Chiedi perdono

[PDF] Unlimited È Chiedi perdono : by Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato - Chiedi perdono, Chiedi perdono Un isola livida e crudele della Nuova Scozia sul finire dell Ottocento un giovane accordatore di pianoforti una tredicenne libanese I due si amano e per sposarsi non esitano a fuggire La loro passi [PDF] Unlimited È Chiedi perdono : by Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato - Chiedi perdono, Chiedi perdono Un isola livida e crudele della Nuova Scozia sul finire dell Ottocento un giovane accordatore di pianoforti una tredicenne libanese I due si amano e per sposarsi non esitano a fuggire La loro passi

  • Title: Chiedi perdono
  • Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato
  • ISBN: 9788845914959
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
Chiedi perdono

[PDF] Unlimited È Chiedi perdono : by Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato, Chiedi perdono, Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato, Chiedi perdono Un isola livida e crudele della Nuova Scozia sul finire dell Ottocento un giovane accordatore di pianoforti una tredicenne libanese I due si amano e per sposarsi non esitano a fuggire La loro passione sar breve e bruciante immani le conseguenze sulle loro figlie si abbatter un destino di colpe indicibili e occulte menzogne che finir per distruggerle Con ipnoticaUn isola livida e [PDF] Unlimited È Chiedi perdono : by Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato - Chiedi perdono, Chiedi perdono Un isola livida e crudele della Nuova Scozia sul finire dell Ottocento un giovane accordatore di pianoforti una tredicenne libanese I due si amano e per sposarsi non esitano a fuggire La loro passi

  • [PDF] Unlimited È Chiedi perdono : by Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato
    125 Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato
Chiedi perdono

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  • Ann-Marie MacDonald Giovanna Granato

    Ann Marie MacDonald is a Canadian playwright, novelist, actor and broadcast journalist who lives in Toronto, Ontario The daughter of a member of Canada s military, she was born at an air force base near Baden Baden, West Germany.MacDonald won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for her first novel, Fall on Your Knees, which was also named to Oprah Winfrey s Book Club.She received the Governor General s Award for Literary Merit, the Floyd S Chalmers Canadian Play Award and the Canadian Author s Association Award for her play, Goodnight Desdemona Good Morning Juliet.She also appeared in the films I ve Heard the Mermaids Singing and Better Than Chocolate, among others.Her 2003 novel, The Way the Crow Flies, was partly inspired by the Steven Truscott case.She also hosted the CBC Documentary series Life and Times from 1996 to 2007.Facebook facebook AnnMarieMacD

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  • OMG, I hated this book It was painful to read I spent a good 3 hours trying to read this book and ended up skimming the rest of it so I could be done with it MacDonald covers just about every topic in her book racial tension, isolation, domestic abuse, and forbidden love, which leads to incest, death, and even murder, but does it in a very complicated way that will turn many readers away I consider myself a strong reader one who has fantastic reading comprehension but this book tests even the st [...]

  • This book reminded me of a grown up VC Andrews, except you can read it on the subway without feeling like a pervy 12 year old Very Gothic at times and the crazy family drama had me reading non stop, despite all the main characters being unlikeable assholes in one way or another One thing that bugged me was that some of the writing didn t seem historically accurate Did people in the 1920s really say barf Maybe they did, I don t know Regardless, I couldn t put this down and I blew through it in a [...]

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  • An amazingly harsh view of the hardships of life.This book is most definitely one of my favorites It is absolutely amazing It s scandalous, it s real, it s intriguing, it s just plain good MacDonald s writing style creates an interactive world that pulls you in to first person view of the characters lives The story follows the Piper family, a unique little set up of father and four daughters Mr Piper s wife has passed, leaving him to fend for himself in a home bursting to the seams with the dram [...]

  • Lily stays sitting Frances What if Ambrose is the Devil He s not the Devil I know who the Devil is and it isn t Ambrose Who s the Devil Frances crouches down as if she were talking to Trixie That s something I ll never tell you, Lily, no matter how old you get to be, because the Devil is shy It makes him angry when someone recognizes him, so once they do the Devil gets after them And I don t want the Devil to get after you Is the Devil after you Yes This is Ann Marie MacDonald s debut novel I ne [...]

  • Actually, I give this sort of a three b c the author s style was oddly skillful, as a story though, it left a bitter taste in my mouth Parts of the books were intriguing, other parts disturbing but given the subject matter I see no way around that and yet, I can t quite get past it either.Frankly I m just really conflicted The writing style was definitely interesting Choppy, metaphoric, sensational the author was very effective in putting me inside the characters heads I admire her ability, but [...]

  • I discovered Ann Marie MacDonald by accident, when I bought The Way the Crow Flies in a used bookstore during a biblioemergency She hooked me instantly with her ability to get inside childhood, and her searingly real portraits of life in the 1960s, with the bonus of superb storytelling acumen and writing that is a pleasure to read I read Fall on Your Knee second and had that wonderful enjoyment of a second shot of a writer who you liked so much the first time you didn t think you could have that [...]

  • Okay this is the second Oprah s Book Club book that I ve read and, like DROWNING RUTH Christina Schwartz , I disliked the story due to the disturbingly depressing plot In DROWNING RUTH, the whole idea of a mentally ill and controlling aunt Amanda ruining the life of her little niece Ruth after the girl s mother Mathilda mysteriously fell through the ice and drowned one cold winter eve was merely depressing in FALL ON YOUR KNEES, however,the pervading theme of incest was than distressing, it was [...]

  • This book left me wanting to slash my wrists especially when I think about the time I spent reading it that I can never get back Many people loved this book I am not one of them The characters are shallow,self involved and just plain crazy and while I realize that this is just like the people you meet in your everyday I life, it doesn t necessarily mean I want to read about them unless they are delivered in a well written story that makes them shine a little This is not that kind of story.Readin [...]

  • there are 17,636 ratings and 1,500 reviews of this book if you want to see them all you have to scroll through eight hundred sixteen pages i just noticed because i wanted to see if anyone else found this novel picaresque no one did in the first three pages if someone could search the other 813 and report to me, i d be grateful so, i found this novel picaresque, or at least somewhat picaresque it seems clearly picaresque to me when frances is in the narrative i don t have a tremendous passion for [...]

  • MacDonald the Canadian actress and playwrite has truely shown the depth and beauty of her talent in her debut novel, Fall on Your Knees Her words flow with ease, allowing the story to unfold as though real and not on a page The historical detail, layers of generations and depth of the characters draw you in as you live their lives with them.Fall on Your Knees is a story of a family from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia It is centered around four sisters and their relationships with each other and with t [...]

  • This is a novel set in a coal mining community in Canada and spans from before World War I, through the roaring 20s, and the great depression, as it follows the story of the Piper family It follows the characters of James Piper as he marries his child bride Materia, who comes from a conservative Catholic Lebonese family, and due to the scandal of their marriage, is disinherited They start to have children, and then everything starts to get twisted It appears that Mr Piper has way too much of a l [...]

  • A novel full of dark secrets, revealed gradually over the course of its immense length I had this book on my shelf for over three years before attempting to read it, wondering how the author would sustain my interest over its 560 plus pages And, once making the bold attempt to finally pick up the book, I had difficulty putting it down at times.The novel is visual, reminiscent of a screenplay MacDonald uses a variety of techniques to hook the reader the rapid mixing of tenses and point of view, a [...]

  • I read this book because my partner and I have an agreement We both love wildly different styles of books, so we each choose one of our favourites and make the other person read it This was her choice I made her read A game of thrones in case you re wondering.I hated this book for it s subject matter and content The damn thing ended just when it started getting interesting and glossed over anything that was actually worth finding out about roughly the last third was fantastic, but she skipped o [...]

  • I kept picking it up and putting it down in frustration I know so many people loved it, but when I saw it come up on Oprah s book list I just wanted to die So much was happening, but being written about in the most boring way possible It didn t hold my interest, which is rare since as a Canadian I was brought up on the typical Canadian novel diet It amazes me how so many Canadian writers can write books where lots of big important things happen, yet do it in a way that just makes them so b.o.r.i [...]

  • One of those cases that I wonder if I read a different book than everyone else I m not going to give this book any of my time by writing a detailed review The only reason I m giving it two stars is because I did actually finish it and the beginning was interesting Then it just dragged on and on until my eyes glazed over Nope.

  • Tanto alla fine muoiono tutti E non lo faccio io lo spoiler ma bens l autrice stessa nell incipit del romanzo Ormai sono morti tutti Da qui si deduce che faremo opera di ricostruzione, ma a chi non piacciono le ricostruzioni A chi non piacciono i dettagli, mi potrebbe essere risposto, che pure vi gente che non li gradisce, al che mi viene da pensare per che chi non apprezza i dettagli possa essere solo una persona enormemente superficiale una di quelle che urlano e non sanno ascoltare.C pi della [...]

  • Ormai sono morti tutti Resistete ad una frase del genere Credo che il titolo originale sia molto pi evocativo e crudele Fall on your knees Ma non c problema, perch il libro abbastanza evocativo e crudele di per s Sfido chiunque a leggere questo libro e non venire assalito da una valanga di sentimenti contrastanti piet , odio, a, tenerezza, disperazione, impotenza.E un libro crudo e doloroso, eppure in grado di tenerti l incollato alle pagine, con un desiderio quasi perverso di andare avanti e sc [...]

  • Where do I even start with this one This is heavy, heavy stuff, full to the brim with family secrets And some of these are some pretty hardcore secrets When asked by a co worker what I was reading lately, I barely knew what to say Well, this book about a family, and their gross father, and there s a lot of incest But while there is definitely a very strong undercurrent of incesty feelings and behavior running through the entire novel, there is much to it.It s hard to give a high level summary o [...]

  • I loved this book It was beautiful, witty, poignant, sad and educational.James was a sick,sick man Families can really have so many dark secrets.

  • I cannot recommend this book I actually threw it away after finishing it.This tells you a few things 1 The writing was so good and compelling and addicting it made it difficult for me to stop reading, despite my issues with it 2 I didn t want anyone else to read it, so I didn t give it away or sell it How s that for hypocritical and childish There were some sexual images, specifically incest, that I could not shake from my brain for several days I kept replaying the scenes over and over and over [...]

  • This five star rating is the one I gave Ann Marie MacDonald s powerhouse first novel the first time around, but I confess I was remembering and rating it at a great distance I m going to think on my second rating a bit , but I can tell you that this was a very different read this time I don t know that I liked it as much although I recognize the mastery of its writing and characterization, and the amazing imagination behind the story And I love how Cape Breton it was But it was also gruelling an [...]

  • I stayed up until 3 30am last night to finish the last 60 pages of Ann Marie MacDonald s Fall on Your Knees I ll admit that I am always a bit of a night owl but even I don t stay up that late often However I just couldn t put this book down As the book wraps up it just pulls you in like passing a bad car accident You know it s going to be disturbing and hard to watch but you can t look away.Fall On Your Knees Oprah 45 The book follows the Piper family from the late 1890 s through several generat [...]

  • What to say about this devastating masterpiece It s the 2nd time I ve read it, and while it was hard to read the 1st time, I think re reading is perhaps worse, because I knew the horrible thing that was coming incest rape I don t really know how Ann Marie MacDonald writes beautifully about such dark things, telling the intergenerational story of this fucked up family The voice actor does an incredible job with the audiobook If you can stomach it, this is a masterpiece, as I said But fuck is it e [...]

  • A novel I remember reading, and having a difficult time to put down And didn t, very often, despite the 500 plus pages

  • This book is one of those books that you either love it or hate it I loved it In fact its one of my favorite books of all time Its dark and deep but beautiful The book is actually based in the town I grew up in so it was interesting to read about the town I grew up in only during the setting of the book It was wonderful to read about the church I grew up in, my grandmothers church and later, the church I married my husband in The book being set in Cape Breton was what grabbed my attention but th [...]

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