The Mothman Prophecies

↠ The Mothman Prophecies ✓ John A. Keel - The Mothman Prophecies, The Mothman Prophecies West Virginia For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real life nightmare that culminates in a tragedy that makes headlines around the world Strange occurrences and sighti ↠ The Mothman Prophecies ✓ John A. Keel - The Mothman Prophecies, The Mothman Prophecies West Virginia For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real life nightmare that culminates in a tragedy that makes headlines around the world Strange occurrences and sighti

  • Title: The Mothman Prophecies
  • Author: John A. Keel
  • ISBN: 9780765341976
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
The Mothman Prophecies

↠ The Mothman Prophecies ✓ John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies, John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies West Virginia For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real life nightmare that culminates in a tragedy that makes headlines around the world Strange occurrences and sightings including a bizarre winged apparition that becomes known as the Mothman trouble this ordinary American community Mysterious lights are seen moving across the sky DomWest V ↠ The Mothman Prophecies ✓ John A. Keel - The Mothman Prophecies, The Mothman Prophecies West Virginia For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real life nightmare that culminates in a tragedy that makes headlines around the world Strange occurrences and sighti

  • ↠ The Mothman Prophecies ✓ John A. Keel
    437 John A. Keel
The Mothman Prophecies

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  • John A. Keel

    John Alva Keel born Alva John Kiehle was a Fortean author and professional journalist.Keel wrote professionally from the age of 12, and was best known for his writings on unidentified flying objects, the Mothman of West Virginia, and other paranormal subjects Keel was arguably one of the most widely read and influential ufologists since the early 1970s Although his own thoughts about UFOs and associated anomalous phenomena gradually evolved since the mid 1960s, Keel remained one of ufology s most original and controversial researchers It was Keel s second book, UFOs Operation Trojan Horse 1970 , that popularized the idea that many aspects of contemporary UFO reports, including humanoid encounters, often paralleled ancient folklore and religious encounters Keel coined the term men in black to describe the mysterious figures alleged to harass UFO witnesses and he also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and psychic phenomena He did not call himself a ufologist and preferred the term Fortean, which encompasses a wide range of paranormal subjects.

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  • When I read this book I was also on a huge UFO conspiracy reading binge and have to admit that this book kind of scared me at the time Mr Keel s realistic gathering of Mothman sightings and accounts especially as connected to the Black Helicopter sightings and various UFO s On November 12, 1966, five men who were digging a grave at a cemetery near Clendenin, West Virginia, claimed to see a man like figure fly low from the trees over their heads This is often identified as the first known sightin [...]

  • In 1967 I was dating a girl from WV She was very aware of the Silver Bridge disaster, so I was very aware of it also Of course if she had been very aware of pink elephants in sweat clothes I would have been to High school and love ain t it great She was also interested in esoteric literature and as it happened I was tod this time I had been interested in it before I got interested in her Over the years that we were together we read a lot of this type of book, including Keel s earlier efforts.Ove [...]

  • I m giving this book two stars rather than just one because of the seemingly unintentional hilarity of it as well as its psychological depth John Keel is clearly both delusional and megalomaniacal, and this book chronicles what appears to be his descent into madness My favorite parts are the ones in which he goes out to an abandoned road at night to commune with the Mothman BY HIMSELF, with no witnesses or cameras to prove it So yeah, this is a weird one I d be lying if I said I didn t get a kic [...]

  • The book was pretty scaryracity not withstanding I like to look at it up on the bookshelf It s a creepy title staring down at me, the haunting sound of fiddles off in the distance Sometimes when I stare at this book for a while I get very hungry Yet still scared and hungry in combination.You might even say I get Scungry While reading this book on the toilet, my phone rang and and a disembodied voice on the other end screeched Your in the bathroom aren t you Turns out it was my mom she sometimes [...]

  • 3.5 stars.First off I d like to mention that I have never been interested in UFOs or aliens This is fairly obvious given the title of my GR shelf for such books Secondly, John Keel rambles Both The Mothman Prophecies and Operation Trojan Horse feel as if they were written in haste Points are made then forgotten, or undermined by future passages The writing and ideas simply don t flow I will admit I skimmed many of the testimonials and sightings Too repetitive by far My gripes aside, I am fascina [...]

  • Die vier Sterne gibt es nicht f r Glaubw rdigkeit oder literarische Vorz ge, sondern einfach nur, weil ich Spa an UFO Legenden Mythen habe Keel geh rt zum Urgestein und die fr he Unbedarftheit des Genres ist herzerfrischend Au erdem schreibt Keel auch humorvoll, was ihn von unertr glichen Besserwissern wie von D niken unterscheidet.Es br uchte mal eine Abhandlung ber die Rolle des Telefons in Krimis und Supernatural Stories in der Pre Handy ra May I use your phone ist nicht nur ein leg nd rer Sa [...]

  • Keel is definitely no Charles Fort he s too eager to make his case whereas the latter correlated, speculated, and encouraged the reader to come to their own conclusions even so, if this ostensibly true tale is taken with a generous serving of salt, it can provide an entertainingly unnerving reading experience for enthusiasts of the weird.

  • This book is an example of how sometimes the worst books generate some of the most enjoyable discussions at a book club Our group of about 8 participants at the Nightmare Factory book club had a rousing, laugh filled session ripping this book to shreds This book is bad on so many levels from its terribly written prose, to the shoddy research, from the unfocused, disorganized approach, to the lack of references or bibliography, and the stunning arrogance and insulting attitude of John Keel, shit [...]

  • Amusing, well written crazy that veers into nightmare fuel The movie is as watered down an adaptation as Disney s Hunchback of Notre Dame Let me give out a caveat I don t think your enjoyment of this book hinges on believing a word of it Kenneth Hite called Keel one of the premiere unappreciated horror writers of the 20th century, and this book is why Treat it as fiction I did, and I loved it.Keel travels to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in order to examine a UFO flap On the way, he is bombarde [...]

  • I quit I liked the movie I thought this was going to be non fiction first person narrative of John Keel s experiences in Point Pleasant and what he thought was the explanation He arrived in Point Pleasant convinced he had a solution and surprise, surprise, he found a mystery I scanned ahead after reading 37 pages and the bulk of the book appears to be a compendium of the author s research evidence filled with phrases like, Obviously the government was determined to cover up the facts It s like b [...]

  • John Keel died last Friday after a long career as the most interesting mouthpiece for strange phenomena He was one of those Fortean writers whose very example made it clear that our own mental states are the critical factor in experiencing paranormal phenomena And I don t mean that that means it s all in one s head , I mean that our mental states leak out into the world and somehow affect what happens, or attract strange happenings, or bring to light strange things that are always there but usua [...]

  • Hmmm, a documentary wasn t what I expected, with a few too many conspiracy theories but there were a few good ones in there.

  • DNF at 15%, at least for now Maybe I ll pick it up in the future, but, for now, I can t waste any time trying to make myself read this.

  • While I didn t buy that this was based on a true story, I did enjoy the movie, so I thought I d read the book However, the book has almost nothing to do with the movie The Mothman barely makes an appearance and there isn t really any narrative structure Instead of based on a true story the book should have a series of unrelated anecdotes on the cover.John Keel lists numerous contactee stories from people all over the world and attempts to connect them He claims that similarities between people s [...]

  • I m not going to go too far into this because I don t really have much to say about it The Mothman Prophecies was an okay book, not the greatest but definitely not the worst, although considering I haven t read another monster doc so in this case not the best To be honest I grabbed this off of Audible because Craig Wasson was the narrator I know, I know, what kind of a reason is that Well, a damn good one Have you listened to him narrate 11 22 63 If you haven t do try it out, you shan t regret i [...]

  • I m actually surprised at the number of positive reviews of this book Here s why 0.5 5 stars because I feel obligated to give it something.I enjoy reading about unexplained phenomena I really do I love real ghost stories and the like However, I prefer an author to take a very scientific stance, exhausting all possibilities Keel does not He s a true believer and that s the problem Somewhere in the book he supposes that this mysterious Mothman could have been a man on a hang glider Wow, I thought [...]

  • What a disturbing book I remember that the film was pretty disturbing too but it had nothing on this.Account after account of strange lights, unexplained grey winged creatures, animal evisceration, mechanical failures, hallucinations, strange phone calls the list goes on and on Then it gets truly bizarre as the aliens begin to predict world disasters, culminating in the bridge collapse at Point Pleasant.John Keel leaves little doubt in the reader s mind that impossible things can happen to every [...]

  • Books about the paranormal I never find to be entirely satisfying you get teased and left to make up your own mind I get drawn to this kind of material for some reason, always hoping to get some answers, to figure it out, to fit this into my theistic worldview A year ago I got my first taste of satisfaction, from the book Lights in the sky and little green men , in which the authors concluded that residual UFO s, the ones that cannot be explained away, are in fact real, but are not physical but [...]

  • John Keel, one of my favorite researchers and reporters of paranormal phenomena, died last month Please read my article on him here examiner examiner x 83The Richard Gere movie they made using part of this book s subtitle is completely dissimilar to John Keel s blueprint, and I hope someone gave Keel a million dollars for letting them use it The original is a compendium of weird science research in late 60s early 70s America, centering symbolically around a series of events in Point Pleasant, Vi [...]

  • This would be an enjoyable book on a truly mysterious set of real life events if it weren t for two things 1 The book reads like a stream of consciousness with no discernible beginning, middle, or end Just a series of anecdotes that are highly repetitive 2 Keel s hypothesis is ridiculous, not for what he is trying to explain, but because it is the worst, most non falsifiable explanation I ve ever heard Essentially, he argues that UFOs and sightings of the Mothman are all caused by the same pheno [...]

  • Dear the Mothman Prophecies,So it turns out I have a really, REALLY hard time admitting defeat when it comes to books I didn t know that you were supposed to be a work of non fiction before reading you, and that you have no linear story line Face facts You are just a collection of accounts of supposed alien encounters in the Ohio River Valley in the 60 s and 70 s And you are horrifically boring I don t think I ll be finishing you, except to say that what we had is now over I am very sorry Regard [...]

  • Oh wow Um, yeah So, this book starts out pretty well it s about a series of sightings in and around Point Pleasant, WV of The Mothman, a strange creature with a manlike body, enormous glowing red eyes, and wings I find this kind of thing fascinating in a folklore sociological kind of way, so I like to read about such sightings Like I said, this starts out pretty well Keel is a witty storyteller and draws a lot of interesting parallels between the Mothman and other sightings throughout history of [...]

  • I have to say that this book was a surprise It wasn t at all like the movie, though you can see all the parts that the movie used for creepy effect In fact, the majority of the book isn t really about the Mothman per se, or even the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant The gist of the book falls upon John Keel s theory of ultraterrestrials Beings that inhabit our world and may be from another world, another time, or who knows where It details his attempts to chronicle the events in th [...]

  • Hilarious book that says much about the author s own entitled sense of self importance than anything else Like some sort of Forrest Gump of the Paranormal, Keel improbably manages to have an astronomical pun intended number of contacts with mysterious forces, sinister members of the MIB, FBI, IRS, CIA, US Airforce, and strange lights in the sky He also was gifted predictions of a number of disastrous events, but bemoans that he was unable to prevent them these include the Silver Bridge collapse [...]

  • This is the first book I read for the Cryptozoology book club This book is entertaining, but it has little to say about the Mothman One would think that since the Mothman is in the title of the book that he would play a greater role in the book, but alas, he does not Keel spends most of the book discussing MIB, alien contactees, wire tapping, etc.I found the book to be quite disjointed Keel follows no timeline and jumps from year to year and from story to story It was hard to remember if the cha [...]

  • What a disappointing book After watching the movie and reading online about the Mothman phenomenon of Point Pleasant, I was expecting a very detailed journalistic look at the strange phenomenon that happened.Firstly, Keel claims in the start of the book that he takes a scientific approach to study and does not base any of his observations on pop culture notions However, he often makes assumptions in the book of aliens and other phenomenon with little or no proof other than witness testimony I fo [...]

  • this is a fascinating book it s got nothing to do with the movie which was scary as hell, i m not putting it down it s not a novel in any normal sense nor is it exactly non fiction as i m sure john keel would agree it s like a glimpse into a possible universe, a possible way of seeing if you let it, maybe the world works this way or maybe it works this way anyway or maybe just if you re nuts in any case, it s funny and frightening and eminently readable and quite well written on many levels ton [...]

  • I can t exactly describe why I m giving this book 2 stars instead of 1 Perhaps it s a stilted sense of respect to a classic Who knows The point is, I put this on my abandoned bookshelf for a reason First, a little backstory I picked up this book after seeing The Mothman Prophecies movie, which, although sub par overall, did have some suspenseful moments Therefore, it seemed logical that the book might carry the same quasi suspenseful feeling WRONG Keel s manner of reporting as a book doesn t sit [...]

  • So I picked up this book after the movie came out in 2002 I tried to read it as a freshman in college, and was bored to death After sitting on my shelf for 7 years, I decided to pick it up again and give it another shot I was interested, but not in the story itself What I thought was an examination of the Mothman was nothing than an investigation into ufology I was a little disappointed I suppose the most interesting part is the fact that most of the eyewitness accounts are so hokey Dark forei [...]

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