Developing the Leader Within You

↠ Developing the Leader Within You ☆ John C. Maxwell - Developing the Leader Within You, Developing the Leader Within You self help ↠ Developing the Leader Within You ☆ John C. Maxwell - Developing the Leader Within You, Developing the Leader Within You self help

  • Title: Developing the Leader Within You
  • Author: John C. Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780785270270
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
Developing the Leader Within You

↠ Developing the Leader Within You ☆ John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You, John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You self help ↠ Developing the Leader Within You ☆ John C. Maxwell - Developing the Leader Within You, Developing the Leader Within You self help

  • ↠ Developing the Leader Within You ☆ John C. Maxwell
    382John C. Maxwell
Developing the Leader Within You

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    John C Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 16 million books His organizations have trained than 2 million leaders worldwide Dr Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP and INJOY Stewardship Services Every year he speaks to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and audiences as diverse as the United States Military Academy at West Point, the National Football League, and ambassadors at the United Nations A New York Times , Wall Street Journal , and Business Week best selling author, Maxwell was named the World s Top Leadership Guru by Leadershipgurus He was also one of only 25 authors and artists named to s 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame Three of his books, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership , Developing the Leader Within You , and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader have each sold over a million copies.

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  • Position a The only influence you have comes with Title People follow you because they have to i The boss drives his workers the leader coaches them ii The boss depends on authority the leader on goodwill iii The boss says I the leader we iv The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown the leader fixes the breakdown v The boss knows how it is done the leader shows how vi The boss says Go the leader says lets go 2 Permission a This is the Relationship Level Lead by interrelationships The agenda is [...]

  • Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful 1 Leadership is developed, not discovered The truly born leader will always emerge but, to stay on top, natural leadership characteristics must be developed In working with thousands of people desirous of becoming leaders, I have discovered they all fit in one of four categories or levels of leadership The Leading LeaderThe Learned LeaderThe Latent LeaderThe Limited Leader 2 Management is the process of assuring that the p [...]

  • I was asked to read this book for work, so I trudged through it, otherwise I would have tossed it by about the halfway point.I feel like this book could be condensed into one chapter of simple tips and advice The rest of it reads like a compilation of quotes, excerpts, and illustrations especially from the Peanuts comic strip, which seems to be John Maxwell s favorite There s very little of the author s own experiences in leading people, and when he does relate a story from his experiences with [...]

  • 20 percent of your priorities will give you 80 percent of your production Efficiency is the foundation for survival Effectiveness is the foundation of success Integrity binds our person together and fosters a spirit of contentment within us It will not allow our lips to violate our hearts I believe that every right implies a responsibility every opportunity, an obligation every possession, a duty John D Rockefeller, Jr Image is what people think we are Integrity is what we really are When you lo [...]

  • Lots of great information on leadership This book was recommended to me in a job interview in a school district The interviewer said they were planning on implementing some of the information in this book to the school setting to bring about personal growth in their teachers and in the student body as a whole There are some excellent guidelines for teachers to follow and on of those is to remember that our students are human, with basic needs and desires Educators need to focus on the whole grow [...]

  • I feel great ambivalence towards this book I was swept up by the first third of it By the middle I was harboring some nagging doubts By the end I was seriously irked.Let me start out by saying that there is, in fact, a great deal of valuable content within these pages, and I don t want to throw out the baby with the bath water But it s a small baby in a big bath The problem is not that Maxwell doesn t offer useful, pragmatic insights into leadership he does It s not that he doesn t support his a [...]

  • This is actually the third time that I ve read this particular book, and I m sure that I will read it again in the future This book is a must read for anyone who is in a position to influence people in any way In my current job, my focus is to get people to see the value of the product my company sells and to effectively sell it for us This book has reminded me of some of the most basic principles of influence that I may have forgotten Because of the new context I bring to this reading of the bo [...]

  • I thought I would follow my first addition to Poisonwood Bible with a review of the book that is currently making me roll my eyes and scribble snarky comments in the margins Might as well hit both ends of the spectrum, for there is little to recommend this book Maxwell has a great command of Reader s Digest type anecdotes Unfortunately, and no matter how witty, they rarely support his argument In fact, he rarely supports his argument and, as one person I know put it, seems incapable of continuin [...]

  • This was a tough one for me to get through It s essentially 200 pages of business clich s, parables and anecdotes, peppered with helpful and useful information and heavy doses of straight up common sense.There s some interesting workbook style things to do, graphs, charts, and pretty poems I did appreciate the call outs on most of the pages to help tie it all back together, as some of the parables can start to ramble and you start to lose the core concept behind the story.I d still be likely to [...]

  • An excellent guide for self development of leadership and your staff John C Maxwell s years of leadership experience have allowed him to distill salient leadership traits and methods for development into this very straight forward and easy to follow manual A great read for leaders new and old I really appreciate his focus on the people and the leader as a servant to success His chapters on self discipline and staff development are the key to becoming a successful leader In my opinion this should [...]

  • It s been almost 20 years since I read this book, so I figured it was time to revisit this classic I did, and I was pleased to see that I had incorporated many of the ideas found within, and yet also challenged to continue to work hard at self leadership Some of the quotes that I loved from this book are Leadership is influence He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to em [...]

  • Buen libro para aprender temas de liderazgo Me gusta de Maxwell toca todos los temas alrededor de lo que se puede encontrar un l der en una organizaci n y propone formas de abordar dichos temas Sugiere ideas que son pr cticas y sus recomendaciones con ejemplos y frases de otras personas, te ayudan a interiorizar las ideas Me gust mucho y espero poder ponerlo en pr ctica.

  • What little original work is in this book, and I assure you it is very little, is elementary at best and naive, feel good, peddling of his work at worst I cannot and would not recommend this to anyone.The only reason I gave it two stars is because he at least used some valuable quotes from other people.

  • Though leadership isn t a quality I think I naturally possess, who says it can t be developed Good stuff People can t follow someone who doesn t know where they re going, and this book helps clarify what one needs to do in order to manage one s self first before taking on others.

  • A great read, especially if you are working in an organizational hierarchy, or a small business Motivational Inspiring I took lots of notes while reading I love Maxwell s use of quotes throughout this book Love this author, and will definitely read of his books

  • Great book Loads of practical material worth rereading and writing down It is easy to read, and, while I know that some people complain that he uses a lot of illustrations and cites comics quite a bit, I think that these provide tangible material to remember and hold on to.

  • Quick read Audiobook on Soundcloud is just 2.5 hours This is, surprisingly, a fantastic book Content not as corny as the title sounds Every word is like an espresso Useful in all spheres of life Will be rereading this monthly.

  • Really enjoyed this book Great book on leadership I might get this as an audiobook for annual inspiration.

  • great, easy read touching on all the key fundamentals of successful leadership Includes lots of great anecdotes and stories to support the recommendations.

  • Great Worked through this as part of a 6 month class Lots of steadfast basics but also some great unexpected points.

  • Twenty five years after it was first published, John Maxwell has significantly updated almost 90 percent this classic book, which was the first leadership book he wrote, and has since sold in excess of a million copies When he wrote it, he was still a pastor, and he thought it would be his only leadership book It is the first of his books that he recommends leaders read, and also to use to mentor others.In the book he reviews 10 critical components of authentic, personal leadership He removed tw [...]

  • Developing the Leader Within You by John C MaxwellTo the point, direct, with questions that probe, inspire introspection, and cause personal identification of strengths, weaknesses, and character I found myself highlighting good material throughout The style is inviting, while deceptively hard hitting Not necessarily a page turner in the beginning, but it picked up a solid head of steam towards the end.The book feels open ended, and expectedly so, considering the breadth of literature penned by [...]

  • John Maxwell first published Developing the Leader within You in 1992, when he was pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego He has since gone on to become a New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert The book chronicled the lessons about leadership Maxwell had learned to that point in nearly 25 years of ministry and memorably defined leadership as influence Now, in time for its 25th anniversary, Maxwell has extensively revised this volume for a new generation of leaders My goal with th [...]

  • I am a dedicated reader of John Maxwell s book I try to get my hands on as much of his material as I can So, when the opportunity to review his latest book arose, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, I was excited Plus, it was an update of a book that has had an impact on my life I could not wait.I was surprised to see how much of this book was Maxwell simply using material from other books that he has written in the last decade or so If you have read anything from Maxwell during that time peri [...]

  • I think I found this at the thrift store It will be going back soon There was lots of interesting and motivating things in here I jotted down some points, saying etc This one didn t speak to me necessarily I think there are SO many self help books out there on the same topic and they all essentially say the same thing So finding one or that really speak to me is key This wasn t one of them.I will note that I was shocked at the amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this book Not on every [...]

  • This book is so full of fabulous nuggets for growth Unfortunately, I chose to listen to this book on audio Audio would be a great option AFTER you have read its pages, used as a refresher You will want to read this book first because there is so much information that needs to be seen and highlighted to begin to comprehend it all Read this book with multiple pens in hand and possibly a journal if you keep track of useful tips As Maxwell goes through the book, he offers up point after point that b [...]

  • I think this is an important book for almost anyone to read Whether you are in a position of leadership, working your way towards one, or want nothing to do with being a leader this book is great to understand what a leader must do and ehat qualities to possess Also good insight on whether you are helping or hurting your leader I really enjoyed this book and will be coming back to it again.

  • I always love John Maxwell s books He is such an insightful teacher This is a great book on leadership A lot of good lessons for those who lead a team, those who want to lead others or even those who are parents with kids My favourite quote from the book A charismatic personality will draw people Only integrity will keep them.

  • I received a complimentary copy Review There are a then needed amount of extra words in this book The author kind of went on so than actually give and be done in making points Set in a different way this book might have produced simple and easy to follow basics in maybe of a how to setting.

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