Corazón tan blanco

☆ Corazón tan blanco ☆ Javier Marías - Corazón tan blanco, Coraz n tan blanco No he querido saber pero he sabido que una de las ni as cuando ya no era ni a y no hac a mucho que hab a regresado de su viaje de bodas entr en el cuarto de ba o se puso frente al espejo se abri ☆ Corazón tan blanco ☆ Javier Marías - Corazón tan blanco, Coraz n tan blanco No he querido saber pero he sabido que una de las ni as cuando ya no era ni a y no hac a mucho que hab a regresado de su viaje de bodas entr en el cuarto de ba o se puso frente al espejo se abri

  • Title: Corazón tan blanco
  • Author: Javier Marías
  • ISBN: 9788495501035
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
Corazón tan blanco

☆ Corazón tan blanco ☆ Javier Marías, Corazón tan blanco, Javier Marías, Coraz n tan blanco No he querido saber pero he sabido que una de las ni as cuando ya no era ni a y no hac a mucho que hab a regresado de su viaje de bodas entr en el cuarto de ba o se puso frente al espejo se abri la blusa se quit el sost n y se busc el coraz n con la punta de la pistola Este es el ya legendario comienzo de un cl sico contempor neo Coraz n tan blanco cuyo prot No he queri ☆ Corazón tan blanco ☆ Javier Marías - Corazón tan blanco, Coraz n tan blanco No he querido saber pero he sabido que una de las ni as cuando ya no era ni a y no hac a mucho que hab a regresado de su viaje de bodas entr en el cuarto de ba o se puso frente al espejo se abri

  • ☆ Corazón tan blanco ☆ Javier Marías
    100Javier Marías
Corazón tan blanco

About “Javier Marías

  • Javier Marías

    Javier Mar as was born in Madrid His father was the philosopher Juli n Mar as, who was briefly imprisoned and then banned from teaching for opposing Franco Parts of his childhood were spent in the United States, where his father taught at various institutions, including Yale University and Wellesley College His mother died when Javier was 26 years old He was educated at the Colegio Estudio in Madrid.Mar as began writing in earnest at an early age The Life and Death of Marcelino Iturriaga , one of the short stories in While the Women are Sleeping 2010 , was written when he was just 14 He wrote his first novel, Los dominios del lobo The Dominions of the Wolf , at age 17, after running away to Paris Mar as operates a small publishing house under the name of Reino de Redonda He also writes a weekly column in El Pa s An English version of his column La Zona Fantasma is published in the monthly magazine The Believer.

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  • Masterfully intriguing and told using a seductive and challenging narrative, Javier Marias goes from sentence to dazzling sentence that reaches deep within the human psyche to reveal a family s past shrouded in mystery, where questions that are asked leads to unsettling hostilities, all the while exploring themes of love, desire and the good and bad side of marriage.And it s marriage that sits somewhat uncomfortably in the foreground in A Heart so White Marias examines the commonplace yet peculi [...]

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  • Very unusual story about betrayal and confession Set in the deeply catholic countries of Spain and Cuba, it argues that too much knowledge between lovers and spouses destroys love I wonder if that is true It reminds me of Jeanette Winterson s thoughts in The Passion, where she reflects on the theme that between sex and fear, passion lies Too much familiarity, trust and knowledge would thus by default make passion disappear The same idea is repeated in Written on the Body, where boredom is the en [...]

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  • There are so many layers to this book You have to be willing to give it time, especially in the first third or so, when Mar as writes long, intricate, sentences that fold back on themselves, with parentheses within parentheses Through this style, Mar as presents the thoughts and interpretations of the protagonist, Juan, a translator who describes himself as committed, almost addicted, to understanding all he hears, all he sees, everything around him Juan has recently married another translator, [...]

  • My hands are of your color but I shameTo wear a heart so white William Shakespeare, MacbethTime keeps on moving at an indifferent pace and yet it keeps on changing every second, every day, and every year Since we all are busy living, we attach little importance to the things happened and the words spoken in the past as most of the times we are under the impression that it doesn t hold the power to change our present or affect our future not devastatingly at least Certainly there are poetic terms [...]

  • Un gioco di incastriMar as scrive senza regole, senza attenersi a nessun copione, abbandonandosi ad una fiume di pensieri vagando apparentemente senza una met precisa Sembra non conoscere il punto d arrivo e neppure il peso che i personaggi hanno nella narrazione I personaggi, nella loro ambiguit , si sovrappongono, si identificano, fino a confondersi, i fatti accaduti in momenti differenti si incastrano con tempismo perfetto La costruzione del romanzo perfetta, niente lasciato al caso Le mie ma [...]

  • A book about boundaries, both protected and invaded as well as about time What is present already is diffused into the past and therefore cannot be known One cannot know anything At some point it will be long enough ago that it can be laughed at as though those laughing and remembering were not participants There are secrets He lives in a world of suspicions, trying to interpret, translate, so he is well defended, everything is in its place as when he returns from a trip and unpacks each thing i [...]

  • Over beers with a friend, I was trying to articulate what it is about Graham Swift, one of his favorite novelists, that I didn t like I meant to be gentle, not wanting to bruise his feelings, but he doubtlessly was prepared for another rant After 30 years of friendship he well knows my attempts at persuasion and my underlying insistence on being right We spent a similar evening arguing with voices raised but without consequence over who was the most musically influential Beatle But skills that s [...]

  • Sude i po ovoj knjizi, Havijer Matijas je pisac zavodnik, ali ne u zna enju Latin lover, ve pre zavoditelj, zavodilac kako li se ka e Iza, naizgled, nesigurnog naratora, ispitiva ki zbunjenog pred ivotom i ljudima, on stoji zreo, stamen i vra ki talentovan, odmeren, precizan, jasan Re enice su mu ne to du e, deskriptivan je, repetitivan, zgu njava i detalji e No, to radi toliko perfidno i znala ki da italac ne samo da ne pomi lja na ajde, vi e, reci, aman , nego i ne primeti ponavljanje, zapravo [...]

  • I did not want to know but I have since come to know that one of the girls, when she wasn t a girl any and hadn t long been back from her honeymoon, went into the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, unbuttoned her blouse, took off her bra and aimed her own father s gun at her heart, her father at the time was in the living room with other members of the family and three guests And so with the first sentence we dive into unknown depths The title of the book is from Macbeth, in the scene in w [...]

  • Ode agli stoici genitori dell infante Javier.Certo , che Mar as da piccolo, non l avrei voluto conoscere.Mettiamo il caso che sia possibile usufruire di 5 minuti e prendere la macchina del tempo per tornare all infanzia del piccolo Javier.Eccolo l , coi calzoncini corti, che vi aspetta sulla porta di casa perch voi lo portiate al parco.Osservatelo mentre fiducioso vi d la mano e vi incamminate assieme Il tragitto scorre lento e sereno il piccolo Javier taciturno, ma questo vi assicuro, non una g [...]

  • Listening is the most dangerous thing of all One of the benefits of a summer birthday is the marginalized chance of being ill on said day Of course, as we age, the day becomes ever ambivalent Today I found myself sick beyond preparation It has been a rough week w viruses making rounds at work and my own sinuses self immolating That said, I was hoping for a reprieve today It didn t happen.Instead my wife and I perched in our living room and read Art Tatum and Eric Dolphy contributed greatly I hav [...]

  • Intriguing book It is impossible to read at a normal speed, you are forced to slow down as ideas pop up like little cartoon balloons in almost every sentence You have to reflect on them, as they seem to remain hovering above the book and only drift away very slowly The book does not have much dialogue and is written in a breathless voice I cannot even say if I find that tone attractive or not, neither if I like the book very much The book is about secrets secrets kept and secrets revealed Secret [...]

  • liked it, didn t love it, didn t really really like it, found myself often sighing loudly towards the end JUST FRIGGIN SAY WHAT YOU RE GONNA SAY ALREADY AND STOP SAYING IT EIGHTY TIMES IN A ROW but there s no doubt marias is an extremely talented writer, above all a great writer of scenes there are scenes in this book many, many scenes that i will probably remember my whole life bathroom, balcony, meeting of interpreters, post office, museum guard, wow there are a lot it s just the narrative voi [...]

  • This is one of the worst books I have ever read Where shall I start Its banal insights may just about justify a short story by a teenager the dialogue is stilted, pretentious and postured and no interesting events occur nothing actually happens.Most importantly, the style is pedestrian, repetitive, circumlocutary For instance Carefully, very carefully but not that carefully I crossed the room So which is it, Marias Carefully, very carefully or not that carefully And why should I care Life is too [...]

  • My hands are of your color but I shame to wear a heart so white William Shakespeare, Macbeth Uma mulher mata se com um tiro no cora o Eu queria muito saber porqu No entanto, ao longo das p ginas, sou enredada e enfeiti ada por hist rias, pensamentos, divaga es, com conte do e apresenta o, de tal forma hipnotizantes, que se me torna irrelevante saber porque se matou Teresa.Segredos O que se deve dizer e o que se n o deve o que queremos saber e o que n o queremos O que n o sabemos mant m nos puro [...]

  • Marias n ciddi anlamda beyin h cresi olmak istiyorum.En Giri k sm ndan sonuna kadar temponun s rekli artt bir d nsel ve edebi len B y k konu uyorum, Marias sevmeyen ve sevmiyorum diyen bir edebiyat okuru ya edebi anlamda daha olgunla mam t r ya da d nme eylemini geri plana atm t r Bu kadar vd kten, konu ok k sa olarak i inde buldu umuz anlarda istemeden kulak misafiri oldu umuz kulak r ntgencili inin gidebilece i son durum Ana karakterimiz bir evirmen Kar s n n Balay esnas nda rahats zlanmas esn [...]

  • Commento pubblicato sull Innominabile luogo breve e coinciso Non ho voluto sapere, ma ho saputo In Un cuore cos bianco non fondamentale la trama ed i suoi personaggi Quello che veramente importa la riflessione Ed forse questo che ci spinge a leggere romanzi e articoli e a vedere film, la ricerca dell analogia, del simbolo, la ricerca del riconoscimento, non della conoscenza Rivelare un segreto significa rendere partecipi della propria colpa Ed ugualmente colpevole chi istiga sussurrando alle spa [...]

  • Viajar no me molesta, siento que no lo he hecho lo suficiente, as que cuando hay oportunidad la aprovecho Aunque, es raro que yo planee desplazarme, m s bien dejo que las circunstancias sean las que lo dicten, es decir no lo busco, pero tampoco me resisto tanto.Suelo cargar con un libro o dos incluso en las marchas m s insignificantes, ya sea a un caf , a las salas de espera del dentista o las filas en el banco Los paseos m s extensos o aquellos que requieren que me suba a un avi n, me exigen un [...]

  • A veces tengo la sensaci n de que nada de lo que sucede sucede, de que todo ocurri y a la vez no ha ocurrido, porque nada sucede sin interrupci n, nada perdura ni persevera ni se recuerda incesantemente, y hasta la m s mon tona y rutinaria de las existencias se va anulando y negando a s misma en su aparente repetici n hasta que nada es nada ni nadie es nadie que fueran antes, y la d bil rueda del mundo es empujada por desmemoriados que oyen y ven y saben lo que no se dice ni tiene lugar ni es co [...]

  • I enjoyed this a lot, but it is not an easy book to summarise Loosely it is a book about family secrets, communication and relationships, with a long hidden tragedy at its core, and focuses on a son s attempts to understand his father s past and come to terms with the psychological effects of his recent marriage, written in a rich language with a lot of sudden changes of focus, and occasional repetitions Trying to break it down like that doesn t convey how rewarding the read is.

  • Obi no me mrzi da pi em prikaze ali sa ovom knjigom je nagon da je preporu im prejak Sjajna knjiga Sjajna Bojim se da e previ e otkrivanja pokvariti u itak tako da u se maksimalno uzdr ati od detaljisanja Jer, ovaj suptilan roman je sav u detaljima Mnoge teme se ponavljaju i iznova obra uju, naro ito pri kraju romana Utisci koji se izvla e su krajnje subjektivni, mada ovo va i i za mnoge druge romane Ovde je to ipak malo vi e izra eno Glavni lik i narator je simultani prevodilac i tuma govora I [...]

  • Le mie mani sono del tuo stesso colore, ma mi vergogno di avere un cuore cos bianco Per quanto ho letto finora, mi pare si possa dedurre che i libri di Mar as non poggiano tanto sull azione quanto sulla riflessione Gli avvenimenti importanti sono pochi e sfuggenti Il resto fatto di domande, dissertazioni, del tentativo di fare chiarezza Se il buon Javier pu dire qualcosa in due pagine di certo ne impiegher almeno dieci E cos , mettetevela via Poi, dipendentemente dal libro che state leggendo, po [...]

  • Empezar a leer a un gran autor siempre genera un cierto sentimiento de vacilaci n sobre por cu l de sus libros empezar a conocerlo, cronol gicamente para ir viendo como evoluciona , empezar por sus obra m s ambiciosa y lograda con el riesgo de que despu s, inevitablemente, se convierta en la vara contra las que se miden todas las restantes , en mi caso decid abordar a Mar as por Coraz n tan Blanco, pues sin necesariamente ser, creo yo y sin conocer las dem s, su obra m s pulida o su obra m s amb [...]

  • Recounting an event distorts it, recounting facts distorts and twists and almost negates them, everything that one recounts, however true, becomes unreal and approximate, the truth doesn t depend on things actually existing or happening, but on their remaining hidden or unknown or untold A Heart So White is in a way an anatomy of wedlock a scrupulous analysis of man and wife relations in general and discovering a family secret in particular A secret as grand and dramatic as in Jane Eyre and rela [...]

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