Gate of Ivrel

[PDF] Gate of Ivrel | by ↠ C.J. Cherryh - Gate of Ivrel, Gate of Ivrel Scattered about the galaxy were the time space Gates of a vanished but not forgotten alien race In their time long before the rise of the native civilizations they had terrorized a hundred worlds no [PDF] Gate of Ivrel | by ↠ C.J. Cherryh - Gate of Ivrel, Gate of Ivrel Scattered about the galaxy were the time space Gates of a vanished but not forgotten alien race In their time long before the rise of the native civilizations they had terrorized a hundred worlds no

  • Title: Gate of Ivrel
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780886772574
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
Gate of Ivrel

[PDF] Gate of Ivrel | by ↠ C.J. Cherryh, Gate of Ivrel, C.J. Cherryh, Gate of Ivrel Scattered about the galaxy were the time space Gates of a vanished but not forgotten alien race In their time long before the rise of the native civilizations they had terrorized a hundred worlds not from villainy but from folly from tampering with the strands that held a universe together Now the task was to uproot these Gates destroy their potency for mischief takeScattered ab [PDF] Gate of Ivrel | by ↠ C.J. Cherryh - Gate of Ivrel, Gate of Ivrel Scattered about the galaxy were the time space Gates of a vanished but not forgotten alien race In their time long before the rise of the native civilizations they had terrorized a hundred worlds no

  • [PDF] Gate of Ivrel | by ↠ C.J. Cherryh
    359 C.J. Cherryh
Gate of Ivrel

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  • C.J. Cherryh

    Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began with the modest ambition to learn to skate backwards and now is working on jumps She sketches, occasionally, cooks fairly well, and hates house work she loves the outdoors, animals wild and tame, is a hobbyist geologist, adores dinosaurs, and has academic specialties in Roman constitutional law and bronze age Greek ethnography She has written science fiction since she was ten, spent ten years of her life teaching Latin and Ancient History on the high school level, before retiring to full time writing, and now does not have enough hours in the day to pursue all her interests Her studies include planetary geology, weather systems, and natural and man made catastrophes, civilizations, and cosmology in fact, there s very little that doesn t interest her A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and the cats demand their own time much urgently She works constantly, researches mostly on the internet, and has books stacked up and waiting to be written.

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  • 3.5 starsI really like Science Fantasy It s not surprising I guess given that two of my favourite genres are the mainstays of the wider umbrella speculative fiction sci fi and fantasy, so the mash up of the two would seem to be a no brainer, right Normally science fantasy stories tend to have the flavour of fantasy swords and medieval ish settings where technology as the society understands it is at a fairly low level, but where Clarke s third law comes into full effect as the explanation for th [...]

  • Once upon a time there were the qhal and they connected all manner of worlds and times with Gates, which in the end destroyed them In latter years, humans found the Gates and, wishing to avoid the fate of the qhal, sent a team a hundred strong to follow the the Gates, closing them one by one, until the network was no Now, an indeterminate time later, only one remains of that party Morgaine, wielder of the sword Changeling, a mighty force in its own right.This is not her story.This is the story [...]

  • Sword Sorceress Adventure Morgaine rivals Elric with her dragon bladeThis reviews Gate of Ivrel, which I read as part of the The Morgaine Saga which was DAW s 2000 omnibus of C.J Cherryh Sword Sorcery trilogy 1 Gate of Ivrel 1976 2 Well of Shiuan 1978 3 Fires of Azeroth 1979 There is a fourth book Exile s Gate written in 1988 Actually, this is my first C.J Cherryh novel and I was impressed Gate of Ivrel was her first published work, and it is quite good.Morgaine is reminiscent of Michael Moorcoc [...]

  • The entire book is emotionally and interpersonally complex, containing layers of motivations and relationships that drive events Morgaine herself, though her thoughts are never revealed for certain, seems the most straightforward her quest is to close the Gates.But that goal is almost a background item as the story is told Vanye, Morgaine s bound henchman, is the reader s guide through the web of rivalries and hostilities between clans as well as Vanye s own disputes and allegiances Everyone has [...]

  • Gate of Ivrel starts out really strong, with a banished and bastard warrior observing a beautiful warrior witch ride out from some sort of time travel gate, located in a blasted landscape filled with Lovcraftian nasties and murderous men Cherryh also prefaces the immediate story with some convoluted pre history that will have you turning back several times to read Morgaine, the witch, sports some space age weaponry, and a fascinatingly deadly sword called Changeling Its properties seem virtually [...]

  • Ludicrous cover aside, this is a real corker of a fantasy adventure with science fiction underpinnings Numerous gateways through time and space built and rashly exploited by a race called the Q hal have resulted in all sorts of temporal collapses A group of people have resolved to travel from gateway to gateway, sealing each one so that this won t happen again Of their number, only one survives the mysterious, powerful Morgaine This novel is set on a world that exists in a pre industrial, feudal [...]

  • This is a re read after many years of the first in the Morgaine series, and at first I wondered if I would enjoy it as much as last time The beginning, an extended info dump that gives the background to Morgaine s mission to close the inter planetary and time travelling gates because the temporal anomalies they caused led to disaster, is by today s standards an old fashioned way of story telling But focus soon switches to the character of Nhi Vanye, a driven young man who has been raised as a ch [...]

  • An unusual book, and a very good one Sword and sorcery without the usual trappings of machismo Science fiction where the science has become magic.I was tearing through DAW imprint SF and Fantasy back when this was published, and I remember a friend had a copy, so it s odd that I never read this series That missed opportunity has been remedied than 30 years later.I m glad I finally discovered Cherryh She can really write, transcending the hackneyed cliches and thudding prose common in the genre [...]

  • Voy al 72% de unas miserables 239 pagsy lo abandono.No me aporta nada Los personajes son dos y aderezados con otros que salpican la historia Pues bien, no valen para nada ni esos dos principales as que no digamos los otros.La historia, en teor a sobre unas puertas que comunican el tiempo y el espacio buen pinta, no estoy por ver todav a para qu valen El resto es el sempiterno ambiente medieval con reinos enfrentados pero mal definido El mundo creado ese worldbuilding tan de moda no vale para nad [...]

  • I wanted to like this one a lot than I did I just really had a fairly hard time getting caught up in it I see a lot of others have rated it higher so it may just be me I stopped here in the trilogy, though, and to this day haven t read anything else by Cherryh except some of the fine short stories she did in the Theives World series.

  • The Morgaine Saga 1 Gate of Ivrel, by C J CherryhCherryh s style is sparse, controlled, limited It takes a little getting used to, but I came to like it Don t give up with her books right away if you don t like it, just give it a little time In Gate of Ivrel, we meet Morgaine, an other worldly being tasked with a mission to destroy the Gates Described as relics of a lost era, the Gates allow travel between worlds, but must be destroyed because they also allow time travel The only surviving membe [...]

  • Gate was Cherryh s first published work, and at this point she apparently had not yet settled on the tight, limited third person style that has since become her standard, and as a result this novel is narratively much looser and sloppier than her later works It begins with a long, incoherent, expository prologue that basically explains all the mysteries away the story would have been much interesting if these secrets had been reserved to be gradually revealed during the course of the story.Stil [...]

  • Exiled by his family, Vayne s precarious social position makes him liege to the otherworldly Morgaine, come to destroy the Gates that link space and time This is science fiction wrapped in the trappings of fantasy, and reminds me especially in the rhythm and nature of the worldbuilding of other books that share that premise But the interpersonal aspects are uniquely Cherryh, and are the true seductive force within this slow burning, politics and nameplace dense travelogue cum quest the relations [...]

  • This book was so awesome on so many levels You can see that many modern writers have been influenced by this book, I suspect GRRM is one of them, not that things are blatantly stolen but I believe there is much homage done to Cherryh in modern fantasy books and well deserved I cannot wait to start the second book of this series and that s something I mean, a female lead who isn t romantically inclined written by a female author yeah, there are so so so few female fantasy authors and too many of [...]

  • Fantasy Yes Science fiction Also yes First read this when it was new, and it made me a lifelong fan of the author I think Cherrhy is a great, great storyteller, and this is one of her top five Her enduring flaw, methinks, is a tendency to plant brilliant tales in middens of excess prose, and though I ve read about everything she s published I ve had to skip swathes of the last couple of dozen because they just went on and on to no purpose But this opener runs around 200 pages, and that s the per [...]

  • First review was lost to the depths of the internet.Don t feel much like rehashing in depth, so basically the cover is very misleading, the book isn t some stupid Conan ripoff The world is less fancy than most fantasies, but it s not caveman chic like that cover artist would have readers believe Good, interesting characters that don t feel like copies of other existing fantasy sci fi characters Complicated motives, unpredictable at times, and well rounded enough to care about Female character no [...]

  • Good story Good narrator Unique setting with well developed characters Good fantasy all round, iI will be reading the second one soon I m sure

  • The Gate of Ivrel 1976 by C.J Cherryh reads like something old and something new The stiff writing style, formalized language, and dense narrative reminds me of mid 20th century fantasy and SF that was rapidly falling from fashion in the 70 s Written in the sword and sorcery style of the day, the tale primarily revolves around humans, and just how bad humans are to each other before any magic gets into the mix We have all the prerequisite oaths, oath breaking, tribal codes, and exaggerated syste [...]

  • C J Cherryh has a reputation for not talking down to a reader It is well earned in her best books, among which I count this as one For about five pages, I was kind of lost in the plethora of place names, people names, and clan names, and the map was really not much help However, I first gave this book a chance about twenty years ago, and have read it three times since It is an exciting and original sword and sorcery fantasy taking place in a dystopian future on a world where witch fires give too [...]

  • This book is very Cherryh, with a clear, linear plot set in a vast, seemingly underpopulated world that has seen better days Character interactions often feel like first contact between alien races where the slightest misinterpretation will lead to catastrophe Gate of Ivrel has some pretty heavy themes The characters struggle to balance their emotions and concern for others with ruthless self interest On one extreme are the villainous alien quhal who are loyal only to themselves and have no comp [...]

  • This was the first of Cherryh s published novels that I read, many years past There is plenty a punch in this slim volume Vanye, bastard son of a petty king is exiled, his honour stripped from him by his father after he kills one half brother, and maims another in retaliation for years of bullying and contempt.In the lands of Ivrel, outlawry means a precarious existence, battling starvation, the harsh climate and the threat of bounty hunters Vanye is near death in a storm, when he encounters a f [...]

  • I think the moment I most enjoyed in this book was when it became clear how the ilin system worked and what purpose it served in society Before that, I found myself deeply skeptical of the world and confused why Vayne would do the things he did After it, I had the most pleasant feeling of everything being exactly as it should I was a fan of the combination of honourable reasonable narrator and driven desperate protagonist Vayne makes an excellent Watson or probably accurate to the tone, Ishmael [...]

  • If you like CJ Cherryh, this book is your jam.It s quintessential Cherryh, with honor and oaths and complex pre modern societies dealing with futuristic tech And, of course, the vulnerable, honorable man bound to serve the super powerful warrior woman Yeaaaah I couldn t put it down NOM NOM NOM stayed up late to finish it.My only objection is that I feel like it could have gone slower and explored everything .

  • Published in 1976 A unique writing style and deep character development power this tale of a disgraced warrior and a mysterious woman with a powerful magic sword Much of this story details the journey so than the action so if The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings is a favorite book s of yours, this may be a story you will enjoy as much as I did.

  • C.J Cherryh s take on Frodo and Sam s trek to Mount Doom The setting is deep and imaginative, and the characters experience the events as harrowing and exhausting in a way that feels real than your typical fantasy novel The world is decaying, poisoned by the failing gates, and the characters are grim it makes for an emotionally challenging read No solace here.

  • I struggled with this book as it sat unread for months Being a fantasy fan, the description and author had be very interested Maybe I should resolve myself to being a modern fantasy fan, because I didn t like the way the book was written.

  • I feel like I enjoyed it, but I also feel like I had no idea what was going on As I have the omnibus edition we ll see if reading the second book improves that.

  • Gate of Ivrel by C J Cherryh was recommended to me by a friend who knows I actively seek out stories with strong heroines who wield a sword This novel definitely qualifies Gateof Ivrel First, the good The story drew me in right away I was intrigued by the sci fi aspect of the gates, and the idea of a dedicated team of people who sacrifice their lives to see the portals destroyed I liked the idea of a medieval style world embroiled in the chaos and war that these gates caused I enjoyed how, just [...]

  • This is a re read First I want to say about the coverMorgaine would never wear such a impractical outfit So with the stupid cover out of the way the book is awesome a good start to a fun series.

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