of the Courtney family It has now reached the time of Mandela and the rise of the ANC Wait, all our dark servants are not thrilled to be working for us and not being able to vote and own land How can this be happening to their white privilege I did not like the Communist focus on the black radicals and that the only reason they would revolt would be against the ruling class What about everything else Too bad all these pesky Zulus etc got in the way [...]

  • Another great adventure story I love the way he mixes fact with fiction Growing up in this part of the world the political leaders he weaves his stories around are very real to me and as a result make the stories all the enjoyable I read this book about 20 years ago and didn t realise it was part of a chronicle Although his books do stand on their own as a story, I have really enjoyed following the characters through the years and on to the next generations.

  • The Courtney family continues to prosper in South Africa even though the times become very perilous Apartheid is in full bloom and the people react to the injustices of the government Shasa Courtney s family pays a heavy price for their views and Manfred De La Rey comes to the fore of the government Secrets in the Courtney family start to emerge and Centaine Courtney is heavily involved Another thrilling story by Wilbur Smith

  • Absolutely superb Wilbur Smith at the zenith of his writing This is 900 odd pages of non stop action at a time in South Africa s history that was probably its most turbulent All the characters are believable and interesting and the story line was really good On a book this size, sometimes the hardest part is how well the authors manages to round things out All of the early books of Wilbur Smith on Africa have been a five star read for me.

  • These take the Courtney family into Africa I was interesting historical fiction and brought out the safari in me The Africa series was a fun transition from the high sea s Basically, the Courtney family is bad ass and they all have the genetic disposition to be a true hero except for the occasional evil half brother who is still usually bad ass.

  • Wilbur Smith is one of the best writers of epic historical fiction, in my humble opinion This novel is one of a series, and the characters are depicted against the backdrop of the South Africa of the 1950 s and 1960 s Smith is sometimes over the top, but he is still one of the world s greatest storytellers.

  • The concluding part in the massive second trilogy in the story about the Courtneys of Africa This takes place in the second half of the 1900 s Very dramatic and absorbing, I do think the storytelling is a bit simplistic Would not read it today but was very happy to in my teens but i wouldn t despair if I got stuck someplace with these as my only company either.

  • Hello peeps just recently strarted reading wilbur smith and this book was wonderful it had me sitting there thinking why what how who and when I have to say that Tara was extremly stupid to believe moses an her would live happily ever after.It was a great read and I really whould like to thank Wilbur smith and advise anyone else to read it as well.

  • This book fully develops the many characters so they leap out in your mind and you can picture them clearly It also brings both sides of apartheid into sharp focus There are many twists and sub plots in the book and even steamy romances and trysts I little bit of something for most adult readers but not a book for young readers.

  • Wow Is all I can say about this book I had to stop at some historical parts and read it to my husband Long, but a very well written book that held true to the circumstances of Apartheid It was great to read about real life historical figures like Mandela, et al, and their involvement in fighting for justice, equality, fairness and humanity Amazing book

  • Interesting story, very political This is not one of my favorite Courtney books I found the characters dull, the focus seemed to be on what was going on around them instead of focusing on themselves.

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