Five Have a Wonderful Time

Ú Five Have a Wonderful Time ☆ Enid Blyton - Five Have a Wonderful Time, Five Have a Wonderful Time The Famous Five are having a brilliant time on holiday in horse drawn caravans and they ve discovered a ruined castle nearby The castle looked deserted from a distance but is that a face at the window Ú Five Have a Wonderful Time ☆ Enid Blyton - Five Have a Wonderful Time, Five Have a Wonderful Time The Famous Five are having a brilliant time on holiday in horse drawn caravans and they ve discovered a ruined castle nearby The castle looked deserted from a distance but is that a face at the window

  • Title: Five Have a Wonderful Time
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780340796252
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
Five Have a Wonderful Time

Ú Five Have a Wonderful Time ☆ Enid Blyton, Five Have a Wonderful Time, Enid Blyton, Five Have a Wonderful Time The Famous Five are having a brilliant time on holiday in horse drawn caravans and they ve discovered a ruined castle nearby The castle looked deserted from a distance but is that a face at the window Or is it a trick of the light The Famous Five just have to find out Just who is hiding in the castle About The Author Enid Blyton November Enid BThe Famous F Ú Five Have a Wonderful Time ☆ Enid Blyton - Five Have a Wonderful Time, Five Have a Wonderful Time The Famous Five are having a brilliant time on holiday in horse drawn caravans and they ve discovered a ruined castle nearby The castle looked deserted from a distance but is that a face at the window

  • Ú Five Have a Wonderful Time ☆ Enid Blyton
    257Enid Blyton
Five Have a Wonderful Time

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  • Enid Blyton

    Enid Mary Blyton 1897 1968 was an English author of children s books.Born in South London, Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading She was educated at St Christopher s School, Beckenham, and having decided not to pursue her music at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had two daughters This marriage ended in divorce, and Blyton remarried in 1943, to surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters She died in 1968, one year after her second husband.Blyton was a prolific author of children s books, who penned an estimated 800 books over about 40 years Her stories were often either children s adventure and mystery stories, or fantasies involving magic Notable series include The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find Outers, Noddy, The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, and St Clare s.According to the Index Translationum, Blyton was the fifth most popular author in the world in 2007, coming after Lenin but ahead of Shakespeare.See also her pen name Mary Pollock

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  • Let s get this out of the way Five Have A Wonderful Time is possible the worst book title of all time It s not exactly indicative of excitement and peril, is it I guess the author and the publisher figured that, by the time you get to the eleventh book in a bestselling series, people are going to buy it no matter what you call it I suppose the modern equivalent would be J.K Rowling releasing Harry Potter Teaches Ron To Floss.It s a shame, really, as this is one of the exciting instalments in th [...]

  • Petualangan ke 11 Lima Sekawan Setelah lama membujuk kedua orangtuanya George dan Timmy akhirnya diperbolehkan untuk menyusul ketiga sepupunya untuk menginap di karavan di bukit dekat sebuah peri kuno Asyiknya lagi ada artis artis pasar malam yang juga menginap di situ Belum lagi mereka bertemu dengan kenalan lama, Jo Seperti biasa dimana ada Lima Sekawan disitu ada petualangan Petualangan dimulai saat mereka secara tidak sengaja melihat seraut wajah di jendela puri kuno yang seharusnya tidak la [...]

  • More gipsies, kidnapped mad scientists, ruined castles, secret passages But what was the favourite chocolate bar, the wrapper of which the Five recognised so well I wanted to be told so that I could eat it and be like them too Enid Blyton missed some lucrative product placement tie ins there Five have a wonderful time is brought to you by Cadbury s Oh, I hope it wasn t Galaxy, chocolate for wimps.

  • I haven t reread this volume in the series I think I did not remember much about this mystery Usually when I start a Famous Five book, I already am aware of how it would end So looks like I read this book again after 20 years this time probably Love it as always.

  • This one is a lot of fun The kids make do with only a small amount of vittles, for them at least Was that a hedgehog in the stew no problemo All the fun of the fair and .

  • Ah, one of my favorite Five novels Why Because it isn t set in Kirrin, and they get to go and stay in caravans within sight of a castle That sounded like a load of fun, I can tell you, to a young girl who loved caravans and castles both I also liked that Jo made another appearance in this novel, she always makes me smile She and Beauty used to make me giggle, thinking of the python tripping the men over in the tower together Poor Quintin, once having a mistaken identity and having a bad time of [...]

  • Complete Paisa WasoolThe famous five I wish I could have read in my school days This book is quite simple, adventurous, funny and true to the core even after being a fiction People told me that it was kids book I pretty liked it even now and would not mind reading the complete series of the same For me it s better late than never This kind of novel brings adventure in anyone s life They prepare you to have some adventure in whatever way possible The love for the animals and help anyone gets from [...]

  • These books Famous five are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood All those adventures and mysteryand those sandwiches they always packed aww, just the best I would love to read one of these again To bring back those memoriesries of first experiences with reading books.

  • I m not sure why this book is called what it is I thought all the children were going to have an excellent time, and in some ways I guess they did It was good to see Jo in this book, and while she s got her same spunk, she and George got along a bit better in this book I didn t really see the twist at the end of this book, but it was sort of surprising for a Famous Five book.

  • This one should be called Five Leave It All Up To Jo I really enjoyed it but the famous five were kind of background to Jo s heroics.

  • This novel is the 11th novel of the Famous Five series and is written by Enid Blyton It is a mystery adventure novel for children above age 7.The main characters are the four cousins George, Anne, Julian, Dick, and Georges dog, Timmy They are spending their summer vacation in the town of Faynights in horse drawn caravans, next to Faynights castle and have a lot to explore.One day, while watching jackdaws birds with Georges field glasses, Dick and Julian spotted something strange A face was at th [...]

  • Five Have a Wonderful Time 1952 Brief Summary by Poppy Hutchinson from enidblytonsociety Whilst caravanning in the hills beside Faynights Castle, the Famous Five are eventually invited into the company of some extraordinary fair folk who are camping in the same same field, and meanwhile learn of the disappearances of two well known Scientists who have presumably fled the country to sell some priceless Scientific secrets The adventure really begins when the children spy a face at the window of a [...]

  • George s has caught a cold due to swimming the sea in April, and as such, is unable to join Julian, Dick, and Anne on their planned caravan trip The other children have already set up their caravans on a hill opposite Faynights Castle George is on the mend from her cold, so she writes a postcard to let Julian, Dick, and Anne know that they should meet her at the train station the next day That day, the children learn that two scientists have gone missing I absolutely adored Famous Five as a chil [...]

  • Another great adventure or two really First the problem with the fair folk and then meeting up with Jo to straighten it out Next, on to the castle and all it s rooms and passages Uncle Quentin shows up and gets caught in the jumble Lots of fun

  • biasa sajaLima Sekawan dan Sarjana Misterius ketika saya membaca judulnya, terbenak dalam pikiran saya, kok pake kata sarjana ya Emang transletan dari bahasa Inggrisnya apa ya kira2 Setelah saya baca2 di buku ini, saya baru menyadari kalo seharusnya judulnya Lima Sekawan dan Ilmuwan Misterius untuk seri kali ini, lima sekawan menyewa karavan di suatu tmpt dan disana mrk tak sengaja bertemu dgn Jo si gadis gelandangan dmn mrk prnh bertemu sblmny Bersamanya, mrk mengalami petualangan yg ujung ujun [...]

  • Saya senang membayangkan nginap di karavan So oldies dan jadul banget kisah ini, jadi nostalgia Zaman segitu karavan masih ada, ditarik kuda dan ada kaum pengelana.

  • Cerita diawali oleh George yang merajuk pada orangtuanya untuk ikut sepupu sepupunya berkelana dengan karavan ke dekat puri Faynights George tak bisa mengikuti saudara saudaranya sedari awal dikarenakan dirinya sakit, sungguh liburan paskah yang mengecewakan untuk George Untungnya, ia sembuh tepat waktu, dengan segera ia dan Timmy menuju tempat sepupu sepupunya berkaravan Di tempat lain, dari koran yang dibaca Julian dan kedua adiknya, dikabarkan bahwa ada dua orang sarjana yang menghilang secar [...]

  • A troupe of carnies and a mysterious castle10 September 2012 Sometimes I feel a little silly sitting on a train or in a bar reading an Enid Blyton book In a way it makes me feel as if I am not capable of reading anything solid and thought provoking, such as Plato, but when I see all of the commentaries on by other readers who have returned to the Enid Blyton books in their adult years it makes me realise that I am not the only person picking up the books of my childhood and rereading them In an [...]

  • Five Have a Wonderful Time is the eleventh novel of Enid Blyton s Famous Five series I liked reading this children s adventure mystery novel It was a quick and smooth read filled with suspense and adventures The Famous Five Georgina George , Dick, Julian, Anne, and the intelligent dog, Timmy go to stay in a carnival for their holidays, near an old castle A fair is to be held in the place, and the people of the fair some very strange people, a fire eater, a person with two pythons, etc arrive The [...]

  • Walaupun waktu kecil saya belum menyukai cerita semacam ini, saya rasa buku ini memang buku anak Petualangannya sangat khas anak yang serba ingin tahu dan belum mengenal takut Maksud saya setidaknya anak 4 SD, ya Anak yang lebih kecil dari itu mungkin akan kurang tertarik.Dalam buku ini, kita disajikan cara cara berkomunikasi zaman dahulu Berlibur beberapa hari saja mereka menulis surat Dari sini, saya pun tahu bahwa tanpa alamat lengkap, kita bisa menulis surat asalkan orang yang dituju rajin m [...]

  • It s been a very long time since I read a Famous Five book and I remember not being that keen on them as a kid, which doesn t make much sense as they are having the kind of adventures I longed for when I was younger Maybe I thought it was a too dated back then, which it is but I can appreciate it now I m older.I like how this book was written in the fifties but my edition was published in the eighties and they ve given the kids on the cover an eighties make over.No one nowadays would let their [...]

  • for the most part i haven t been recording these on , but for the past few weeks i have been DEVOURING enid blyton s books out of misplaced nostalgia misplaced because i did not actually read these books as a child but feel like i would probably have loved them if i had caravanning on the moors camping out on a deserted island living in a half crumbling castle thwarting evildoers and most important of all going on picnics and drinking lashings and lashings of ginger beer fact the phrase lashings [...]

  • Adults like myself can also enjoy children s books I must admit that the beginning of this book was quite boring and all the puzzle bits seemed to go nowhere and I missed that sense of excitement, word used in many chapter titles and I was getting ready for it each and every time and yet, I was not there, in the middle of the adventure It took some time but it came eventually However, the last 70 pages were the best as I felt again that sense of I am really curious to know what is next and how t [...]

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