Magic Calls

Magic Calls Best Download || [Miriam Greystone] - Magic Calls, Magic Calls A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of it Molly doesn t know there s anything unusual about her voice she only knows that performing wi Magic Calls Best Download || [Miriam Greystone] - Magic Calls, Magic Calls A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of it Molly doesn t know there s anything unusual about her voice she only knows that performing wi

  • Title: Magic Calls
  • Author: Miriam Greystone
  • ISBN: 9780999780800
  • Page: 197
  • Format: ebook
Magic Calls

Magic Calls Best Download || [Miriam Greystone], Magic Calls, Miriam Greystone, Magic Calls A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of it Molly doesn t know there s anything unusual about her voice she only knows that performing with her band makes her happier than anything else in the world But everything changes on the night that Molly does than just entertain her audience she accidentallyA war is brewing beneath Magic Calls Best Download || [Miriam Greystone] - Magic Calls, Magic Calls A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of it Molly doesn t know there s anything unusual about her voice she only knows that performing wi

  • Magic Calls Best Download || [Miriam Greystone]
    197Miriam Greystone
Magic Calls

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    I write urban fantasy stories filled with magic, romance and the occasional centaur I generally fuel my creativity with an insatiable appetite for reading and frequent episodes of Doctor Who And lots and lots of Diet Coke My love for language is expressed, both in my writing, and in my day job as a sign language interpreter I live just outside of Washington DC with my husband, my kids, and my badly behaved Australian Shepard.I love to connect with fans, and you can join my Fb group right here miriamgreystone FBreadFor early access to my novels and fun giveaways, join my newsletter at miriamgreystone connecI can t wait to connect with you

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  • This book was awesome I can t wait to read in this series This is my first book by this author and I think she has caught me in her web The characters were great in this book and the world was exciting and fresh new ideas The twists in the story line were great I loved it what can I say This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

  • Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone is the first book in her Echoes series This is not my first book by this author but it is my favorite of hers yet It is fast reading and once I started it, I couldn t put it down Her writing style is such that it pulled me right into the story and kept me engaged until the last page Her characters are both lovable and connectable for the most part, there are a few less desirable This story will take you on a few twists and turns that will leave you s [...]

  • I was given this book from the author for a honest reviewrst and foremost this book was interesting and sucked me in right off the bat by the end of the first chapter I was invested in Molly and couldn t wait to see what this book was all about and how she and her situation would fit in The fight scenes I found were very detailed and I could imagine it perfectly just like a movie played as I read this book the concept of sirens is not a new one but Miriam Greystone has brought new breathe into t [...]

  • I give Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone, 5 stars.I have read many urban fantasy books but this one is like nothing I have read before The pasts of the main characters are quite dark, but at the same time believable They went through hell and it shows But this has just made them stronger The story itself is very well written I couldn t put the book down until I was finished Molly is such a wonderful main character, too She is tough, but she has her own set of morals and sticks to the [...]

  • Magic CallsWow What a great book this was I was hooked from page one and it left me with a book hangover , unable to pick up another book for at least 24 hours The characterisation was fantastic and the story line was awesome It was a real feast for fans of YA literature or supernatural fiction The character pairings were unusual but fascinating Molly and Jake were not your average fictional heroes she running from a troubled past, he a heroin addict, not interested in recovery I also liked the [...]

  • Hands down the best book I ve read by Miriam Greystone Her imagination seems to get bigger with every book she writes This book was just perfect It didn t let you focus on just one person It gave you several main characters and all their issues This author wrote this book so well I didn t trip over each character They re written so well and the fantasy of it all is so believable Awesome work Cliffhangers and twisty parts to this book makes you want the next piece of their stories.

  • Great readI give it 5 stars Another different take on the sirens Fast paced and action packed I love a good strong lady lead But she is also vulnerable and loving and definitely has a soft side too Can t wait to see what happens with Evie and Bea too Will be reading the next book soon

  • Magic Calls is Book 1 in the Echoes Series from Miriam Greystone This is my second book I have read by Miriam Greystone and she continues to get better, she had incredible imagination especially when it comes to her writing fantasy reads that I have read from her Miriam Greystones writing continues to totally captivates the reader The imagery that the story portrays in your mind is enchanting, and is a page turner from start to finish, and I absolutely love this perspective of the fantasy world [...]

  • Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone5 StarsOh my gosh my head hurts and that s because this book was so full of action and happenings that I could not read it fast enough Never a dull moment in this entire story Although not my normal chosen genre I can not say enough good things about this story Told from a few different POV s, it kind of felt like little mini cliffhangers all the way through I don t even know where to begin trying to review this, the action starts on page one and does [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam Greystone is book 1 of the Echoes series This book takes place in Washington D.C with the main character Molly The story opens with Molly and her band performing in a bar Molly loves singing and performing with her band, it makes her feel so happy and free Nothing in the world makes her happy than performing with her band Molly does not realize that something is unusual about her voice It seems that Molly is not just signing for her audience, she is putting them in trance [...]

  • 5 StarsMagic Calls is the first book in the Echoes Series by Miriam Greystone This is the second book of Ms Greystone s that I have read, and while I really enjoyed her first book debut novel Truthsight, this story Magic Calls is just amazing I loved every single word It is a superb fantasy, full of sirens, Echoes, hunters, action, suspense, danger and so, so much This is an original take on a Siren story, a real page turner that will keep you riveted to the pages and unable to put the book dow [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam Greystone, is the first book in the Echoes series The book centres on the main character Molly and how she handles a new world of Watchers, Legacies and Echoes With a book focusing on Sirens, I was than keen to dive into the world of an urban fantasy focusing on mermaids But boy oh boy was I wrong, turns out sirens aren t mermaids, but are half human, half bird hybrids and somewhere along the course of history the two were combined Greystone focuses on the true myth of Sir [...]

  • a brilliant read about not giving up no matter what comes your way Molly is a singer in a band ater turning her life around from a dark past One day, she sigs from the heart in her sorrow, she accidently enchants a whole pub of people discovering she has strange powers, she has to run for her life until a group of magical people find her they recruit her into their secret society and she learns of her heritage as a Siren until enemies arise when dangers threaten their lives, will they make it ou [...]

  • Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone was an original take on an rarely used paranormal group First off I need to tell you how much I am in love with the cover, I normally don t comment, but this time I just need to give props to the cover artist Now as for the over all story, I was captured right from the start I loved the split POV and how they happened right as it was getting good it was like mini cliffhangers through out It really got your blood pumping and kept your attention The pl [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam Greystone is the first book in the Echoes Series and the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by this talented author In this story we meet Molly, a young lady who wants nothing than to sing with her band One night while doing just this something strange happens to her audience, they appear to be in a trance Since she has no idea what is going on she does what comes easy, Molly runs What Molly doesn t realize is that she may be running into danger than what she j [...]

  • Magic Calls is the first book in Miriam Greystone s Echoes series It tells the story of Molly, a singer whose voice can truly cast a spell over an audience She begins the book unaware that she is than just a good singer, but soon is running for her life and teaming up with others with similar abilities.As a musician and a fantasy lover, I was drawn to this book and it did not disappoint It s a well developed fantasy system with a basis in mythology and a modern setting The narration is over the [...]

  • Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 By Miriam Greystone Stars Magic Calls is book one in the Echoes Series by Miriam Greystone It s a great fantasy read, with all the elements you enjoy It s a YA book, but no matter your age you ll like it This is my first book by this author, and it won t be my last Her creative writing style,pulls you in right away Trust me, once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down This story is about Molly, who is the lead vocalist in her band But she seems [...]

  • Magic Calls By Miriam GreystoneMagic Calls is the first book in the Echoes series, its also the third book I have read by Marian and once again I have not been disappointed I don t normally get hooked on a book before the first couple of chapters, but this book was the exception Magic Calls centres around a young lady by the name of Molly Who for the most part is a singer in a band, that is until the night magic comes calling Suddenly her life is entwined between two worlds that of the paranorma [...]

  • Magic Calls is the first book in the Echoes series by Miriam Greystone It is a cliffhanger It leaves off in a place where you want to read the next book to find out what happens, but not in a place that is frustrating and makes you want to throw your Kindle across the room, lol.I like the fact that the story is about Sirens, it makes it stand out a little bit from the common themes, like vampires and werecreatures shifters I also enjoyed the way the characters are written, you can connect with [...]

  • Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone is the first in the Echoes series and what a way to start out This story centers on Molly She has a past that she would rather leave in the past and is the lead singer in a band that is the best part of her life What she doesn t know is that she is apparently a descendant of the Sirens and has inherited some unique powers because of it, powers that a mysterious group of powerful people feel threated by Thrust into a world hiding behind the ordinary o [...]

  • This fantasy science fiction novel is the first story I have read by Miriam Greystone Magic Calls it the first book of the Echoes series First off, I really liked that this author chose a real and known location to set the stage on for this story Washington, DC Adding in the fantasy aspects, which are finely written and detailed, the author adds additional layers to the story to create an elaborate, but believable story that is not far fetched in the imagination The level of detailed and depth t [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book The story is fantastic With lots of twists it doesn t follow a predictable pattern, which kept me gasping in surprise at the unexpected The auther also does a fantastic job at description and story pacing.While I normally prefer stories that focus on a single character s story because I find I get really invested in one character and less so in the others , I really enjoyed how chapters switched between different characters here It works so well because the author gi [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam Greystone is the first book in her new series, Echoes, and what a great opener for a series While most paranormal books nowadays focus on vampires, witches or demons Greystone brings a new facet to the game that isn t readily available elsewhere Sirens Something else that really grabbed me about this book was how flawed her characters were, this made them so real and approachable as a reader, allowing us to relate to the characters on a whole different level Magic Calls fol [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam Greystone4 Stars I m so happy I read this book Miriam Greystone never disappoints This is the second book that I have read from her, the first one being Truthsight This author has the capability to create worlds and stories that pull you in Her characters are relatable and strong yet still flawed They still fear and need help sometimes They are supernatural yet human In Magic Calls, the action starts right away Molly is what they call an Echo She s a descendant of the Siren [...]

  • Magic Calls is book one in the Echo series by Miriam Greystone An intriguing fantasy story of how one girls life changed out of the blue.Molly loves to sing There is nothing she would rather be doing than stood on stage, band behind her, singing to a captive audience But what happens when a captive audience becomes something a bit sinister.Without realising her power Molly finds her voice entrances the crowd, catapulting her into the middle of a life she knew nothing about Suddenly in he centre [...]

  • Magic Calls in the first book in the Echoes series my Miriam Greystone This is my first book by this author.Molly is singer who love singing with her band It is only time she feels happy and free But this time she notices something different, the crowd is under her spell Before a riot can break out, she runs and is meet with a group of people who inform her that she is half human, half siren She also learns that another group who doesn t believe that half Siren should have the gift, want to kill [...]

  • I didn t particularly enjoy Magic Calls The Echoes Book 1 While definitely not the worst book I ve ever read, it was very boring and arduous to read A couple of the characters were interesting, but the plot failed to catch my attention As I had received this book in exchange for a review, I had to force myself to finish it I fear, it s likely I would have DNF ed this book if I had purchased it for myself.All that being said, I find that for me Urban Fantasy is very hit and miss When I read a UF [...]

  • Magic Calls by Miriam GreystoneI would like to start out by saying that I am a fan of the fantasy, supernatural, and paranormal books I have had the pleasure to read Ms Greystone s artwork in Magic Calls She is an amazing author that really understands the meaning of visual association She paints vivid pictures that you are only limited to your own imagination I cannot wait to read from this author.We follow Molly who is running away from her past She finds herself in Washington DC She is obliv [...]

  • Magic Calls is the first book in the Echoes series by Miriam Greystone and the first book I have read by this author and I am impressed Magic Calls is very well written and shows Miriam s creativity and imagination, in this paranormal fantasy You are taken on a journey with mythical creatures and their will to live with the on coming war see you wanting to stand beside them Molly loves to sing, singing is her life, it takes away all the pain and fills her with joy But now she has just found out [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book, such an amazing read The plot itself was so good, it wasn t too complex to understand but the depth of development of the characters and the amazing use of description throughout made it so intricate and detailed I liked how many different characters there were, how they all connected, how they were all so different and had all gone through so much It was so easy to sympathize with them because their backgrounds were so realistic and so moving that it was impossible [...]

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